tagNovels and NovellasA Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 13

A Swinging Neighborhood Ch. 13


Author's note: This story is completely fictional but it is based on experiences over a lifetime. Many of those experiences have been embellished in this story. All characters are at least 18 years of age. This will be the last chapter in this series. It could go on longer but I think that this chapter will be a fitting conclusion to the story. I have also received e-mails with story lines requesting that I write other stories. The next one will be about a step-mother who is insanely jealous of her step daughter and the favoritism the daughter receives from her father.


Trudy and I played mixed doubles one Saturday morning at the club. Our opponents were Denise and a friend of hers. Denise was a cute little blonde. She was just about flat chested with a very tom boyish figure. But she was one hell of a fuck and she loved oral sex both giving and receiving. Trudy had mentioned that Denise was bi and had come on to her once and I was still curious about that. After tennis I invited both Denise and Trudy back to the house for a swim. Denise said that she had to run a few errands first and then she would be over. Trudy and I then headed to my house.

I admired Trudy in her tennis outfit which consisted of a very short tennis skirt with a halter top. Her shapely legs were on display and her flat tummy peeked out under the halter top. Trudy moved close to me, I was seated in the family room and I took in her beautiful shapely legs. I felt that all too familiar stirring in my loins again as I looked her up and down. Trudy started to speak but then stopped when she felt my hand caress the back of her knee and then move up her thigh. Her body stiffened and she caught her breath when she felt my touch. I moved my other hand to the front of the same leg and then I stroked her with both hands. She remained speechless as my hands moved up and down her thighs as they roamed under her tennis skirt. She gasped slightly when my hands caressed her panty covered pussy and ass.

"You know I always had this fantasy about fucking a female tennis player in the ass just before her match," I admitted.

"Really!" she said as her voice cracked.

"Yeah, she would be in her tennis outfit with her panties pulled down to her knees. I imagine that I'm a ball boy and I am fucking her in the ass and cumming in her ass just before she takes centre court. I pull up her panties after cumming in her ass, pat her lovingly on her shapely round bottom and wish her well in her match," I continued.

"Then I work the match as the ball boy and I think about her cum filled ass as she runs around on the court playing her match," I added.

"Wow that is some imagination," Trudy replied.

I then had Trudy lean over the coffee table and I pulled Trudy's panties down to her knees and flipped her short tennis skirt up over her back putting her beautiful ass on display. I grabbed the hand lotion from her tennis bag and applied an ample amount of it in her asshole. I fingered her ass with one then two fingers before I pushed my shorts down and lubed up my cock. I then stepped up behind her and slipped my aroused cock deep into her ass. Trudy emitted a gasp as my cock slid all the way in on the first thrust. I plowed her asshole and fucked her rapidly in search of my much needed orgasm. She eventually began to move her hips in an attempt to match my thrusts and it was obvious that she was turned on by the scene. Trudy was gasping and grunting as I began to really pummel her ass. I picked up the pace even more and held to Trudy's shapely buttocks as our hips slapped noisily together. She was really into it now and the two of us fucked like maniacs.

"Oh yeah that's it, that's the way to fuck my ass. Give it to me, cum in me, cum in my ass," she screamed.

We were both sweating from the physical intensity of our butt fucking. I slammed into her as my cock now moved freely in her ass. I felt my orgasm approaching and as much as I wanted to prolong the ass fucking session, I couldn't. My body stiffened and I plunged my cock all the way into her gorgeous ass. Streams of semen shot into her rectum as I seemed to cum continuously for several minutes.

"Oh good, I feel it. Fill me up, fill up my ass," she cried out and then her own orgasm hit her, "Oh shit, here it is, I'm cumming!"

Her body thrashed around as I held onto her curvy ass cheeks and kept my cock buried in her ass. Her fingers flew over her pussy and clit as my warm seed flooded her anal passage. She then collapsed face down on the table and my cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. I knelt over her as my cock dripped the remaining cum on her curvy ass. She wiggled her bottom and squealed in delight. I stepped back from Trudy and I admired her shapely ass. She looked so sexy with her tennis skirt thrown up over her back and her panties down around her knees. I rubbed her buttocks lovingly and she clenched her glute muscles. She then stood up and stripped off her tennis clothes, ran to my bedroom and jumped in my bed. I followed her in stripping off my tennis clothes as well. She got on her back and spread her legs for me.

"You made me so hot come here and eat my pussy," she pleaded.

I climbed on the bed and moved my head between her legs to eat her pussy but first I kissed and licked around the area and her inner thighs. I breathed warm air right on her snatch and she grabbed my head and pulled it to her cunt. I pulled my head back off her pussy and let my fingers trail to her pussy. I lightly rubbed her outer cunt lips and she twitched with each touch. She moaned as her clit responded to the stimulation and slowly exited its hood looking for attention.

I placed my fingers on her cunt lips and trapped her clit between them and it became engorged and stood erect. She squirmed in pleasure while I moved her cunt lips up and down on her clit and she shuddered from the extreme arousal. Still moving her cunt lips up and down, I bent down and kissed her clit. She jerked and bucked as my lips touched her upright nub. I drew my head back a bit and again blew air directly onto her clit as she writhed and bucked again, moaning with pleasure.

I placed my arms behind her knees and raised her hips up. I put her legs over my shoulders and I lowered my mouth to her pussy and kissed it as though it were her mouth. She groaned with delight as she waited for my next advance. I drew my tongue along her outer labia, up one side and down the other without touching her clit.

"Suck it please, please lick it, oh please!" she moaned lustfully.

I flicked my tongue across the edges of her pussy as she quivered and seeped her juices from between the lips. I licked the juices from the edges telling her she tasted delicious. She was nearly mad with desire as she begged me to pleasure her with my tongue. I parted her labia with my tongue and licked the insides of her cunt lips, nibbling each one a little and then sucking on them both. She whimpered and moaned when I suddenly plunged my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy. She screamed with delight as my tongue explored the insides of her pussy. Instinctively, she grasped my head and pulled it into her cunt, begging me to lick and suck her. I did not disappoint her as I swirled my tongue around her engorged clit and back into her sopping wet cunt. She was constantly moaning as my lips closed about her and sucked her clit in and out of my mouth. Writhing and gyrating she exploded in another powerful orgasm, drenching my face and mouth with her copious juices. She seemed to cum with each spasm of her body. I did not let up sucking her clit and she tried to push my face away as she cried out.

"Oh stop, please stop. I can't cum anymore let me rest," she begged.

Her body shuddered through yet again another orgasm and she lay there gasping and breathing heavy as her orgasm abated. Finally her orgasm subsided and she embraced me and kissed me. I knew that she could taste her own juices on my lips and I plunged my tongue into her mouth taking her breath away. By then my cock was rock hard again and I moved between her legs. I eased my cock into her sopping wet pussy and she wrapped her legs around my torso.

"My, we are horny this morning aren't we?" she asked playfully.

"I'm always horny for you," I replied and I began to fuck her gently.

Slowly, I moved into her. Trudy opened beneath me, enveloping my penis tightly. Her cunt was like a fist as she clenched her vaginal muscles. She squeezed me as I moved within her.

"Trudy," I groaned, "You feel really tight today."

She moaned in response, "Your cock feels so good. Fill me up with it."

I thrust into her deeply and I felt the head of my cock pressing against her cervix.

"Oh Walt," she sighed with her eyes closed.

I felt her vagina contract around my cock. She climaxed again with a shudder and a long moan and she urged me on, "Fuck me, I want it so much."

I grabbed her hips in my hands and began to thrust in and out as I pounded her pussy. My heavy bloated testicles slapped against her ass as my cock drove into her hot pussy.

"Yes, oh yes," she gasped as her body rose to meet me.

The bed was now rocking with the force of our fierce, animalistic fucking. Her legs clamped around my waist as she screamed her release. Her pussy grasped my cock, squeezing it and milking it as I fucked her. I moved my hips against hers and buried my cock to the hilt within her. Her quaking pussy erupted into orgasm again as I rocked my cock slowly, grinding the head against her cervix. I felt my orgasm building in my balls and I knew that any second I would be spewing my seed into her womb. I felt my semen travel from my scrotum through my cock as I came deep inside her flooding her waiting warmth with my load.

Neither one of us could speak as the pleasure was so intense. I collapsed on her and she wrapped her arms and legs even tighter around my body. I kissed her neck and she sighed aloud then I kissed her on the lips and our tongues dueled with each others briefly. Not wanting to crush her I rolled off her as my cock deflated and slipped from her cum filled cunt.

Denise was standing in my doorway still in her tennis outfit. "I can see that you two couldn't wait for me," she said.

Denise then stripped off her clothes and hopped in the bed as she was anxious to get fucked. She got on her back, spread her legs and then teasingly patted her pussy. I knelt in front of her with my semi-hard cock bobbing in front of me and positioned myself between Denise's legs. I dipped my mouth to her pussy and licked her a few times. She was already wet in anticipation and she pulled me up toward her as soon as my cock was hard.

"I have been looking forward to this ever since the last time we fucked," Denise said as she took hold of my cock and guided into her pussy.

Denise's pussy was sopping wet and my cock slid in easily. We started slow and I fucked her with long steady strokes. Trudy lay next to her girl friend and stroked Denise's smallish tits and tweaked her nipples. Denise had very small firm round breasts and she loved for them to be fondled and kissed. Trudy leaned over and took one of Denise's nipples in her mouth and sucked on it. Then Trudy alternated from one tit to the other and she soon had Denise's nipples eraser hard and sticking out almost an inch. I kept fucking Denise as Trudy worked on her tits and Denise was going wild.

"Oh shit this is going to be a quick one," Denise gasped as she felt her orgasm building.

As I fucked her I made sure that my cock was in contact with her clit. Denise started humping me back and then she wrapped her legs around my lower back and dug her heels in.

"It's going to be a big one too. Oh God, here it cums, hold me tight, please hold me," Denise screamed.

I held Denise tightly as she humped her body at me and thrashed all around. She groaned aloud as the orgasm rocked her body. I could feel the warmth of her cunt juice surround my cock buried in her pussy. Denise' body almost vibrated with the intensity of her climax and then she stiffened and went limp on the bed. I kept fucking her slowly until I felt Trudy tap me on my shoulder. I looked at her and she smiled as she moved to her back along side Denise.

I withdrew my cock from Denise's pussy and moved back between Trudy's legs. Trudy wrapped her shapely legs around my torso and pressed her heels against my buttocks. Soon my cock was buried in her quim and we both picked up the pace. Once again I made an effort to keep my cock in contact with her clit. Trudy and I were humping each other like mad now as we both raced toward our first orgasm of the night. Trudy pulled my head down and kissed me deeply as she threw her hips into me. Trudy's body tensed and she groaned into my mouth as her orgasm overtook her. We kept right on fucking and kissing as it seemed that Trudy could cum again. Trudy pressed her face into my shoulder to muffle her cries of ecstasy. Trudy's body leaped out of control and she pounded her pelvis into me as she experienced another intense orgasm.

Trudy's female juices in her pussy coated my cock. I stayed hard so I kept on fucking Trudy as she slowly recovered from her climax. Denise pulled on my hips and I backed out of Trudy. My hard cock dripping wet with Trudy's juices stood out as I knelt back. Denise leaned over and kissed Trudy deeply and then moved her head to Trudy's tits. She sucked on Trudy's tits for a short while and then began the descent down Trudy's body. Denise got between Trudy's legs and licked at her snatch. I watched as Denise knelt between her friend's legs and sucked the juices from her pussy. The fact that I had cum in Trudy's pussy earlier did not seem to concern Denise.

I knelt behind Denise and shoved my cock back into her pussy. She moaned as she felt the intrusion and wiggled her ass in approval. I slowly fucked her from behind and fondled her shapely ass flesh. I started to tickle Denise's nether hole and then probed it gently with a wet finger. Denise wiggled her ass again indicating that she liked the attention. Scooping up some of her pussy juice I pushed my finger in a little deeper and I watched as the aperture opened up for my digit.

Denise lifted her face off of Trudy's pussy long enough to say, "Get some cream and you can fuck my ass."

Trudy then blurted out, "Do it, I want to see her take it in the ass."

I backed my cock out of Denise, got off the bed and located the lotion. I then knelt back behind Denise and coated her asshole with a generous amount of lotion. Denise wiggled her ass some more as I took my time preparing it for my cock. I loved playing with her ass so I was in no hurry to shove my cock in it. Denise then begged me to stop teasing her and to fuck her so I moved in behind her and eased my hard dick into her asshole.

Denise grunted as my cock made its way into her tunnel. I stopped with my cock halfway home and allowed her to get used to the thickness. I suspected that my cock may have been the largest one she ever had in her ass until now and I didn't want her to feel any discomfort. Denise then pushed her ass back toward me and I reciprocated by pushing back and sinking my dick in further into her channel. Soon my entire cock was buried to the hilt and I began fucking her ass slowly and deliberately.

Trudy maneuvered herself around so that she and Denise were in a 69 position. Trudy then licked at Denise's pussy and ran her tongue over my balls as I continued to fuck Denise's ass. Trudy reached up with her hand and tickled my balls and scraped her finger along the shaft of my cock. This was too much for me and I ejaculated deep into Denise's ass filling it with my seed. Denise clenched her anal muscles and squeezed my cock as it was buried in her ass. Trudy's tongue was still at work and she had Denise writhing as another orgasm rocked her. Denise's ass humped up and down as she spilled her juices into Trudy's mouth nearly dislodging my cock from her ass.

My cock softened and deflated in Denise's ass and then slipped out with an audible pop. Cum ran out of her dilated asshole and over her pussy lips down her inner thighs. Denise collapsed face down on the bed and Trudy stroked her body and played with her ass as Denise just cooed. Before we were done, Denise wanted my cock in her ass one more time. This time I lay on my back as Denise sat on me facing my feet and lowered her ass onto my cock. Trudy also facing my feet straddled my face and lowered her pussy to my mouth. Denise then laid back on me with my cock still in her ass and Trudy leaned over and sucked on one of Denise's tits as she rubbed Denise's pussy and clit with her fingers. Denise was going crazy with my cock in her ass as Trudy sucked her tits and fingered her pussy.

Denise screamed as another orgasm traveled through her and rocked her body with the intensity of her climax. Trudy was relentless as she sucked Denise's tits and rubbed her clit. Trudy squirmed on my face as her own orgasm approached and then she too cried out in orgasm. Trudy's juices covered my mouth and I drank in all her sweet nectar. Denise's thrashing about had dislodged my cock from her ass and it stood erect between her thighs. Trudy then took my cock in her pussy and fucked me until she came again. Then the three of us collapsed on the bed. I couldn't cum again but the two twenty something women seemed insatiable. The girls cuddled together and stroked each other's body and planted little kisses on each other's face. The three of us relaxed in bed for almost an hour before we decided to cool off in the pool and soak in the Jacuzzi. We hung out at the pool all day swimming and soaking up the rays. The three of us remained naked all day by the pool sipping drinks and relaxing in the sun. Trudy and Denise decided to stay the night so I called out for pizza later that day. Later that night we all slept in the same bed.


I woke up first Sunday morning and I looked over at the two women sleeping in the bed. I watched them as they slowly woke up. Trudy rolled over on her back and subconsciously spread her legs. One of her hands found its way to her pussy and she rubbed herself slowly. I moved over to the bed and it seemed as if she was still sleeping as she masturbated. I had a raging morning piss hard-on so I moved between her legs and lined up my cock with her pussy. I eased my cock into Trudy's wet pussy causing her to groan softly. Trudy then opened her eyes and saw that I had moved into position to fuck her. She smiled at me and reached up with her arms to embrace me as her legs wrapped around my torso to pull me in closer. I sank my cock all the way in her pussy and I fucked her slowly. Trudy had an immediate orgasm and she covered her mouth in my shoulder to muffle her cries. I continued to fuck Trudy and I brought her off several more times. The last orgasm was extremely intense and Trudy screamed as her body thrashed all over the bed.

Denise had gone to the bathroom while Trudy and I were fucking. When she came out she got back in bed and watched as I fucked Trudy through multiple orgasms. When Trudy begged me to let her rest, I pulled my cock from her pussy and it stood out from my body dripping with Trudy's juices. Denise looked over at my erect cock.

"Next," Denise asked with a sultry smile.

Denise lay on her back and opened her arms and legs to receive my body. My cock slid right in her dripping wet snatch and hit bottom in one movement. Denise gasped as her pussy was filled with my cock once again. I fucked her hard and fast as she raced to her first orgasm. As with Trudy I didn't stop fucking Denise as she had orgasmed so much that she begged me to stop. I pulled out of her and she collapsed on the bed. I went into the bathroom to finally take my morning piss.

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