tagBDSMA Summer Weekend

A Summer Weekend


Author's preamble:

This is a stand-alone story about a mature divorcee seeking some excitement in her life. Sexually active characters are at least eighteen years of age. People and places are all from my imagination and any similarities are entirely coincidental.

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A Summer Weekend.

Chapter 1.

It had been one of those glorious August days when the skies are blue and with just a light breeze to temper the heat. Raymond Buxton arrived back from the office, made himself a light snack then decided a glass of wine on the patio would be good to unwind from the day's business. He retrieved a bottle of wine from the fridge, took it and a glass to the table on the patio. Before sitting down on the lounger, he happened to glance at his neighbour's house and saw Karen seemingly in the act of doing just as he was. He crossed over to the low fence separating the two premises and called her over.

"I was just about to have a glass or two of wine. Would you care to join me?"

Karen smiled. "Yes, that would be nice Ray. I'll be with you in a minute. Thank you."

Ray returned to the house and brought out another glass and cushions for the spare lounger. Karen, who had changed her clothes from a business suit to an attractive navy dress, joined him. She almost flopped down into the lounger with a sigh of relief. He filled both glasses and sat down.

"Heavy day Karen?" he asked.

"Yeah," she sighed. "It's our busiest time, getting all the orders out in time for Christmas. Never mind, it will taper off between now and October."

"Are you working this weekend?"

"No, we've had such a busy week so I gave them all two days off. I won't be back until Monday. Two whole days just relaxing. Heaven.

They watched a variety of birds visiting the feeding station, sometimes squabbling; flying in and out again, and just doing the things birds do. The entire back garden was easy on the eyes: Ray employed a professional gardener who tended the hedges, the lawn and the flowerbeds. There was a constant drone of the bees buzzing from flower to flower on the lavender. It was all very peaceful and relaxing. Occasionally the two would engage in light conversation.

By the time the sun had dropped below the horizon, it turned a bit chilly and they had finished the wine. "Would you like another bottle, maybe indoors?"

"Mmm, yes please. That sounds nice."

"Sorry, I never thought to ask, have you eaten since you came home?"

"I couldn't be bothered to make anything so no."

"I only had a light snack so I could do with some food. Shall I order a Chinese takeaway or something?"

Ray phoned for a meal while Karen opened another bottle of wine and they sat at opposite ends of the sofa, partially turned towards each other, sharing the meal and sipping their wine. Karen was a mighty fine looking woman, he thought. He did not know her age but surmised late thirties, perhaps early forties. If only he were even 15 years younger. They were good neighbours and good friends of ten years standing so their conversation was comfortable and relaxed. The silences between conversations were comfortable too, with a selection of light classical music playing quietly in the background.

She thought, Ray is still handsome so, "Did you ever come close to marrying, Ray?"

"Hmm, I've been engaged twice." His eyes crinkled up as he thought. "The first one, Magdalen; an Irish Catholic with a spirit as fiery as her carrot hair suggested." He smiled and shook his head. "We were young, we were both pumped up on hormones, and we were wild and carefree. Sometimes we were outrageous. We lived in a campervan for two crazy years but eventually life in the fast lane began to wear thin for me; I wanted that woman, whom I loved dearly, to settle down with me and raise a family." Ray sighed deeply. "She wasn't ready; she was having too much of a ball, so we parted. I later heard she died by accident while being the subject in some bondage orgy. That sounded just like the thing Maggie would have loved: she would try anything, especially when high on pot."

"I don't think I would have liked the hippie life style. I think I've always craved security, stability."

"And that is just what I wanted when Maggie left, or I left her; it was mutual. It wasn't a difficult path back to, well I suppose I would now call it, a real life. It was a time of high employment and jobs were easy to get. I rented a small bedsit and the rest is history."

"Looking back Ray, are you happy with your choice all those years ago?"

"I've got to say yes, I did the right thing. To be honest, I was just bored stiff with the endless protests about things for which I had no passion. Free love is all very well but along with it come other gifts: I had to see the pox doctor three times. Fortunately that was before the onset of AIDS." He shrugged. "No, I was glad to get out or I would have ended up at that same orgy where Maggie died. Life since then has been good to me. But what about you Karen, you're a lovely woman, did you not ever think about another partner?"

She sighed, almost wistfully, shook her head and smiled. "Not really, Ray. Living with Bryan was ... oh I don't know ... maybe boring is the right word. He was so stuck in his ways and everything had to be just so. I know I said I wanted security and stability but it was so... so ... what do they call it these days? So vanilla at home: even the sex was boring. Yes, I wanted security and stability but I reckoned, on my own, with the business building smoothly, I could provide my own security and stability. I was a virgin when I married Bryan and I've dated one or two since the divorce, but nothing clicked with them. I would like to retire in about ten years: my business should give me a good pension. Maybe then, I can let my hair down. But what about the other time you almost married?"

"Oh, Bernice. Well, I was in my early forties when I met Berni, she was a couple of years older. We met at one of those dreary presentations. Well, things just clicked as you say. That week turned wild and I don't remember us attending many of the meetings. After a year, I proposed marriage to her and she accepted. We were in no great hurry: her parents were in New Zealand, having emigrated when Berni left the nest and I only had distant relatives left. Then her mother had a bad stroke and needs 24/7 care. Berni left me to care for her mother. It was a tearful parting and we still talk on Facebook. Her mother's condition is pretty stable now but she can do little for herself and now her father's memory is beginning to decline."

"And you still miss her?"

"Yes, very much. Oh but I haven't been a celibate monk since then." Ray grinned.

They sat sipping their wine - the bottle was almost empty now - Ray was idly staring at a familiar picture on the wall and Karen kept glancing over at his relaxed figure. She was trying to come to a decision in her mind. Eventually she spoke, but shyly, "Ray, do you find me attractive?"

"Wow, that one came out of the blue!" Ray brought his eyes back to her. Karen was sitting with her knees tucked up on the sofa so her legs were visible to a few inches above her knees. The dark blue of the dress was contrasted by the four large, pure white buttons down the front. The neckline showed the swell of her breasts with a hint of the dark valley below. Her deep gold tanned skin contrasted with the white of her teeth and the slightly everted lips suggested an African heritage somewhere in her genes. Her face had no outstanding features but put all together it was an attractive face topped by a fairly deep forehead that was just developing a widow's peak and the almost black waves falling down to frame the face. Karen accepted his inspection, waiting for his answer.

"Yes Karen, you are very attractive, but why do you ask?"

"Ray, you seem to have had an adventurous love life, so much in contrast to my own. To tell the truth, Bryan did nothing for me in bed and I want to know about that which all my magazines tell me. Will you make love to me as you made love to Maggie, Berni, and the others? Can you make me feel like a woman, excite me, drive me wild please?" She immediately shuffled along the sofa until she was in his arms, her face turned up, offering him her lips.

"I thought you wanted security and stability? Exciting sex sometimes means letting yourself go, relinquishing control to your partner, moving out of your comfort zone, taking risks."

"Security and stability is what I want in my life in general but I've never had any real fun in the bedroom and I want some of that."

Ray kissed her gently, realising instinctively that she needed tenderness and perhaps slow coaxing. Moving an errant strand of hair from her face, he kissed her again before slowly moving his hand to the top button of her dress. She made no objection as the blue lace of her brassiere was revealed but her breathing became heavier as the second button was opened. He spread apart the top of her dress, taking in the lovely shape of her breasts inside the bra. It was she who opened the final two buttons, and her dress fell open to reveal her trim abdomen and the blue lace of her matching panties.

Placing his hand on her bosom, he said, "Will you be completely honest with me?" She looked into his eyes and nodded her agreement. "I want you to tell me your deepest fantasies, what you would never tell even your best friend. Something you may have read about and wished you had the courage, or maybe just the right partner, to let yourself go? I promise you, it will be purely our secret. We can do what we want and nobody will know. For instance, did you ever suck Bryan's cock?"

"Oh no, all we did was me lying back while he had his way with me. I would have sucked him if he had asked."

"And I suppose he never licked you down here?" Ray cupped her vagina over the panties.

"I can't imagine any man wanting to do that."

Ray chuckled. "You'd be surprised at what people like to do in the privacy of their bedroom." He pushed her dress off her shoulders and asked her to remove her bra so she was soon sitting next to him wearing nothing but her panties. "Play with your breasts for me, Karen. Show me what feels good to you. Tell me what you think you would really like to do - or have done to you." He watched as she cupped one breast in her left hand, squeezing it while her right hand went to her nipple, at first just rolling it gently in her fingers then slowly gripping more firmly and twisting it. His hands moved to her panties and she lifted her hips to allow him to slide them off her legs and feet.

"Keep playing with your breast, Karen, but put the other hand down here." He cupped her mound; he was pleased to feel her moisture starting to flow as he slipped a finger inside her briefly then removed it as her own finger took over. Her mouth was open and panting, her eyes were shining and her whole body started arching. Ray couldn't resist those lips any more so he kissed her again, now sliding his tongue into her mouth, although she was reluctant, at first, to accept this invasion. Soon they were kissing passionately as she continued to play with her body: he slipped a finger inside her, next to her own and transferred the slickness to her clitoris then, suddenly she started thrusting two fingers inside herself hard until he pinched her clitoris and she screamed out the best orgasm of her life.

"Oh god Ray, what are you doing to me? I have never even thought of masturbating in front of anybody. It felt embarrassing in a naughty but nice way."

"You mostly did that yourself, darling. I just helped you along a little. Now I think we would both be more comfortable in my bed." He took her hand and led her naked to his bedroom then laid her in the centre of his king sized bed while he undressed. He joined her on the bed and brought her hand to his erection. Putting his hand behind her head, he kissed her again; at first just gently then, as she responded, more passionately. Breaking off, he looked over her face, noticing her shining eyes and her partly open mouth as she breathed heavily. There was a flush to her skin, the flush continuing down her breasts. Her nipples were fully engorged, like hard bullets sticking out from the softer flesh. She had a lovely generous body with soft curves in all the right places.

He kissed his way lovingly down her neck and onto her breast: he dropped little kisses all around her left nipple without actually touching the hard nub, even when she moved her body to try to make contact. He waited until her body was still again then lapped his tongue over the nipple, just enough to make it wet. He blew gently on the wet patch and was happy to hear her moan. After a few seconds, he gave her what she wanted and sucked the nipple firmly into his mouth, flicking his tongue over the tip.

Karen was panting heavily now and pulled his head into her breast. Ray suckled for a while, using his teeth gently; he started kissing the underneath of the breast and kissed all the way down to her pubic bush. Her body stilled, almost rigid, when he kissed the engorged lips, already moist from her recent orgasm. The smell of her sex invaded his nose; he inhaled deeply, relishing the aroma, and that tempted him to start lapping at the trickle of her strong, sweet, juices. Slowly her body relaxed as he used his tongue on her labia. The more she relaxed, the more her knees parted, giving him an open target.

Now Ray's tongue was lapping all the way from her perineum to the top of her pussy but never quite as far as her clitoris: he was saving that until she was almost ready to beg for more. He was also tempted to go even further down to her anus but thought she would be horrified at the thought of anybody wanting to do that so he continued working on her labia, occasionally slipping the tip of his tongue between them.

Karen had never had anything like this done to her and she was thrilled by the exciting feelings coursing through her body, generated by him making love to her private place. Wonderful as he made her feel, she sensed there was more to come. By now, she was moving her hips to try to get more but he managed to keep contact and never let up the sensuous lapping down there. Finally, he relented and used his hand to expose her engorged clitoris. He blew on the moisture: she shivered at the new sensation then her body leapt in the air and she squealed when his tongue started flicking over the hard little button. Ray clung on tightly; soon she went berserk, heaving, and screaming as her whole body was wracked by the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced. When she returned to her senses, he moved back to her face and kissed her lovingly, knowing she would taste her own secretions on his mouth and face.

"You see Karen," he broke the kiss to say, "most men like oral sex, giving and receiving, although some are not so keen on giving. From what I have read and experienced, many women have similar likes. Tell me, did you like the taste of yourself on my face?"

"Hmmm, to be honest Ray, I wondered what the strange taste was then, when it dawned on me, I nearly freaked out. Yet I found myself liking the flavour so I think the answer must be 'Yes'"

"I also like the taste of your nectar, which is why I adore pleasuring my lover that way. But the night is far from over yet and there is much we can explore."

"Ray, I am such a novice to all this, I really don't know what I want, I have no specific secrets, I just know there is more about sex than I've ever had, and that is what I want to learn, that is why I asked you to teach me. Already you have taken me beyond what I have done in bed before and I love it."

"Well then Karen, let us explore some more things you might like. I know you are willing to suck my penis so why don't you try that now."

A little hesitantly, Karen moved her head and hands down to her lover's tool. She saw and felt his hardness, the bulging veins, the way his foreskin pulled back when she gripped and stroked it. She saw the bead of clear liquid oozing out of that little hole in the end. It was slick when her thumb spread it around. Again looking at the hard flesh she thought, "Am I really going to put this in my mouth? What about that liquid, what will that taste like?" She stuck out her tongue to sample it. Very little taste and certainly not unpleasant. She opened her mouth and took the head of his penis inside, swirling her tongue over the bulge. Soon she found she was enjoying performing this service for her lover and took more into her mouth until it was pushing on the back of her throat.

"While you are doing that," he asked, "I can suggest other things you might consider. Don't reject anything because it might sound 'disgusting': remember what you thought of a man licking your vagina? Then you found that disgusting act was lovely. Just be open-minded. For instance, you ravishing creature, if you keep doing what you are doing, you will make me ejaculate. What will you do with that?"

She hadn't thought it through that far: what would she do? "What did your other girlfriends do?"

"Well, Darling, that's entirely up to you. There some tissues here, you could spit it out. Or you could swallow it. Many women just love the taste and can't get enough. But I can tell you that most men love it when their partner swallows. Your choice." He smiled. She sank her mouth back onto his tool, thinking she would deal with that later.

"Thinking further on," he asked as she went about her task, "have you ever contemplated anal intercourse? I know, another disgusting thing but again, many women love their man to do that to them. And if you keep up what you're doing, I'm going to fill your mouth with my cream very soon. Are you sure you've never done this before? You are sucking it very nicely. Aaaahhh, yes, here it comes ..." He took charge of her head and pushed in as he emptied himself into her mouth.

After a few seconds, she looked up at him, smiled and swallowed then opened her mouth. "All gone!" Her smile was triumphant now. "Do you know, Ray, I could easily acquire a taste for your cream." She licked her lips then went straight back to his tool to clean up down there. She loved the feel of his manhood in her mouth even as it was slowly becoming soft. "So far," she thought as she slurped away any remnants of his seed, "I have enjoyed what he has shown me. But anal intercourse? Why would any man, or woman for that matter, want to do that when there was a perfectly good hole right next door? And wouldn't that hurt?"

When he had fully shrunk and she deemed that she had licked away all the taste, she came back up to kiss him. It was a slow, loving kiss they shared with tongues entwining; each caressing and exploring the other's body. Eventually she broke off, looked him in the eyes and voiced her thoughts, her doubts, about anal intercourse.

"My dear, I'm not going to do or even try anything you're not happy with. Maggie and I had a basic philosophy: we would try anything once, if we both agreed to it. If then we liked it, we would do it again sometime. If either of us didn't like it, it was off the list. It's all about what the people concerned agree."

"You are opening up a whole new world to me Ray. I wonder what else you can think of."

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