tagGroup SexA Summer Night in San Diego

A Summer Night in San Diego


I looked up after hearing that lovely Irish accent. Man, few things are sexier to me than an Irish accent. I look over at the speaker. Wow! She's gorgeous! She has long black hair. She has brown eyes with a nice face. Her breasts are nice, not large. She's with another woman, also Irish, I think. The other woman is about the same height, pretty attractive herself, with green eyes. Her hair is red and curly. Her breasts are larger. But Brown Eyes really captivates me. Uh, oh, she's gonna look my way. Better focus on my work.

I look down at the paper pad in my lap. Now where is that bird I was sketching? It isn't where it was. Ah, there it is. And there are the women admiring it from the path on the other side of the vegetation from me. Brown eyes notices me. I hurriedly look down and sketch some more of the bird.

Here I am, 30 years old, completely shy in front of ladies. That's why I'm single and relatively inexperienced. Oh, sure, I've had some experience, just not a lot, especially if I am to believe even half the stories of some of my classmates. Oh, that's another detail about me. I'm back at school, earning a Master's degree in Computer Science. I go to school at UCSD. Last quarter, I took a drawing class for fun. And so this summer, I decided to improve which brings me to the San Diego Zoo, sketching the animals. One of my favorite places is here in the Parker Aviary. There's a nice variety of birds. Maybe it is the romantic in me, but I love the bird pair of different species that the keepers say are in love with one another, with the male bird staying near the female.

Concentrating on my drawing some more, I feel someone coming near. Looking up, it is Green Eyes and Brown Eyes coming over. Swallowing nervously and hoping they may want to talk and yet dreading it at the same time. A glance where the bird was and I see it moved a few feet away. I stare at the bird for a moment and then look down at my sketch to add some more details.


I look up. They are smiling at me. Green Eyes says "Oh, that's a nice drawing."

I swallow nervously and reply with the ever witty (not!), "Thanks."

Brown Eyes: "Do you have others?"

I flip back a couple pages to a sketch from a couple days ago and turn the pad to them.

"Oh, that's lovely," Brown Eyes says. Oh, how that accent excites me. The accent and the fact that these two ladies (should I refer to them as lasses?) are standing here and liking my work.

"Can we see more?" Green Eyes asks.

Still not trusting myself to speak (perhaps I'll scare them away by saying something stupid), I hand the pad to them. They start going through the pad, seeing a month's worth of visits to the zoo. I'm about three quarters of the way through the pad, so maybe 70 or 75 sketches.

They are commenting on them, liking some. I still don't know what to say. I really want to say something to them, to hold them here. They pause over one of my earlier sketches. Yes, that was one I also liked. I thought I had captured the look of the black jaguar quite well. It seemed very lifelike. It was tough sketching in the subtle spots with only a pencil. I spent the whole day in front of the enclosure to capture what I wanted.

Brown Eyes turns the pad to me. "I especially like this one. It is very nice."

Green Eyes asks "These are all from here in the zoo?"

I nod. They must think I'm an idiot or something. I've said only a single word to them!

"Well thank you for letting us look," Brown Eyes says as she hands the pad back to me. "Perhaps we'll see you around the zoo."

They turn to go. Oh, my what delectable creatures. I close my eyes for a moment. I then flip to a blank page and start sketching, before the memory fades. I start with her face and try to capture those eyes. I haven't done sketches of people before, so I have my doubts how it will turn out. I go to a new area on the page and draw a side view of her body. I sketch in the shirt with her breasts sticking out nicely. Down her body to the shorts she was wearing, the long bare legs down to some tennis shoes.

I consider the vision of her departing. In another, smaller part of the page, I draw her behind as it looked walking away from me.

Wow. I really must figure out how to break out of my shyness around women.

Satisfied that my new sketches are as good as I can get from memory, I look at the time. I realize with a start, that I am supposed to be picking up a friend of mine to take them to the airport. I hurry out of the zoo.


This morning, on a lark, I wandered around the zoo looking for Brown Eyes or Green Eyes. Pretty much as I expected, I didn't find either. Most people who visit San Diego spend only a day at the zoo. I personally think it is too little time. It is nice to sit and watch an animal for ten or fifteen minutes instead of hurrying by trying cram seeing all of the animals in a single day. And, most likely, not even knowing about the large collection of plants the zoo cultivates. I didn't really feel like sketching, although I brought my pad. Now I've returned to my condo in PB (Pacific Beach, a section of San Diego up next to the ocean, for those of you not familiar with San Diego).

I decide to head for a late lunch at one of my favorite local spots, Taco Surf. They have wonderful burritos. I usually get a veggie burrito with cheese, grilled onions and peppers, hash browns, and salsa fresca. I go in to order my usual. And who do I see? There they are, Brown and Green Eyes, sitting at a table with an open seat next to them, talking animatedly. It looks like they haven't gotten their food yet. They haven't seen me. I am not sure if I am glad or sad about that.

I step up to the counter and suddenly decide to order something different. I end up ordering rolled tacos. I get a cup and fill it with water and then try to figure out where to sit. I take a deep breath and start to approach them to ask if the seat is taken when two guys just sit down, talking to each other. I sigh and turn to the counter seats and sit on the stool, looking out at the street.

I am startled out of my reverie as I hear from behind me, "Hey, aren't you that artist from the zoo?" I turn around to look at Brown Eyes. I see she has their food on a tray.

I smile slightly as I find my voice to answer, "Uh, yeah. I.. I'm Scott."

She smiles as she replies, "Hi Scott. I'm Lindsay. That's Colleen, over there." She narrows her eyes and then says, "Say, you're not following us, are you?"

I feel overwhelmed again as I stammer out "n-n-no, I live around here."

She smiles again and says, "Oh, I was just kidding." She looks over to Colleen and scans the seats and then asks, "Would you like to join us? We can sit together over there." She gestures with her tray to an empty table.

I quickly reply "sure", before my courage escapes and before Lindsay can disappear again. I follow her as she goes over to the empty table and sets the tray down and then motions to Colleen to come over. Colleen looks quizzically at her until Lindsay calls out, "Colleen, bring our drinks over here and meet Scott." Colleen gathers their cups and comes over as I sit down across from Lindsay. Colleen sits next to her.

Lindsay says, "We looked for you in the aviary before we left, yesterday. But you weren't there."

I reply, "I had to take a friend to the airport."

"Well, I'm glad we ran into you here."

"Me too." At that moment, I hear my number being called. "Excuse me."

I retrieve my order and return. They have started eating their tacos, as I start in on my rolled tacos.

Lindsay says, "Do you come here often?"

I reply, "Yes, this is one of my favorite places. I usually order the burritos as they are the best."

"Oh? Why didn't you today?"

"I felt like something different."

"So what do you do?"

"I'm a graduate student at UCSD." From the blank looks, I don't think they know that. "At the University of California, San Diego."

"What are you studying?"

"Computer Science. What do you and Colleen do?"

"I'm an accountant. Colleen is a human resources manager."

"You are from out of town?"

Lindsay smiles, "What gave it away?"

I blurt it out, "Your sexy accent." I feel my cheeks burning after that comment.

They both smile widely at me, and perhaps also my discomfort.

"Since you live around here, where are good places to go to party?"

"Well, I don't, ah, party much. I hear The Duck Dive is good."

They exchange a quick glance and then Lindsay asks, "Would you like to show us tonight?"

Oh, tonight could be quite interesting. "Sure!"

"We were going to head to the beach after lunch and get in the water. Want to come with us?"

Like I need any arm twisting. "Sure. I'll need to get my swimsuit."

We finished our lunch with Lindsay doing most of the talking. I was fine with this as I was still quite nervous. Lindsay and Colleen asked to see my place, so I invited them to come over as I got my swimming suit.

We walked the several blocks to my condo and walked up the steps. You could just make out the ocean from my front door, if you looked just right. I had bought this place a year ago, before starting my Master's degree. I was able to pay cash as I had worked for an Internet startup which got bought by Google for a decent price. I cashed out my stock options for a pretty good price and took unpaid leave from my job to get my Master's degree.

I unlocked the door and ushered them into my living room. I excused myself to get changed in my bedroom, closing the door. I heard some soft Irish accented murmuring as I changed. I grabbed a towel and opened the door. I had forgotten I had left my sketch pad on the coffee table. Lindsay and Colleen were looking at the picture I had drawn of LIndsay.

Lindsay looked up at me, "You drew this at the zoo?"

I nodded, feeling embarrassed again.

She smiled at me as she said, "These are good. You have a good eye for detail."

I just nodded, too tongue tied to answer.

Lindsay set the sketch book down on the table, still open and stood up. Colleen quickly got to her feet and Lindsay then grabbed my hand and said "Let's go to the beach!"

I say to her, "I usually only bring my key when I go to the beach. If you would like to leave any valuables here, they will be safe."

Lindsay and Colleen look at each other, as if trying to decide if they should trust me. They then both pulling out their purses from their beach bags and set them on the floor by my couch.

We walked to the beach and claimed a spot, laying out our towels. The ladies took off their shirts and shorts revealing very nice bikinis over some very nice figures. I stripped off my shirt and shoes and chased them into the water.

We splashed around for an hour or so. Lindsay seemed to brush up against me a bit and Colleen also touched my arm or leg at times. I was definitely getting excited by what I was perceiving as flirting. I sure hoped I wasn't imagining things.

We get out of the water and the women want to walk along the beach. Each of them grabs one of my arms and the three of us start strolling along. I see some of the men we pass by checking out the ladies. I also see sometimes a look like how did *you* manage to snag a pair of fine looking women.

Colleen and Lindsay are talking to one another. I am content just listening to them as we walk along, only answering direct questions and with a smile on my face.

We returned to my condo. I offered to Lindsay and Colleen that they could use my shower, if they wanted to wash up. Again, a look passed between them that I couldn't decipher and then Colleen said, "Sure. That would be lovely." I showed her the bathroom and got a couple spare towels out. Colleen took a towel and went in, closing the door. I turned around to find Lindsay coming up to me.

She reached opened her arms and wrapped them around me, giving me a hug. She pulled away a little to look up at my eyes and said, "You're sweet man. I'm glad we bumped into each other."

She then put a hand behind my head and guided my lips to hers. Her lips were soft to the touch. It was a very nice first kiss. I wrapped my arms around her as I kissed her again. We both seemed to have the same idea as our tongues met and teased around each other. I started rubbing her body as her hands stroked through my hair. I am sure she could feel me getting hard, pressing against her. We stood there in front of the bathroom door, kissing, long enough for Colleen to come out of the shower and say, "I see you too decided to start without me."

Hearing those words sent a shiver of delight through me. We broken the kiss as Colleen asked, "So, is he any good as a kisser?"

Lindsay replied, "Why don't you find out while I take a shower?"

Colleen pulled my face to hers with one hand on each cheek. Who was I to argue with this? We started kissing as Lindsay popped back out to grab the towel from my hand as she said, "I told you so."

Colleen replied with an "um, hmm" while maintaining the kiss. Colleen was also a good kisser, but I think Lindsay was just a smidge better.

Soon, it was my turn for the shower as the ladies waited. I hurried through the shower, dressing quickly in the bathroom and coming out.

Colleen asked, "Can we leave our beach things here?"

I said, "Sure, no problem." as I grabbed my wallet and keys. We headed off to The Duck Dive. It was still early so things weren't in full swing and it was easy to get a table. The girls ordered cocktails while I asked for a beer.

I was definitely loosening up with these two. They helped by being easy to talk to. I started joining in on the talk as the evening progressed. We ordered several more rounds and some food. I could see that the alcohol was getting to both of them. They were taking turns kissing me between drinks. There was plenty of touching happening under the table, too.

Lindsay and Colleen whispered together for a moment and then they stood up together. Lindsay said, "We're going to the loo. When we come back, let's move this party to your place."

"Sure." There I go again with my scintillating dialog.

When they were out of sight, I waved down our waitress and handed her my credit card. By the time Colleen and Lindsay came back, I was just signing my name.

"So what's our share?"

I smiled, "Don't worry it's on me."

They then grabbed each of my arms and practically dragged me out of there. Once on the street, I seemed to be helping to steady them more. They each had five cocktails while I had five beers in me. I was definitely the steadiest of us.

We finally reached my condo and I opened the door. The ladies asked for me to put on some dance music. I was somewhat at a loss of what to put on. I turned on my stereo and then pulled out my laptop and fired up Spotify and asked for some artist names. They shouted out several songs that I got queued up and started the music. Colleen turned the volume up as Lindsay grabbed my hand and pulled me to her for a quick kiss. Then she started dancing to the beat. I tried my best to follow her lead, but I really hadn't danced since my undergrad days years ago, when I took a dance class for the PE credit. Colleen joined us in dancing and they each took turns kissing me and each other.

After several fast songs, Colleen changed up the playlist and a slow song started. Lindsay stepped into my arms and we danced to the music. This was more like the songs in the dance class and what I learned came back to me. The next song, Colleen took over from Lindsay and I found her very comfortable to dance with. When that song ended, Lindsay pulled me down on the couch next to her and started kissing me. Colleen then started tugging my shirt off, interrupting the kiss. As my shirt came over my head, Colleen's lips came to mine as she started kissing me.

I felt Lindsay's hands start to unbuckle my belt and she started tugging my shorts off. As they came off, Lindsay started rubbing my erection trapped in my underwear. I reached for Lindsay's shirt while continuing to enjoy Colleen's kiss. I managed to pull the shirt off as Colleen pulled back and pulled her own shirt off. Lindsay started to kiss me while Colleen stripped the rest of her clothes off. She then tugged my underwear down with some assistance from me, freeing my cock to spring up. Colleen started to rub it as Lindsay broke off the kiss and finished stripping.

Colleen then got up and pulled Lindsay and me to the bedroom and the two of them pushed me onto my back on my bed. They had me scoot all of the way onto the bed and then Colleen straddled my face, lowering her pussy onto it while facing my feet. I went to work with my tongue, trying my best to give her pleasure. I felt Lindsay's warm mouth envelope my penis. After a few minutes of that, Lindsay's mouth left and a few moments later, she lowered herself onto me.

She was so warm and wet as she slowly lowered herself onto my erection. When she was fully impaled on me, she held still a moment. Then she started sliding up and down. I was trying my best with licking Colleen but what Lindsay was doing was exquisitely distracting. I felt Colleen lean forward and I suspected the two of them were kissing. It was delicious torture to not be able to see that, but I definitely had other things to keep me occupied.

I reached my finger to start to brush Colleen's clit while continuing licking with my tongue. Lindsay suddenly pushed down hard on me, and I felt her muscles squeeze me as she shuddered with an orgasm. That was too much for me, and I came into Lindsay, groaning into Colleen's pussy. That seemed to be enough trigger Colleen as she pushed down more on my face, her juices flowing copiously. Lindsay continued to grind against me while I lapped up Colleen's juices. With all of the sensations, I was continuing to stay hard. I was secretly pleased with this as perhaps I could keep up with the challenge of pleasing two beautiful women.

Colleen pulled off of my face and then Lindsay disengaged. She said "Colleen, looks like he's still ready to go."

Colleen smiled as she laid back on my bed and motioned for me to get between those thighs. I rolled onto my knees and scooted over between her thighs. I bent down and sucked at her breasts. Lindsay put her head down and sucked her juices off my cock before crawling up to Colleen's face and planting a kiss on her lips. I watched this action from my vantage point at Colleen's breasts. They broke the kiss as I continued licking and sucking the breasts. Colleen reaches down to start pulling me up. I move under her direction. Lindsay reaches down and guides my erection to Colleen. I slip in. I slide slowly deeper, enjoying the penetration. Colleen reaches up and starts gently rubbing my nipples as I begin a nice rhythm. Lindsay rubs my butt as I'm moving in Colleen. Colleen reaches up and pulls my head to her lips. I kiss her passionately. Lindsay interrupts the kiss to turn my head to her for a kiss. Colleen is moaning beneath me as she massages her breasts. Lindsay then breaks the kiss and starts kissing Colleen.

I continue fucking Colleen, trying my damnedest not to come before she does, as the three of us alternate kissing each other, Lindsay lightly touching each of our bodies. Finally, Colleen tenses up, moaning loudly. Her muscles squeeze and I finally let go shooting into her. I collapse on her and she reaches around, hugging me tight. My chest presses against her breasts. I feel her nipples pressing into it. It feels nice as I lay there a moment. Not wanting to make her too uncomfortable with my wait, I finally pull back to roll over on my back.

Lindsay moves on top of Colleen and starts going down on her as Colleen starts licking Lindsay. I'm out of it for the moment and enjoy watching. It seems to me they have been intimate together on other occasions. It occurs to me that this may be a golden opportunity to observe masters at work and perhaps I could learn things to improve my own skills. Moving closer, I watch what Colleen is doing.

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