tagAnalA Sweet Assault of Your Ass

A Sweet Assault of Your Ass


You have barely walked through the door when I decide to take you, right there in the foyer. I seductively force you over to the side of the hallway and you instinctively reach out to brace yourself against the wall. Upon seeing that you have acted exactly as I intended, I put my hands on your shoulders, give them a light squeeze, and then begin to make a slow line down along your back, my strong hands and soft fingertips wanting to relax you with their touch but also not wanting to yield to their commands to search out your backside.

As my hands reach those soft, curvy cheeks, I kneel down behind you. Yes, it's kneeling to have better access and so that my face is inches away from the endpoint for my current obsession. But it's also an action of worship as well. As your ass is exactly the purpose for our rendezvous tonight.

I have to tell you how beautiful your ass is, and I do. I whisper up to you, "This is such a gorgeous ass, sweetness. I love it. So full and beautiful, so soft and warm. I love touching it. I love kissing it. I love spreading it wide and seeing that tight little bud yearning for attention." You turn to look down at the scene and our eyes lock onto each other. And we both smile. Yes indeed, this is but the beginning!

Breaking off our gaze and our smiles, I lower my mouth down to both of your cheeks and plant soft kisses upon them. A few more kisses later, I pull back my mouth from your gorgeous ass and squeeze both cheeks with my strong hands. A hard slap follows to one side and then a hard slap follows to the other side. Looking at the result, I see two nice red cheeks staring right back at me. Pleased at the sight, I spread those cheeks wide to reveal that tight little bud and once again lower my mouth down to your skin, placing one quick light kiss right over top of that exposed asshole of yours.

And with that, I stand up and lead you over to the bed. Your dress is still hiked up around your waist when I maneuver you onto the bed and onto your knees and whisper to you that I want to play with your ass a little more. Your grin shows me how ready you are for this new adventure. So I bring over a pillow that you eagerly lay your head on and push your ass back up to me, presenting yourself for the pleasure that is sure to come.

Before I begin, I stop to take you in. Your full ass cheeks staring right back at me, so big and round and beautiful. A bit of red is speckled all over from my light grabs and massages at the doorway. And as I kneel down on the bed next to you, I can see your face turned to its side, and a smile showing from ear to ear along with closed and anticipating eyes.

I want to explore your ass again. I want to take more time to caress it and massage it, to rub your cheeks together and then to pull them apart. I want to reveal that sweet tiny bud again, to look at it and see how it quivers when my fingertips come so very close to it. I want to see how it responds to my touch when I lightly glide a finger across it. And then of course, I want to see how you respond when I lower my lips down and plant those soft tender kisses all over your beautiful backside again.

With those thoughts, I place my hands again on your ass and begin to massage both cheeks. I circle your skin with the very tips of my fingertips and then alternate with deep massages, pinching your muscles together to help release some of that built up stress. I push both of your cheeks wide and reveal that sweet tiny asshole of yours. Exposing it to the cool air of the hotel room, I can actually see it quiver a little bit. Or perhaps, I think to myself, that's more of your anticipation at what is to follow.

I cannot wait any longer. Your ass looks so incredible in the light and my mouth has been longing to pay it the attention it deserves. So with that thought, I gently lower my mouth down to one of your cheeks and press my lips against it, kissing it gently and oh-so passionately. I allow my lips to linger there for a second before I blow a light breeze down towards your hole. I can actually feel the shivers run up your spine at that first attention being paid to it.

A few more well-placed kisses and I begin my journey over towards that crack of your ass. I inhale lightly and notice that you have been preparing for me, taking time to soak yourself and leave your body smelling so nice and fresh and so very ready for this pampering. Another moment later, my lips come into contact with your crack and trail a line down along your ass until they are barely an inch away from your tiny little bud. I can feel your body tensing and relaxing at the same time, anxious and nervous and at the same time so very excited and impatient for what is next.

With that in mind, I take my hands and push your cheeks even wider and lower my lips down onto your asshole, gently kissing it and caressing it with my soft lips. I repeat this a few more times, preparing it for more attention and more pampering, allowing a moan to escape my lips as I relay to you how sweet you feel against my lips. I even take a moment to travel past your asshole to that very sensitive spot between your two holes and lightly pepper it with kisses too.

But before I move back up to your little bud, I extend my tongue and lightly lick at that sensitive region, coming so very lightly and quickly into contact with your pussy. I can almost feel the pleasure shooting throughout your body at that first contact. My tongue doesn't linger there though as I lick a line directly up to your asshole and flick the very tip of my tongue across your ass. "Mmmmm, so sweet." With those words, I can once again feel your body giving in at this incredibly erotic play.

Taking my time, and spending several minutes repeating these actions, my hands continue to massage and grab and squeeze your ass while my lips and tongue and entire mouth explore your asshole. I find out just how much you like to be nibbled on and lightly bitten. I find out just how much your body responds to my long lashes with my tongue. And I find out exactly how much your tiny bud likes to be fucked with the tip of my tongue. Yes, I definitely find out how much you love that last one!

A few more minutes of attention and I slowly place a lingering kiss on your asshole and whisper to you how beautiful it is and how much I want to explore you more. With your heart racing and your chest pounding, flat against the bed with your ass pushed up high behind you, you can only mouth, "Yes." And that is all that I need to begin exploring you with my fingers.

With your ass right there staring right back at me, looking so very beautiful. Having already known the sweetness of my lips and the tenderness of my tongue, I can see it glistening and sweating in the low light of the room.

I take my one index finger and starting at the top of the crack in your ass, I begin my journey and slide it ever-so slowly down until it comes into contact with your puckered little hole. The round tip of my finger fits so beautifully at the entrance of your tight little hole. I push down against you with it, applying just a little bit of pressure as I watch how your body responds. Just a very little bit of my finger, the very tip goes just beyond the outer edge of your bud and inside of your ass, entering you just a little bit. I apply more pressure and hold it there inside of you, wiggling just that very tip, not even half an inch, back and forth inside of you. A true taste of things to come and more than just a little tease!

Just a few moments later, I pull my finger out of you and alternate that feeling of my pressured fingers with the soft velvet kiss of my lips. I finish off a short kiss of your asshole by allowing some saliva to escape my mouth and drip right onto your ass, a little more lubrication for what I have in mind.

After I've done that, I place another kiss on both of your cheeks before returning my finger back to where it was as my finger takes the saliva and begins to spread it around the entrance to your backside. Rolling it around the outside of your ass, that most sensitive crinkled piece of skin, puckered up so tight, throbbing from both the attention it has received so far and anticipating the attention that has yet to come. Your ass aches for this, to be touched, to be filled, to feel me exploring deep inside of you.

And that is exactly what I have in mind as I slowly apply more pressure again, letting my index finger slide just a little bit inside of you. Only about half an inch of my finger moves into your backside. Wow! I can feel your ass clamp down hard around my finger. Your ass is so tight that part of you is repelling my finger, pushing it back out while the other part of you, the desirous and needy part of you holds onto my finger for dear life, not wanting me to leave. That is the part that wins the battle as you draw me deeper inside of you up to my first knuckle.

I respond by wiggling my finger back and forth and slowly slide it in and out of you, getting that sweet and tight little hole of yours use to my one finger. Feel me sliding in and out of you as I can feel you clenching down hard around my finger, milking it and nursing it. With each slow journey of my finger in and out of you, over the period of a several moments, I slide even more of my finger inside until my entire finger is buried in your ass all the way up to my fist.

My other hand continues to pay attention to the rest of your ass wandering around it with my soft fingertips and caressing your sweet skin. I spread your cheeks wide with this hand, allowing me better and deeper access. I alternate the soft caresses with a few hard spanks. I want you to feel the different types of touches, sometimes very soft and mild, sometimes very hard and sudden.

I continue to slide my finger in and out of your ass, watching how your muscles grip my finger as I go in and out of you. I can feel your breathing becoming more labored as I wiggle my finger inside of you, searching you out completely. Your ass is working back and forth in front of me in order to match the slow rhythms of my finger moving in and out of you.

I want you to enjoy this completely. I want you to continue kneeling there with your face pressed down onto the pillow and with your eyes closed. I want you to feel me and my fingertips and my lips and my tongue. I want you to enjoy all of these sweet sensations. Remember, this is about me exploring that sweetest part of you, that tight little ass of yours. That is exactly what I have planned today, to worship and devour that hot, luscious, aching ass of yours until your pussy is ready to scream out to be fucked. I want you to beg for that release, knowing that when you do, and when you can stand it no longer, then and only then will I take you over that edge and help you explode long and hard.

Of course, when you are ready to explode for me, I want at least some part of me to be there in your ass. I want to feel you convulse around me. I want to feel that ass squeeze me so tight while I'm inside of you and your pussy is climaxing hard.

By now in fact, I can already see that anticipation growing within you. The visual signs of your excitement, those sweet juices are already running down the inside of your thighs. And I do love how wet you are getting. To see those juices drip down your legs is intoxicating. This must really be turning you on!

Smiling at the thought of how erotic this is and how turned on you are, I lower my face down below your ass in order to get a quick lick at those juices flowing down the inside of your thighs. So sweet and wet and syrupy! And so very intoxicating! I want more!

And so, while I still have a finger buried inside of you, I take my other hand and bring it down underneath you. I touch that clit of yours and feel your body jump as I make my first contact with that red hot raging pussy. A wave of pleasure washes over you as your aching clit is no longer neglected. And I repeat – I absolutely love how wet you are right now. Your ass may sweat when it gets excited but your pussy drips, and that nectar looks so very delicious that it is making my mouth water even more than it already is for another taste.

My index finger plays lightly with your clit and my other finger matches the rhythm in and out of your ass. Exploring more of your pussy, I slide my finger down along your wet slit and slide it slowly inside of you. So now you can feel both of my fingers inside of you, one inside your pussy and the other inside your ass with only a thin membrane separating them. In and out of you, slowly at first and taking our time, I want to get you ready for what is to come. Both fingers are now working in concert together, at first alternating one pumping forward while the other retreats and then repeating it. I pump them in and out, changing the rhythms so as to make it last. Working both fingers in and out of you, working them around inside of you, back and forth, all the way up to the knuckle and my fist, before pulling them all the way back out of you.

I can feel your body giving itself over. Your ass squirms against my fingers and your muscles clamp down hard against my fingers. That hungry, hungry pussy and that thirsty ass are screaming out for more of this – and with the moans escaping your mouth and your hips pushing back hard, I know you won't last long. But I don't want you to explode just yet; there are still so many possibilities for us to explore. So at that thought, and knowing you are right there on the edge, I pull both fingers out of you and leave you there as empty as before – your ass and pussy wiggling hard – your voice pleading for me again – your eyes looking back to search for mine. Your entire body is begging to be filled, begging to be fucked!

Looking at you there on the bed, I can't help but smile. I love teasing you like this. I love prolonging your climax and building up that sweet anticipation as long as I can. And I whisper to you how much I am enjoying this and asking if you are too. I know you are because I can still see it in your eyes, the yearning and lust. But before you can actually respond with your voice, I take my hand and let out a hard, long slap across your right cheek again. Then, I give another slap across your other cheek.

The moan that escapes this time is more guttural and pure instinct. And a realization comes to my mind – you DO enjoy the spanking. Another smile washes over my face. "Very good to know," I say to myself.

I follow up the first slaps with another spanking followed by another and another until both ass cheeks are red and rosy and hot to the touch. And then, just as before, I lower my lips down and gently pepper soft and tender kisses around your sensitive, red hot ass. This time though, with my hands lightly massage your skin and my lips lightly brushing up against it, I hover my mouth directly over the entrance to that tight little backside of yours and ask, "Are you ready to cum for me?"

The combination of hearing those seven words coupled with the fact that as I whisper them, my voice is blowing a warm breeze directly across that quivering little hole of yours nearly does the job in and of itself. And so you answer in the only way you can think of at the moment – by shoving your ass directly back against my mouth.

And my tongue needs no further encouragement. My hands spread your ass obscenely wide open and my tongue stiffens up and begins to search out that tight little asshole. Sticking you with it, like a miniature dick, I poke my tongue in and out of your ass. And then I cover it entirely with my mouth and suck on it hard. And then I alternate motions between a slick and attentive tongue, teeth lightly nibbling, and lips planted firmly in order to suck away at your raw, exposed ass.

And as you begin to let yourself go into this new rhythm, I reach underneath you and begin to roughly grab at your full and excited clit, pulling and tugging on it as I rub your clit with my exploring fingers. I pull at and pinch your puffy pussy lips between my fingers as well. And then, I once again search out that hot, dripping entrance to that sweet pussy of yours and invade it with two fingers and then three.

Now you are being properly fingered and tongued, you continue to give in to the journey and push back against my tongue and fingers, impaling yourself on my digits. I only surface for a quick breath of air and to whisper, "That's right – fuck me back – fuck my hard, thick fingers – and fuck my tongue with that hot little ass of yours."

And as we pick up the rhythm, and getting even more obscene in the delicious devouring of your backside and the quick, deep, and hard thrusts of my fingers piling in and out of your soaked pussy, I can feel you hitting that edge of your first orgasm of the night. Encouraging it, I pull my mouth off your ass and quickly replace it with two fingers from my other hand and push them as deep as I can inside of you with one thrust. The lubrication of your ass eases them into you but you swallow hard at this new invasion.

Four fingers, two in your pussy and two in your ass, assault your body as you adjust for the new sensations and pick up with pushing back against me. Fucking you with both hands, alternating between the two, feeling each other through the small patch of skin separately both your holes, I furiously and quickly fuck away at that hungry body of yours.

And then, with but one long warning that races up from your belly through your mouth and into the room with the sweetest of moans, you push back and I feel my fingers ejected from your ass while the other fingers are clamped down tightly by your inner muscles. Your pussy spasms hard and climaxes so strong, my fingers are cut off from circulation. Your pussy grips them and grabs at them as I feel the new hot mixture of your orgasm spreading within you.

And the second my fingers from your ass are pushed out of you, I quickly place my tongue back down onto it to lick at and lash at your quivering little asshole. And as the first climax begins to subside, the new feeling of my tongue on your crinkled little rosebud leads to a new one, stronger than the last.

A few more seconds later, and both climaxes begin to wash over the rest of you, awakening all of those senses within you, tinkling even the most remote parts of your body. As I feel you coming down, my tongue and fingers slow down their motions before finally withdrawing my fingers from your sweet pussy and pulling out even more of those creamy fluids with them. My lips place one last kiss upon that tight little quivering backdoor hole of yours before sneaking away underneath you to get a long, lingering taste of those oozing pussy juices that I have craved since the first taste earlier.

Lifting myself up and off of you then, I bring you all the way back down from the peak of your orgasms. You turn to me with that pure lust and gratitude in your eyes and I know what is next. Your eyes leave mine only to trail a line down my body to see my rock hard erection glistening in front of you. And this time, we both smile the same devilish smile at the same delicious thought!

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