tagRomanceA Summer on the Road Pt. 07

A Summer on the Road Pt. 07


Dear readers, This is part 7 of a "Summer on the Road"

Hope you enjoy this chapter.


The waves lapping at the sides of the kayaks were growing in size as Paul and Jane paddled around the headland and into the wider channel. The two kayaks were rocking in the swells coming in from the Pacific. Jane's anxiety was now turning into full blown fear. The water was so cold.

"Jane," Paul called out, turning and looking back, "don't fight the motion of the swell. Just let them roll under you and relax. We will be across this section fairly quickly."

"I'm trying to but this feels so unstable. I can't believe I'm not going to flip over at any sec."

"Yeah, I know how it feels. I was the same way my first time, but believe me these boats have a lot of secondary stability. We'll be fine. Just don't fight it."

"I'm trying, I'm trying," Jane replied, an edge of tension in her voice.

Jane's nerves started to quieten as they reached over halfway to the island that was their destination. Paul had promised a hot spring on this island, one of the few on this part of the coast. At times she was distracted from her fear by the grandeur of the scenery. This was possibly the most beautiful place she had ever seen in her young life so far. The water was still so cold and rough.

When Paul received the instructions from Robertson Dispatching that they had a container to pick up in Vancouver for the return trip in three days he jumped at the chance to take a day to sea kayak on the coast before heading out of Kitimat. They arranged to leave the truck at the LNG site and took a room in the hotel in the centre of the colourful coastal town. Jane was apprehensive, but she agreed to join Paul on the kayak trip.

As she became more comfortable with the roll of the boat she relaxed enough to take in the scenery. It was spectacular. The other thought she had that brought a sense of warmth, spreading from her core, travelling upwards, heating her body, was the images from the night in the hotel. Walking in together to the front desk she had stopped Paul and held up one finger, re-enforcing the gesture with the determined directive: 'one room.' He had hesitated, and then decided that this one would go on his card. The accounting office didn't need to know the Boss's daughter was sharing a room with him. Not their business.

After the sex in the truck following the fire and road closure Jane didn't know if the cat and mouse game would resume. Her dad had taken the heat off him but even then she could feel the reserve returning the next day as they completed the drive to the LNG plant. She wanted more. She knew that she was with a man who clearly had a deeper knowledge of a woman's body then any of the boys she had been with before. And the selfish brat in her wanted more of his expertise. Jane wanted more badly.

Even then, before stepping into the room, she couldn't read his body language.

After the night of sex in the truck Paul's emotions were on a wild ride. He allowed none of this to show on his face or in his voice while completing the drive, one that required much concentration He had to sort out a myriad of feelings and thoughts before he would engage with Jane. Once the road re-opened they completed the journey quietly, both lost in their own thoughts.

To Paul, Jane was delicious but she was so young and inexperienced. It wasn't the sexual part of her inexperience that bothered him, after all, at one level, she was just a horny teen. It was the emotional inexperience of a sheltered, overindulged princess. But it wasn't her state that he was most worried about. To her, he thought, this was probably just a fun adventure with an older guy. In the end it was his emotional state he was worried about. Beneath all the smart assed and overly confident exterior he sensed a warmth and sensitivity that was drawing him in. He knew he could fall hard for this girl and that scared him. This thing, whatever it was, had a short shelve life. And the end could hurt - him mostly.

Still, when he had stepped into the room and turned towards Jane, the look of arousal on her face tinged with an apprehension left him with no doubt as to what he was going to do. He had simply said, 'Jane, take your clothes off and go get the shower ready'. She turned to go into the bathroom to do as directed when he stopped her with, 'Jane, take your clothes off here and then go into the bathroom. Look at me as you do it.'

Her eyes glazed over for a second and then she smiled as she did what he asked. She stared at him, almost frightened by what she saw in his eyes as she removed her clothing. He never took his eyes off her body. Finally, when she laid her panties on the chair and she was completely naked, he said, "Turn around slowly."

Paul kept his expression as neutral as he could but his mind was reeling at how utterly gorgeous this young woman was, and who was giving herself to him. He drank in the sight of her.

Paul had seen her naked several times, but now, standing there and then slowly turning around made her feel more exposed then ever before. Looking into his eyes she shivered at the look of lust they conveyed. She was both a little frightened and empowered at the same time. He was a man of experience and he was devouring her body with his vision. He had slowly got up and moved behind her. At first he didn't touch and then he slid his hands up and down the outside of her arms as he nuzzled his nose into her hair. Her nipples hardened as goosebumps raised on her neck and chest. She was breathing shallowly but didn't speak. She didn't want to intrude on the spell he was weaving.

Still behind her, he bent down on one knee and placed both hands around her right calf and slowly moved his hands up her leg. "Move you legs apart," he asked softly. She immediately did as told. He continued until his index fingers brushed the bottom of her sex. He gently kneaded her thigh as he leaned in to breath hot breath over her rear. She was shaking as she emitted small whines.

Paul was intent on exploring carefully every inch of the girl. He had missed so much the sensuousness of a woman's skin, her thighs, her rear, her back. Paul turned a gasping Jane to face him and he breathed soft little breaths on her tummy as his hands moved up slowly to massage her ass. He smiled as she became unsteady on her feet. Looking up he licked the bottom of her breasts focusing on the crease where they met her rib cage.

"Paul please," Jane gasped in her desire.

"Please what, baby?"

"I ... I don't know ... anything .. everything. I'm going to explode." Paul looked up into her eyes and saw just how incredibly aroused she was. She was burning with lust. It was such a beautiful sight!


Jane was suddenly dragged back to the present when Paul yelled to her to look off south towards the open ocean. In the distance the sun reflected off the back of black objects in the water.

"Jane, Orcas I think. A pod. I can see several," Paul said excitedly.

"Oh wow, can we get a closer look do you think?"

"Not with those guys unless they come our way. If we headed towards them they could be well out to sea before we get over there. Lets stay on course, there could be others in the vicinity.

"Are you feeling more comfortable now with the rolling and chop?"

"Getting there. You're right about letting the boat move the way it wants and just paddle. I'm starting to relax a bit. This is such an amazing place!" Jane thought briefly about where she would have been, stuck in an office, instead of out in the Pacific ocean and surrounded by the rain forests of the BC coast. She shivered at how close Paul had been to kicking her out of the job and back to the accounting department. Even the thought of the spanking he had given her sent a shiver down her back but for a very different reason. She now wanted the touch of his hands on her body for any reason.

As they paddled into a small bay Paul rested his paddle across the kayak's bow and pulled out the map.

"Not this bay. Around the point and into the next cove on the south shoreline. The guide says to look for a large boulder on the beach beside a small stream that empties into the ocean. It should be just in from there." With that they continued on.

As she followed Paul though the more protected waters Jane's thoughts drifted back to the night before in the hotel.


Licking upwards to her nipples, he watched her head jerk back and her eyes close. He smiled again.

'Lets go get you cleaned up.' he had said as he stood and took her hand, leading her to the shower.

'Let me wash you,' he said softly as he moved her under the shower head. Paul continued his careful exploration of her body. His slow deliberate caressing as he washed her from her toes to her neck belied the rage in his body to have her hard and fast. He was mesmerized by the beauty of her legs, her back, her breasts and the sweetness of her manner. Jane's eyes never left his face as the heat grew in her core.

Paul knew what she wanted, needed. He knew what he was doing to her and finally relented. Finishing at her soft mound he pushed her against the wall and lifted a leg over his shoulder as he steadied her with his hands. 'Jane, hold onto my head.' Immediately she grasped his hair.

Slowly, at first, he licked up her outer labia. Then he moved to long deliberate licks with a flat tongue from her opening to her mons, just lightly touching her clit.

'Baby, is this what you want?' he asked a shaking Jane

'Oh god, oh god. Please, please, that feels so good.'

Grabbing and pulling on his hair, her sharp whines and the trembling of her body told him it was time. He licked her in tight circles around her clit. At the same time, he moved a finger on the hand that was tightly squeezing her ass into her crack and did circles around her rear opening. Immediately her moans turned to shrieks and he flattened his tongue on her clit as she fell over the edge. He stood up quickly holding the shaking girl close with one arm around her waist and the other pressing on her pussy, slowly massaging her through her orgasm.

Paul wanted Jane relaxed as he dried her before sending her to the bed. He stepped back in and completed his shower. When he came out she was sitting up leaning against the pillows, the sheet pulled up to below her breasts. She looked delicious. Dropping the towel, her eyes widened as he approached her, his cock hard and pointing up. 'Now baby, its time to make love, slow and simple.'

'Okay,' she gasped out, taking in his arousal. Not the first time his cock would be inside her, but his promise made her shiver with anticipation.

He moved on his knees to her side and pulled the covers off. She was clenching and un-clenching her hands at her sides, a lip held unconsciously in her teeth, her eyes wide. Putting one knee between her legs and then the other he nudged them wider, shifting her knees and thighs up to his hips, positioning her. Smiling down he had softly said, 'Lets do this together.' With that he took her right hand and wrapped it around his cock. He moved it up and down her moist slit gathering her juices.

'Are you ready?' he had asked, looking deeply into her startlingly blue eyes that were alive with lust.

She nodded her head and moved his cock head to her opening, never taking her eyes off of his. Fighting the urge to bury his member deeply into her in one thrust he slowly slid the head in. They both gasped at the same time as the pressure of his hardened manhood suddenly built in her vagina. 'Oh god, please please,' she implored. With a gentle rocking motion he slid the rest of the way in. Wrapping his arms under hers and holding her head in his hands he stared into her eyes, the arousal in her face coming off in waves. He wanted to feel her, to connect to her and to feed off of the exquisite pleasure of her body. And he also wanted into her mind.

He put his forehead against hers and focused all his senses on the feel of the sweet soft warmth of her cunt around his cock. It was divine and he wanted to savour the feeling forever. Sex for him could be crazy and wild but now he just wanted to absorb the warmth and pleasure of the beautiful young woman beneath him and to connect with her in the best way possible.

Jane wanted more, asking, 'Paul so good, so good ... please harder.'

'No baby,' he gasped, rubbing his lips over hers. 'I want to feel your heat. the feel of your beautiful pussy around me. You are so good.'

Slowly, slowly he increased the motion while pulling her ass up into his thrusts. Jane's moans and whines increased with the bucking of her hips upward. Finally, he couldn't hold back any more as her contractions around his cock were putting him so close. He started to pound hard into her, everything overwhelmed by the pressure in his balls, ready to empty into the girl.

'Jane, are you close baby? Tell me when,' he gasped, gritting his teeth but knowing he was going to explode into her at any moment.

She shrieked at that and bucked upward hard, 'Now, yes please, fuck me hard, PLEASE' Shouting out he came, holding the spasming girl's bum as hard as he could, forcing his cock deep as possible as she bit down on his shoulder in pleasurable agony. She shuddered and mewled against him as the orgasm rocked through and through her body with an intensity she didn't know could exist.

They had stayed like that bound together for the longest time, as their breathing slowed. Jane's rational mind was deep in wonder at how good the sex was - better than she ever thought possible.

Paul, with his arms wrapped tightly around her back now holding her tight to his chest could only marvel at one thing - he now knew that he could fall deeply in love with this woman and it scared the hell out of him.


Paul beached his kayak first, exited with some difficulty in the light surf and waded out to bring Jane in. He put his arm under her shoulder and lifted her out. The wet suit tops they were wearing squeaking as he pulled her out of her boat

They pulled the kayaks up onto the sand. At first it seemed deserted but they spotted a tandem boat fifty metres down the beach.

"Must be the right place and it looks like we have company. Can you pull our stuff out of the boats. I've stashed a couple of beers and some food. I'll go hunt down the hot spring."

Paul headed towards the small stream angling up to the forest. The sun broke through the cloud cover, illuminating the rain forest at the back of the beach. A hawk swooped down landing somewhere in the canopy. Jane slowly turned, taking in the amazing scenery, thrilled to be be there with Paul.

Paul returned, smiling broadly. "I take it you found it," Jane said.

"Yes, and we will definitely be sharing. There is a couple in the pool and shall we say that they are really enjoying being the sole occupants. I actually heard them before I saw them. They don't know we're here yet."

"Oh fun, can we sneak up and have a peek. Are they really getting it on?" Jane asked excitedly

"Jane, my dear, is this a voyeuristic streak that I didn't know about."

"Paul, ninety percent of my practical knowledge of sex you taught me in the last few days but I still have some secrets."

"You've been holding out on me! I want to learn all you kinks."

"Well, you could put me over your knee again to get me to talk," Jane said, smirking broadly.

"I will tuck that away for later sweetheart. Lets go."

"By the way, I don't really have a bathing suit."

"Me neither. I was hoping we wouldn't need one." With that they walked quietly over the sand towards the pool which was just inside the first set of trees off the beach, beside the stream.

As they got closer, Jane could hear the squeal of a woman and the grunting of a man. They were still hidden from view by some low bushes. Jane grabbed Paul's arm and pulled him down, shushing him at the same time. She whispered in his ear. "This is so exciting, I've never seen anyone doing it for real."

"Pervert," he whispered back. "Lets let them finish up, give them a few minutes."

"Whose calling who a pervert. Spanking your trainee's ass and then fucking her doesn't count I suppose. Besides, I want to see his package." With that Jane crouched down onto her hands and knees and moved towards the bushes.

Paul muttered something about lascivious private school girls.

Shortly after that they heard a shout from the man and a squeal from the woman followed shortly by laughter. Paul yelled out loudly, "Jane, did you bring the beer?" The laughter stopped and the man yelled out a 'Hello' in a heavily accented voice.

Jane got up and strode towards the pool. Reaching the clearing she smiled at the couple in the water. The woman was straddling the man on her knees. He was leaning back against the back of the pool. The water was cloudy enough that she couldn't see much below the surface. Her bare breasts were bobbing near the surface. They both smiled at Jane as the woman slid off to sit beside the man.

"Hi, hope we didn't disturb you. Do you mind if we join you in the pool? Jane said, admiring the attractive older couple.

"Please join us. The water is beautifully warm," the man replied in a European accent.

Introductions were made. Peter and Remi were a vacationing German couple from Munich. They were on an extended kayak trip on the northern BC coast.

Jane was standing talking to the couple, feeling a bit awkward about what to wear in the pool. She didn't have much on underneath the wet suit top and knee length bottoms. Finally Remi asked, "Are you joining us. You know we aren't wearing anything so don't be shy".

Jane smiled and said, "Okay, I'm coming in." The two Germans grinned as they watched Jane extricate herself from the wet suit. She looked at them watching her intently and then with a deep breath pulled off her t-shirt that was underneath the wet suit. An appreciative giggle came from Remi as Jane's lovely breasts were freed up. Peter's smile widened. Paul was pulling his own wet suit off but had his eyes on his beautiful teenage partner.

With a smile, Jane slipped off her light shorts and panties leaving herself completely naked and she slid into the water at the other side of the pool. All eyes were on Jane's chest and sex as Paul took the opportunity to shed the boxers he had under the wet suit bottom and slipped in quickly, his cock starting to rise at the sight of a naked Jane.

Remi and Peter had excellent English and the two couples chatted back and forth amiably. Remi was curious about Jane and Paul and out of the blue asked them if they were a newly wed couple on a honeymoon. Paul and Jane both laughed at the same time Jane piped up, "Nope, we're trucking partners. He's my boss and I'm the lowly trainee." Paul laughed again at that. He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her onto his lap. She wrapped her arm around his neck and leaned her head against his.

"You two are truck drivers, really? I thought more like vacationing lovers."

"What me, a lover to this one," Paul said chuckling as he squeezed Jane to him. "She's a pain in the ass. I have to stay right on top of her or she'll get us into trouble. The English word for her is 'brat'"

"Oh, he stays on top of me alright,"Jane said nodding her head vigorously up and down, smiling broadly at the amused pair. "And every so often he spanks me if I'm not learning fast enough."

"Really!" Remi said, startled. "In Germany, if an employer strikes an employee there is all kinds of crazy stuff for the employer to deal with. He might even go to jail."

"Well, even here, I might be in big trouble if word got out. What makes it worse is her dad owns the company. One day I could be working for this brat."

Remi and Peter laughed at that. They sensed there was some fun being had at their expense but were enjoying the exchange.

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