tagNonHumanA Surprise for Sharon Ch. 01

A Surprise for Sharon Ch. 01


It had been years since she had felt this giddy exuberant sensation, Sharon felt like a giggly teenager doing something naughty. Her heart was in her mouth as quietly she followed the young girl out of the hotel lift led by the gentlest of holds upon her trembling hand. Sharon was drawn down a disjointed corridor to finally stop outside one of the doors. Already excited a further delicious quiver of exhilaration ran through Sharon as she watched Raven's long nailed fingers caress the brass handle sensually as she went to open the dark wooden door after tapping a code into the keypad. Sharon believed quite rightly that she was stepping into the unknown, just how big a step she was actually about to take she would be unable to comprehend.

Having only known the girl for three days Sharon had warmed to her new friend incredibly rapidly, Raven was so easy to talk to and they had become extraordinarily close in such a short time. Each evening they had met in the cocktail bar whilst Sharon's selfish fat husband got drunk in the games room bar. Last night after Sharon had told Raven all about her boring marriage and non-existent sex life the girl had laughingly promised to sort something out for her. At the time she thought Raven had been joking. But as they parted in the lobby Raven had repeated her promise with an intensity that almost scared Sharon.

"Don't forget to wear something exciting tomorrow night!" demanded Raven emphasising the word exciting.

The girl had then kissed her firmly on the lips before they parted that evening; it had been over long but not intrusive. It left her in a state of confusion, she found herself wishing the girl had pushed her further and was shocked at her own licentious reaction to what should have been no more than a socially acceptable parting gesture. During the night she awoke several times thinking of it and all the next day the kiss haunted Sharon. Amazed at her own behaviour Sharon couldn't believe how it had excited her and the fact if Raven had attempted to take it further she wondered if she would have even tried to resist the girl.

Raven's interest had filled her with a new vigour, after breakfast she examined herself after showering. Sharon was pleased at what she saw she was still pretty and her looks denied her age of thirty-nine. Two kids had not ruined her figure unlike the fat git lying in bed in the other room. Later that morning feeling really good she took a cab and went shopping leaving Peter to his own devices. Deciding to spoil herself Sharon kitted herself out with a complete new outfit that she thought Raven would appreciate and almost as an afterthought she bought some silk and lace underwear on impulse. It was no surprise when she returned to find her husband in the bar; she slipped unnoticed up to their room and secreted her new purchases. After the evening meal she waited restlessly until Peter returned to the bar before bathing and changing into her new clothes. As he left her heart fluttered excitedly and she couldn't suppress a silly giggle as she scampered to the bathroom to pour bath oil into the hot water.

Carefully she avoided the games bar slipping out onto the terrace where they usually met to find no trace of Raven. She tracked the girl down in the cocktail lounge. Upon meeting Raven she noticed the normally cool tempered girl seemed a little overexcited as she greeted her and ordered the drinks, To Sharon the girl seemed to be in something of a hurry and soon Sharon had consumed three unknown but wonderful drinks quite quickly. After that the pace slowed and they talked, she blushed with pleasurable embarrassment when Raven had made a point of complementing her on her attire. Some time later Sharon had drunk several different cocktails and stated she was more than tiddly Raven announced it was time for her surprise. Leading Sharon who felt slightly confused and excitedly giggly toward the elevator by the hand the girl seemed really buoyant.

Now here they stood outside a strange hotel room doorway as Raven invited her into the unlit interior and of course Sharon was committed, she had no choice but to follow the girl into the beckoning darkness. Even with the Dutch courage Raven had plied Sharon with a peculiar mixture of excitement, fear, and panic rose in her heart as the door closed behind them. She literally jumped when she heard the catch drop. Standing confused and disorientated in the inky blackness she heard the girl whisper behind her somewhere.

"I Hope you like your surprise Sharon?" the voice lilted just before the wall light clicked on.

In the low light she saw a man stretched out on the low bed before her eyes and he stared back at her unabashed by his nakedness. Unable to stop herself she let her gaze wander over his splendid body and her eyes kept returning to his quite large semi-hard manhood. Blood rushed to her face as she stared in disbelief and shock at the smiling man.

"Is he to your satisfaction Madam?" Raven whispered close beside her, "I picked him especially for you" "Raven this is madness, I can't do this, what about my husband and everything?" She began to turn to face the girl intending to walk out the door. "Sharon don't worry" something about Raven's soft voice soothed her fears as their eyes met "I shall take care of you my love."

All at once as her troubled eyes connected with and stared mesmerised into the languid green pools of Raven's calm gaze Sharon unexpectedly felt that everything was all right. The reassurance she felt was incredible and she trembled with pleasure as Raven's hand lightly touched her arm sending delicious tingles around her nervous system.

"What if Peter finds out?" her argument was weak "I mean I err!"

Her voice quaked then failed completely as Sharon stared helplessly at Raven as the girl began unfastening her own wrap around dress. Dry mouthed Sharon stood poring over Raven' beauty as the girl deftly untied the bow then in a single fluid motion whipped the garment open and slipped it off her splendid body. More than a little envious of the girl's gorgeousness at first Sharon couldn't help but admire Raven's fantastic near naked form. The giggly awkward excitement she had been experiencing up until now dropped a gear, it grew more serious as feelings of distinct arousal began spreading through her.

Dressed only in matching pale blue lacy suspenders, stockings and high-heeled sandals the girl stood arrogantly before Sharon, the expression upon her radiant face inviting her to stare at her magnificence. Raven began blatantly provoking her by caressing herself whilst staring into Sharon's astounded eyes with an unsettling hunger; the sight of the girl's body excited Sharon extraordinarily. Having never ever being attracted to another woman before at all the mere notion of it unnerved and embarrassed her immensely at first. Her hesitation allowed her to grasp a moment of sanity despite her growing arousal

"Oh Raven what about Peter?" she moaned quietly as her pulse quickened. "Fuck that arsehole Sharon... Lets really party!" hissed the girl seductively, "now is your time!" With the hand she had been caressing herself with most intimately a moment before Raven reached up and gently stroked Sharon's flushed cheek; the touch was delightful it instantly dispersed all her inhibitions. Raven's fingers bore the heavy scent of her aroused pussy close to Sharon's nose allowing her to breath it in; she was captivated by the exhilarating musky odour.

Closing her blue eyes partly through embarrassment as the girl moved closer as if to kiss her Sharon's breath shuddered from her as she parted her lips expectantly. Gently Raven cupped her cheeks in her cool slender hands and kissed her on the lips very lightly at first. As Sharon allowed her lips to respond to the intrusion the girl's kiss rapidly grew more passionate. Their tongues interlocking and writhing fiercely against one another soon had Sharon groaning and gasping for air, she leant into the girl but Raven held her at bay keeping their bodies apart.

Hearing the bed creak and groan she knew the man must be getting up or at least repositioning himself. To her delight he moved up behind her so close that she could suddenly feel the heat of his body. Muscular hands took her hips pulling her to him and feeling the naked burning hardness of his cock pressing into her back through her thin clothing made her quake as he confidently kissed her shoulders and neck. As he did so Raven's moved closer to her effectively sandwiching her between their naked bodies in the most delightful manner.

She was theirs to do with as they wished, exploring hands began to caress her running all over her responsive body making her cry out with enjoyment into Raven's open mouth. Her dress was rapidly unfastened and eased over her shoulders expertly by the two pairs of hands and soon it was falling around her ankles. Attired in her new turquoise silk underwear she felt so incredibly sexy feeling the two bare bodies pressed against hers as their hands stroked every inch of her trembling submissive form. Then silently the man moved away from her leaving her to languish in Raven's arms for a few moments until the girl stepped back a pace and then stared knowingly into Sharon's eyes smiling eagerly.

"Do you wish to stop?" Raven's voice oozed sensually "you have a choice Sharon, do you want your Peter or do you want this?" "I want this" Sharon's quiet voice trembled, "how could I not." she murmured as her gaze left Raven and momentarily fell on the muscular man who now lay recumbent upon the bed. "Shall I leave you two together then?" Raven asked almost coolly.

A sensation close to panic seized Sharon in its grip, she wanted this man so much but the thought of being left alone with him terrified her. More so despite everything the thought of Raven leaving terrified her, at last Sharon admitted to herself what she knew she wanted, it was Raven, she would do anything as long as it involved the strangely enchanting girl that had captivated her.

"No" she whispered her already flushed face suddenly blushed deep crimson with discomfort at her admission, coyly like a naughty child Sharon lowered her gaze to the floor as she mumbled, "please stay?" Her voice pleaded faltering as her eyes rose to implore the girl. "Pardon... Look at me!" the girl's tone demanded her attention. "Please Raven stay with us" she paused a moment then found herself correcting her words "I mean, stay with me." "Come to me then my love" Raven took her shoulders and smiled.

The girl's long fingers lightly caressed the tingling skin of her shoulders before slipping lower. Sharon swallowed hard as she felt them trace slowly down the straps then around the lace top of her bra cups to toy with the plastic catch that nestled between her generous breasts. Her doe like eyes locked on to the girls amused emerald orbs as she felt the catch pop open and the fingers eased the lace and silk cups aside. A gasp of appreciation escaped Raven as she gazed on Sharon's firm hard nippled breasts before easing the straps over her shoulders allowing the bra to fall away. Sharon moaned aloud biting her lip anxiously as the girl teased her long hard nipples with the tips of her forefinger nails. The sexual tension she felt growing was incredible as Raven teased her with the very tips of her blood red talons. Then to her delight all ten of the girl's long nails carefully surrounded her aroelae nipping the sensitive flesh deliciously before they gently scored a trail down her writhing body. The nails progressed slowly lower over her excitable body, over the lacy turquoise suspender belt at her hips to the top of her panties. Tracing along the satin ties that held the garment in place they started to toy with the bows of ribbon. In the otherwise silent room the sound seemed unbelievably loud as the ribbons were unfastened and the silk slipped and rolled back slowly down over her buttocks under it's own weight. Sharon stood passively despite her agonising excitement making no attempt to stop what was happening to her revelling in it instead. She squeaked with excitement as Raven's fingers slipped the damp strip of fabric from between her trembling thighs and cast it aside.

"Come to the bed" the girl pointed to one side of the recumbent man while she moved around towards the other side . "Just copy me" she added as she sat by the man's shoulder then laid down on her side with her head near the man's thigh. "This is Dean by the way," she laughed as she watched and waited while Sharon copied her. "Hello" Sharon instantly felt silly wishing she hadn't spoke. "What a lovely lollipop eh?" Raven giggled to her "let's suck it shall we then my love?" she quipped seeming to dare Sharon.

Sharon had only ever tried this a few times in the past and only with Peter, she had not enjoyed doing it for him but this huge unfamiliar cock seemed so much more inviting to her all of a sudden. Swallowing hard she stared at its gristly length, she cautiously bent her head to taste it. Cautiously she kissed the tip of the head; a moment later her tongue tasted him for the first time. Hearing him grunt as her tongue slid over the smooth bulbous head spurred her on and soon she was concentrating her efforts licking and kissing the huge glistening crown whilst she watched Raven start to suck on his balls. In no time at all Sharon had the crown in her mouth and was sucking him off in earnest. He in turn slid his hand between her thighs to stroke excited slit. Glancing across she noticed he was pleasuring Raven in a similar fashion; it excited her to watch him. Then two of his fingers slithered into her so easily they sank to the knuckles, she gasped in eager response enjoying the feeling as he began to pump them in and out of her aroused flesh.

Wanting to see his face as she worked she wriggled free from his grip and moved around to the end of the bed. Raven rolled aside to watch her and laid beside Dean who then leant over and stroked her breasts. Sharon knelt between his open legs and taking his cock in one hand she stroked it for a few moments then began steadily wanking it. Although her hand couldn't encircle it she could see her effort having an effect. His hips twitched in response as she pumped the huge shaft and Sharon looked up to see him sucking on Raven's left nipple excitedly. A pang of jealousy stabbed her as she watched Raven purse her lips and sigh in response. Wickedly Sharon pulled down on his cock drawing the foreskin all the way back to leave the swollen head exposed and sank her mouth as far over him as she could force it. Feeling him jerk violently beneath her she began sucking and licking with added enthusiasm. Ramming her head down again and again trying to force his cock down her throat she took him like a whore possessed. Above her she could hear his cries becoming steadily more excited as she worked on him. For the moment her desire for Raven was forgotten, she was consumed by the desire to make him come, and she could sense he was close. Suddenly without warning he pulled her up and broke free then stood on the bed expectantly before her.

Knowing what he wanted Sharon knelt before him taking the hard shaft in her hands again and sank her lips over it once more but this time Dean was in charge. Seizing her auburn hair in his big hands he held her head firmly while he fucked her face. Being so used like this aroused her incredibly and she felt a trickle of fluid run down her inner thigh as he forced her head further and further onto him making her gag.

Meanwhile Raven had slithered beneath them and Sharon felt the girl's open legs pushed against the front of her thighs. Then Raven's long fingers wriggled between them to glide wetly over Sharon's flowering distended labia once before effortlessly plunging deep inside her pussy. Any cries of rapture were stifled as Dean rammed his wonderful cock down her throat again and again. God knows how many fingers were inside her or what they were doing but it was not long before Sharon felt the first signs of approaching orgasm start. Raven played with her until she had almost reached the point of no return then just when Sharon teetered on the brink she broke away. Just as suddenly Raven wriggled from beneath them and pulled Sharon up and began kissing her excitedly as she slipped between the two of them.

"Take me now!" Raven demanded.

Thrusting her arse at Dean's cock she repeated her demand and of course he complied with eager enthusiasm grabbing her hips and bending her forward. Falling down she forced Sharon beneath her and then wrapped her arms around Sharon's hips. Trapped below the girl Sharon knelt with her legs spread with her head against the outside of Raven's hip as she was forced down by Raven's weight. Her shoulder was pinned between the girl's thigh and hip as Raven sprawled over her back while being fucked quite violently from behind by Dean.

As she was forced to listen to the nearby slurping as Raven was taken Sharon felt the girl's hands move to play with her boobs. While toying with Sharon's overlong nipples Raven started kissing her all over the cheeks of her arse as well. Then as she was being rocked by the heavy fucking Raven was getting Sharon felt a hand glide down her belly beneath her and between her spread thighs to cup her mound oh so gently. Long nailed fingers began rubbing the wet sensitive folds of flesh and she cried out gripping her hands around Raven's thighs. Soon Sharon was whimpering with delight as a finger found her small hard clitoris and gave the sensitive button its undivided attention. Then to add to her delight two digits slipped into her hungry slit again and began wiggling about stretching and caressing her inside. These actions mixed with the delicious contact with the girl and the sound and feel of her being fucked were having the most wonderful effect on her. Reaching her own hand between Raven's thighs her fingers slipped easily over the slippery flesh to stroke the girl's large clitoris feel Raven's cunt stretching around Deans shaft as he thrust in and out of the mewling and grunting girl.

Hearing the unmistakable groans from Dean she knew he was coming as he thrust once deeper than ever and held it there jerking spasmodically until he had finished. Sharon almost past the point of no return again herself cried out pitifully in desperation when Raven's hand retreated from her sex and the girl began to sit up releasing her. Without instruction Dean broke away then moved up the bed and sat reclined against the padded velour headboard. Slowly he began stroking his glistening big cock and smiled invitingly at Sharon who had sat up facing Raven.

"Now my love, it's time for my treat" the girl spoke seriously "Surely you don't think I arranged all this just for you, do you?" Sharon sat up on her legs bemused and looked hurt, still aching for her forfeited orgasm she wondered what the girl could mean. "What would you give me for the most fantastic climax you had ever had?" Raven seemed very serious "Anything I wanted from you perhaps?" She quizzed. "Yes" Sharon whispered, "Yes I would." Her blue eyes implored the girl's green orbs pathetically.

Suddenly to Sharon's astonishment Raven's whole being seemed to take on a new more powerful persona that was beyond her comprehension. The gorgeous emerald eyes seemed to strangely radiate with an infectious lust that swept right through her burning into her soul and totally destroying any fear or inhibitions she had. Hungry craving gnawed inside her making Raven's perfect body seem even more desirable. Finding herself wanting nothing more than to let this gorgeous creature exploit her however she wished made her putty in Raven's hands.

"Anything you wish of me my love" Sharon was pleading pathetically "Oh now, please Raven." It was little more than a whimper that escaped her lips. "You are not yet aware of the cost," came a dangerously sensual whisper. "I don't care, just do it," She pleaded. "Well go and lay with Dean and I'll see what I can do!"

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