tagNovels and NovellasA Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 01

A Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 01


Author note: This story is completely fictional but it is based on experiences over a lifetime. Many of those experiences have been embellished in this story. All characters are at least 18 years of age. I broke down the story into chapters and I will submit it one chapter at a time. The series will continue as long as I get positive feedback. Suggestions for additional chapters are welcome through the comment section or e-mail. I have already used some previous suggestions and requests from readers in this story.















It was the spring of 1985 and four of us were sitting in the finished basement of Jack's house watching a porno movie from Jack's collection of films. The finished area included a bar, sectional sofa, several chairs and game tables. The wives were over at Ron's and Judy's house for an afternoon lunch. I was the only single guy at Jack's house having gone through a divorce five years ago. My name is Walt. Charlie's wife Jane, Ken's wife Sue and Jack's wife Nicky were among the wives at Judy's for lunch.

We were watching a European made movie. The acting and script were rough but the women were drop dead gorgeous. The women were a mix of blondes and brunettes with curvy natural figures. The men in the movie were all well endowed as one would expect. The three of us were engrossed in the movie and we never heard Pam enter the house. Pam was looking for Jack's wife Nicky and she came downstairs into the recreation room.

"Oh hi guys, I was looking for Nicky. Oh my God what are you watching!" a shocked Pam asked us.

"Hi Pam. Nicky is over at Judy's. The wives are having a lunch get together," Jack told her.

Pam continued to stare at the TV screen as she had never seen a porno flick. I saw the interest on Pam's face so I invited her to come over to where I was seated. The other guys didn't know it but I had already fucked Pam once before. Pam and her husband John were swingers and they had asked me and my girlfriend at the time to swing with them. My girlfriend Sandy was all for it so the four of us got together at my house. That night my cock had been in Pam's mouth, pussy and ass. She really got into my cock which is above average at 8" long and over 5" around.

"Pam, come over here by me," I encouraged her.

"I really shouldn't. I should get going," Pam said unconvincingly as she moved closer to me. "I have never seen anything like this. Those women are absolutely beautiful."

Pam was watching a blonde and a brunette both taking on three guys at the same time. They both had cocks in their mouths, cunts and asses. Pam stood next to me by the sofa and I noticed that she was wearing a light cotton dress without nylons. Pam's legs were pretty, toned and well tanned so she didn't really need nylons. I dropped my hand to her calf and let it drift up her leg under her skirt.

"Don't," Pam whispered but she didn't move away.

I caressed the back of her knee and she trembled at the touch. I moved my hand higher and caressed the back of her thigh and then I let my hand slide between her legs and caress the inside of her thigh. Pam gasped and shivered at the touch but she still didn't move away. Pam eyes were riveted on the screen as I toyed with her. I moved my hand up to her panty covered pussy and I found her panty already wet with her excitement. I liked Pam's 36 year old body. She was 5'7" and weighed less than 135 pounds. She had shapely legs, nice firm 34B tits and a very curvy ass. Pam had light brown hair that just covered her neck. She was very sensuous and she was a great lover.

I ran my hand over her vulva and then let my hand creep under her panties and cupped one of her shapely buttocks. Pam was struggling with how far she should let things go and other three guys were staring at us hopeful that things would go further. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that Pam and John were swingers. Some of the other couples had been approached by John about swinging with them. To my knowledge Sandy and I were the only ones that ever did. Pam's pussy was now dripping wet and I decided to lower her panties.

Pam's body stiffened momentarily when I eased her panties down to her knees. Then she spread her legs slightly making it easier for me to finger her pussy. I quickly located her g-spot and rubbed the overly sensitive area. I let my thumb dance along her clit as I rubbed the hard flesh in her vagina. Pam let out a gasp which she muffled with one hand signaling that she a mild orgasm.

At that point I unbuckled my belt, unfastened my pants and pushed them down along with my underwear to my knees. My erect cock jumped out and slapped against my stomach. It was the first time Jack and Charlie had ever seen my cock and it surprised them. Ken had seen my cock before because we had fucked the same girl on one of our ski trips out west. Pam was still staring at the TV and watching the two women getting triple fucked.

"Pam, look what I have for you," I said stroking my cock.

Pam looked at me and saw that I had lowered my clothes and I was stroking my cock. She turned beet red and then she looked at the other guys and I could sense her concern. "Come on Pam, suck my cock. You know you want to," I whispered.

I still had my fingers in her pussy when Pam leaned over and took my cock in her mouth. Then I watched as the other guys took their cocks out and began to stroke them. Jack and Ken had average size cocks but Charlie had a small one. Charlie Wong was Chinese and he only stood at 5'4" tall. His wife Jane was also petite at 5'3" tall. I had never seen Charlie's cock before and it was very different looking at a small erect cock. I then recalled the phrase from my days in the military when guys referred to Asian cocks as rice dicks.

As Pam sucked on my cock which she did so well, I lowered her panties to her ankles and had her step out of them. Then I pulled Pam around in front of me as she reluctantly released my cock from her mouth. I lifted Pam's dress and had Pam sit on me slipping my cock into her pussy so that she was still facing the TV. Pam groaned loudly as my thick cock spread her pussy lips and sank deep into her. I had my hands under Pam's skirt and I caressed her curvy buttocks as she rode my cock. That was too much for Ken so he got up and came over to us. Ken lowered his pants and underwear o his knees and he fed Pam his cock which she willingly took in her mouth. No one was watching the movie any longer as Jack and Charlie gathered around as well. They too lowered their pants and underwear to their knees.

Pam bounced up and down on my cock as she sucked on Ken's cock. Jack and Charlie stroked their cocks anxiously awaiting Pam's mouth to free up. Pam took Jack's and Charlie's cocks in her hands and began to play with them. The five of us made quite a sight in Jack's basement if anyone else should happen to come in. Ken then announced that he was cumming and his body stiffened as he came in Pam's mouth. Pam took every drop of Ken's load and sucked his cock dry. Before Jack could put his cock in Pam's mouth, I said, "Let's take this to the floor."

Pam got off me and I stretched out on the floor covered with shag carpet. I told Pam to sit on my cock and I held her dress up as she lowered her pussy back onto my cock. Now my cock was rubbing against her clit and she was getting excited again. I could see the lust in Pam's eyes now as she rode my cock. Jack moved to her side and she took his cock in her mouth. I watched as Charlie got wide eyed as he looked at Pam's ass. Charlie was a horny Chinaman who was always talking about butt fucking other women.

Charlie used Pam's pussy juice to lube her asshole and then he pushed his dick into her asshole. The natural lube worked as Charlie's small dick slid in easily to Pam's well used bottom. I watched as Charlie's eyes got wide with excitement and I knew that he was not going to last long. Then Charlie yelled, "Oh man this is something, this is great."

Minutes later Charlie ejaculated into Pam's rectum and shortly after, Jack came in Pam's mouth. The two guys separated themselves from Pam leaving her to ride my cock which she did until she had a massive orgasm. Pam announced that she was cumming and screamed for me to hold her tight. I wrapped my arms around her body and held her tight to me as she rocked and trembled with her orgasm. I still had not cum but as soon as Pam had recovered she worked her magic on me and I shot my load into her womb.

Pam got off of me and she made her way to the downstairs bathroom. Minutes later Pam emerged from the bathroom and located her panties. She pulled her panties back on and I admired her legs again as she lifted her dress. Pam was blushing now as the reality of what happened sunk in. "Please, you guys, not a word to anyone," Pam pleaded.

"Not to worry Pam, our lips our sealed. If word gets out there will be hell to pay with me," I said in a very serious tone and the asked, "Do we understand each other guys?"

Jack, Charlie and Ken all nodded that they understood and agreed. I had a black belt in karate and they knew that I was serious. Besides they didn't really want their wives to know about their indiscretions. Pam smiled and said good bye and then she left the house to join the other wives at Judy's house. I told the guys that with swingers it was okay to fuck someone else as long as you both were doing it together. It was kind of an unwritten rule that you didn't fuck around when you were by yourself. I explained that's why Pam was so adamant about keeping quiet as she really took a chance fucking the three of us. The guys then understood and then the four of us refreshed our drinks and returned to watching the movie.


Chapter Two takes us back five years earlier in the neighborhood and an event that changes Walt's life forever.

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