tagGroup SexA Superbowl Party with the Guys

A Superbowl Party with the Guys


Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Susan and my husband is Bill. We have been married for 24 years and have 2 kids that are almost grown now. We live in a some what smaller community in California, and have enjoyed the lifestyle here for about 15 years now. We love each other totally, and have enjoyed sharing that love with others on several occasions. But, now for my story...

It all started quite innocently really. We had recently moved into a new apartment complex, and Bill was anxious to have his buddies over to see the new place and watch the BIG GAME. So it was that I was in the kitchen cooking all the goodies for the "guys" and getting everything ready for game time.

By the time that I was finished with the food and treats, it was almost time for the guests to arrive. It was to be just Bill, and me and his buddies for the entire evening, as our boys had gone to their friends party for the game. I had to jump in the shower before they all got here. Or so I thought...

Just as I had gotten into the shower, unbeknownst to me, the guys arrived. There was Erik, Carl, Mark, David and James. They all work together, so they were at ease with one another right away. And looking back on it, you could tell that these guys had started the party a while before they even got to our apartment too. Like a good host, Bill was showing them around, and when he came to our room he just opened the door without even thinking about it. They were all joking and teasing Bill about the size of our bedroom and our bed...saying it looked like it gave him plenty of room to have some fun with me when he wanted to. Bill laughed with them and glanced at the bathroom door where I was in the shower. Mark asked if that door was to our own bathroom, and Bill said "yes, but Susan is in the shower right now. She will be out in a bit." The guys all just looked at each other, and they all knew what the others were thinking... " I would like to help her dry her back..."

As I turned off the shower, I could now hear the men all laughing in our bedroom, but they were also going back out to the living room area. I heard one of them say " lets all have another beer on that one."

I was getting dressed and not really thinking about what I was putting on or how it would look to the men in my living room. I put on some tight stretch pants that hugged all the right places and a knit top with a low scoop neckline that does not leave much to the imagination about my breasts. I just wanted to be cool and comfortable for the big game. As I stepped into the dining room, Bill gave me a very approving look, as did the rest of the men. I started to get embarrassed a little, but some one asked what was to eat, and everyone relaxed again.

We all ate dinner and laughed and joked during the pre-game show. So when the game was about to get started everyone moved into the living room to take a seat. I hurried and cleaned up the table and kitchen real quick and then brought everyone a fresh beer just at the opening kickoff. All the seats were taken when I came in, but there was plenty of offers for me to sit on someone's lap. I chose to sit on the floor in front on Bill. I never even realized what a great view of my cleavage this gave the guys sitting close to Bill, but then Bill was enjoying it too.

As the game progressed and the beer runs to the kitchen continued, everyone started to really loosen up and the conversation turned to more personal, erotic and even some what shocking topics. I thought at times that they forgot there was a woman with them, and then sometimes I thought they were trying to see who could come up with the wildest story or topic to shock me.

By the time they sounded the 2 minute warning for the first half, the game was such a blow out that we had all pretty much lost interest in it. But then the half time show was coming up...

I started into the kitchen to get another round of drinks for everyone, and some of the snacks to munch on. I overheard the guys start talking about the internet, and what kind of sites they all liked to surf on it. Bill talked about us both liking to visit the different chat rooms, and everyone agreed that you could have a lot of fun in those. David asked "what kind of chat rooms does everyone like to go to?" There were many answers like "Bar Room Fun", "Visit My Hot Tub" or "Male Seeking Female" and even "Female Seeking Males". James asked Bill what sort of chat rooms did I like to go to. Bill surprised them all when he answered that I enjoyed visiting the rooms that deal with female fantasies, multiple partners and even tattoos. He told them that I have three very small tattoos, so that is why I have the interest in those rooms. They all laughed at that, but it left them wondering why I enjoyed the fantasy and multiple partner rooms too...

Everyone was quiet when I came back into the room, and then Erik nudged Carl, and asked me if he could see one of my tattoos. I looked quickly at Bill, and he just shrugged his shoulders telling me "It is up to you, Honey"

I sat the tray I was carrying down on the coffee table in front of all the guys. Then I stood up straight in front of them and said sure. I reached up and pulled my knit top to the side, leaned over a little so my breast would bulge out some more and revealed a very small delicate pink rosebud on my left breast just above my areola. They all agreed that is was very nice and quite appropriate in size and color. Then Carl asked what my other tattoo was like? I looked at Bill again, and he just nodded his head at me. I told Carl that I have a small multi-colored butterfly also. Of course he wanted to know where I had this one at also.

I told him that since they were all such close friends of Bill's that I would show it to them if they wanted me to. Naturally they all wanted to see it...

I turned around so my back was to them all, pulled my top up just a bit and then carefully pulled my pants down on one side to reveal my right hip and ass cheek. Right in the middle of my ass cheek they could see my butterfly. Now as I said, my butterfly is small just like my rosebud, and the guys could not really see the details of it from this distance. Erik asked if he could get a closer look at it, and Bill said "Sure", "Susan, go over to Erik so he can see it better, sweetheart"

I should explain, Erik was sitting in the middle on the sofa, I squeezed between the coffee table and feet and legs to get in front of him. I bent over just a little, and kept holding my top and pants so he could look at it. I did not see the looks that were exchanged between Erik and Bill. Erik ever so gently reached up and started touching my ass cheek, running his fingertip over the butterfly. Bill was watching my face very closely to see how I was handling this attention. He just groaned when he saw the flush of desire on my face. He stood up and asked Carl to help him move the coffee table out of the way. As they did that, Erik and David both were now touching and caressing my right ass cheek.

The men all complimented me on my choice of tattoos and their locations, but then Mark said, "hey, I thought you said you had three. What is the other one, and where is it at?" I told them that they had to be VERY good friends of Bills to get to see that one, and they all assured me that they were. I looked over at Bill, and he just nodded to me and said, "it is your show baby, you do what ever you want too."

As I stood there in front of the men and slowly pulled my top over my head, to say that the game was forgotten would be an understatement. Bill knew that this had been a fantasy of mine for many years, but one that we were never quite sure how to work out. In the past, we had done threesomes, other couples, and even me with three guys. But this was a whole new ballgame...this would be me and SIX guys.

Now I could tell that they all had raging hard-ons by this time, so I took my time at unclasping my bra and letting it slide down my arms. I said " you have all seen my little rose here." as I cupped my breasts to let them all see again. Then I turned my back to them and slowly took my pants off. As I bent over to remove them they could all see my little butterfly and also that I was wearing a thong under my long pants. As I stood up and turned around they all could see that the thong just covered my mound and was trimmed in front with lace. I looked at them all and said, "you know I am getting the short end of the deal here. Here I am showing you all this of me, and all get to see is bluejeans and t-shirts." It seemed like a millisecond that there were shirts and jeans flying all over my living room.

Then I said, "Now that is better, but can any of you guess where and what my last tattoo is?"

It was obvious that my tattoo was on my mound, after all that was all that remained covered at this time. Most of them thought it would be a flower of some kind or maybe even a little heart. I started to giggle a little and Bill just smiled, we knew that they would never guess what it really was. Finally Carl said he gave up, and what is it? I slowly hooked my thumbs in the sides of my thong and started pulling it down. As it slid down over my hips, and my mound became exposed for them to see, I started hearing moans from the guys...I had not told them anything about always keeping my pussy clean shaven, and this was an added surprise for them that they all liked. It was then that James started to laugh and said "Oh My Gosh, it is a Bumble Bee!" Everyone laughed at that, and we were all at ease with each other then. Erik said, "come here and let me look at that please." As he reached out his finger to touch it, he looked up at me and asked "why a bumble bee?" I just grinned and looked at Bill who said, "to guard her Honey Pot of course"

We all laughed again, and then Erik slipped his finger into my slit and said, "well let's see if this Honey Pot is worth guarding..." Erik made sure to rub my clit as his finger slip farther into my slit and was rewarded with a little moan from me. Then as his finger slid into my hole, he said, " it feels to me like this little honey pot definitely needs protection, or it needs a whole lot of attention right now."

Bill stood up at this point, and all the men just sort of froze and looked at him. Bill just smiled and said, "Why don't we take this into the bedroom where we will all be more comfortable?" Everyone agreed, and grabbed their clothes and off we went to the bedroom. Bill and Erik each had a hold of my arms helping me, as my knees were a little on the shaky side from the excitement I was feeling.

The next three hours was shear heaven for me. I had so many cocks to play with and suck on and to have inside of me that it was hard to remember who was where all the time. I started off by sitting in a computer chair that we have in our room, and each of the men took a turn at letting me suck their cocks. This was more to just get aquainted with them all. Then they had me lay on the bed on my back with my legs hanging over the side. Now our bed is quite high, and by the men sitting on the computer chair, it was just the right height for them to lick my pussy and suck on my clit one at a time. While one was doing this, some of the others would be up on the bed with me and they would be kneading my breasts and sucking on my large nipples. All the while I could be playing with a couple of cocks in my hands and sucking on another one.

As Erik was eating my pussy, he would suck on my clit so hard and then just before I could cum, he would remove his mouth...I would moan and he knew he was getting to me. He took me to the very edge one more time and then stood up and said "I have to have my cock in this sweet little cunt!" Bill looked at him and said, "Go for it, that is what she has been waiting on buddy!"

Erik leaned back and positioned the head of his cock right at the opening of my pussy, then he slowly pushed his huge cock all the way in. By the time he had it in to the hilt, I was cumming so hard he had to hold onto my hips to stay buried inside me. As I started calming down some, Erik started ramming his big cock into me. It did not take him long to have me moaning and on the edge again. Then as he was reaching his climax, he started rubbing my clit with his thumb and sent me flying all over again.

When Erik pulled out of me, there was someone else there to take his place. Things continued like this until all had fucked me in this position except Mark. As Mark was about to enter me, I said, "Wait a minute, I want to try something different." Well I got no arguments, and I had Mark lay on his back on the bed, and I climbed up on top of him. I held his cock as I guided it to my pussy and slowly took it inside of me. I put my hands on Marks chest and leaned down to kiss him, letting my nipples rub over the hair on his chest. I raised back up and started riding his cock like there was no tomorrow. Just as I felt Marks cock start to twitch before he shot his load, I stopped moving and looked at him and said, " your cock feels so good in my cunt, but I want it in my ass now." Mark just looked back at me and said that I could do anything I wanted to with his cock. Without taking his cock out of my pussy, I slowly turned around so my back was to Mark. Then I gently reached down between my legs, took hold of his cock and slipped it out of me.

Bill saw his chance, and asked if anyone would mind if he took some pictures with his digital camera. He said he would not get anyone's face in them except for mine. This was so I could always remember my good time. The guys all agreed that Bill could take all the pictures he wanted to, for letting them have his wife like this. Bill grabbed his camera and the first picture he took was of my hand guiding Marks cock into my asshole.

After his cock was all the way in my ass, Mark held very still and got control of his composure. I laid back against Marks chest and opened my legs out wide. I looked at the other guys and asked if they were going to let my pussy stay so empty like that. James got up between my legs and slowly put his 9-inch cock in my pussy... I was so full...as soon as they got into their rhythm, I started cumming so hard I could not believe it. Then Carl straddled my chest and offered me his cock to suck on. I took it without any hesitation at all. This left my hands free to caress and stroke Erik and David's cocks as they were sucking on my nipples. It is a very strange sensation to have three cocks all shooting their cum into you at the same time, but I have to admit that I Loved It.

We continued like this with the guys trading positions as they wanted to or needed to. At some point, I was riding Erik's big cock and he was kissing me very passionately while David was pounding 7 1/2 inch cock into my ass from behind. Bill saw this as another chance, and got my screw on nipple clamps out of my "toy stash" As him and James put them on my nipples, they made sure they were good and tight so they would not come off. Really this just sent me into another shattering orgasm just as Bill had known it would. That in turn had Erik and David cumming in my pussy and ass for all they were worth.

Well to say that everyone was happy and satisfied would seem to be a little mild after all we had done. No one even knew who won the game, and really no one even cared about it at this point. Bill had got some wonderful pictures of my evening with all those cocks, and I do enjoy looking at them from time to time.

I guess what is the best part of all is that Bill and the guys have all stayed really close friends and they have a respectful attitude to me when ever they see me. I have not had the chance to have all of them at the same time again, but I am not going to rule out that ever happening again. Sometimes when our boys are not around for a night, we invite a couple of the guys back over. To say the least, I always enjoy my evenings with the guys.

I suppose this really just goes to prove,


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