tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Summer Idyll Ch. 01

A Summer Idyll Ch. 01


It was a beautiful day, at the height of summer, and Jessica enjoyed the feel of the balmy breeze coming in through the French windows, which was caressing her naked body. Alone in her morning drowsiness she pulled aside the silken sheets, crumpled and bearing the signs of the night's passion, and allowed the fresh air to brush gently over her soft velvet flesh.

Through the delicate voile of the curtains Jessica could see the makings of the perfect summer's day, perfect blue sky, brilliant yellow sunlight, the heat tempered by a slight warm breeze. She could hear the birds already singing and the leaves rustling on the trees outside the door. Without dressing she stepped lightly from the bed towards the window, and parting the curtains, felt the cool marble underfoot as she stepped over the threshold and out onto the patio.

Jessica was turned thirty, yet was still slim and fit, and she walked with an easy grace, her flesh firm and muscular in places, and yet soft and womanly in others. Her skin was of a delicate peach colour, not especially tanned. Her hair was long, light brown and wavy, at this time left loose to cascade down her back. Her figure was curvaceous, her hips beautifully rounded and her breasts quite full. As she walked, Jessica enjoyed the fresh feel of the morning breeze which played around her nipples and ruffled the triangle of soft hair at her groin.

As she crossed the lawn, Jessica noticed the feel of the soft tender grass under the soles of her feet, as it protruded between her toes. As she bent to pick up an apple which had fallen from the tree, she enjoyed the feeling as her hair brushed forward over her shoulders, and came to rest on her breasts as she stood upright once again. She had also realised that as the breeze had chance to caress her in the special place for a brief moment, the moistness was beginning to return. As she stood naked in her garden, hair blowing in the breeze, her flesh thrilling at the freedom, she wondered whether any of the neighbours could see her, and the thought aroused her.

* * *

Meanwhile, at the other side of the village, Markus awoke to the same sunlight streaming into his bedroom through the window. He had had a hot and restless night, alone in his bed yet again, frustrated and yet preferring it that way.

Last summer he had known love, and indeed passion, with the sweet maiden whom he had intended to make his wife. As the spring had awakened all green things in the garden which was so dear to him, so had it also awakened his heart of stone, and he had given his all to this dear, sweet girl who had returned his love.

Since childhood Markus had always been cautious, as he had learned quite early that if you show any weakness, other people may exploit you. He had always felt it best to be remote and aloof, an island in a sea of people, always in control, so that no one could do that again.

But that year, Markus had loved his young maiden with a burning intensity, always wanting to be with her, writing letters of love to her, seeing her as often as possible, ceaselessly telling her of his deep love for her. She for her part found this attention too intense, a little frightening, and eventually told him that their involvement must cease. Markus was heartbroken, and it was as if a knife was turning in the wound whenever he saw her, as she endeavoured to keep at a distance whilst still remaining in the village.

During the winter he had mourned long and hard in private. Whenever the weather permitted he completely excavated and redesigned the garden which so reminded him of the time he had spent there with her. It was a cathartic experience for him to dig the ground until his back ached, to move rocks and stones until his bare hands were cut and bleeding and to feel the rawness of the winter sleet and hail upon his face. When the ground was desolate enough to match the state of his empty heart, he was then ready to recreate everything as new in his own design.

Markus' first task had been to lay the foundations and to put a boundary around the place. From now on, anything that flourished in his environment would be strictly regulated by him alone. He marked out the positions of the paths, lawns and flower beds, and most importantly, built the wall around his project which would shelter the interior from any invasion.

After two months of preparation, the new garden was beginning to take shape. Into the exposed soil could be planted saplings which eventually would grow into great trees. Seed could be scattered and short term temporary plants would provide interest and colour until the roses and shrubs were established. And thus it was with his heart, that it was rebuilt to his design, and walled off against any outsiders.

* * *

On that morning Markus had awoken from a very vivid dream, in which he had known a woman again. In sleep he was experiencing the things which he would not think about when awake, exciting, arousing things, where he was making love to a woman whose face was obscured. Her clothes were dishevelled where he had pulled at them; one of her breasts was bared, her skirt was raised and her briefs pulled half down. He knew that he had done this. He knew that he had spread her legs and entered her roughly, hurting this symbol of womankind as he plunged his organ deep into her, working off the anger which he felt at her kind.

In his dream he thrust and thrust into her, faster and harder, ignoring her cries, feeling her nails scratching his flesh, pressing her down the more she struggled. Finally, his loins burst, he filled her with his semen, feeling the ecstasy and the relief which his climax afforded to him. In his dream the woman disappeared, and he curled up and cried like a baby.

These dreams caused him to wake up in both ecstasy and frustration, trying to find relief from the natural urges which he was trying to suppress. He lay there now, hot and sweating, his penis painfully erect and with an ache in his groin. He got up angrily from the bed, ran a cold bath and sat in the chill water until his aching organ subsided. He then dried himself roughly, put on his old clothes and without breakfasting went out to do some heavy digging in the garden.

* * *

Jessica meanwhile had come in from her garden and run a warm bath. She had put essential oils in the water, and had enjoyed stroking the silky water all over the skin of her shoulders and down onto her breasts, which made her nipples stand erect. She gently pinched her nipples between finger and thumb, savouring the sensation. As her hands strayed over her stomach, she could not resist reaching downwards a little through the water, past the wispy hair of her groin, to explore with her fingertips the pink folds of skin, and enjoy the lovely feelings caused by the gentle tickling and rubbing.

As the pleasurable feelings increased, with her left thumb and forefinger she gently tweaked first one nipple and then the other, whilst at the same time plunging her two middle fingers beyond her swollen labia and deep into her opening, and she felt the silky bath water give way to her own rich juices as with her thumb she located her clitoris. She gently moved her right hand rhythmically, closing and pressing so that her sex began to thrill to the stimulation. She moaned with pleasure, and increased her stimulation of her breasts with her other hand, until at last, with a cry, she climaxed, the explosion of ecstatic feeling spreading from the centre of her throughout her entire body. She lay there in the warm fragrant water, still circling her clitoris gently with her thumb, with two fingers still pressing on the sensitive spots inside her. Almost in a dream, she gently squeezed one nipple and stroked the sensitive skin of her breast, still enjoying the afterglow of her orgasm, until she felt a wonderful, comfortable peace. She finished her bath, rubbed the soft towel gently around her body, and dressed to go to find him, to go and watch as she had done a couple of times before.

Jessica wore a new dress, of fresh yellow silk which matched the brilliant sunlight of this noonday, teamed with natural straw sandals. For once she left her long hair loose, and she wore dark sunglasses and a wide-brimmed straw hat, both to protect her from the sun and to enable her to hide her expression if necessary. She had decided to go without underwear, still feeling sensuous from earlier and enjoying the anticipation of her present mission. She began to stroll down the lane, once or twice meeting acquaintances from the village and exchanging pleasantries, secretly enjoying the idea that they did not know that she was totally naked under the dress, at the same time enjoying the feeling of the swollen, moist folds of her sex rubbing gently as she walked, bringing her to a pleasant state of arousal.

It was actually not far from her house to his, as their gardens actually adjoined each other, but it took a few minutes to walk down the lane around both properties. Jessica arrived at her destination, one minute strolling nonchalantly along the lane, the next turning quickly down a bridleway along to the place where the wall was lower and her vantage point protected by bushes and small trees. Here she could make herself comfortable, and watch. He was there already.

* * *

Jessica immediately felt a thrill on seeing him, tall and handsome as he was. He had dramatic features, with dark, almost black hair, brown eyes fringed by dark lashes which formed the contrast with his relatively fair complexion. He had a cleft in his chin which she found quite cute, and she already adored his smile, which greatly added to his handsomeness.

He was almost six feet tall, slim and quite broad in the shoulder, and she tried to imagine his physique under his gardening clothes. As he bent over while gardening, she loved to admire his slim hips and shapely bottom as the material of his trousers pulled tight. Whenever he turned her way, she strained to try to see whatever details she could of his groin, wondering what he looked like naked, but knowing she would never see more than his top half if he removed his shirt.

He had rolled his sleeves up already, and she could see fine but abundant dark hair covering his forearms. He had undone a couple of buttons of his shirt, and she could now see a glimpse of dark hair on his muscular chest. Yes, Jessica found this man very attractive, and already feeling aroused by her nakedness under her dress, felt a delicious tingling sensation in her loins. She wanted him.

On that morning Markus had decided to clear some tree roots which remained after he had cleared one corner of his garden. He had already treated them with chemical, but now had the onerous task of physically removing the dead wood so that he could reuse the space for a workshop.

Since about nine o'clock he had wielded his axe, and had managed to remove most of the roots, but was becoming very hot and thirsty. He went back into the house briefly, emerging with a large bottle of water. He took a long drink before setting the bottle down and taking off his shirt, hanging it on the garden fork before taking up the axe again.

From her vantage point Jessica was enjoying the sight of Markus, half undressed, doing something so physical. His physique was indeed impressive. Years of outdoor gardening work had made him muscular, not in the exaggerated way of someone who worked out, but naturally fit and strong. Remarkably his torso was as fair as his complexion, which accentuated his dark chest hair, from which a narrow line projected downwards across his taut, hard belly, past his navel, and as his jeans had worked themselves considerably downwards, she could even see where his body hair started to widen again. Markus unbuttoned the fly of his denims, the better to work, thus allowing his zip to widen gradually, revealing his belly and beginning to reveal his briefs, but of course he did not realise that he was being watched.

Markus started to hack away at the tree roots with all his strength. Whilst working, he had been thinking about how he had almost removed all traces of the former garden, this being the last. Today he was going to work all day if necessary to remove these roots for ever. Then he would build a shed over this place, and there would be no reminder of the old way of things.

Jessica was becoming very aroused as she admired Markus' body. She could feel a thrill in her groin, folds of skin beginning to swell and moisten, her clitoris beginning to tingle as it hardened. As no one would be able to see her, she lifted her dress slightly and with the fingertips of one hand began to stroke gently around her lower belly and thighs, gradually working down to the edges of her pubic hair, and enjoying the tickly feeling as she stroked one fingertip down first one crease of her groin, then the other, ending each stroke with a little flick of the head of her clitoris. She then inserted her fingers into her opening slightly, felt her copious juices and smoothed them outwards, lubricating her labia and clitoris. With a gentle circular action she pressed on her clitoris through the folds of skin, the wetness making the surfaces both sensitive and slippery, adding to the pleasure. Enjoying herself thus, she continued to watch Markus work.

For another half-hour Markus worked on the tree roots, slowly making headway. This work was hot and arduous, and his shoulders were beginning to ache. As he was feeling the physical pain, Markus felt that he was expressing and eradicating the emotional pain which he had locked up in his heart, and that this was going to release him. He stopped work for a few moments to take another drink of water, and, noticing that his jeans were loose, slipped them off completely, continuing to work in his white briefs, which with his exertions and in this heat began to cling damply to his form.

In her hiding place Jessica was becoming worked up to a frenzy. Today was definitely going beyond all her expectations. She never expected to see this much of Markus. She noticed that his legs were gorgeous, shapely and muscular from all the physical work, and with more dark hair. Above all though, Jessica's gaze was mainly on the bulge in his pants, which was forward and prominent. She could see the outline of his penis along the left side of his briefs, and below it a substantial double bulge. She noted that even while flaccid, he was at least averagely endowed.

* * *

Markus was really enjoying this demolition work, as he found it so cathartic and symbolic of the removal of the pain which had taken root in his heart. Presently he stopped again for a drink of water, and this time poured some of the water down his body to cool himself, some of it soaking into his pants, and he cursed himself, only half seriously. With a furtive look round to make sure no one would be able to see him even in this secluded corner, Markus peeled off his pants, discarded them, and with his back to her, leaned on the handle of the garden fork for a while to rest. He then resumed his work, and as he turned to pick up the axe, Jessica got a full view of him in his glorious nakedness.

He was gorgeous. Broad in the shoulders, his figure tapered to narrow hips, his muscular chest and stomach glistening with sweat in the sunlight. His body hair was damp in places due to his exertion, and clung to his skin. His groin and thighs were covered in fine dark hair, framing his penis magnificently. His shaft was quite modest, and stood out slightly above his balls, the head emerging slightly from his foreskin. As he worked his cock jiggled from side to side with the movement, and Jessica was transfixed.

Markus continued his work, finding it easier to work without clothes and actually quite pleasurable. He enjoyed the sensation of the warm breeze playing around his body, in particular caressing and cooling his private parts. Being free of his clothes, he had also put off any encumbrances from the past, and this physical liberation was to him symbolic of this being a time to begin to enjoy his freedom. In addition, the adrenalin generated by the physical labour was beginning to excite him, and his penis was beginning to stiffen.

Jessica gasped at this development, which she had never, ever expected. The most she had hoped for was a view of his top half, and just to be able to watch him working and sweating, imagining that he was working and sweating on top of her as he was working his penis in and out of her... But she must not think about that right now, as she needed to save herself. A slight cry of frustration escaped her, which Markus heard, and he turned towards the source of the sound, Jessica dodging quickly behind the tree.

Markus walked a little nearer to Jessica's hiding place, affording her a much better view of his naked body, and, with an enormous effort to stay silent, pressed and rubbed on her clitoris as she fixed her gaze on his half-erect cock. He stood for a few moments scanning the trees, shrugged his shoulders, then walked back to where he had left his water bottle. After taking another swig, he poured the rest of the water into the palm of his hand, rubbed it down his chest and belly. For a moment his hand rested on his cock, stretched and squeezed it a little. No, he mustn't do that, not out here, not at all. He didn't need that, as it would set free the need once again. He walked back to his spade and resumed digging.

Jessica had never been so excited, and she reached again under her dress, felt for her swollen wetness, and with three fingers massaged herself as she watched Markus working with his back to her, trying to glimpse his sex organs between his legs. She admired the muscular roundness of his buttocks. A couple of times he turned to throw branches onto the bonfire pile, and she could see that his shaft was now in its full stiffness, the skin tight over his balls, his cock at just the right angle to penetrate her aching flesh, which was longing to feel him inside her... but again she must wait.

Markus' body was shining with his perspiration as he ripped at the roots and branches, which he knew he must destroy in order to prepare the ground. The hot sun, the exertion and the adrenalin flowing through him at the significance of the task which he was doing all conspired to overwhelm him, and he needed to stop for a while. He put down his spade, walked a few steps to the shade of some nearby bushes, and lay down on his back on the soft grass, his knees bent and his arms behind his head. The grass felt cool and soothing under his back, and he relaxed thus for a little while, enjoying the feel of the breeze around his body, and without thinking, he began to run the fingers of one hand down his body. It would be all right. He would be in control, not anyone else. Without opening his eyes he brushed the soft curly hair of his groin and, cupping his balls with one hand, he gently grasped his shaft and started to massage it with the other hand. Just to feel nice. Just to feel comforted.

* * *

From a distance Jessica was devouring the scene with her eyes. She was so excited about what she was now seeing that she could wait no longer. Her fingers still inside her wet opening, she rubbed faster and faster on her clitoris, round in circles, flicking it upwards, still desperately trying to keep quiet in case he heard her. As she worked her clitoris, with her other hand she plunged two fingers deep inside her vagina, to that place where it felt so good she could hardly bear it, and pressed...

She pulled up her dress to save it, and with both hands was enjoying the heightened pleasure which her clandestine adventure was giving her, still frantically tickling and rubbing her clitoris, which was about to burst, and deep inside herself, pressing her fingertips to that special place... and then the dam burst as, with an intense spasm of pleasure, she held herself open as the hot liquid gushed from her, followed by smaller but deep eruptions pulsating through her body. She gasped as more liquid flowed from her, accompanied by a delicious pulsating just inside her vagina, followed by a feeling of ecstatic exhaustion.

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