tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Subtle Attention Getter

A Subtle Attention Getter


A good friend of mine told me about a she-male that hit on him the other night. From his description, she was very feminine and also very forceful. He normally loves that combination in women, but when they danced, he discovered her 'little something extra' and backed away. As he was telling me his little adventure, I thought of this story, it certainly got his attention, and I hope will keep you entertained for a bit.


The normal chat request appeared from someone named 'CassieG'. "Hmmm I'm not familiar with that name, I wonder who it is?" I thought to myself as I accepted the chat.

"I've heard about you!"

Interesting opening line, certainly beats the lame A/S/L that AsOL'ers started.

"What do you think you know?"

"Someone told me the cheerleader story, and attributed it to you."

Oh boy, just what I need, rumors and propaganda, even if they are true.

"Who told you about that?"

"I'm not saying, because if they weren't supposed to tell me, I don't want to get them into trouble. They did tell me more about you and thought we might hit it off."

"If you can't tell me who it was, how do I know we might be compatible?"

"Oh, the things them said told me we might have some fun together."

"What else did 'they' say?"

"Oh this and that, here let me send you my picture."

My e-mail chimed and I opened it up. Hmmm, she is very attractive and also very muscular. She reminds me a little of the wrestler, Chyna, long dark hair, very distinctive face, and a definite bicep. Looking closer I wasn't sure about something when my mail chimed again.

A second mail from Cassie, it was another picture. Her e-mail address was Hot Mail, which means there was probably little to discover about her on-line. The second pic was her in a more fetish garb holding a real BDSM sub male on a leash. Interesting! Her outfit was all black, possibly leather, but the resolution of the photo made it hard to see any details. She was tall, several inches taller than her sub. She might be close to my height. Obviously she has varied interests--who knows, maybe we can have some fun.

"Do you like?"

"You are very attractive, although there is a lot of detail missing from your second pic."

"You think I am pretty?"

"Yes, you are."

My mail chimed again, this time it was CassieG in a group of other women. All of them seemed . . . I broke out laughing. CassieG wasn't a girl! She was a transvestite, or transsexual, or whatever the current politically correct name they were called. I doubted we might hit it off after all. When I peel off a pair of panties, I have never had anything threaten to poke my eye out.

"Do you still think I am pretty?"

"Yes, but isn't that the idea. What fun would it be if you looked like a guy in a dress?"

"Hrmmmph, I am not a guy in a dress, the correct term is she-male."

"She-male, how is that different from a cross-dresser?"

"A fucking CD is just a guy who likes girl’s clothes. I am a girl who just happens to have some male equipment."

"And one of my friends thought we would hit it off?"

"Actually it was one of my friends who heard about you from someone else. I did a little research and met a couple of your friends. I thought we might have some fun together. Care to get us a hotel room?”

"Aren't you moving a little fast?"

"It's the only way that's fun. If we go slow, we meet, we get to know each other, and you have way to much time to talk yourself out of trying something daring. Trust, me 'Blah, Blah, Blah . . .’ and you fade out, later to regret not having been more adventurous. Been there, done that! Haven't you ever had a she-male before?"

"Nope, I have never had a she-male, only the female of the species."

"I like girl-girls too, but are you telling me you are a virgin? Oh, goody for me."

"I wouldn't call myself a virgin."

"If all you've had is girl-girls then you are still a virgin. My male part is getting really excited. Do you eat pussy?"

"I love eating pussy."

"Well my pussy just has a very large clit, and it's sticking straight up thinking about your virgin mouth sucking on it. Maybe I should come to your work and see your nice private office, with the lock on the door and the great view of the city."

Someone has been really filling CassieG in on me. I wonder who? Obviously it’s someone who knows some of my stories and someone who has been in my office. But that is a pretty large list!

"So you know where I work?"

"Don't start getting lame, you have me all excited. Of course I know where you work, I have also read your resume on-line. I like to know the people I am planning to have some serious fun with. Complete strangers can be interesting, but more dangerous than I care to think about. I don't do nutcases, potential medical problems, or ego-driven jerks. Now you, on the other hand, have had an interesting career and seem to know how to have fun. I remember something about a crazy trip to Virginia Beach?"

"You have me at a serious disadvantage. You seem to know so much about me and I know nothing about you."

Someone was really talking to much, only a half a dozen people knew about the details of that trip, and I thought none of them would ever tell anyone about it!

"You know all you need to know about me, I am a horny slut and decided you have the chance to help me relive that horniness. You make that hotel reservation yet?"

"No I haven't. If my friend told you anything, they would have told you that I don't just jump into bed with anyone. I prefer to know the person better."

"Like Sharon?"

Oh shit, I am going to kill someone. Sharon was a girl I ended up in bed with less than 20 minutes after I met her. It was fun, but it as also pretty shaky because outside the bedroom we seemed to hate each other.

"Who told you about Sharon?"

"I have my sources. You and Sharon fucked like a pair of oversexed rabbits and fought like Siamese fighting fish any other time."

CassieG made her first mistake; I know who characterized my relationship with Sharon in those terms. Kinky Kay! Kay was also a lot of fun, but she was always interested in new and crazier things. She wanted to go further and further and had trouble accepting that inviting other guys into bed with us wasn't my thing. She would be just the one to try and set me up with a she-male. So Kay is pulling the strings here? How can I use that to my advantage?

"I wouldn't call Sharon and I fighting fish. We parted on good company."

"Yea, after christening your new desk by fucking her on it after she told you it was over."

Damn, no one knew about that except for Charlie, could he be pulling this stunt on me? With my luck it's really Charlie on the other end of the computer pulling hard on my chain.

"You have certainly done your homework."

"You got that hotel yet? I am getting impatient with all this chatter, I want some action. My tight asshole would like to feel your cock and I damn well love the idea of popping your anal cherry personally. Just give me the address and I will be there waiting for you tomorrow!"

"How about we have lunch first?"

"You are starting to sound really lame. I don't want lunch, I don't want dinner, I don't want to meet you in some public place so you can be all silly and logical about things. Let me make this perfectly clear for you. I want to see your face as you walk into that hotel room and get your first look at me!"

My mail chimed again, the pic was a full frontal shot of CassieG, wearing a sexy silver outfit. This couldn't possibly be a guy?

"I want to watch your knees go weak as you look at me from head to toe."

The mail message had more than one picture. The next one downloaded and it was the same CassieG, with darker lighting making the silver outfit glow. She looked hotter than anyone I had ever seen!

I want to see the pure lust in your eyes as you really see me all decked out in leather and I want to watch that tent pop-up in your pants as your body takes over from your lame brain."

The third picture was her in black, an almost lycra-like material that stretch over her body, showing her hard nipples and a delta that couldn't possibly hide a cock.

"I want to feel your hands tremble as they touch my leather-covered breasts and watch your eyes close as I let you kiss the hem of my leather skirt."

Mail again, it was a another pic with a more detailed CassieG standing in her leathers, this time a leather bustier and short skirt, and a male slave was on his knees in front of her, possibly giving her head. The slave's arms were tied behind him, and the bites and other marks were practically glowing on his skin.

"I need to feel your excitement build as I slowly strip you naked and take my time giving you love-bites everywhere I feel like it. I want to hear you beg to touch my clit, to suck my clit, as your hands reach under my leather mini and slide my thong down my long legs."

I could almost hear he/she panting as she typed furiously, and to tell you the truth, my own cock was responding surprisingly.

"You shit, I bet you are jerking off right now as I tell you what I fucking want, aren't you? Don't lie to me, you have a hard-on, don't you?",/I>

I didn’t reply-- but, yes, my hand was pressing down on the base of my cock, almost of its own accord. I barely realized I was doing it.

My mail rings again, this time I open it with my hands actually shaking. It was Cassie again, with her hips pressed against her slave's ass. There is nothing at all masculine about her legs, hips, or ass. I would have sworn I was looking at a well-built leather babe taking it to a sub with a strap-on. She looked magnificent.

"You have a fucking woody, don't you? I know you do and you are confirming it by not saying anything. You are so pathetic. You love my pics don't you? You wish that was you in those pics don't you?

How can she do this to me, I don’t even know her, no matter how well she seems to know me.

"You can deny it to yourself, but you and I know what's really going through your mind. You want this as much as I do. I am sitting here holding my clit for you, wishing you were here to lick and suck me. I am going to fuck that virgin mouth until I come all over your face. You know this, and I know this. So quit playing stupid games and get that damn hotel room."

This wasn’t happening, a stranger, a guy with tits, was driving me crazy. No women ever got me this turned on without a single touch. I was so close to an orgasm I couldn’t think straight. Another mail message, this one was text with a small image at the end.

"Since you aren't man enough to take the next step, I took it for you. I have booked a room as the Crowne Plaza, down the block from your office. I'll be there tomorrow after lunch. At 1PM go to the front desk and ask for Cassie Gee, I will leave instructions that they should let you up. Whatever you do, do not be late, and do not disappoint me. I can get very bitchy when I someone lets me down."

The mail ended with a large pink lipstick kiss, with a tiny pink cock embossed on the lower lip.

When I changed back to my chat program, CassieG was gone.

She left me sitting in my office, my pants straining with a hard-on, and a stain of precum seeping through the fabric. What do I do now?


After I wrote this story, I printed my friend a copy and took it to his office. As he read it, he got more and more turned on. By the time I got ready to go, he looked about ready to explode. Another woody staining his pants, I am such a bad girl!

As I walked out, I got on my cell, "Cassie, call him, he is so primed for you right now!" I left with a huge smile, which his receptionist found herself returning. I stopped at her desk and made my own date for later, knowing that two of my friends were going to have their hands full tonight. I am really, really bad!


P.S.: Authors live for feedback, please let me know what you think. Thank you.

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