tagNovels and NovellasA Summer in the Flesh Ch. 05

A Summer in the Flesh Ch. 05

byC.C. Rider©

This is a chapter in a fifteen-chapter novella, and each chapter is dependent on the one that precedes it. It is best to read them in order.


After tying up my hair in a bun, I strolled to the showers with the same authority as before, sans sandals, towel in hand. Both Tom and Charlie were there with their towels wrapped around their waists.

“Such modesty,” I chided. I hung up my towel, walked between them, and turned on a shower. As I waited for the water to warm, I turned around and watched them.

Tom took his towel off first, and I admired his trim little butt cheeks as he hung up his towel, but as soon as Charlie pulled off his towel, my attention shifted. He could tell I was watching, and he took his time, showing it off. It was even larger than I remembered it, but from the angle it was protruding from him, I assumed he was at least partially aroused. I’d seen enough for the moment. As Tom had said, we had plenty of time.

I stepped under the water to wet my face. Tom turned on the shower to the left of me, and Charlie started the one to my right. Hmm, I wondered, so how was this going to work? I took some soap from one of the wall-mounted canisters and lathered myself up a bit, and they followed suit. I was trying to watch both of them as they rubbed their hands over their bodies. They were rather beautiful creatures, I caught myself thinking. “Let me get your back, Annie,” Charlie said, and now I noticed how different he looked without his glasses. Yes, my back I thought, but I didn’t say a word. I just turned my back to him.

He started rubbing my back with the lather, and it felt wonderful. I stepped away from the water. Tom took some more soap and wrung his hands into a lather. Conveniently, I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and ran my fingers into my hair. Tom started with my breasts, and then ran his hands up and down my sides while Charlie stroked my back and bottom. I kept my arms up, and I closed my eyes and moaned in a sensuous, relaxed tone. Four hands gliding over my slippery skin, glistening and wet.

Charlie’s hands strayed to the front of my hips, and he pulled me against him ever so gently. His perceptibly swollen, but still not fully erect penis slid up against my bum and settled between my cheeks. It was pointing straight up, and I could feel it growing firmer and longer, until the head of his penis was against the small of my back. His hands pressed against my pubic hair. Tom’s hands caressed my breasts. Charlie lowered himself by spreading his legs and slowly rubbed up against me. I wanted to feel his large, hot penis, and I reached behind me. He took a step back, and took him in my right hand. I could barely close my hand around its size, and even with a full grip on it, there were at least three or four inches to spare. His erection felt like it would take two hands comfortably.

I turned sideways between them, and reached for Tom’s penis with my other hand, hoping I would find it full and hard. It was. Tom’s erection fit comfortably in my hand, with just enough extra length to allow for short, quick stroking motions. Charlie’s, on the other hand (so to speak), was large enough that it required long, deliberate strokes. The soap made it slippery, and allowed the skin slide through my grip.

I stroked them both, and now each of them had one hand on a breast and the other on my ass. As I stroked them, I pressed the heads of their penises against my hips. Tom slipped his soapy hand into the crack of my ass and pushed it down and forwards between my legs. My twat was steamy with excitement, and I spread my legs just a bit to give him better access. Two of Tom’s fingers slid into me, gently, slowly. His thumb pressed against my anus, and I shivered unexpectedly. I encouraged them both by stroking them more vigorously. The hand Charlie had on my breast began a leisurely decent over my tummy, pausing at the little pooch under my bellybutton. “Mmmmm,” I moaned to spur them on. “This feels great.”

I gripped them both more firmly, squeezing their members with appreciation. Charlie’s hand found its way over my mound, and he tickled the folds over my clit with the tips of his fingers. I swayed back and forth, first pressing myself against Tom’s hand, then Charlie’s.

Incredibly, it felt as if Charlie’s penis was growing even harder and longer in my hand, and I knew what I wanted. I wanted to feel the hot length of him between my legs. I wanted to ride his shaft, and have the tip of it rubbing back and forth over my clit. And then I wanted him to enter my pussy from behind, carefully, very slowly, until I could feel him pressing deep inside me, pressing against the very center of my body.

I let go of Tom’s penis, and turned myself so that they both pulled their hands away from me. I turned my back to Charlie and pushed my hand down to the base of his penis, and then I guided him between my legs. At first he seemed to want to push himself into me, and I whispered out, “Not yet, baby.”

He grabbed my hips and I took my hand away from him and straightened up. I looked down at the front of my body, and I could see the red and shiny head of Charlie’s penis barely protruding from between my legs, and I gave it a tweak. Then I reached out for Tom’s shoulders, and he was kind enough to brace me by holding me under my arms. By arching and unarching my back ever so slightly, I was rubbing the length of my twat against Charlie’s rock hard cock. He accentuated the motion with his grip on my hips. I brought my legs together firmly, squeezing him. I could feel the tension as his penis tried to arch upwards. It was as if he could have lifted me off the ground with it . “Hmmm… I like this, baby,” I groaned out. What was it with this “baby” crap?

The mist from the showers was filling the room like a steam bath, and I was sweating with the tension of my grinding exertions. Within time, and without really thinking about it, I found myself leaning forward. I wanted him to enter me, to slowly press his wondrous hunk of a cock into my anxious pussy. I looked at Tom half pleadingly, half appreciatively, hoping he would understand what I was trying to convey, even if I wasn’t quite sure what that was. I put my hands on Tom’s hips and my head against his chest, and Charlie began to press into my steamy vagina. Tom was almost too slippery to hang onto. My face was pressed hard against his chest, and as I grabbed him around the waist he took a step closer to me. Charlie was an inch or two into me. He started a back and forth motion and I tried to neutralize his efforts by rocking with him.

“Nice and slow, nice and slow,” I pleaded. “Uh huh, nice and slow,” Charlie responded.

And then it was like I wanted it – like I had imagined it. Three inches, four inches, five, six, slowly his heavy shaft pressed into me. My vagina was tight from his size, swollen and tender from the hotness of it all, but willing and receptive. He was filling me, and when I had expected my ass to come to rest against his body, it wasn’t there, and he filled me some more. Finally I could feel the wetness from his pubic hair press against my bottom. I pressed against him, and he pulled at me hips. Still deeper he went, to a place I had not felt before.

I started to slip down Tom’s wet body, and instinctively I grabbed his penis to steady myself. He let out a groan, and when I had regained my balance, I began to stoke him. His cock quickly filled with blood and stood at attention. Charlie would pull almost all the way out of me, and then slowly push himself into me, and I stayed with this rhythm as I massaged Tom’s throbbing erection. I was steady now, and Tom relaxed his grip under my arms and began to stroke and kneed my breasts. I kissed his chest. I suckled at his tight, small nipple. I ran one hand over his firm, flexed buttocks while I stroked his dick more vigorously with the other.

My pussy felt wider and looser than it had ever felt before, and yet Charlie filled me completely. He was thrusting at me now, and the friction and the heat made me dizzy. I wanted to feel his body slap against my ass as he pounded into me, but he seemed too long, and then it was like muscles loosened in my center, muscles that I never knew I had, and he was completely inside of me. He thrust into me powerfully and deeply, and now I could feel his body thud into the flesh of my ass, his balls swinging between my legs, slapping against my clit, his dickhead slamming into my cervix.

My head jerked and bounced against Tom’s chest, and I gripped his cock and flailed at him in rhythm. All three of us were grunting and groaning and making silly animal sex noises. And then I could tell that Charlie was about to come, and I didn’t want that to happen. Please, not yet, I thought. I didn’t want the fucking to stop.

“Don’t come inside me. Don’t come yet,” I cried out in what must have sounded like a whimper.

Charlie slowed his pace, leveled off, and all of a sudden I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I was trembling. I wanted it to feel the way it had felt – hard, wild thrusting, and I didn’t care for how long so long as it was now.

“Never mind. Go ahead. Fuck me! Please fuck me.”

Charlie thrust harder and faster than he had before. I was pushing myself against him now, rocking against him, pushing off Tom as I did. I let go of Tom’s penis and wrapped my arms around his waist. I held on to Tom for dear life, and bless his soul, he stood firm and gripped me by the shoulders and pushed me into Charlie with each thrust. Over and over again, Charlie banged into me with powerful thrusts, each one filling me more fully and completely then the one before it. I was bending and straightening my knees, thrusting myself back against him as he pressed into me. Faster and stronger we went at each other.

“Oh God,” Charlie yelled, and I knew he was going to come. His shaft was jabbing at me now, plunging into me, and the friction and the heat were almost painful, exquisitely and joyously painful. I felt like I was suspended between the two of them on strings. My feet didn’t feel like they were on the floor.

“That’s it, Charlie. Fuck me!” I was gone, and I knew it, and I didn’t care.

Here I was, then, naked in a shower with two relative strangers, large men, my arms around one guy’s waist, my shoulders slammed into him like I was tackling him, the other guy taking me from behind with this monstrous cock, and me yelping out “Fuck me” at the top of my lungs. Had I lost my mind?

“Yes!” I screamed out, even louder. “Yes!!!”

I could feel Charlie’s cock shuddering and wrenching inside me, and I knew it would be soon. I tried to hang on to the moment, make it last in my mind. He quivered and pushed hard into me, but then he kept his balance and kept thrusting. Then I could feel his cum oozing around inside of me, hot and gooey, and it felt wonderful. He kept thrusting, and my eyes glazed over. I felt his penis lose its stiffness, and still it was filling me, and still he kept thrusting.

Just when I expected him to pull out of me, he thrust into me faster and harder, and it was like I was being fucked by yet a different person, some unknown interloper, and I rocked back harder into him. I was so hot and full, and I rocked back into him harder than he had ever thrust into me. I was grunting and breathing heavy, and sweating profusely, and I was shuddering throughout my body.

“Come on, baby,” I groaned. I wanted more.

Tom held me even more firmly, and I thrust a hand between my legs and began rubbing my clit. We slowed to a gentler rock, I released my clit and grabbed Charlie’s swinging scrotum and pressed his balls against my pussy, rolling them around. I let them go, and I pinched my clit and my mound hard between my thumb and forefingers. The heat and the friction spread from my pussy and my clit to my whole body.

Finally, Charlie slipped out of me. I stood up and Tom held me tight, and I felt like I wanted to cry, not out of sorrow or joy, but just for the sake of crying. I was embracing Tom, hugging him tightly against me. He kissed me on my shoulder, and then on the top of my head. I wanted to melt into him. I wanted to be dry and in bed. I was embarrassed about what to do next.

Tom whispered, “I think we all really need to finish this shower now.”

“Whew, yes sir, I agree,” came Charlie’s voice, and I smiled. Tom patted my ass and then pried himself away from me.

“Scrub-a-dub-dub.” Tom winked at me and stepped under a shower.

We finished the shower. I wanted to say something as we dried ourselves off, but I didn’t know what to say. It must have been one in the morning, still early for at that time in my life, and I still wanted to do something more. It occurred to me, as I was standing there, still naked, drying myself, that I had already taken both these guys at some point in the day, and that maybe I had had enough. But I suspected that Tom was still interested in a little more action than he’d seen so far, and I was at least game for that. But what?

“Man, I could sure use another joint,” Charlie chimed in. He had wrapped his towel around his waist and was standing at the door to the shower room, and he seemed not to want the evening to end either. “Anyone game?”

Tom looked at me inquisitively and I shrugged and nodded my agreement. “Okay,” Tom said, “let’s meet back in the living room in a few.”

Charlie headed out the door with a waive. “See you in a bit.”

Tom and I stood there in the shower, naked, staring at each other. He looked puzzled. He wrapped his towel around his waist and spoke.

“So how are you?”

“What do you mean?” I really didn’t know what he meant.

“Well, I guess I mean, so, was that okay and everything?”

Was what okay? I thought. Was it okay for Charlie to ream me from behind in the shower? It certainly seemed “okay” at the time. Where was he going with this?

Still trying to figure out what the right answer to Tom’s question was, I tried to wrap my towel around me over my chest. The towel was long enough to reach around me, but it was a little short, so that I was exposed from the middle of my hips down. I looked down at my dilemma, and then up at Tom. We both smiled at each other.

“Well this isn’t working, is it?” I said with laugh. Tom laughed to.

I pulled the towel off, bent over and wrapped it around my head, turban-style, and stood up looking at Tom.

“Am I okay with this? Are you okay with this?”

“Oh yeah. Very much so.”

Tom moved closer to me. He reached for my waist and pulled me up against him. I put my arms out straight over his shoulders and looked him directly in the eye. He smiled that damned infectious smile of his.

“You are one hell off a women, Annie Malone, and I am definitely okay with this.”

“Well good, then. I’m not exactly sure what the hell we are doing, but I’m having fun, and that is definitely okay with me.”

We kissed for a long time, wet and sloppy, and it tasted of soap. He rubbed my back affectionately.

“You are a very beautiful women, too, Annie,” he whispered in my ear.

As he held me, I felt a surge of energy well up inside me. It had something to do with the realization that I was naked and warm and sexually charged. I wanted him to pick me up and carry me off to my bedroom and do unspeakable things to me. I wanted to feel him inside of me, all of me, like we had melted together. I pressed my naked body against him, and I kissed him hard, pressing against his lips, my tongue pushing its way into his mouth. I wanted him to push me against the wall and fuck me like he did that afternoon, but then I wanted more than that too. I felt like an animal had been unleashed inside me, and I pushed Tom against the tiled wall.

I grabbed the towel around his waste and ripped it off of him. I was rubbing my flesh against him, rubbing up and down against his body. I could feel his penis stiffening against my pubic hair, and I rubbed harder. I pressed my hands against the wall and leaned into him, and my towel fell off my head. I put my cheek next to his because I wanted to feel his hot breath in my ear. He grabbed my ass and squeezed with all his might, pulling me against him. I got as far up on my toes as I could, until I could feel the head of his penis pointing between my legs, and then I pushed down and it slid between my legs, arching up against the entire length of my moistness. My pussy was soft and loose and wet and burning with my desire, and it was like I was perched on him, and I would fall away if the erection that supported me gave way. He whispered in my ear.

“I want to fuck you so badly, Annie. I want to…”

“I want to fuck you,” I breathed into his ear, gasping out the last word with emphasis.

It was like I was mad at him, like I wanted to hurt him with my sex. I had him pinned against the wall, and now, instead of him fucking me, I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to take advantage of him and force myself on him the way he had done it to me that afternoon. I rocked against him, rubbing my pussy back and forth over the length of his cock.

“But what about Charlie?” Tom said suddenly.

What about Charlie? What kind of question was that?

“What about Charlie?” I replied in exasperation.

“I think Charlie would like to see that,” he said sheepishly.

“Fuck Charlie.” I continued to hump him against the wall. “Oh, no, wait, I did that.” We laughed. Charlie grabbed my hand.

“C’mon, we can do this anytime, but tonight we’ve got poor Charlie waiting for us downstairs.” With joints, too, I thought, and I followed Tom’s lead.

We entered the living room buck-naked and with authority. Charlie was sitting on the window seat in gym shorts, but nothing else, smoking a joint. The candles were still burning, and the stereo hummed with lounge jazz.

“Don’t mind us, Charlie,” Tom said as he turned on me in the middle of the room.

We embraced savagely. The whole way down from the shower I had thought I going to lose the mood, and now, suddenly, I felt insane with passion. I stood on my toes and leaned into him with all my weight. Or tongues raced around our mouths and our teeth clicked as we kissed. Then I started pushing Tom back and we almost fell. He pulled me down till we were on our knees. I was grabbing at him, and though unintentional, I was scratching him for sure. He had his arms tightly around me, like he was going to crush me, and one hand was gripping my ass with so much force that it hurt, but I liked the way it hurt.

It was like we were totally and completely alone in our own little universe of passion, and yet I knew Charlie was there, watching us. I liked the way that felt to. It was like we were putting on a show that we had never rehearsed, trying to express the power of our sexual appetite for each other, and Charlie was there to give us encouragement. “Go kids, go!” I could almost hear him shout out.

I tried to reach between us, to squeeze Tom’s steeled cock, and he slightly relaxed his embrace. I grabbed it, and it was hot, and so hard it felt almost fragile, like a glass tube that could explode in my hand. He bucked as I stroked him, and I am sure it was uncontrollable, and I thought of him like a wild animal, twitching on instinct. And I was an animal too, in heat, instinctively needing him. I flailed at him, stroking him as furiously as I could, and the harder I worked, the more he bucked, and still he was able to reach down between us and begin massaging the swollen, aching softness between legs.

I kicked out a knee to spread my legs, and he began rubbing me more vigorously, and it felt so perfectly stimulating that I gasped out “Oh yes!” Faster and more firmly he went at me, and the friction built up a heat in my crotch that burned and made me sweat, and now I was bucking too.

“Fuck me, Annie! Fuck me like you said you would.” We leaned away from each other slightly, but we kept up our torrid pace of mutual masturbation, and Tom’s face was tense and clenched. “Please fuck me!”

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