tagGroup SexA Surprise on Vacation - By Him

A Surprise on Vacation - By Him


Author's Note: This is part of our ongoing adventures, and our ninth story. It references events and characters from our previously published stories. You can read it alone, but we would love for you to check out our other work. Enjoy!


Mandy and I had been married just over a year. The first year of our marriage, and the year we had been engaged, had been incredibly busy. We had planned a wedding, both finished our Master's Degrees, and both gotten promoted at work. We had bought an unfinished townhouse, and done most of the work we could do without a permit ourselves. It had been an exhausting two years, and we now were rewarding ourselves with a much needed vacation.

We had enough vacation built up to take two full weeks off without worrying about having enough time left for the holidays. Neither of us had ever been to Europe, so we planned a trip. After talking with our friends who we're more well-travelled about ideas, we decided to visit Italy for six nights, then spend three nights in Paris, and were end our trip with two nights in Barcelona. That gave us a few days back home after our flight to relax and decompress.

Italy had been amazing. We had spent almost a week touring Rome, and we could have spent several more weeks to see everything else we wanted. We had stayed in a very nice hotel, and it had been a great way to relax. Paris had been the same. We did a lot of sightseeing, and had splurged on staying in a nice place.

Now we were in Barcelona. We only were staying here for two nights, so we hadn't spent as much to have a nice hotel. We had spent our entire first day sightseeing. The city was amazing. The food was great, the architecture was breathtaking, and the people were very friendly.

We had slept well the night before. After a week of walking and sightseeing we were beat. We had gotten into bed together naked and my wife had scooted up against me. I gently squeezed her breasts while spooning her, and she reached behind her and helped guide my cock into her pussy. I gently rubbed her clit while I fucked her. Her back was pressed against my stomach and she turned her head to kiss me. Our tongues swirled together as we made love.

We laid together on our sides while I softly slid in and out of her until she came. As soon as she did I let my seed shoot into her, filling her up. We didn't even clean each other up. I whispered "I love you," into her ear, she whispered she loved me too, and we simply passed out, snuggled together, my cock covered in her juices, my cum leaking from her slit.

The next day we decided to spend the morning at the beach. This was the time during our trip where we simply relaxed, with nothing to do and nothing to see. If you have never been to the beach in Barcelona, it's beautiful. It's also filled with people, at least the area we were in was. And lastly, it is top optional for the women.

Mandy wore a sky blue swimsuit. The bottoms barely covered her ass cheeks. It wasn't a thong, but it was skimpy, leaving the majority of her cheeks exposed. She had a matching triangle top, but as soon as we got to the beach and she saw that most women were in fact topless she took it off unleashing her perfect 34C breasts for the world to see.

There was a group of college age students sitting near us, and the guys had all watched intently as my wife took her top off. We could hear them chatting and they were clearly other Americans either studying abroad or travelling. There were plenty of other topless women around us, but none in their 20's who were quite as fit as Mandy. At least one of the girls in the group had noticed a guy, who I assume was her boyfriend, starring and smacked him for it.

"You have some admirers," I told her. Mandy sat up and sensuously rubbed sunscreen over her breasts, teasing the guys. The guy who had gotten smacked had embarrassedly turned away. A second guy realized Mandy was fucking with them and he too embarrassedly turned away. A third guy, and a girl, stared either with no shame, or completely clueless of how obvious they were being.

"What do you think?" I asked jokingly. "It's been over five years since we had a threesome with another guy for you, think we could pick one of those guys up?"

Mandy started laughing. "Those kids wouldn't last five minutes with me, what do you think they are? Nineteen? Twenty?"

"I was nineteen the first time I was with you, and I lasted long enough."

"But that was with nineteen-year-old inexperienced me. I've had sex literally over 1000 times since then. I would rock nineteen-year-old you's world now."

"True. And I would rock nineteen-year-old you's world too." I told her.

"Nineteen-year-old you did rock nineteen-year-old me's world," she said as she rolled over and handed me the sunscreen.

"That seems like forever ago now. We were pretty crazy at nineteen," I said as I started rubbing sunscreen onto Mandy's back.

"Not as crazy as we were at twenty and twenty-one," she said. Our first threesome had been when we were twenty, our first swap with another couple at twenty-one.

"Yeah," I said. "Do you think everyone is actually that wild in college but just hides it? Everyone has threesomes or gets drunk and swaps with other couples, bit are all just too embarrassed to talk about it?"

"No," she said. "Trust me, I used to hear about every time a sorority sister did something slutty. I would have heard if they were all nymphos having group sex. It happens, but it's usually, 'Oh I got so drunk one time at a party and had a threeway.' Not a regular thing like us."

"Did they all know about us then?" I asked.

"No, we kept it under wraps."

"See? We have had threesomes with two of your sorority sisters, one of my fraternity brothers, and we swapped several times with another one and her boyfriend, who was in my fraternity. If we kept all of that a secret, who knows what else everyone else is hiding."

Mandy leaned up and gave me a quick kiss.

"I don't think everyone is as sneaky as us," she said. "Or as lucky. We did a bunch of dumb, wild stuff in college and came out completely fine. We both have good jobs, we have a great house, we can afford a vacation like this. All that stuff sexual deviants supposedly will never be able to do."

"You're probably right," I said rolling over. "But it was fun though." I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the cheek. "And there isn't anyone I would have rather done it with than you."

That made her laugh.

"So, are we done with it?" she asked me.

"I don't know, are you done with it?"

She shrugged. "It was fun. But it's been three years now since I have been with a guy other than you. So I guess that means it's done?"

"It's been three years since you fucked another guy, not since you have been with one at all" I pointed out. "You blew two guys at your bachelorette party last year. Also it's only been about 6 months since we have been with another woman." Heather had visited town around Christmas and we had all three spent a night together.

"Well, maybe we're not completely done," she said. "I don't know. We have jobs that we have to worry about now. Plus, the only couple we have been with is Liz and Mike, and I don't know if they would still be up for it."

"Would you be up for it still if they were?" I asked.

"Well Liz is pregnant, so I know she won't want to do it now."

"I mean after that, in the future, say, like, a year from now, or maybe later, we're all hanging out drinking, late at night, too drunk to drive home, and we get in the hot tub and someone suggests for old times' sake we all get naked. Would you be down for it?"

"Yeah, if we could still keep it a secret." Mandy said. "We would have to make sure the neighbors don't know."

I laughed. The townhouse next to us was owned by a single woman in her 40's who regularly had overnight guests. She also wasn't the nosey type.

"She didn't notice when we had Heather in the hot tub," I pointed out. Our bedroom is on the top floor of our townhouse, and it opens up to a second floor outdoor patio, where we had a hot tub installed.

Mandy put her face in her hands and giggled a bit. "That's true. And in college Jessica's husband didn't notice in college when Heather was staying in out room, or when we would sneak into Liz and Mike's room, and he was practically living with all of us."

"Yep," I said. "We're totally sneaky enough to be swingers."

"Oh so were going to put that label on it now?" she asked jokingly. "I thought we always said it was just dumb stuff we did in college."

Mandy sat up. "Do you want to check out the nude beach?"

"You tired of being scoped out by undergrads?"

Mandy laughed. "No, I'm enjoying it, that one guy keeps stealing quick glances at me. And did you see the tits on the girl who was staring?"

I hadn't. When I had caught her staring earlier she was laying on her stomach so I couldn't see them. I glanced over to see her on her back sunbathing. She still had a top on, but she looked fantastic. She was tall, with long legs, long blond hair, incredibly skinny, with obviously fake breasts about the size of Mandy's.

"It's been awhile since we have played with a woman with fake tits," I said. "What do you think?"

"What would we even say?" Mandy asked laughing.

"How about 'Hey, I saw you staring at my tits earlier, why don't you ditch your friends and come to our hotel room to play with them while my husband fucks you with his big cock.'"

Mandy laughed, "I am not saying that." She stood up and said, "Come on. Let's go to the nude beach."

We grabbed out towels and bag and walked in the direction we had been told the nude beach was. We passed a sign in several languages saying that past this point there would be fully nude people. It was much less crowded. We both got undressed and laid out.

Eventually we would find out that the "nude beach" was also unofficially the "gay beach." It didn't bother us, but Mandy did find it funny that for every woman we saw we saw at least 10 men, and she loved how many she caught checking me out.

Eventually we went back to the topless only beach. The college kids had left. We got another hour of sun then went to the hotel.

We got into the shower to clean off from the beach. I washed Mandy's back, and then started to rub my hands all over her naked, soapy body. She turned around and my lips met hers. Her breasts pressed against me as I pulled her close.

Mandy spread her legs as my hand slid down in between them. I felt her warm, inviting pussy and slid my fingers into her. She exhaled gently as I gently fucked her with my fingers.

"Oh don't stop," she whispered.

I pushed her back against the wall and started putting pressure onto her spot. I had figured out how to get her off quickly our first night together. Six years later I knew every little thing that would make her cum, and I could always tell exactly what she wanted. I had planned to fuck her in the shower, but she wanted me to get her off with my hands.

I stood over her She had her head tilted back as she was moaning, getting close to cumming. The water from the shower was hitting my back. Mandy was rolling her hips around as my fingers explored her tight, wet cunt. I squeezed one of her breasts and she opened her mouth wider and moaned out. When she did I shoved my tongue into her mouth. She quickly closed her lips around my tongue and let out a loud guttural grunt.

I felt her lips tighten around my tongue. Her other lips tightened around my fingers. Her knees bent and she slid down the wall a tiny bit. She had her arms wrapped around me to steady herself, and my hand in between her legs helped to hold her up.

"Oh fuck that was good," she moaned after her orgasm had ended. I slid my fingers out of her. I was about to wash them off in the shower behind me, but Mandy grabbed my hand and pulled it up to her mouth. She closed her eyes and moaned as she sucked her juices off my fingers, then she opened her eyes and stared into mine as she licked on my fingers.

"I want you to cum all over my fucking face," she said.

She angled the showerhead down so that she could get on her knees without the water hitting her in the face. She took me into her mouth and started sucking. I was already completely erect. Mandy was wasting no time getting me off. She pressed her nose against my pelvis, swallowing all 7 and a half inches of my hard cock.

She pulled me out of her mouth and moaned up to me, "Fuck my face baby."

I grabbed a hold of her head and started thrusting hard into her stretched open mouth. She was making a gagging noise as my dick reached deep down her throat. It felt amazing, and was so hot I didn't last long. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and gave it the few last strokes before shooting my load onto her waiting face.

She stuck her tongue out and looked up at me. I short spurt after spurt onto the bottom half of her face, covering her cheeks and chin. She closed her lips around the head of my cock and took the last couple of shots into her mouth. When I finished she gave my cock one last suck, so her lips made a smacking sound as she pulled the head out. Then she blew me a kiss, and stood up to watch her face off.

We got dressed and walked around the city for a while, eventually getting dinner. After dinner we went back to the hotel, relaxed for a bit, then got dressed to go out to some bars and clubs. As we were getting ready to leave the room, I had an idea.

"You should leave your ring here," I told my wife.

She looked at me confused. "What? Why?" she asked.

"So we can see how many guys at the club hit on you," I responded.

She laughed. "Oh, so you want to do that huh?"

Mandy wrapped her arms around me and I gave her a kiss. "It could be fun," I whispered when our kiss broke.

"Ok," she said. "So what are the rules."

We had done this a few times in the year that we had been married. We would go to a club without our wedding rings on and I would watch guys hit on Mandy. After a while I would act like I was another random guy trying to pick her up also. The longer I waited, the more she did to tease, letting guys feel her up on the dance floor, and on one occasion making out with a guy. She joked if I waited too long one of the other guys may be successful in taking her home.

"Well, we are in a different country, so you probably shouldn't actually leave with another guy," I said jokingly.

"We'll if we aren't playing high stakes then why play?" she joked. Then she grabbed a hair tie and put it on her wrist. When we had done this before, we had decided that her putting her hair up in a ponytail would be a sign to come get her if she became uncomfortable. So far that hadn't happened.

"Ok," I said. "You can dance, let guys feel you up if you want, you can kiss a guy, or a woman, if you want. You only take drinks from me. And if you want to stop you put your hair up, same as normal."

She gave me a quick kiss. "Sounds fun," she said, and we went out.

The night had been fun, we had been to a shot bar. By the time we left, I was a little tipsy, and Mandy was more so. After more shots than we were used to having since college, we went to a club that friends had recommended. It was a little before midnight, and it seemed the place was just starting to become crowded. We decided to play our game, figuring this would be our final stop of the night.

I grabbed a seat and watched Mandy go to the dance floor. She had on a red dress which I had made her pack, knowing I wanted to play this game on the trip. It had a halter top, which left most of her back uncovered, and had a very deep cut in the front. Mandy couldn't wear a bra with it, and the fabric was loose and she would occasionally pull it to the side and flash me when wearing it. She had on black wedge heels that she could dance in, and a black thong under it.

It took no time before guys were trying to grind on her. The first few she moved away from, then eventually she decided that one guy was ok to dance with. She was turned to him and I saw his hand rubbing her ass over her dress. He was whispering something to her, and I guess she didn't love what he was saying, because she moved over and started dancing next to two other women.

She came to the bar after a couple of songs, and ordered a drink on my tab. The bartender came over and asked if I knew her and if it was ok for her have me pay for her drinks, and I said it was. She winked at me, and went back to the dance floor.

This time she found a guy to dance with she liked more than the guys from earlier. He was a tall, tan guy with a thin, trimmed beard and short black hair. He seemed like he had a few drinks already, and he was very forward, having felt up a few people on the dance floor who were willing. He started to dance behind Mandy and was running his hands up and down her side, then on her back and butt.

Soon he pressed himself against her, and she made a surprised face, smirking. I wondered what happened, and she mouthed "he's really hard" toward me and I had to laugh. His hand reached around to her stomach, then slid up to her chest. He squeezed one of her breasts through the fabric, and she tilted her head and let him start to kiss her neck.

I watched as he slid his hand into the deep cowl neck of her shirt. She smiled and winked at me as his hand slid into her shirt and groped her breast. His other hand was on her hip, rubbing up and down her side.

The couple sitting next to me at the bar got up. When I first sat down, there had just been a guy sitting in the seat next to mine, but recently a tall, thin, blonde woman came up to talk to him. As he walked off, she came over and leaned next me.

"You and your wife should join us at a table for drinks." she said, not quite yelling to be heard over the music, but definitely speaking with a raised voice that I could still barely hear. Even with the noise, I could tell she had an incredibly sexy Australian accent.

I looked at her quizzically, and she said, "In the red dress, that is your wife isn't it?"

I asked how she knew, and she said her husband noticed me buying her drinks, and noticed me watching her with other guys on the floor. "We're not judging though," she added. My husband was doing the same thing with me. Want me to go get her?"

I nodded yes, but even before I did she was marching out onto the dance floor. She moved in front of my wife and immediately kissed her. Mandy seemed surprised at first, then kissed her back. After the kiss the other woman said something to Mandy then they walked off the dance floor holding hands. I followed in the direction they were going, and soon was next to them as we walked into another room to a table where this mystery woman's husband sat.

As we got close to the table, the guy sat up and put his hand out to shake mine. "I'm Lucas," he said when I met him.

"I'm Chris, this is Mandy," I said.

"And you two have both met my wife Zoe," he said as we sat down. I sat across from Lucas, with Mandy to my right, and Zoe to my left. This room was much quieter, people were having cocktails, at a few tables in the corners people were closer, some making out.

"Sorry, but I'm a little lost," Mandy said. "How did you two figure out we were married."

"I noticed Chris buy your drinks," he said. "I figured either you two were married, and having a little fun, or he was your bodyguard and you were what I can only imagine would be an incredibly high priced escort. When I saw him smiling while watching you, I knew you two were playing the same game we were."

Mandy laughed. "Well I'm glad that if you thought I may be an escort, you at least thought I would be expensive."

Everyone laughed and Lucas added, "Well you are a very attractive woman." He rested a hand on Mandy's thigh.

"Your husband is quite handsome too," Zoe said, putting her hand on my thigh, a bit higher than it appeared Lucas had placed his. "When you watch her like that, how far do you two let it go?"

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