tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Summer Camp Adventure Ch. 03

A Summer Camp Adventure Ch. 03


This is part 3, a continuation to the "A Summer Camp Adventure" story...hope you continue to like my stories...


Justine was back home, the long life changing summer was finally over. Sally had cried all night before the day they left to go home for the year. Her and Sally had grown very close, and it almost felt like love. Justine didn't know what life had in store for her now, but it would never be the same after what happened over the summer.

When she got home, Justine was wearing a pair of denim short, a pink t-shirt and her cute purple flips flops with flowers on them that Sally and Terresa had bought her. She had gotten a very nice tan over the summer, and looked healthier than she did when she left. Her hair was in a ponytail, and had grown out longer, almost to her but by the end of camp. She had light make-up and was wearing a pair of ear rings and a necklace she got on a little shopping trip.

When her mom saw her walk in the door, she gave Justine a big hug and a motherly kiss like she always did.

"Hi Justin my dear, we are so glad you are home. I see you must have had a nice summer." Barbra looked at her son in disbelief of what stood in front of her.

"Hi mom, yes summer camp was so awesome, and I made a lot of friends. I almost didn't want to come back." Justine smiled at her mom, as she carried her bags and the new suitcase she had bought to her room.

"Your dad is at work as usual, but he sends his love. We were talking about going out for a family dinner." Barbra stood in the doorway of Justine's bedroom, watching her son/daughter unpack her things and put them away. "Justin, umm, I don't know what happened over the summer, but I think we need to talk."

"So do I mom, because I am a new person, inside and out, and I don't plan on going back to my old self." Justine looked at him mom for some sign of understanding, but she just looked on with a blank look. Justine tossed her dirty laundry into her hamper, and put away all her new things she had acquired since going to camp.

"Justin, I understand you have always been different from other boys, but are you sure about this. I mean, this...this look you have, is going to make life for you and us a whole lot more complicated."

Barbra walked into the room, and sat on her sons bed, with tears in her eyes. Justine saw her mom crying, and sat beside her giving her a loving hug.

"Mom, I don't care what others will think, I know deep down inside that this is who I am. I mean you and dad sent me to that cheerleader camp for some reason other than just to get away for the summer." Sitting on her bed, Justine and her mom held one another and cried softly until their emotions were under control.

"You are right sweetie, we did it knowing you hadn't seemed yourself in a long time. I just didn't expect it to have this kind of effect on you."

"Mom, I don't blame you or dad for sending me, I did at first and I was really upset. But since I went there, I met people who accepted me as I am, and I even made friends. I think I even fell in love with a girl who was somewhat like me."

Barbra and her new daughter say and talked for a couple of hours until Justine's father come home. When Justine presented herself to her father, he took her in his arms and hugged her as if she had always been his daughter.

"Welcome home Justin, or ummm...what should we call you now? Dear lord Barbra, I knew something had been wrong, but wow I didn't know it was because he was supposed to be our daughter." Thomas looked his daughter over, smiling and beaming. "I am not mad at you sweetheart, I am just glad you found your real you."

Justine began to cry again, feeling so relieved that her parents would accept her as their daughter. "Dad, mom, I want to go by Justine, that is the name the girls and Mrs. Davis gave me at camp."

Thomas gave his daughter another hug, and a peck on the cheek. "Well this calls for a big celebration. Where would my darling daughter like to go eat tonight?"

Justine was so happy and excited, she couldn't stand still. "How about Peppino's? You know they have the best pizza and pasta ever made." Justine was basically jumping in place as her dad said Peppino's is it.

"Can I invite a friend, she is someone special I met over the summer?"

"Of course darling! Is it the young lady you and I talked about before your dad got home?" Barbra and Justine had discussed Sally, and her situation in her room, and Justine's mom understood.

"Yeah, Sally lives less than an hour away, and she could really use a pick-me-up." Justine was hoping against all odds, that Sally would become even closer in the near future.

"Ok love, do you want us to go pick her up, or do you want to run and get her before dinner?" Thomas was so happy his daughter was home, and knew more about what had happened over the summer than he led on. It had been his idea to send Justin to the cheerleader camp, and he knew Mrs. Davis because they went to school together. She had informed him of all the changes and things that took place over the summer, and he had always made sure Justine had money for the things she needed or wanted without her knowing it.

"Can I go get her? I want to surprise her and talk to her before you meet her." Thomas handed her a set of keys.

"I guess you can, but you will be needing these." Smiling, Thomas looked at his daughter as she tried to figure out what was going on. Her parents had never let her drive their vehicles alone before.

Walking out into the garage, they showed her a surprise. In the end stall of the garage, was a brand new smart car, in a deep dark blue color.

"OMG!!!! Is that what I think it is?" Justine started screaming and jumping for joy as her parents showed her her own personal car. Things were happening so fast, she had to sit down for a minute, in fear she might faint due to the excitement.

"It's all yours Justine, your mom and I decided to get it for you for your graduation present." Thomas and Barbra both hugged their daughter tight, kissing her and so happy that she was finally happy.

Justine opened her car and got in, inhaling that new car smell, getting an almost instant high. It was dark blue on the outside, and a light pink on the inside, with 6 disc cd player and a place to plug in her iPod. Sticking the key in, it started so quietly, that it almost didn't even sound like it was running.

"I don't know how I will ever thank you enough, I never expected anything like this. If you ever need anything, or want a ride somewhere, I am your chauffeur." Giggling like a kid in a candy store, Justine turned on her stereo, and started setting the stations to her favorite.

"You better go get Sally, and please be careful. Just because you have a new car, don't mean you are invincible." Barbra gave Justine one last kiss and shut the door while watching her daughter back out the garage. Their lives had changed so much over the summer, and soon would change a lot more.

Once on the road, Justine felt so relaxed. It took her almost 45 minutes to get to Sally's house because she was being extra careful. Sally had given her directions to her house, and her phone number so they could keep in touch. She lived in a quiet little town, but not in the best part of town.

Parking as close as possible, Justine walked up to the apartment and knocked on the door. When the door opened, what she saw made her stomach churn and infuriated her like nothing ever had.

Standing in the door, was Sally, crying and her clothes were torn to shreds. She grabbing Justine hugging her tight, and rushed her away from the apartment.

"Justine!!! What are you doing here? Oh my god, I cant believe you are here."

"Sally, what's wrong? Are you ok?" Justine walked her out to her car and set her down inside to calm down and get a hold of herself.

Her hands shaking, and her body trembling, she finally responded, "Justine, I cant live here anymore. The people I live with just tried to beat me because I wouldn't wear what they wanted me to." Sally looked down in the floorboard, unable to look Justine in the eyes.

"Sally, don't worry, I talked to mom and dad and you are coming home with me. We can go in there and get what you need or want, and then you will never come back here I promise." Justine held her best friend close and tried to make her feel better.

"I cant, they wont let me leave, and I cant impose on you and your parents." Sally opened up the door and got out heading back to the apartment. Justine jumped out and stopped her.

"If you want to leave, I will make sure you get out of here. I am not going to let anything happen to you Sally. I love you." Not thinking about what she had just said, she hugged Sally, and gave her a little kiss.

"Ok, well all I want to get it my necklace you gave me at camp, and whatever clothes I can snatch and grab. Everything else means nothing to me."

Justine and Sally stormed into the apartment, going straight to Sally's bedroom. Once in there, they shut the door and started packing what things she wanted to take with her. The people who Sally lived with, were arguing and hollering in another room. Sally grabbed what clothes she could, her jewelry and a wooden box off her dresser.

"Ok, lets get out of here, before Hank decides to try something we will both regret." Sally opened up her door and they toted out her things. On the way out the door, she went up to Hank and kicked him with everything she had right between the legs. After feeling a bit better, her and Justine walked out and got in the car and left.

Back at her own house, Justine introduced Sally to her parents and explained what had happened. They both offered Sally a safe and secure place to live for as long as she wanted. Sally couldn't hold in her emotions and they all ended up crying together in a big group hug.

Justine and Sally would have to share Justine's bedroom, which was fine with both girls. Once they had put away all her things and got her settled in, the girls, Barbra and Thomas went to Peppino's for pizza and pasta.

At the pizzeria, they all eat like it was their last meal. The girls giggled while Barbra and Thomas talked about boring stuff. Sally and Justine were like sisters, yet deep down inside they both knew they loved one another deeply. They hadn't been to Peppino's since before Justine graduated high school. Sally loved Italian food, and she eat almost a whole pizza herself.

After they left the restaurant, they decided to stop off at the mall and let the girls window shop while mom and dad went shopping for shoes. While Barbra pulled her husband into a shoe store reluctantly, Justine and Sally ran off to the nearest lingerie store and looked at all the sexy naughty clothes.

Sally tried on a pvc leather bustier, with leather stockings and a satin thong. Justine did her best not to pull her into the dressing room and fuck her brains out right there. The salesgirl smiled as she watched the young women try on different outfits.

Justine tried on a opaque body stocking, with lace frills and an open crotch area. When she showed it to Sally, she pushed her into the dressing room and began to suck her cock not caring if they got caught.

Justine grabbed her shirt and moaned into it as Sally used her expert tongue and mouth on her cock and balls. Sally had become a wonderful cock sucker, and could make Justine cum quicker than anything else. Justine pumped her cock in and out of Sally's mouth, loving the feel of her velvety lips and tongue all over her shaft.

Pulling her up out of the floor, Justine bent her over the dressing room bench, and pushed her cock deep inside Sally's dripping snatch. They couldn't help but make noises as they fucked fast and hard in the dressing room. The salesgirl peaked inside and found them fucking and whimpering as the girl in the bustier took it in her cute little ass.

"Ummhmm!!! I am sorry, but I don't think you should be doing this here. If you get caught by the manager, they will call the police." Watching Justine and Sally fuck, the young salesgirl could take her eyes off and started to play with herself through her slacks.

"Maybe you should go lock the door and come join us." Sally giggled as she made the suggested to the horny blonde in a cheap suit and fuck me pumps. The salesgirl couldn't have been more than 19 or 20, was maybe 5'6 with her heels on, and had perky tits that she didn't wear a bra to show off.

Giggling to herself, she left the dressing room and came back about 10 minutes later. She had removed her blouse and jacket, and was undoing her slacks when she walked into the room. Sally grabbed her and pushed her down in front of her on the bench yanking off her pants.

"Oooh, Justine, she isn't wearing panties, and her pussy is shaved smooth." Sally started licking and tonguing the young lady's pussy lips, flicking her tongue across her clit. The salesgirl turned out to be very noisy and very flexible.

After they had all orgasmed about three times, Justine and Sally got dressed, sacking up there lingerie, while the salesgirl got dressed herself.

"My name is Alice, and consider those on the house. I cant very well charge you for them now that you have fucked and cum in them." Handing Justine a business card, she unlocked the door and let them both out with a hug and kiss.

"We will come back sometime and definitely do more shopping. Hope you will be around to help us pick out something." Justine slapped Sally on the butt for being so naughty, and then led the way back to the shoe store.

"So what did you find? You two sure were gone a long time to just window shop." Barbra smiled as her daughter and daughters new best friend walked into the store.

"Oh we tried a few things on, and met the owner of the lingerie store across the way there. She was very nice, and she gave us these items for it being out first time in her store." Justine held up their two bags but didn't reveal what was inside.

"Oh that's wonderful, that must have been Alice. She carries very nice things." Barbra suddenly blushed bright red as she realized that she had just revealed she had shopped there.

"Mooooommmm!!!!! I didn't know you shopped there." Laughing at the look in her face, Sally and Justine both teased Barbra about what it was she had bought there and if it was for Justine's father. During their ride home, they all talked about what they would do now they were out of school. Justine said she wanted to find a job somewhere that her and Sally could both work at. Sally agreed, and said she hoped it would be something fun and exciting.

After they got home, Justine's parents went to bed, while the two girls sat in their room watching television and talked. They didn't talk about much since it was late and they were both tired from the long day.

Justine pulled off her clothes, changing into a lace night gown, bikini panties and a pair of bobby socks. Sally giggled as she watched her get ready for bed, as she took of her clothes and climber into bed naked.

"I have always slept in the nude, I hope you don't mind Justine." They both laughed, and without hesitation, Justine pulled off her gown and panties and snuggled up to Sally and soon both fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Justine woke up to a snoring Sally. It wasn't a loud snoring, but the poor girl sounded like a hog rutting in the mud when she slept on her stomach. Justine crawled out of bed, seeing it was almost 7am. Letting Sally sleep, she grabbed a towel and washcloth and headed for the shower. Her mom and dad would already be up and gone for the day, so her and Sally would have the house to themselves.

When digging out a towel, Justine come across a small piece of paper tucked away in the drawer. On it was written, "Justin, Please Read," signed by her father. Justine realized it was the note her father had left for her the day she got on the bus to go to the summer camp. Deciding she should read it now, Justine opened it up.

"Dear son, I know things have been difficult for you the past few years. Your mom and I have noticed changes that have us worried about you. We didn't know how to confront you with our concerns and thoughts, since you never seem to talk to us. This camp we are sending you to is different in that its an all girl cheerleading camp. The lady who is in charge is Mrs. Davis, and a close friend of the family. Please don't be upset, but your mother and I think we know what may be going on with you, and want you to find out for yourself. Hopefully when you come back from summer camp, we will all be able to sit and talk about what is happening inside your mind and what you want in life. We both love you so much, your father!"

Justine sat on her desk chair, completely shocked at the note her father had written. It explained so much, yet she couldn't understand how her parents knew that inside she had felt wrong. She now understood why Mrs. Davis watched out for her so much, and helped her like she did. Justine wasn't mad, she was happy things had turned out the way they did, and it caused her to cry.

Folding the note back up, she put it in her desk and went to take a hot relaxing shower. The water felt so good, and just made her body feel like it wasn't even there. Then suddenly the shower door opened and Sally slipped in and hugged her with her naked body.

"Mmm, you look as beautiful in the morning as any other time of day." Sally whispered into Justine's ear giggling as she caught her in surprise as she cupped Justine's flat chest and played with her nipples.

"Ooh Sally, you sure do know how to wake a girl up first thing in the morning. Especially with that snoring you were doing, you could have woken the whole neighborhood with that noise." Justine turned and kissed Sally as they both laughed and fondled each other in the shower.

Kissing and fondling felt good in the hot water, but the hot water didn't last too long. Sally and Justine got out, drying each other off, so hot and turned on, they didn't bother to put clothes on. Sally pushed Justine onto the bathroom counter and began kissing and touching her all over. Justine let Sally do as she pleased, since she had her way with Sally the night before in the dressing room of the lingerie store.

"Justine, I want to do something special with you. Wait right here until I come back ok." Sally ran into the other room, and took forever it seemed before she returned wearing what looked like a big black cock around her waist.

"What in the world is that?" Justine stared at the strap-on cock Sally was wearing and felt her cock twitch and throb at just the thought of what was on Sally's naughty mind.

"I want to fuck you Justine, I want to show you how wonderful it feels to be made love to from my point of view." Sally walked up to Justine and let her feel and stroke it as they kissed deeply and passionately. Sally stroked her fake cock and Justine's real cock together, making both of them quiver and moan together.

"Oh Sally, please please fuck me. I want to feel what its like to be fucked like a woman and have you inside me." Justine wrapped her arms around Sally and rubbed her body against Sally's.

"Ok babe, you will never want it any other way after this." Sally giggled as she led Justine back to their bedroom, and laid her out on the bed. Instructing her along the way, Sally knelt down and began tonguing and probing Justine's puckered little hole. She was tight, and it took a bit or persuasion to get her to relax.

"Damn girl, you tongue feels like a snake wiggling around inside me. Mmmm, you can lick and tongue my ass anytime." Justine was feeling more relaxed and so horny her cock throbbed like a vibrator. Sally had her ass so slick and wet with her tongue and saliva, Justine didn't think it would hurt very much.

After a little longer, Sally took a bottle of lube she had hidden away in her bag, and squirted a large amount all around Justine's little hole. Working it in slowly, Sally soon had two fingers deep in her lover, and she was loving every minute of it. Squeezing a lot more on her dildo, Sally teasingly rubbed Justine's puckered star with the tip, just to give her a little feel of it.

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