tagNovels and NovellasA Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 11

A Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 11


Author note: This story is completely fictional but it is based on experiences over a lifetime. Many of those experiences have been embellished in this story. All characters are at least 18 years of age. I broke down the story into chapters and I will submit it one chapter at a time. The series will continue as long as I get positive feedback. Suggestions for additional chapters are welcome through the comment section or e-mail. I have already used some previous suggestions and requests from readers in this story.



One Thursday when I was working out of the house I received a phone call from Judy. I had promised her to help her with her tennis game and she called to see if I was available. I told her that I had a conference call that would last about an hour and then I could break free for awhile. I wrapped up my call, changed into my tennis gear and called Judy. She walked down to my house and she looked good in her tennis outfit. Her legs were so tan and so fit that I felt my loins stir once again. I grabbed a hopper of balls and my racquet and we headed to the public courts.

Since it was Thursday the courts were just about empty. There were four ladies playing doubles on one court so we moved several courts away. Judy wanted to work on her backhand and serve that day. We stretched out and warmed up for awhile before we started to work on her strokes. Judy was on my side of the net as I demonstrated the backhand. Then I had her hit balls as I bounced them to her. Once she seemed to have the stroke down I had her go to the other side of the net so we could rally. I kept feeding balls to her backhand until the hopper was empty. Then we picked up the balls and started again.

This time I hit balls to both her forehand and backhand making sure that she always returned to the ready position. I started hitting the balls wider causing her to move to her left and her right until we exhausted the hopper again. Judy was tired so we took a water break and then began work on the serve. I decided to teach her the top spin serve which was the most reliable and most consistent. I explained to Judy that if she learned the top spin serve that she could use it for both her first and second serve. It was the best way for a beginner to be consistent.

I demonstrated the serve and then I showed her how to execute it step by step. We worked on the consistent toss and then the foot work. I showed her how to loop the racquet behind her back and then extend it upwards to make contact with the ball. The key to the serve was to turn the wrist outward which is a hard concept to grasp at first. We went through one hopper of balls and then picked them up. Judy was still having trouble with the loop and wrist turn so I stood behind her and guided her arm through the serve. As I moved Judy's arm through the motion she leaned back into me. Whether it was intentional or unintentional she pushed her shapely ass into my crotch. As I used my right hand to guide her through the serve I circled her slim waist with my left hand. At that point I knew that the lesson was over.

Judy pushed her ass into me and wiggled it against my crotch. My cock stiffened in my shorts immediately and I was sure that Judy could feel it press against her buttocks. Then Judy reached back with her left hand and rubbed my cock through my shorts. I slipped my hand under her tennis skirt and rubbed her pussy through her cotton panties which by then were soaked. Judy moaned and whispered as if someone would hear us.

"Can we take this back to your house? I think that I had enough tennis for one day," she said in a sultry voice.

"Absolutely," I agreed and we then left the public courts.

Judy and I drove back to my house and on the way she kept rubbing my cock through my shorts. "It feels as if you have another tennis racquet in there," she teased.

I pulled the car in the garage and then we made a bee line for my bedroom. We had our tennis clothes off in record time and we jumped in my bed naked. Judy lay back and I marveled at her shapely body with her incredible legs. I positioned my head between her legs and she held it gently as my tongue sought out her pussy. She gasped loudly when my tongue touched her clit and again when my fingers located her g-spot. Judy orgasmed quickly but it was a mild one and hardly noticeable except that her juices flowed into my mouth. I kept at her pussy with my fingers and tongue until she begged me to fuck her.

I knelt between her legs and I followed Judy's eyes to my cock. I kept my weight off her as I entered her pussy and let her watch my cock slide into her quim. Judy moaned softly at the penetration and then she wrapped her legs and arms around me and pulled me close to her. Our bodies meshed together and I began to fuck her slowly. I tried to outlast her as I wanted to bring her pleasure before I ejaculated in her. I was successful and Judy went wild and humped her body wildly thrusting her hips up at me as I drilled her. She let out a loud scream and her arms and legs tightened around me as an intense orgasm rocked her.

I held still with my cock buried in her pussy until she stopped moving beneath me. Then I resumed fucking her slowly, this time in search of my release but that didn't happen. As I was fucking Judy I heard a voice behind me call out. "Now that's what I call a tennis lesson."

I stopped moving and looked over my shoulder to see Nicky standing there in a skimpy bikini. Apparently she had come over to use the pool and Judy must have told her about the tennis lesson. Then Judy and I watched as Nicky took off her bikini and walked toward the bed. "It looks like you guys have been fucking for hours. I hope you have something left for me," Nicky said as she got on the bed next to Judy.

"Do it Walt, fuck her too," Judy announced.

I slipped my cock out of Judy's cunt and positioned my body between Nicky's legs. Nicky welcomed me into her body and just as Judy had done; she wrapped her arms and legs around me as I entered her. Vicky moaned softly as my cock slid all the way in and then we began to fuck. Judy leaned over and kissed Nicky which shocked me as I did not know that they were intimate. Judy then began to play with Nicky's small tits and suck on Nicky's protruding nipples. Nicky was going wild with the attention to her tits and the fucking she was getting. I made sure to keep my cock in constant contact with Nicky's clit as I fucked her and it did not take long for her to reach her climax. Nicky screamed loudly when she orgasmed and like Judy, she thrust up into me and writhed below me.

Nicky's arms and legs tightened around my body as she rode out her crescendo. Then she released her arms and legs and collapsed back on my bed. I still had not cum but I was very close to releasing my load. Judy then told me to get on my back between her and Nicky. The two women then began to tease the life out of me as they kissed and caressed up and down my body. Then they moved their heads down to my cock and alternated sucking on it. Judy would suck it a few times and then pass it to Nicky who would in turn suck it a few times before passing it back to Judy.

They continued this action driving me wild and then I told them that I was going to cum. Judy jerked on my cock until I ejaculated shooting semen into the air. I was incredibly turned on and I fired a barrage of sperm into the air. Five or six ropes of cum shot out of my cock and the two women giggled as they watched my release. "Gees look at it all," Nicky remarked.

Judy kept jerking my cock until the barrage subsided and then she took it in her mouth and sucked the seed from my shaft. Judy then passed it to Nicky who also sucked it and they passed it back and forth until it was drained of all semen. Nicky and Judy then kissed again and then they both kissed me driving their tongues into my mouth. The three of us remained in bed for awhile kissing and caressing each other before we decided to use the Jacuzzi. We walked naked out to the pool deck and entered the hot tub. I stopped to get some beers for us on the way out. I sat in the tub with Judy and Nicky on either side of me as we played with each other's body. The Jacuzzi was just more foreplay before we returned to my bedroom for more sex.

Just then the phone rang and I took the call thinking that it might be a business call. The voice at the other end was recognizable and it wasn't business. "What are you up to over there today?" Ken asked.

I covered the mouth piece and called out to Judy and Nicky who were kissing each other. "Hey you two, be quiet, it's Ken," I told them.

"Tell him to come over and join us," Nicky said.

"Judy," I said questionably.

She thought about it and then nodded her agreement saying, "Yeah sure why not, tell him to come over."

"Ken, Judy and Nicky are here come on over," I said into the phone.

Ken never responded but I heard the distinctive click of the phone hanging up and I knew that Ken would arrive shortly. At first I thought that Judy and Nicky would want to get dressed before Ken arrived but they elected to remain naked. It was very clear what they had on their minds. I had always suspected that Ken and Nicky had hooked up before and today would confirm that. Minutes later Ken arrived and I answered the door nude. Ken laughed as he entered my house and we went back to my bedroom. Ken wasted no time taking off his clothes but Nicky got out of bed and steered Ken toward the guest room. I then got back in bed with Judy.

I pulled her legs apart and let her guide my cock into her pussy. I eased my thick cock into Judy's tight cunt and worked it slowly until I was balls deep in her pussy. I knew that with her tightness that she could probably feel every ridge and vein of my cock touch her vaginal wall. Judy gasped again when I hit bottom. As I fucked her slowly I made sure that my cock never lost contact with her clit. Judy stiffened as she orgasmed and then grunted and groaned through multiple orgasms as her body was rocked with one climax after the other. As I pounded her pussy my cock moved easily in her now soaked pussy. Judy stiffened one more time, screamed and then went limp with her final orgasm which was the most intense of the day.

I rolled off Judy and she rolled over on her stomach as if to protect her pussy from another pounding. I caressed her ass and teased her between her ass cheeks. I searched for her nether hole as I massaged her bottom. I finally reached the object of my desire and I rubbed juice from her pussy into her asshole. She lifted her hips slightly as I worked her firm ass cheeks. I pulled her buns apart slightly and stared at the cute little aperture. I traced my finger over the ridges of her now swollen sphincter and watched as it seemed to pulse and throb under its own accord.

I scooped more juice out of her pussy with my fingers and pushed it into her asshole. Judy's hips bucked in response to my probing. I loved anal sex and I loved to watch my cock slide in and out of a hot ass. I was hoping that Judy would let me fuck her ass this time. As my finger entered her channel she gripped it with her anal muscles. I continued to finger fuck her ass adding more natural lube from her pussy as needed and eventually I added a second finger. Satisfied that she was well lubed I straddled her hips and guided my slick cock into her pussy to coat it with juices and then I tried to ease it into her ass. Judy was too tight however so I got the lube from my night table and thoroughly greased her asshole. This time my cock head slipped past the moistened sphincter and the spongy head disappeared into her ass. Her anal ring snapped closed behind the cock head and I marveled at the sight before me. I only had the head of my cock in her and she lifted her hips and pushed back obviously wanting more.

"Oh my God do I want to do this?" she asked out loud. I held still in her ass letting her get used to the penetration and then she spoke again. "Not too deep at first and then go easy," she whispered.

My cock felt bigger than it ever had as I eased more of it into her anal passage. I watched as it stretched her open and slid easily in her slippery hole. I continued my slow penetration until the entire length of my shaft was balls deep in her ass. Judy gasped and grabbed the bed sheets as I hit bottom and then moved her ass in time with my thrusts. I could tell that she was feeling some pain but that she also wanted it to happen.

"Let's fuck on our sides," she rasped.

I rolled both of us to our left side and settled into the spoon position with my cock buried in her asshole. That seemed to relax her somewhat although I missed looking at her curvy ass. My left arm came around and fondled one of her tits and tweaked her nipples as my right hand sought out her pussy. I pushed two fingers into her pussy as I fucked her ass and played with her tits. Judy was going wild as her orgasmic, constricting muscles gripped me firmly.

We fucked slowly as she arched her back and we fitted together perfectly. Her gasps were intermittent and interrupted with cries and sobs of pleasure. Her ass was so snug that I wondered how the semen ever got out of my cock. I fought to hold back my orgasm as long as possible but the undulating walls of her asshole were just too much. I felt the familiar boiling in my balls and I thrust into her as the first blast of cum exploded into her rectum. I barely heard her pleas for me to fill her ass with cum as her contractions milked every drop from my cock. I continued to fuck her slowly and I enjoyed the new feeling of warm semen surrounding my cock in her sheath.

"I liked that. It hurt at first but I'm glad we did it. I love the feel of your warm cum in my ass," she sighed as my cock remained nestled in her hole.

We remained in the spoon position for quite awhile until my deflated cock slipped from her ass. Judy rolled toward me and smiled as she whispered. "Please don't tell Nicky that you fucked me in the ass."

"Don't worry, I don't kiss and tell," I assured her.

Just then Nicky and Ken came back to my bedroom. "We were going to take a swim do you want to join us?" Nicky offered.

"Sure we'll be right there," I replied.

The four of us then went into my swimming pool and once again I was thankful for the private backyard. It was fun swimming naked with the neighbors and we even played a little grab ass. After about a half hour of swimming we hit the Jacuzzi briefly to get warm again and then we returned to my bedroom. This time the four of us were in one bed.

"Ken wants to fuck Judy this time and I want to fuck my brains out," Nicky said to me.

I pushed Nicky back down in bed and then I rubbed Nicky's tits and sucked her nipples into an erect state. Then I began my descent down her body kissing her belly, thighs and finally her pussy. She was sopping wet and after a few licks of her clit she pulled me up by my head.

"Fuck me, I'm ready, fuck me with your big cock," Nicky demanded as she gasped for breath.

I eased my dick into her pussy and began to fuck her slowly. Soon my cock was sliding easily in and out of her and we picked up the pace. Nicky wrapped her arms around my back and her legs around the back of my legs. She arched her back as she humped me hard and fast and I made sure that my cock stayed in contact with her clit as I plowed her cunt. We fucked hard and long working ourselves toward an exhaustive state like two wrestlers sweating, panting and trying to best the other. I could feel my orgasm building but I did not want to cum before Nicky and I was relieved when I felt her tense up.

"Walter, hold me, hold me, I'm coming, oh, oh, oh" Nicky screamed as she reached her crescendo!

She tensed up wrapping her arms around my back and her legs around the back of my legs in a vice like grip. I held her trembling body tight and I could feel her drench my cock with her pussy juice just before my own intense orgasm. I could feel it building in my balls and then I exploded filling her with my man seed. It seemed endless as I fired round after round of hot cum into her pussy.

I remained still with my cock still in Nicky's pussy as she uttered unintelligent moans and sounds as her body quivered. Her vagina muscles were squeezing and releasing my cock milking all the juice out of it. My deflated cock slipped from her vagina and she flinched as cool air touched her opening. I had forgotten all about Ken and Judy with the intensity of my fuck session with Nicky. I looked over at them and they were seated on the edge of the bed. They had obviously fucked and then turned their attention to us as we finished.

"Are you two okay? I thought you two were going to hurt each other the way you making love," Judy spoke first.

"That wasn't making love Judy, we were fucking our brains out," answered Nicky.

Then Ken said, "I have to get going, Sue will be looking for me soon."

Ken, then Nicky and then Judy dressed and left my house. It had been another wonderful day in the neighborhood. Now that Ken was in on the action I wondered what the future held for all of us.


An encore with Nicky.

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