tagNovels and NovellasA Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 09

A Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 09


Author note: This story is completely fictional but it is based on experiences over a lifetime. Many of those experiences have been embellished in this story. All characters are at least 18 years of age. I broke down the story into chapters and I will submit it one chapter at a time. The series will continue as long as I get positive feedback. Suggestions for additional chapters are welcome through the comment section or e-mail. I have already used some previous suggestions and requests from readers in this story.



One of the couples in our neighborhood had a teenage daughter named Jackie who was a big tease and flirt. Until Jackie was 18 years old we all ignored her as we knew better than to screw with an underage girl. I sensed that Jackie was not a virgin but it was just a guess on my part based on her behavior. The summer after she turned 18 she spent a lot of time at Ken's pool. She looked good in her bikini and she had developed a great tan. I guessed Jackie's figure to be 34-21-35 which looked good on her 5'6" frame. Ken began coming on to Jackie and I noticed that any time he could he grabbed her ass. Jackie would just giggle and wiggle her ass at him and act coy. I knew that Ken would probably try to fuck the teenager but I felt in was dangerous territory and I tried to ignore her.

Jackie's parents were having a deck built so one week day when I was home I walked over to check it out. There was no one around which was odd. Jackie's parents both worked but the worker's should have been around and Jackie was usually home. Then I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye and I realized that someone was in the house. I walked toward the sliding glass door that led to the lower level recreation room and peeked in. I was never prepared for the sight before me.

Jackie was in the recreation room with the two young contractors. Both guys had their cut-off shorts and underwear down around their ankles. One guy was sitting on the pool table and Jackie was leaning over sucking his cock. The other guy was standing behind Jackie fucking her from behind. Jackie was completely naked with her bikini on the floor next to her. The guy who was getting his cock sucked was playing with Jackie's tits. Upon further inspection I noticed that the guy fucking her from behind was fucking her in the ass. This was a teenager who was definitely advanced beyond her years sexually.

I decided to have some fun so I moved closer to the sliding glass door so that I could be seen. The guy sitting on the pool table was the only one facing me and when he spotted me he panicked. He pushed Jackie's head off his cock and he must have warned her because she turned toward me. I waved to the three of them and then I walked away. I never knew whether they finished their encounter that day but I suspected that I would get a visit from Jackie soon after I left and I was right.

Jackie walked over to my place about and hour after I spotted her having sex. She was wearing her bikini with a transparent wrap over her body. "Can I come in," she asked.

"Of course you can," I said stepping back and letting her enter and then said, "Let's sit by the pool."

I felt better about her being outside by the pool. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Can I have a mixed drink?"

"Sure, I can make just about anything and I have some vodka slushes all ready made."

"Vodka slush would be cool."

I poured slushes for both of us and brought them out to the pool. "So to what do I owe the honor of your presence," I teased knowing full well why she was there.

"I need you to be cool about what you saw today," Jackie requested, blushing as she spoke.

"What did I see today?" I came over to your house to check on the deck but I couldn't find anyone around."

"Thanks, I knew you would be cool about it."

"No problem, but you definitely need to be more discreet in the future. That could have been any of the neighbors and that would have been embarrassing," I reminded her.

"Yeah I thought of that afterward. My parents would freak out if they found out."

"That's putting it mildly," I replied with a laugh.

"Can I hang out here for awhile and use the pool and sunbathe? I feel awkward at home with the contractors still there," Jackie asked.

"Sure stay here all day if you like. I'm working out of the house today."

I noticed that her glass was empty so I got her a refill. When I returned to the pool Jackie had removed her wrap and was laying face down on the lounge. I ogled her youthful shapely body that only and hour ago had a cock in her ass and one in her mouth. Jackie had a terrific young body and she was very desirous. She had unhooked her bikini bra and the straps lay at her side. Her bikini bottom was skimpy and it was nestled in the crack of her ass. Jackie's lovely ass cheeks were on display.

"Would you put some lotion on my back?" she requested.

"Sure," I replied handing her the drink.

Jackie took the drink and set in on the table next to the lounge and as she did her tits came into view. She had obviously been sun bathing topless as there were no tan lines. I felt my cock stir as I studied her body. I took off my shirt and sat next to her in just my swim trunks. I poured an ample amount of lotion in my hands and massaged it into her shoulders, back and the nape of her neck. I as put lotion on the side of her body my hands brushed against the sides of her breasts.

"Do you mind doing my legs too?" she asked.

Without answering her I began to apply the lotion to her shapely firm legs. Her skin was silky smooth under my hands. I ran my hands between her legs and applied lotion to her inner thighs. I let my hand get dangerously close to her crotch and once I even touch her bikini bottom. I kept looking at her exposed buttocks as I did her legs and then I applied the lotion to the cheeks of her ass. Jackie cooed when my hands massaged her curvy ass and I felt my cock stiffen in my shorts. Then throwing caution to the wind, I let my hand slide beneath her bikini bottom and I fondled her shapely ass. Next I put my finger in the crack and toyed with her anus. Jackie wiggled her butt in response but she did not tell me to stop. I pulled the bikini bottom to one side and poured lotion in the crack of her ass. Then I gently probed and penetrated her anus.

Jackie wiggled her curvy ass in response and then asked softly, "Are you going to fuck me in the ass right here by your pool?"

"I would love to but I don't think that would be too smart," I answered as I probed her asshole with my slick finger.

"Can we go in your house?" she asked in an excited voice.

"I'm ready when you are," I said and then I pinched her ass and then added, "I'm going to cool off first."

I walked over and entered my swimming pool and I know that Jackie noticed the erection in my swim suit. She then got up and entered the pool also. We stood in water up to Jackie's neck and we cuddled in the pool. I slipped my hands into her bikini and played with her curvy ass. She in turn slipped her hand down the front of my swim suit and played with my erect cock. We worked ourselves into quite a state before we returned to the house.

As soon as we entered my house I took Jackie in my arms and we kissed passionately. Jackie pulled her bikini bottom to one side baring her pussy and I pulled my hard cock out of my swim suit. Jackie wrapped her arms around my neck and hoisted her legs up to my waist. I cupped her shapely ass in both hands as my cock settled into her soaking wet pussy. She had obviously been thinking about this and the foreplay in the pool really had her turned on.

"Oh! Oh my, that feels good." She gasped.

"Oh yes!" Jackie squirmed against me, pulling me tightly to her.

The standing position felt unexpectedly awkward as I was about nine inches taller than Jackie and I had to stoop slightly to thrust my cock in and out of her. It wasn't too comfortable for my lower back, but the sensations around my cock and Jackie's expression and moans, more than made up for it. I could sense it felt good for her.

There was just the two of us standing there and sharing our bodies. We were both lost in each other and how good this felt. As we continued, Jackie's pussy became slicker with natural lubrication making the motion easier and easier. It was hard to hold onto her lotion covered body. I began to thrust harder and at one point Jackie's legs slipped from my waist causing us to almost lose our balance. We stumbled slightly and I moved backwards a step or two. Somehow I managed keep us together and stay inside of her. We looked at each other and grinned, then looking where I was walking I moved us to the wall and pushed her gently back against it. I took hold of the inside of each leg and lifted her thighs up and out, supporting them with the palm of my hand. Jackie leaned against the wall for extra balance and gasped as my cock penetrated her deeply again. I was now supporting her weight as I drilled her pussy.

"Oh God, that feels so good!" she said as she pulled her body up to lessen the load on my arms.

With her pussy more exposed and the wall to press against I could move in and out of her more confidently, so I broke into a faster rhythm. Jackie gasped and muttered unintelligent sounds as she took in gasps of air. She tensed and her face took on that familiar look that girls get as she cried out lost in pleasure

"Yes! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes!" as her face contorted and her body stiffened.

"Agh!" her pussy squeezed and relaxed as her orgasm hit.

I stopped thrusting and enjoyed the feeling of her pussy pulsing around me. After she stopped gasping and shaking she relaxed a little. I began to fuck slowly and gently into her as Jackie's face looked strained. Eventually I stopped with my cock still buried in her quim.

"No don't stop I'm okay, I'm safe. Keep going I want to feel you cum in me," she gasped but her legs slipped weakly from my waist and I held onto her shapely ass as her legs dropped to the floor and she steadied herself.

"On the bed now," I said as I pulled my cock out of her.

I peeled her bikini bottoms down and off her legs. Then I stripped off my own swimsuit and we both moved toward the bed in my bedroom. Jackie grinned at me and then made her request.

"From behind, fuck me from behind," she said as she knelt on the bed on all fours.

I knelt behind her and taking hold of her curvy ass I let my cock touch her pussy before I slipped it into her again. Soon I was slapping against her buttocks, watching her firm tits bounce and sway. Jackie groaned loudly as I took hold of her curvy ass cheeks with both hands as I thrust faster and harder into her. I was so deep in her and her toned body felt so tight that I knew I wouldn't last much longer.

"Get ready Jackie, here it cums," I gasped loudly when I felt my balls tighten.

The sensations grew more and more intense and her shapely ass felt hot under my hands as her pussy felt even hotter around my cock. Her ass hunched up with her head down and her fingers clenched hold of the bed sheets in each fist. Her pussy rubbed and pulsated along the length of my cock and the friction was incredible. The first blast shot deeply into her womb and Jackie gasped.

"Oh Walt, that's it, give it to me. Oh I feel it," she cried out.

The heat of my orgasm filled my shaft as it flowed through it and then surged and exploded from the tip. With a groan I thrust hard into her body as cum fired from my convulsing cock leaving me shaking and feeling light headed. Jackie cried out and shook too and we stayed locked together in our mutual pleasure as our bodies collapsed on the bed. I stayed on top of her until our bodies relaxed and our breathing returned to normal. Then I moved off her and lay next to her in the warm afterglow of sex.

We cuddled next to each other for several more minutes before we began to talk quietly. I ran a hand over her thighs, ass, back, shoulders and hair. I was still excited by her mature body and I slipped my hand onto her breast and gently stroked it as we whispered to each other about how good it felt to be with one another. Jackie's hand found my balls and gently tickled them. I flinched in pleasure and her hand next moved to my flaccid cock and she gently held it. As we continued to whisper to each other, her hand gently worked my limp cock. She tugged and squeezed it and circled her fingers around the head. As she worked my cock we stopped talking and I gasped in pleasure as my dick began to harden again. Jackie smiled as I knew she was proud of her ability to arouse me again. I rolled her nipple between my finger and thumb and she closed her eyes dreamily. My cock stood erect and Jackie's hand squeezed and relaxed around it. I kissed her and rolled her over on all fours again. Then I greased her asshole with the nearby lube that I always had handy.

Satisfied that she was well lubed I straddled her hips and dipped my slick cock into her pussy to coat it with juices and then I eased it into her ass. My cock head slipped past the moistened sphincter and the spongy head disappeared into her ass. Her anal ring snapped closed behind the cock head and I marveled at the sight before me. I only had the head of my cock in her and she lifted her hips and pushed back obviously wanting more. I would have never gone after her ass our first time together if I hadn't seen her getting butt fucked earlier.

"Not too deep at first and then go deeper," she whispered as a caution to me.

My cock felt bigger than it ever had as I eased more of it into her anal passage. I watched as it stretched her open and slid easily in her slippery hole. I continued my slow penetration until the entire length of my shaft was balls deep in her ass. Jackie gasped and grabbed the bed sheets as I hit bottom and then she moved her ass in time with my thrusts.

"Let's fuck on our sides," she rasped.

I rolled both of us to our left side and settled into the spoon position with my cock buried in her asshole. My left arm came around and fondled one of her tits and tweaked her nipples as my right hand sought out her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her pussy and located her G-spot as I fucked her ass and played with her tits. Jackie was going wild as her orgasmic, constricting muscles gripped me firmly.

We fucked slowly as she arched her back and we fitted together perfectly. Her gasps were intermittent and interrupted with cries and sobs of pleasure. Her ass felt so snug at that moment that I wondered how the semen would ever get out of my cock. I fought to hold back my orgasm as long as possible but the undulating walls of her asshole were just too much. I felt the familiar boiling in my balls and I thrust into her as the first blast of cum exploded into her rectum. I barely heard her pleas for me to fill her ass with cum as her contractions milked every drop from my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the new feeling of warm semen surrounding my cock in her sheath.

"I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass," she sighed as my cock remained nestled in her hole.

For some reason I stayed hard and I kept right on fucking Jackie's ass. I pummeled her ass as I sought out another ejaculation. Jackie's ass was loose and slippery from the combination of the lube and my semen but she was still snug around my cock. Once again I stiffened and fired a barrage of cum into her rectum. I could feel my cock pulsate again as it released a torrent of cum deep into her anal recess.

We lay still for a few minutes recovering from the intense fuck session. I had forgotten about my cock in her ass until it had softened and slipped from her hole. I felt my wet cock drop on my thigh and I knew that cum was trickling out of Jackie's asshole. We rested several minutes and then I suggested a shower. We both showered together and washed in each other's body. Then Jackie put her bikini and wrap back on and headed home. I reminded her that she was welcome to use the pool anytime. Jackie smiled at me turned away and patted her ass as she left my house.


Walt returns from a business trip to find two girls in his house.

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