A Swiftly Changing World


Emily and I just looked at each other blankly and then back at Jessica. "All right," Emily said, "I get what the camera's for- thanks, by the way- but what gives with the- oh. Oh! Mom, you're a genius!"

Jessica approached us and knelt beside Emily. She handed me the video recorder (it was already on and recording) and kept the funnel for herself. "Hold this, Duncan, and watch." I took the camera and aimed it at my daughter's extremely gaped pussy as my wife gingerly brought the funnel to the event horizon, slipping it between the speculum's aperture. I noticed that the funnel had an especially long tip on it and I realized, then, what my wife's plan was. I deftly flipped the camera's viewer so that Emily could watch as her mother carefully inserted the small end of the funnel right above the mouth of her cervix. "Emily," my wife said, "Aunt Beth said something about a trick of yours...?" Emily needed no further prompting and immediately started to do her "ohm" thing, whereupon her cervix opened right up and my wife quickly slipped the funnel's tip into the mouth. "Okay, you can stop now." Emily stopped making her sound and was amazed at seeing the funnel stick out of her pussy. Jessica looked up at me, her hand outstretched, while she once again straddled our daughter's head. "Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to jack off and shoot as much of your sperm into your little girl's womb as you can. I'll take the camera, please."

I quickly divested myself of the camera and began to jerk my meat furtively, my gaze focused like a laser beam on my target. I glanced down to see that Emily had resumed licking her mother's now weeping pussy while pinching her own nipples. To my daughter's credit, she didn't move her hips an inch while she waited for me to ejaculate. "Dear God, I'm close," I breathed while my wife recorded the moment.

"That's right, baby," my wife said, "Do it. Shoot that cum into our baby's pussy! Right there, in that funnel, where all of that greasy, nasty daddy-cum'll slip right down there into her fucking womb! Fuck me, this is so hot to see! Sweetie, you don't know how good you have it right now. I WISH that I'd done something like this with your grandfather! Ooooo! Wow, Babygirl, you're really licking Mommy's pussy like a pro! Keep jacking it, honey. I wanna see you cum like a fire hose!"

Emily stopped licking Jessica long enough to cry out, "Please, Daddy, please! Oh, please fill me with your cum! Do it, Daddy! Show Mom how you're gonna knock me up one day! Show us how you're gonna fuck a baby into your daughter's belly!"

Jessica looked up from the camera lens without stopping the recording and smiled devilishly. "Show me, honey. That's what I want to see. I want to see you shoot all that potent seed into our baby's cunt. Show me how you'll get her pregnant and big with your grandbaby. I know she got The Shot, but I still want to see you shoot that fucking cream right down there where it'd do what it's supposed to do! Cum! Put that fucking baby-batter in there!"

I couldn't hold back much longer. Getting such encouragement in stereo was too much for me. I felt my balls tighten up and I stopped stroking my shaft long enough to stand up and aim my cock down at the funnel between my daughter's legs. "Ooooh fuck, girls, I'm gonna cum any second now!"

"Yes, Daddy, YES!" Emily cried. "SHOOT IT INSIDE OF ME!"

My wife wrapped her free hand behind the small of my back as I started to slowly, tightly stroke on my pulsing cock once more. "Kneel down a little bit, honey," she told me. "Get it as close as you can, so you don't miss. Yes, that's it. Okay, honey. Cum. Cum for your little girl, Duncan. She wants her daddy's cum so bad, honey. Don't hold back. Just let it go and shoot that hot load down inside her belly, baby."

I emitted a low growl as my testicles clenched fiercely and my cock, which was as hard as it was ever going to get due to the Viagra, stiffened like a true fire hose. "Nnnnnnggg, fffff-FUCK!" I growled as my penis spat out the first salvo of cum straight down into the funnel. That first shot was a real winner, long and thick as it splashed into the curved surface of the plastic and immediately slipped down the funnel's drain. I watched that first massive glob of my sperm race down into the black hole of that funnel as it made a beeline for my daughter's inner womb. Just seeing that alone caused my cock to swell with yet another powerful blast of cum, equal to the first, which hurried down the funnel's tube to follow the first shot. All the while, my wife kept the camera lens glued to my bursting cock while I shot wad after wad into our daughter's exposed cunt. It was like my libido was on overdrive and I just kept cumming, firing out these monstrous loads of semen at my yellow target repeatedly. I watched my cock belch out at least five of those big cum slugs to begin with, stunned at the volume of my output, and kept watching, completely unable to control my cock's spasms as another six smaller volleys of seed were sent sliding down into Emily's deepest chasm. When I was sure that I was done, I let go of my sensitive staff and started to sit back, but Jessica stopped me.

"Ah-ah-ah," she said reproachfully. "Our daughter said that she wanted EVERY last drop of your cum."

"But I-"

She cut me off as she grabbed my cock with her free hand. "Allow me, please?" My wife gripped my cock firmly and then began to milk it like she would a cow's udder, forcing more droplets of cum to ooze out of the tip. A few drops fell of their own accord when she gave me a gentle shake, but when it was clear that no more was going to come out, she handed me the camera and told me to keep filming. With both hands free now, she continued to squeeze my spent member (which hadn't lost its rigidity in the slightest- thank God for Viagra!) with one hand while wiping whatever she could with the finger of the other hand. She'd managed to elicit at least two more thick drops of semen from me before she conceded that I was completely tapped out. When she let go of me, she gently tapped those last few drops into the funnel and we watched as they, too, slid easily down into our daughter's cum-filled well. Satisfied that she'd granted our daughter's request adequately, she gently removed the funnel while I aimed the camera down at our daughter's still-gaped pussy. True to her word, Jessica had ensured that Emily had gotten every last drop of daddy-cum inside her womb: not a bit of my seed could be seen anywhere inside our baby's vagina, it having been swallowed up completely into the confines of her uterus. We had circumvented her cervix entirely with nothing more than a simple funnel.

Jessica lovingly rubbed our daughter's tummy almost right over where my cum must have been and began to gingerly remove the speculum. With the device now gone, I watched as my wife experimentally leaned forward and began to gently kiss and lovingly lick our daughter's labia and clitoris. She did this for several moments while I watched silently, retaking my seat on the sofa, and Emily continued to roll and pinch her nipples while she cooed appreciatively. I said nothing and just stroked my still-hard cock as our daughter once again began to lick and suck on her mother's pussy with ardor. This went on for several minutes until Emily began to shudder beneath her mother and suddenly cried out in a small orgasm. Jessica then sat back up and moved so that she no longer straddled Emily's head. Emily, for her part, simply moved her hands from her breasts up to the spot just below her navel. "Are you okay, sweetheart?" my wife asked.

Emily let out a contented sigh. "Yeah," she said dreamily as she slowly sat up and looked at her mother with a nod, "I'm good. God, Dad, I think that's the most you've ever cum inside me so far. I can actually feel it inside of me. It's so warm that it's almost hot!" She titled her head up to look at me, her eyes bright with excitement. "Ooo! Looks like Dad's still got a hard-on! I think it's your turn, Mom."

Jessica looked up at me with a shade of uncertainty in her eyes. "You're not too tired, are you, Honey?" she asked me.

I shook my head. "Not a chance of that happening anytime soon, my Love," I answered with a smile. My balls were definitely ready for another round or two. "However you want me, I'm yours." I wagged my unflagging cock meaningfully at her. "And so is this."

"Our favorite position, then?" she asked as she started to move onto her hands and knees. Needless to say, our favorite position was doggie-style. I didn't say a word as I nodded at her and slowly stroked my cock in anticipation. "Em got me more than ready, honey, so just put it inside me. Hell, I've been waiting all week for this moment!"

I slid off the sofa and knelt behind my wife's upturned ass in almost a single fluid motion, my cock leading the way proudly. Sure I had just cum inside my daughter's delectable pussy, but that Viagra did wonders for putting lead in the old pencil. I leaned over my wife's back and whispered into her ear, "I love you more than words can express!"

"Mmmm!" Jessica moaned. "Just what I needed to hear, especially after watching you with our daughter! Emily, pay close attention: if and when you find the right guy, make absolutely sure that he's madly in love with you BEFORE you marry him."

Emily sat on her heels beside us and tossed off a salute to her mother. "Will do, Mom. That is, of course, provided that I can find a guy who'd be willing to put up with sex inside the family. There is no way that I'm gonna give up Dad if I don't have to." She glanced at me with a wolfish, hungry look and a bright smile in her eyes.

I smiled back when my daughter said that. I felt the same exact way. Actually, the only way I'd stop wanting to have sex with her is if Jessica wanted to put a stop to it, but I didn't see that happening anytime this millennium. I rubbed the tip of my enflamed cock through the folds of my wife's pussy and said, "Are you ready for your home-coming, Honey?"

Amazingly enough, Jessica didn't answer right away. She remained thoughtfully still on her hands and knees in front of me while she stared at Emily for a wordless moment. Finally, she said, "I think I'd really like it if Emily was under me and giving us both some attention. What do you say, Sweetie?"

Emily didn't hesitate and immediately started to slide under her mother. "God yes!" she exclaimed. "I thought, for sure, that you'd keep me on the sidelines. Thanks, Mom!" As though to punctuate her appreciation, she stopped sliding on the floor so that her head was situated directly under her mother's breasts and began to lovingly suckle on her thick, erect nipples. As soon as our daughter's lips closed down on the first nipple, my wife arched her back appreciatively and groaned throatily. I still hadn't pushed myself into Jessica's wet entrance yet and simply took in the sight of daughter suckling mother for a few moments while Emily switched from one breast to the other. When Jessica started to gyrate her hips, though, I intervened.

"Sweetheart," I told Emily, "I think your mother is going to explode if I don't get my ass in gear."

"Just- ah!" Jessica gasped out loudly from her daughter's ministrations. "Just put it in, Duncan! Fucking hell, just fuck me already!"

Emily stopped lavishing attention to Jessica's teats and protested. "No! Wait! I want to put it in. Please? Can I, Mom?" She started to scoot her body further along the floor until her head was just under my groin and looking up at our genitals. I felt her hand slide up between us and grasp the base of my cock. "I want to put Daddy's cock inside you, Mom."

Jessica shivered at the pure hedonism of that statement but nodded her head, her hair flailing about like a nervous horse. "Oh, God, that's so sexy! Fine, then, Sweetie, but don't make me wait any longer! Jesus Fucking Christ, I need it NOW!"

Emily held onto the base of my cock with one hand while placing the other on my ass from beneath us. "All right, Dad. You ready?"

I grabbed my wife's hips and said, "Babe, I was ready a few minutes ago. Now I'm even more so!"

Emily put gentle pressure on my ass, moving my hips forward as the tip of my cock was carefully slotted into my wife's pussy by our little girl. With my daughter's encouragement, I felt myself slowly sink deeper into Jessica's depths until, as I'd grown accustomed to feeling by then, my cockhead bumped into my wife's cervix. "Holy shit, Dad!" Emily exclaimed from underneath us. "You're harder than I've ever seen. There's got to be another two inches to go! Mom, are you okay?"

Jessica huffed with excitement and nodded. "I'm fine, Sweetie. I've been having sex with your father longer than you've been alive, so I'm used to this by now. Go ahead and give me the rest, Honey!"

I obediently, gently pushed the remaining two inches of my cock into Jessica's steaming, tight cunt with barely a grunt while our daughter watched from her unique position. "Mom! The sound! You didn't make the sound!" Emily cried out in surprise.

Once I was fully seated inside, I answered for my wife, who was now taking deep breaths while she allowed her cervix to become accustomed to the intrusion. "She doesn't need to, Sweetheart," I told Emily. "Over the years we've gotten used to this. I expect that, with time, it'll come like second nature to you, too."

Emily's hand traced reverently from my balls, over her mother's mons and then to Jessica's tummy, where the tip of my cock created a small bulge. "Oh, it's so fucking amazing to see this!" Emily said. "I mean, to see my parents fucking... that's just out of this world, but to... wow. Mom, Dad- thank you for this."

"You haven't begun thanking us yet, little girl!" my wife proclaimed. Without moving the lower half of her body, ensuring that my cock didn't become dislodged from her womb, Jessica roughly grabbed our daughter's thighs and, without preamble, planted her mouth directly onto Emily's seething pussy. Emily let out a squeal of surprise and joy at the sudden attack and began to lovingly stroke my inner thighs with her hands while craning her neck upwards so that she could apply her tongue to where her mother and I were joined. Even as I felt my daughter's tongue lightly flash across my scrotum, I started to slowly saw my hardened length in and out of my wife's clamping pussy.

At first our tempo was slow and deliberate but it didn't take us long to throw patience completely out the window and dissolve into pure, unadulterated sex. Jessica attacked our daughter's pussy with true relish and vigor while Emily's tongue literally bathed her parents' genitals with her saliva. For my part, my hips frantically crashed into Jess' ass cheeks with wild abandon, which brought her to a quick, short orgasm. When she announced its arrival and I felt her pussy walls squeeze my rampaging cock, I didn't even slow down or minimize my thrusts; I kept on pounding her spasming cunt with relentless passion. We all three gasped and groaned for several minutes during our family ménage-a-trois and none of us cared a whit for anything but our mutual satisfaction.

"God, I love the way you taste!" Jessica cried out after several minutes of feasting on our daughter's creaming pussy. "And I can even taste some of your father's cum, too!"

"Mmm!" Emily sighed as her mother went back to her task. "You're wonderful, too, Mom! You taste like peaches!" On an outward thrust, she dislodged my cock from Jessica's cunt and, without warning, engulfed the first third of my shaft with her mouth. She sucked on my head for a few seconds and then withdrew it, inserted it back into her mother's pussy lips and said gleefully, "And you taste even better on Dad's dick!"

I kept thrusting wildly into my wife and growled out, "If you two keep talking like this I'm not going to last much longer!"

Jessica laughed at that, which caused her pussy to ripple pleasantly down my shaft. "You've been at it long enough, Honey," she told me. "You go ahead and cum whenever you're ready. Hell, I've cum and gone, like, three times already!"

"Yeah, Dad!" Emily gushed from under us. "Do it! I wanna see you cum inside Mom! I want to see how you made me!" For added effect, she leaned up again and resumed her assault on her mother's clit and the base of my shaft with her talented tongue. The smell of sex emanating from my wife and I was potent in the air and I could only imagine how much stronger it must seem to our daughter, who was so close to the action. The scent of it, I have to admit, was almost as intoxicating as the knowledge of what we were doing.

Jessica leaned the upper half of her body down a bit so that her ass was higher up in the air than her head while she continued to eat our daughter out with relish. After a few moments, though, she let out a wicked laugh. "Oh, yes!" she cried out triumphantly. "Have I got a fantastic idea for you two! Ooooh, you're gonna love this!"

"Does it involve me cumming inside you?" I asked breathlessly.

"Definitely!" my wife answered.

"Good!" I said gutturally, "Because I'm... just... about... THERE!" With that, I pushed as deep inside my wife's womb as I could get and felt my balls clench up fiercely, almost in protest. As my groin meshed against her ass, Jessica's uterus was immediately hosed down with a healthy dose of my cum. I felt my cock lurch forcefully with each ejaculation while my hips bucked spastically and held on to hers for dear life.

"Oh, wow!" Emily gasped from below. "I can actually see it!"

"Oh, fuck YES!" Jessica swooned. "God, I missed feeling you cum inside me like this! Yes, Honey, YES! Fill me up!"

I kept silent as I concentrated on giving my wife precisely what she'd asked for. My cock jerked rhythmically within her tight folds for several seconds but I refused to move lest my cockhead become dislodged from her cervix. There was no chance of getting her pregnant at this point in our lives, but the closeness derived from filling her with my seed was still a precious sensation that I knew she loved. Finally, after a long blessed moment of pure orgasmic bliss, my cock spewed the last of my load into her and went still. I flexed my PC muscles a few times to ensure that I'd injected her with every ounce I had to offer and, when I was sure that I was empty, I slowly began to pull my penis from the warm, moist embrace of my wife's pussy.

When my cock was completely clear of Jessica's entrance, Emily immediately fastened her lips to her mother's labia and began to push her tongue as deep inside as she could get it. Long, sweeping licks brushed through my wife's folds while I sat back on my heels to watch as small, white dollops of my cum found a home on my daughter's tongue. But Jessica, it seemed, had other plans.

"Sweetie," she said with panting breath, "as much as I love you doing that, could you please stop for a moment? I have an idea."

"Uh-oh," I said with a slight chuckle and resumed stroking my still-engorged member. That Viagra stuff was simply amazing! I felt like I could go again, despite the tired signals that were coming from my testicles. "This ought to be interesting."

My wife craned her neck around her shoulders to look at me past her hip. "Quiet you. Besides, I think you'll get a kick out of this, too." Then she directed her attention back to our daughter. "Honey, would you mind terribly getting back into the position you were in when we used the funnel, please?"

Emily lay still for a second while she tried to figure out what was on her mother's mind. When she realized that the best part of these kinds of ideas was to let them be a surprise, she just shrugged her shoulders and extricated herself from beneath her mother's well-fucked body. On the way out, however, she did stop to give each of Jessica's nipples a quick suck of appreciation, which caused her mother to shiver. When she was completely back out from under her mother, however, she wasted no time in getting onto her back and kicking her legs over her head. As an afterthought, she managed to pull her heels into a locked position behind her neck, which made her seem like a small bundle of nothing but face, pussy and her winking asshole. Her breasts, which were mostly covered by her calves, left exposed bits of nipple on each side, just below her armpits. In a matter of seconds my daughter had twisted her body into the perfect cum-receptacle. "Will this be okay?" she asked.

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