tagLoving WivesA Surprisingly Good Weekend

A Surprisingly Good Weekend


Hi my name is Kelly, and this is a true story that happened last weekend. My husband, Brian and I have been caught up in the modern lifestyle that always seems to take time away from each other. Between our children, family, friends and work there never seems any opportunities to spend quality time with my best friend - Brian. I decided to do something about it.

A few weeks ago, I organised for my parents to have our two children for a couple of nights over a weekend. I booked an apartment in a luxurious complex in a nearby resort town for Friday and Saturday. Sure it was a bit expensive, but we have both been working so hard, we deserve to spoil ourselves sometimes.

The Friday finally rolled around. I dropped the children off to school, did some shopping and returned home to pack. In the afternoon, I collected the children from school, and told them their Daddy and I were going away for the weekend, and they would be spending the next two nights with their grandparents. There is no way our two children could keep that sort of secret. I gave them both a big hug and kiss goodbye, said my goodbyes to my Mum and left.

When I started the 30 minute drive to Brian's work, I called him with my mobile phone, and said that I would be there at 4pm, and asked if he could see about getting off work an hour early. He said he was very busy, but he would see what he could do. There was a strong hint of curiosity in his voice. About 15 minutes later he called me back and said he has pulled some favours, and can leave at 4. He then asked me what was up. I said, no reason, I just felt like picking him up, and that we might take the children out for an early dinner.

I pulled into the car park under the building he works in, and a few minutes later he came out of the lift. He looked a little surprised when he saw the children were not with me, and sat down into the passenger’s seat with a sly grin on his face. I leaned over, and gave him a long sensual soft kiss, to which he eagerly responded. He asked how I was, and then enquired about the children. I said that they were spending the night with my parents, and that he should just sit back, relax and not ask any more questions. I pulled out into the traffic, and started the drive home.

I took an exit from the freeway, we don't normally use, and again I received that sly grin. I just smiled back and we continued pleasant conversation about our respective days, and general small talk. When it became apparent we were heading north up the main highway, he asked how long the drive would be as he would need a pee soon. I said ok, soon you will pee - I knew he was trying to work out where we were going.

I pulled into a service station about 20 minutes later and we both went into pee. We came out of the restrooms, and he planted a big hug and kisses on me, and thanked me for the most welcome surprise. Again he tried to get some information out of me, but I stayed in complete control. We continued the drive north for about another hour, before I took an exit. It was becoming obvious that I was heading for a coastal resort town that we had been to many times before. There was that grin again.

I eventually pulled up to the complex where I had made the booking, and we walked into the reception together. There was no point keeping the secret any longer. The girl in reception told us which room, and about the activities that were available for the weekend, she then confirmed that the late checkout on Sunday was all ok. We had until 2pm on Sunday to do absolutely whatever we felt like, and to be waited on and spoilt by our surroundings.

We each grabbed the bags I had packed from the boot of the car, and walked into the room. It was absolutely perfect - light, spacious with a beautiful view out over the Pacific Ocean. We quickly embraced in a tight hug, and a very tender sensual kiss. We checked out the spa in our bathroom, and I started having my erotic thoughts again, as what laid ahead for the weekend.

He kept thanking me over and over, and making comments about how well I had kept this fantastic surprise from him. He then started to think about the things that were planned for the weekend, and realised that the dinner I had planned at my parents place for Saturday was a ruse. Sunday we had talked about a picnic with the children in a park. We spoke for a while about how long I had been planning this weekend, and how much of a kick I got out of surprising him.

Brian had the biggest grin on his face and it had been too long since I saw him this excited. He was bouncing around the room like a big kid. I quickly said I was going for a swim, and I stripped out of my cloths, and pulled on my new bikini. I had only bought it a week ago, and it was very nice, and helped accentuate my curves. We are both of pretty average build and I have a pair of b size breasts that have maintained their shape very well. We have been married seven years, and are both in our mid thirties. We keep ourselves reasonably fit and active with plenty of outdoor activities with the family. Brian has maintained a pretty good physique, and can still turn me on by just perving on his muscles. I'm told my legs are my best asset.

I watched as Brian pulled his work cloths off, and climbed into his bathers. I grabbed a supplied robe from the bathroom and told Brian I'd race him to the pool. We were like a couple of teenage sweethearts again, we ran out the door in our robes, and headed for the pool. It was now late in the afternoon and the pool was shaded by the surrounding buildings, so we didn't bother with the sun lounges. We just dropped our robes on a table by the pool, and jumped in.

There were a few other people in the pool, but it was big enough for us to frolic in relative isolation. We swam around a bit and dunked each other until I ended up hooking my legs around Brian’s waist, and wrapped my arms around his neck. I was leaning back keeping him at arms length and gazing into his deep blue eyes, while slowly grinding my pussy against his growing cock. I told him I had booked Saturday night in the complex's ‘five star’ restaurant with a good discount from the accommodation package. Tonight I had thought we'd go out to a cafe along the tourist strip, and that I was getting hungry. Brian agreed, and we reluctantly left the pool. To quell his arousal Brian had to do a couple of laps, as I got out and towelled off.

We got back to the room, had a quick shower, and walked about 8 minutes to the strip. We found a café and had a great meal and a couple of glasses of wine. We walked the long way back to our room, put some light jazz on the stereo and fell into the couch threading our legs through each other’s in the process.

We continued our pleasant conversation with all our lights off, while taking in the great view out the window. We could see the buildings all lit up on both sides, and the blackness of the ocean straight out. We could see clearly into some of the other rooms in our complex, as they had their lights on inside, but we were far enough away to not be able to clearly identify the people. There was near enough a full moon, and it was reflecting on the water bringing enough light into our room to be able to see each other clearly in the very soft light. It was so romantic and I felt we had been on holidays for a week already.

After a while Brian started gently stroking me more intimately and I was subconsciously doing the same to him. He leaned over and it became clear the time for talking was now over as he planted his mouth on mine. I just melted into him, as we began to explore each others mouths. He slowly broke from my mouth, and made his way down my neck. He was kissing me and whispering complements and thankyous for making the effort to give him such a fantastic surprise.

By this time I had undone a button on his shirt, and snaked my hand into it and was fondling his chest. I was so relaxed, just soaking up the tenderness, and really enjoying the moment. I was slowly moving to the next level of arousal. I had been quite aroused all afternoon, and the crotch grinding in the pool had lifted me to a very pleasant level, that had lingered all through dinner and the walk. Now I was sure juices were starting to leak onto my g-string.

Brian started tracing the outline of my bra through my blouse and then slowly undid a button. He slid a hand inside, and then traced the outline from inside. He was running his warm fingers around my bare flesh. It always turns me on, when he does it gently and slowly. I undid the rest of his buttons as we were in each others mouths again. I was running both hands now, along the lengths of his muscly arms as I pealed the shirt from his shoulders. I was not going to just lay back, I needed to take control, and so I sat up and untangled our legs. I crawled up onto his lap, straddling his thighs and I started kissing his face. Ever so slowly I worked my way down his neck. He was just rubbing my arms and back, sometimes allowing his hands to travel down my back as far as they would reach, where he could feel the outline of my g-string through my thin skirt.

I pulled his arms through his sleeves, and threw his shirt on the chair beside us. I leant down and kissed his chest, avoiding his sensitive nipples. His hands were now both in my blouse tracing the edges of my bra, without making real contact with my breasts. He pulled his hands out and started to undo more of the buttons, I lifted my head from his neck, and our mouths once again were one. I lifted my arms so he could slowly pull my blouse off me.

I was so totally relaxed and comfortable with the position we were in. My mind wondered as I thought I should have organised this weekend a long time ago. I was jolted back to the present as Brian undid the clip on the back of my bra, as be broke from my mouth and was now nuzzling my neck, he worked his way lower, and I slowly leaned away from him giving him easier access. I was now well and truly wet, and could feel the dampness in my g. He kissed around my lacy bra as it started to fall away from my flesh. He put his mouth on the bra and clasped it with his lips. He started to pull it and I brought my arms forward to allow it to easily fall away from me.

He kissed my breasts, also avoiding the nipples. His hands were again moving up and down my back. I lifted my head and slid my hips towards his. I could feel that familiar firmness in his lap, we were both definitely in the same place. I tried to grind my crotch against his stiffening cock, but it just wasn't having the desired effect. His hands were now completely holding my firm breasts, gently massaging them. I had to maintain control, so I moved back a bit and took my hands down to his belt. I had to raise myself from his lap to undo it and he quickly pulled my skirt up around my bottom, and had his hands on my bare cheeks. I undid his trouser button and fly as we gazed into each other eyes - smiling. We hadn't said a word in what seamed like more than ten minutes, but we were both so perfectly in tune with one another we didn't need dialogue.

He was now moving his hands all over my body, except for my pubic area. I had to stand up and move onto the floor to coax his pants down. As I exposed more of his thighs, I would give each of them gentle wet kisses. He sat back into the couch, and I untied his shoe laces. His shoes went neatly onto the floor. Off came his socks, and I continued to remove his pants. They were past his knees now, and down his solid calves. Brian does a lot of walking, and his calves are very sculptured. I trailed the top of the pants with wet kisses. His pants were now completely off. He was only wearing a pair of jocks. I was only in a thin skirt, and a g-string.

I stood before him, and gave a mock stretch. He loves it when I raise my arms over my head, and arch my back. He was leaning forward, running his hands up and down the back of my thighs, sometimes feeling both my cheeks, and the outline of the g-sting in the small of my back. I slowly pulled my skirt down over my hips, and it fell to the floor. I stood before him in only my tiny lacy g-string. I straddled his thighs, and started grinding my pussy against his now hard cock. That was much better. He lifted me a bit to arrange his cock to be vertical. The tip started to peak out the top of his jocks. We embraced again, with lots of deep passionate kissing - it had been far too long since we had kissed like this. This time there was meaning, and tenderness. We were exploring each others mouths. His hands were all over me, and mine on him. I couldn’t take it any longer. I stood, grabbed his hand, and led him to the bedroom.

I walked over to the bed, and pushed him backwards. He fell back onto the bed. Being a king size, we could comfortably lie across it. I immediately jumped on top of him, I had to have him. I started my pussy grinding again. I lifted my head and looked out the window, I could see other people in the other rooms more clearly from the bedroom, and with our lights out there was no way anyone could see into our room. Brian was on his back looking up at me, but he couldn’t see out the window.

I moved my way down his body with lots of tiny wet kisses and nibbles, eventually arriving at the top of his jocks. I kissed all around them, and started to pull them down a bit at a time with my teeth. Brian was just laying there, soaking in all the attention. I was still rubbing my pussy against his knee as my g was completely soaked now, and I gently pulled the top of his jocks down and lowered my mouth to his pubic area. I was careful not to make contact with his penis. He let out a little gasp, and I lightly applied pressure to his jocks letting him know he should lift his hip. Instinctively he did, and I slid his jocks over his tight arse. I got off his legs, and slid the jocks all the way off.

Now he was completely naked, I then had the satisfaction of hearing him groan as I licked the length of his cock from scrotum to tip. I flicked my tongue around the head, and could taste there was plenty of pre-cum. I then started licking the entire length in earnest, agonisingly drawing it out to heighten our arousal - if at all possible. I had to draw on all my womanly will power not to impale myself on him right then.

I then took his head into my mouth. We do not perform oral sex on each other often these days, there just never seams to be the time. I was really enjoying pleasuring my best friend in such an intimate manner. I took him as deep as I could, which is only about half of his six and a half inches. I guess I was just never meant to be a porn star. I alternated between sucking and bobbing my head up and down for a few minutes, but I could not let him cum yet. I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to have him inside me.

I kneeled up, and peeled the tiny g over my hips, I then stood to straighten my legs and the g fell to my feet. I stepped out of them and walked up and squatted onto Brian’s hips. I put my hands on his chest and leaned over and kissed him again, this time much more forcefully. I pushed away and sat up. At that moment something happened that will change my life.

I noticed there was a couple on the couch in their apartment, with all the lights on. I had a clear view of him knelt between her knees, I could only guess she was getting a good tongue lashing. For reasons that are still not clear to me, I did not say anything to Brian. I managed to keep looking at these two without letting on to Brian, then I realised I was rubbing my now hard clitoris along the length of his cock. It was all so slippery because I was so wet.

There was movement in the other room that briefly broke my concentration on the beautiful sensation of our private parts together. The man had kneeled up and shuffled forward, pulling her arse to the edge of the couch. I was completely mesmerised as I watched him obviously pushing his cock into her pussy. He started a very slow thrusting in and out while holding her legs high and wide apart by her ankles. That is one of my favourite positions, as it makes all the angles so good. I don’t often last very long when Brian and I are in that position, it is just that good. The man was thrusting her quicker now and I was completely engrossed in their action, I was getting so incredibly turned on I hadn’t felt this way for a long time. I was getting off on being a voyeur, and I loved it.

All of a sudden Brian’s hands were on my breasts, and I realised that I had his cock deep in my pussy, and I was grinding my clitoris into his pubic bone. Thrusting my hips forward and backward, the feeling was incredible as I was hovering on the brink of a very deep and powerful orgasm. I looked back out the window in time to see the other woman arching her back and her mouth was gaping, her chest heaving and her breasts were topped with hard pointed nipples large enough I could clearly see them.

That was it; it started deep within my lower abdomen. Electricity shot to my nipples as Brian was gently pinching them and a long moan rose up from deep in my stomach. It burst from my mouth like a primitive bellow. My pussy started very strong spasms that just got more powerful, and they were spreading through my entire body. Brian was now thrusting his hips into me and I was delirious with pleasure, yet my orgasm continued in a way I had not experienced. I was now bouncing on his completely drenched cock, I saw the other mans arse tense as his body started jerking. This brought fresh waves of pleasure through me, and Brian literally exploded.

I felt like I was on top of a wild animal that was turning inside out. I was letting out little squeals each time I felt Brian reaching my depths, as the waves kept on coming – it was absolutely incredible, if I hadn’t experienced it myself, I would never have believed I was capable of having such a mind blowing orgasm. As Brian slowed his thrusts my orgasm was starting to ebb away and my mind was racing. I had just made love to my husband – and in my mind - with another couple. I watched as the others got up, walked from view and then their light went out.

I collapsed. I was drained, and experiencing that beautiful post orgasmic tide that just washed over me. With every wave, I would squeeze Brian’s softening cock from deep within my pussy. He was breathing deeply, and just whispering something along the lines of “wow”. Wow alright, that was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that, and I knew it was not going to be the last. The waves kept coming, gentler each time. I don’t know how long we just lied like that, but I was awoken by the feeling of Brian’s cock slipping out of me. I rolled off him onto my side, and put my head on his shoulder, and my arm across his chest.

In the morning, an alarm went off, and some soft rock was playing on the radio. It was seven o’clock and we were both waking up. We just cuddled for a while, our naked bodies pressed together as we discussed the day ahead. We agreed we would go for a long walk in the nearby national park. Years ago we had walked right around the headland, and spent some time on the unofficial nudist beach. As far as we knew it was still the there.

We got up, showered and went down to the dining room for a huge inclusive breakfast. I made a couple of sandwiches for us, and grabbed some fruit. We went back to our room, and I put the food into a container I had brought along. We did a bit of chatting and reading on our balcony, then at about 11 we got into our hiking gear, grabbed a bottle of wine and some glasses. We were out the door with a very respectable picnic loaded into Brian’s backpack and I had the camera and a couple of big bottles of water.

We both enjoy hiking in the wilderness, but once again it is a luxury we rarely experience these days. We walked into the park, checked the map and the sign said a quoted hour round trip, for where we wanted to go. We headed off, walking along the track, following the signs to where we wanted to go. We came across a clearing in the rain forest which gave us a spectacular view south along the coastline, we were having such a wonderful time. I was perving on Brian’s arse, legs and broad shoulders when he was in front, and I am sure he was checking me out when I was in front.

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