tagNovels and NovellasA Swallow's Bite Act 03

A Swallow's Bite Act 03



Dominika's heart thuds then races at double-speed. First Dmitry and now Viktor? The weight on her shoulders feels like a ten-ton anvil. What immense evil has the power to turn intensely loyal Russians into rotten rat-fuckers? Fear suddenly numbs her limbs. She'd pledged to neutralize al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya's American operations directly to Iron Hand -- the Kremlin. Failure means death or a miserable future as a forgotten number in a frozen labor camp that no one knows exists.

Such a cock-tease she is, Viktor is thinking as he scans Dominika from head to toe. Look at her. Those perfect breasts are held by nothing but a tight beige turtleneck sweater. Those tan corduroy pants hug her curves like sausage casing. And that sexy silver waist chain tinkles as the free end bounces on her perfect ass as she walks. Too bad, she has to die. Viktor looks at Tomiko and gives her outfit equal appraisal. "All right ladies. Let the game begin."

"With pleasure," Tomiko says. She swings her gaze toward Dominika. "You will cooperate, won't you?

Dominika's stare is steady. "Do I have a choice?"

"No," Tomiko says, her stare just as steadfast. "This way Gypsy Danger."

All three walk toward the Jacuzzi. Dominika ponders the two people at her side.

Although Tomiko's grip on her upper arm is surprisingly strong for a small girl, she can't be the brains behind an international terror attack. Well, whatever brainsick behavior they've planned, there's no choice but to play ball and find out what they're up to. There's always solutions, always hope. They reach the Jacuzzi's tiled edge.

"I forgot my swimsuit," Dominika says dryly.

A bantam smile washes over Tomiko's face. "You won't need one. All right Viktor. I said I'd deliver a night you'd remember. So watch and enjoy."

Tomiko gradually immerses one patient leather boot into the foamy water and then the other. As she steps down the submerged stairs, water rises past her boot tops and creeps up her thighs teasing at the hem of her skirt. Swirling bubbles rise as she reclines into the tummy-deep Jacuzzi. Viktor grins, watching her body's S curve become a silhouette against the bluish glow of the underwater light. On her face is a look of sexual bewitchment, as if the delights of a pleasurable orgasm are consuming her.

Viktor looks at Dominika. "Okay Patroph. Your turn."

"Viktor, I'm not going in there fully dressed."

He smiles. "Oh yes you are."

"With all due respect Comrade General, kiss my fucking ass."

"Patroph, don't make me force you. It'll hurt too much."

She shrugs and wets her lips, her sixth sense saying that a good performance might present the chance to catch them with their guard down. Slowly Dominika lowers one foot onto the underwater stair. Warm water seeps through the boots and around her toes.

"What's it feel like Patroph?" Viktor asks with a lusty gleam in his eye.

"It feels, well -- wet."

"Where? Between your legs?"

"Viktor, what kind of nut-job are you?"

Glancing between the two of them, Viktor's look is that of a hungry tomcat inside a fish store. "Take another step Patroph."

She shrugs and does so. Water darkens the tan cords as it rises toward her knees, flooding the Italian-made boots zipped tight against her calves.


Thigh deep, Dominika looks at Viktor. "Am I supposed to like this?"

"It feels good, doesn't it?" Viktor says softly.

"I guess it feels well kind'a, well, different." She wades over and sits on the pool's tiled edge. Raising a leg, she looks at the water falling from the glistening boot-leather. "Mind telling me what the point of this is?"

"The point is between Viktor's legs," Tomiko says as she lifts a leg out of the bubbling water. "I told Viktor that getting wet in my clothes always makes my pussy sizzle. When I got boots on, it makes me so horny that I can't wait to be fucked. He said prove it. Well Viktor? Wet some threads too. I have big plans for that luscious cock of yours. Get your ass over here Patroph."

Dominika wades over to Tomiko. She stands and parks her gaze in Dominika's eyes.

"Gypsy Danger, when it comes too fucking, Viktor tells me that among the Swallows, you're the best of the very best. So we're gonna find out just how good you are."

"How?" Dominika asks.

"By seducing Viktor."

Dominika doesn't even blink.

"Okay, Gypsy Danger, Mz. Sex-spy extraordinaire. Put that fine body to work. You got one minute to take your best shot."

For a moment, their stares are two crossed swords locked in battle.

"Fair warning, bitch," Dominika mutters. "I never lose."

"Fair warning, bitch, I never lose 'cause I don't play fair."

Dominika turns away from Tomiko. "All right Viktor. I'll play your little perverted game. Watch very carefully."

Using slow purposeful steps, she wades deeper. Percolating bubbles rise toward the wide camel-toe V between Dominika's legs. "Viktor," she whispers, "it's -- ummmm -- warm water's soaking around my pussy now. You know I loathe wearing panties. Ahhh, now I can feel it seeping in and around my hot pussy-lips. Do you like the waist chain? See the way it teases my ass? You fantasize about fucking my ass don't you?"

Viktor stares mesmerized as Dominika lowers herself enough so that the water flows past her thick belt and then up, meeting the silver chain that surrounds her bare and slender waist. Water inundates the fuzzy brown turtleneck and flows around her breasts. She leans back and rises slightly so they stick up like two brownish islands in the middle of a lake. Closing her eyes, she delicately scratches her nipple-tips with her fingernails.

"Is your cock throbbing yet?" she whispers. "Come here and I'll suck on your testicles. Think of your cock buried deep in my throat. I'll swallow your cum. You'd like that, wouldn't you Viktor?"

"Time's up," Tomiko says with a giggle. "Gypsy Danger, you'd better consider taking up plumbing because that was about as sexy as a bowl of week-old milk-toast."

Dominika's temper sizzles. If she had a tire-iron, she'd bash that little bitch's brains in.

Viktor's attention swings to Tomiko. With delicate fanfare, she works her skirt up around her hips. Her long-nailed fingers drag her black lace thong up and down coaxing her red-tinged pussy lips open. She turns around and slips the thong out of her wide crevasse. Leaning against the tiled edge, she raises her legs and slips the panties off her dripping boots. "My pussy needs you Viktor," she whispers, slowly sliding one finger across her bald lips. Her other hand lifts a breast under her translucent top. "I'm so horny my pussy is sizzling. My titties are hard and ache for your mouth."

Dominika wades between them. "Forget this little bitch Viktor," she murmurs kneading her breasts through the soaked turtleneck. "Sure, you've fucked me before. But this time I promise it'll be like nothing you've ever felt."

Viktor's stare drifts from Dominika's sultry eyes to her wet heaving breasts then to the sudsy waterfall cascading from Tomiko's creamy curves. Sloshing behind Tomiko, Dominika rubs her hand along Tomiko's board-flat butt then teases her pussy by slowly dragging a finger upward.

"Mmmmm, Gypsy baby," Tomiko shudders. "You know how to make a girl feel good. But you're no match for me." Bending slightly, she spreads her ass-cheeks with her hands and looks over her shoulder. "Hey Viktor, if your beautiful cock's hard enough you can fuck me in my ass."

Viktor chuckles. "Ha. I just might call your bluff."

"It's no bluff. My asshole is virgin."

"Mine isn't," Dominika murmurs softly, running her finger up and down Tomiko's wide crevasse. "Viktor, Tomiko's ass is like a flat tire."

"I ought to slug you for that," Tomiko snaps.

"Don't squabble," Viktor says.

Dominika places her hands on Tomiko's hips and eases her around to face her. "Easy now, Tomiko. Let's both try and enjoy this."

She leans toward Tomiko's sadly small breasts, barely cloaked by very see-through nylon. Tomiko's soft skin depresses as Dominika places a kiss just above each nipple. Forming an O with her mouth, Dominika sucks Tomiko's entire left nipple into her mouth through the blouse. In response, Tomiko throws her head back and moans softly. Dominika's slow side-to-side tongue motions harden Tomiko's nipple like a bullet.

"Milk me Gypsy Danger," Tomiko moans as she runs fingernails through Dominika's long blonde hair. "Suck me hard. Chew on my blouse. Oh-hot-damn, nipple-sucking feels so-so fucking good."

This is like being in a holy shrine, Viktor is thinking as he stares down at the gleaming wet corduroy stretched across Dominika's butt-mounds. Putin should erect a monument to Patroph's perfect ass . . . and that metal chain, that sexy metal chain.

Tomiko pulls her breast from Dominika's mouth. She giggles as she sinks and rolls over in the water like a playful dolphin. Raising her butt above the surface, she spreads her cheeks with her hands. "See Viktor, I'm wide open and waiting for your big hot cock."

Dominika rolls her eyes at Tomiko's brash gutter-slut vulgarity. She looks at Viktor. "Viktor, I don't think you're man enough for a butt-fuck."

Viktor's face goes tight. "If we were in Moscow Patroph, you'd choke on those words when I force them down your gullet."

"Come here," Tomiko whispers. "Let us strip you naked."

Viktor's shoes and trousers accept the warm water with slight sloshing sounds. Tomiko's painted fingernails dance over her swollen nipples, partly submerged in swirling bubbles. Water cascades down her leg as she raises it. She slides her hands down her leg and starts unzipping her right boot.

"Stop that," Viktor snaps. "Patroph, get on your knees."

"What for?"

"Do as you're told. Okay Patroph, you went to sex school. I want to see you lick her boots. Lick the water off. Kiss her virgin asshole. Put your tongue in her. I dare you."

A sultry smile forms on Dominika's lips. "Mmmmm, I think I like the sound of that. How about you Tomiko?"

"I never pass up a dare," she says smiling a vixen-like smile.

Viktor looks at Dominika. "You'd do anything for pleasure, wouldn't you Patroph?"

"I am a loyal Russian, which is more than I can say for you."

"I've become a capitalist," Viktor chuckles.

Tomiko dunks her boot into the water then swings her leg toward Dominika's face. "Okay Gypsy Danger, how about a little sole food?"

Dominika hesitates. Why should I give mouth-to-mouth to a fuckin' boot for this demented Japanese and a Russian rat-fucker who's betrayed his country?

Viktor roughly shoves her head toward the boot. "Get busy boot-lick. Chew fucking leather."

Although the insult jolts Dominika's core, there's no choice but to capitulate. She grips Tomiko's boot by the heel. Starting at the pointed toe, she extends her tongue and licks the shiny surface. Through the flooded boot leather, Dominika feels Tomiko's toes wiggle. Slowly she works her way up the front, licking and nibbling with each advancing move. Although barely palatable, wet leather has a nice fragrance and feels cool and smooth against her tongue.

"Harder," Tomiko pants. "Lick harder. Make me feel your tongue."

Using her teeth, Dominika grabs on to the zipper tab and slides it down an inch. She wiggles her tongue between the freed leather, her tongue-tip tickling at the sensitive skin behind Tomiko's knee.

"Ah-ooooo-ahhh," Tomiko says on indrawn gasps. "That's what I call licking."

Dominika advances up her thigh, planting little tooth-nips on Tomiko's glistening skin. Tomiko settles back in the water, kneading her breasts with her hands, eyes and face looking as if she's lost in a hypnotic trance.

"Roll over," Dominika whispers. Extending her tongue, she traces the half-circles where Tomiko's butt-muscles slope out from her legs. Tomiko's twin cheeks quiver as Dominika's lips glide over her smooth bottom.

Behind her, Viktor's breath is fast and heavy. Through her submerged cords, Dominika feels her pussy contract as Viktor's hands toy with the dangling chain. She smiles as he squeezes her butt-cheeks, feeling, exploring the leading light of his wet dreams. His thumb drifts down and pushes at the tight center-seam. His exploring hand slides between her legs. Through the cords, she feels his fingers claw her pussy. Although imprisoned in the soaked material, she can feel her natural juices ooze like a ruptured honeycomb. Dominika's naturally seductive smile remains on her lips. He's feeling for that little stone.


Flashlight beams slice the cavernous darkness. The large chamber is a maze of red valves, silver pipes and monitoring stations with pressure gauges and glowing lights. Silhouetted figures cart in one of the heavy aluminum containers. Each footfall echoes like a scream in the night. A bearded man motions with his hand. Others set the container on the oil-coated cement. The bearded man opens a small door. He flicks a toggle switch on a control panel. The numerals 4:00:00 glow green in the darkness. His fingers turn a rotary switch from SAFETY ON to the "ARM WEAPON" position. He flicks a toggle switch labeled TIMER.

A red light begins to blink and the mechanism begins to tick. The digital readout blinks: 3:59:59, 3:59:58, 3:59:57, 3:59:56 . . .


"Oh yes Viktor," Dominika murmurs, her senses firmly overpowered, mind unable to prevent her pelvic muscles from convulsing to each of his leisurely finger strokes. "Don't stop. oh-yessssssss, touch me thereeeeeeee."

A foot away Tomiko is laying tummy down on the underwater step. As Dominika's focus rivets to Tomiko's butt-skin and the little water rivers that slosh in -- out -- and around . . . she begins to plot and plan. Sexually befriending this little bitch just might be the way to beat her at her own game. Scrunching forward, Dominika brushes each glossy muscle-mound with her nose. Tomiko's spine arches as Dominika blows bubbles into the small pool gathered in and around her crevasse. Tomiko raises her hips slightly, allowing Dominika's licking tongue to circle the outer edges of her puckered sphincter. Kittenish whimpers compliment each diminutive kiss. Inside Dominika, the Bl'adovat' Interdisciplinary Academy's relentless training kicks into high gear. Using her tongue-tip, she probes, swabs and caresses Tomiko's ass making her shudder in pleasure. Dominika lifts her face from Tomiko's bottom and smiles into her smoky aroused eyes.

"Ummmm," Tomiko purrs. "No one's ever kissed my ass like that before."

"No one's quite hated you as much before." Dominika blows her a kiss.

Tomiko looks mystified for a second.

Viktor reaches around and shoves his hand under Dominika's turtleneck. He finds her dripping breast warm and hard. Air sucks through her teeth as he twists the stiff nipple. "Get on your back Tomiko," is his mumbled order.

There's a little splash as Tomiko complies.

With his other hand, he pushes Dominika's head toward the soft, yet yielding thickness of Tomiko's reddened, water-washed pussy.

"Suck on it Patroph," Viktor demands.

"Her clit?"

"No, you idiot." He yanks Dominika's shoulders jerking her to a seated position. Grabbing Tomiko's leg, he shoves her boot into Dominika's lap. "Here, hard-man, you've licked it. Now suck on it like it was a cock."

"Give a blowjob to a fucking boot?"

"You're the Swallow, so do it!"

Taking the dripping boot in her hands, Dominika brushes the sole across her nipples first. Bending at the waist, she licks the pointed toe as if it were a juicy Popsicle.

"No Patroph, the toe, take it in your mouth -- all the way in."

Dominika's jaw muscles clench. Her thoughts are silent. Where does this rat-fucker get off telling me -- well, at this point, refusing Viktor's ultimate sex fantasy will gain nothing. Play it out. Then when they're all gaa-gaa, it'll be time to improvise and make the move.

Dominika opens wide. Guiding Tomiko's boot with her hand, she slides the sharp-pointed, metal-capped toe into her mouth. She almost gags as she takes the pointed toe in deeper, slowly bobbing her head up and down swabbing the steel tipped boot with her curled tongue. Dominika's moans are soft, as if she's overwhelmed in the abyss of loving pleasure. Some loving pleasure, she grumbles silently. Viktor's nothing but a perverted former communist with a feeble-witted fantasy to force one of his former workers give fellatio to a stupid shoe. Well, the rat-fucker's gone over to the Arabs, so whatever feeds his fucking camel.

Tomiko pulls her boot away. "Dammit, I'm hotter than Satan's throne. Someone better fuck me before I go into meltdown."

"And I'm just the one to do it," Viktor says in a throaty whisper.

Dominika's heart skips a beat. Has he chosen? Have I lost?

Moving with feline grace, Tomiko artfully peals her soaked blouse from her chest. She slides the leather skirt off and discards it. Viktor gazes at her shapely shrine of flesh. Naked except for boots, she wades forward and presents herself to Viktor's groping arms. Mouths meet. Lips grind against lips. Tongues torment tongues as she grinds her chest against his. Viktor's fingers fondle her ass then pinch at her pussy. "Ease off babe," Tomiko gasps breathlessly. "My pussy's not going anywhere. Sit down in the water. Get over here Bootlick. Let me watch you strip him naked." Dominika obeys. She removes his shirt then goes for his zipper. His stick-like cock feels heavy as she pulls it from inside of his pants.

Tomiko's eye line goes from his cock to Dominika. "Well, Gypsy Danger. Looks like whoever wins gets the short end of a short stick."

Dominika stifles a laugh.

"Let me tell you bitches something," Viktor growls. "It's not the length of the wand, but the magic in the stick."

"I'll swear to that," Dominika giggles, recalling that night at the Aquarium and the faked orgasm she'd played like an Oscar winning actress.


Glowing numbers pierce the darkness as the machine ticks off the minutes: 3:46, 3:45, 3:44 . . .


Tomiko and Dominika stand shoulder to shoulder in the Jacuzzi, one naked and the other in soaked clothing. Tomiko raises her hands to the flare of her hips. "Okay Viktor. Which hungry pussy gets your magic?"

He points to Tomiko. "My choice is you."

"I'm honored you have chosen me," Tomiko says in a sultry voice. She sloshes over to him, pausing boot-top deep in the bubbles. "I will please you -- as the Bootlick or any other woman never has -- or ever will."

Dominika steps behind him, crushing her breasts to his back and circling his erection with her hand. His cock instantly expands, hardening with what must be unimaginable need.

"Go sulk Bootlick," Tomiko snaps, shoving her. "You're ass has been deposed."

"You heard her," Viktor commands.

Content to leave them be, Dominika wades across the Jacuzzi and hoists herself to the tiled edge to plot and plan.

With a taunting twinkle in her eyes, Tomiko gives Viktor a prolonged stare at the jut of her gently heaving breasts.

Beneath the foam, Dominika sways her legs to-and-fro. That Japanese will get her just deserts, she mutters, momentarily enjoying the naughty feeling of wearing classy high-fashion boots in a Jacuzzi. Her eyes settle on the two figures locked in a kissing embrace a few feet away. Tomiko skims her warm water-slick skin over Viktor's admirable slab muscles. Their kiss is long, urgent and deep. The cooling affect of the soaked cords does little to impede the erotic scene from making Dominika's pussy simmer like a radiator about to overheat. Tomiko pulls her mouth from his and lowers herself to her knees, dragging her nipples down his chest as she goes. She takes his cock in her hand. "It's so red," she whispers. "May I taste this magic of which you brag?"

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