tagBDSMA Surprise For Her Master

A Surprise For Her Master


He enters the beach house and notices a note on the entry table. He picks it up and reads what his little slut has written; Dear Master, I have a surprise for You, please meet me in the room with the mirrored walls. Curious now, he puts the note back on the table and walks into the room, not knowing what to expect of one of his beloved submissive's surprises. He sees her knelt on a pillow with her head to the floor wearing a silk robe and matching panties. He tells her to rise and she smiles as she stands up and takes his hand, leading him to his leather couch where she pulls him gently to sit inside her warm thighs. The candles were the only light in the room and the moon was full above the ocean below as the waves crashing against the shore. He looks up as he hears someone enter the room and sucks in his breath when he sees two of the most sensual men he has ever laid eyes upon.

He grips his submissive's tiny hand as the two men begin to pull each other closer, mouths meeting in hungry passion, he hears her indrawn breath and feels her pulse rate increase in her slim wrist. In spite of her obvious arousal, He makes a move to get up and his beloved bitch beside him said softly...."Please Master do not go, your little one knows you want to see this as badly as she does, please Master let yourself go with the pleasure you are to behold with me beside you" pleading with him, enticing him to sit back against her. Her legs wrapped around around his waist as she settles against his strong back. Her fingers sliding along his upper thighs. He bites his tongue and gives into her, feeling his cock harden against his will. The two men softly introduce themselves to Master as John and Michael.

They gaze at Master as they slowly remove their clothing, leaving them naked and beautiful. John pushes Michael to his knees in front of him instructing him to open his mouth over his huge cock. Michael complies and takes that smooth thick cock into his mouth....drawing a moan from the man in front of him, making him grasp Michael's hair pulling him closer. Master is amazed that his cock seems to have a life of it's own as his eyes watch the younger man devour the other's cock, trying not to give away the desire he now feels and fights against. He feels his beloved's nipples harden pressed against his back and hears her soft moan as the two men make love in front of her. The sucking continues for what seems like hours until John pulls his hard cock from Michael's open mouth, pushing him to his hands and knees as he moves behind him.

Gazing down at Michael's bare ass...so firm and smooth, he grasps the cheeks and pulls them apart with his huge hands, only to move one hand and dip it into the bowl of warm scented oil that Master's beloved has placed on the small table beside them and returns his slippery fingers to the naked ass before him, slipping his fingers all over the crack and then as the young man moans, inserts two of his large fingers deeply inside his asshole. Opening him, spreading him, readying him for his huge cock.....he swiftly removes his fingers and grasps his hard cock guiding it to the defenseless hole open for his assault. And in one movement impales Michael to him all the way to his heavy balls. Savagely he begins to thrust his cock into that ass again and again. Master feels her hands move from his thighs to his hard cock in his pants, unzipping and taking his cock in her small hands, pulling a groan from his lips for her.

She gracefully manuevers her body around him, never taking her hands off of the cock she so loves, until she is on her knees in front of her Master, and without asking for permission, she lowers her mouth until she has the entire length at the back of her throat, sucking him viciously and hungrily using the passion she feels watching such an erotic scene with her Master. Master moans as his beloved slut sucks his hard cock while he watches John drive his cock harder and faster into the other man, balls slapping against balls, fucking that tight ass mercilessly, again and again he thrusts his cock in and out. She feels her Master's cock throbbing in her mouth and vigorously sucks him faster and faster till he grabs her up by the hair making her gasp, as her Master pushes her to her knees positioning himself behind her.

She knows what He will do to her now and she trembles in lust while her Master reaches for the bowl of oil off of the table and with his other hand rips her tiny panties off. He pours the oil down the crack of her upturned bare ass and takes his cock in his hand and in one vicious thrust, shoves it deeply into her asshole and savagely fucks her just as John cums inside of Michael's ass. Michael screams and releases his seed all over the tile floor beneath him. Master reaches around to his slut's dripping pussy and fingers her roughly, making her scream as she feels his cock fucking her ass and his big fingers fucking her pussy. The two men have now collapsed onto the floor and are watching her Master rape her ass while they stroke their cocks making them hard all over again.

John stands quietly and walks over to Master and stands behind him and with his hand, he caresses her Master's ass. And before her Master could do anything about he it, John pours some of the oil all over the crack of that hard ass in front of him and rubs the head of his cock against the tight asshole and drives it in slowly. Master was so caught up in fucking his slut's ass, he couldnt stop as he feels that big cock in his ass, fucking him as he is fucking her. John grasps her Master's hips and thrusts his cock in and out faster and then faster still, raping her Master. Michael is spellbound at the scene unfolding before him, as his hand strokes his hard cock. Master's slut is observing all this in the mirrors and is so aroused she begs her Master to let her cum, Please Master let me cum for you!!! and her Master moans as he tells her to cum with him and he shoved his cock in harder and feels it explode at the same time as the cock in his ass. He will never forget this surprise!

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