tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA T-Girl Romantic Interlude

A T-Girl Romantic Interlude


Dear Reader this is a romantic interlude, not a story. It is a brief glimpse into a sensual moment in a relationship between two people that are in love. Please use this to stir your imagination, no matter the side of the situation with which you may identify.

Somewhere in Greece...

The whitewashed buildings and blue roofs of the village spread out below us in the gathering dusk. We are dancing across the light brown stones of a second floor veranda. Our bare feet move slowly across stones which are still warm from the sun's rays as we sway in time with soft music floating from a small old radio in the adjoining bedroom. Our bodies brush against each other teasingly. My right arm is slid down around your waist and you can feel my warm hand on the small of your back. My other hand is just under your arm, holding you loosely, at least for the moment. It is warm outside and my hands concentrate the heat. A light breeze flirts with your blonde hair as it brings you a gift of sounds from the nearby café on the street, where friends and lovers talk and laugh in the warm glow of electric lights. The laughter and tinkling of utensils on plates calls us to come down and join the revelry, but for now we are happily cocooned in the growing darkness. We are focused on each other and even though we are in such a magical place it is but a mere back drop to the love that enfolds us.

We are both wearing soft white clothes in the local style. Baggy pants that tie in the front and gauzy shirts thin enough to let the soft breeze find its way inside to caress and cool our hot bodies. My unbuttoned shirt and hangs from my broad tanned shoulders. Yours is held closed by one lone button between your breasts, a pearl button that is straining to defend your modesty. Your skin is golden from two weeks of caresses and kisses from the Mediterranean sun while we explored the surrounding country side and nearby beaches. I can feel your muscles working beneath your skin, your firm legs rub against mine while we dance.

As we sway in each other's arms our hands ever so slowly explore the other's body. My hands work around your sides and up along your ribs, then out across your back to caress and massage the day's hike through the surrounding foot hills from your shoulders. Your hands work up along my stomach, across my chest and around my neck to pull my mouth to yours. Our lips meet. Softly, gently, they brush past each other and we can each feel the other's hot breath. The excitement building there is like a small flickering flame that caresses the wood that has been placed against it, warming the wood until it too begins to smolder and then burn with the flame's passion. I caress your cheek with my lips, blowing on that small flame of excitement, but only for a second before you pull my mouth back to your own. Your tongue darts across my lips and ever so slightly dips into my mouth. My knees grow week and I have to pull you closer to support me.

This was the exact effect you wanted to have on me and your tongue makes another pass into my mouth. I moan and cling to you for support as your talented tongue dances in and out of my mouth. My hands are gripping your small waist and encircling you in fits as you are the one to now fan the fire of excitement. You take your time. With each pass of your lips you allow your tongue to work a little deeper into my mouth. Not only can you feel me clinging to you in barely constrained ecstasy, but you can feel the more solid effect you are having on me pressing against your upper thigh. You kiss me like this for what seems like hours and yet only seconds all at the same time as I float within the passion that you are building up around us in this timeless place.

You kiss along my neck as your hands explore my torso then you slip back to my mouth with that incredible tongue to stoke the fires even higher. Finally the excitement that you have built in me begins to overcome you as well and when your mouth covers mine this time you grab my head in your hands push your tongue fully into my mouth. I groan around your wonderful tongue and slowly sink down to my knees before you. You follow me down never slowing your onslaught upon my mouth as we pant through our noses. You are bent forward at the waist and when you finally pull your mouth away, my face is just below that one lone button.

The button puts up little resistance as my shaking fingers slip it though its eyelet. The edges of your shirt catch on your erect nipples, leaving only your cleavage open to my searching mouth. Your pants ride low on your hips and I lean down to the edge and kiss my way along it within the opening of the shirt. My lips are warm and soft as I kiss a line across your abdomen between your navel and the top of your pants. You close your eyes and tilt your head back, reveling in my kisses and those of the breeze that brings a hint of the saltwater from the bay.

My hands squeeze and caress your firm thighs as my mouth turns and begins another journey across your stomach. This time it follows a line above your navel and over the edge of your rib cage. Your hands are resting on my shoulders and you can feel the muscles working beneath my bronzed skin. They don't pull or push, only follow along with my movements, like small boats follow the rise and fall of the sea. I move my mouth along edge of your ribs, a trace that leads the way to the valley between your breasts. Kissing you softly, my tongue darts out to taste your sun dipped skin, the tip of my nose draws its own line across your skin as it devours the fresh scent of the soap bought earlier today from a smiling, knowing woman in the market.

My cheeks and the corners of my mouth touch where your breasts rise up from your chest. I turn my head and my lips find the soft curve of your breast where it disappears beneath the shirt. I kiss the spot and nudge the edge of the shirt with my nose to reveal a little more breast, the nipple ever so barely covered by shirt. You tense up, believing that I'm going to uncover the nipple, but I only go back to the other side and nudge and kiss some more. I slide my hands up your thighs and you can feel the cool air kissing the spot where moments before they had paused. The heat from my hands radiates into your skin as I move them onto it from the cloth of your pants. They continue up along your ribs till the web between my thumbs and forefingers cup the underside of your breasts. The shirt falls open, allowing your full breasts to experience the warm evening air.

Dusk has drifted to dark and lights wink at us from below along the cobble stone street, while they hide us in the shadows above. The night sky a ceiling studded with sparkling pinpoints of light as if the heavens smile approvingly upon us. Across the street and slightly up hill from our love nest is another where the occupants could step out onto their own veranda and perhaps observe us, but lost in our passion we are oblivious to this possibility.

I move slowly, each kiss and caress lingering, doing everything in my power to make this moment last an eternity. I play your body like some mad violinist pulling the bow ever so slowly across the strings of his Stradivarius, for what a Stradivarius is to music, your body is to my pleasure.

I kiss my way around your breasts, kissing each part but always avoiding the hard nipples that call out to me. My lips touch the edges of your areole which are crinkled in frustration from wanting the warmth of my mouth. Your breath is coming quicker as I build your anticipation of my warm, wet, suckling mouth covering your hard nipple. I build and work with the easy confidence of an old world stone mason, as he builds a wall around his love, but even my resistance is washing away as your sea of lust engulfs my sand castle resolve. I can no longer stand the waiting and just as I'm about to cover your nipple of my own accord your hand finds the back of my head. Holding me steady a slight turn of your torso slips your eager nipple into my mouth, a mouth which betrays me by sucking upon it, the tip of my tongue flickering across the tip of your nipple as the suction draws it deeper into my warmth. We both moan as the first of many sexual desires is satisfied.

I encircle your breast in both of my hands as I work upon its delighted nipple, but soon the other nipple is jealous and your hands encourage me to share equally between the two. I move from nipple to nipple, an eager bee working to gather honey as it labors at something it loves. Your breath is coming quicker now, keeping pace with the rhythms I'm playing on your body.

I stand up to find your partially open mouth waiting for mine. You nipples feel only a second of coolness before they are pressed against my warm chest and further down you can feel my deep desire for you pressing against your own. I slide my hands up along your bare back under your shirt, feeling your warm skin and tracing the edges of your shoulder blades. My mouth slides off of yours and down to the hollow of your neck. I open it wide and give your neck a sucking kiss that rewards me with goose bumps sent racing across your skin. My hands go down your back to the top of your pants, slide around to the front and with a quick tug untie the drawstring. In a whisper of soft cotton your pants fall away to pool around your feet. Your womanhood is now free of its cotton confines and it stands out proudly from your body.

Your hands have been busy as well and a split second later my pants make the same journey as yours. Now my lust for you is also prominently displayed in the soft light that reaches our warm veranda. You turn me so that my back is to the street and lean me against the iron rail. I step out of my pants, as do you, and you kick them both back out of the way. You lean forward and kiss my lips, softly at first, then steadily building in intensity.

Now it is your turn to bring goose bumps as you move your mouth down to my neck. The heat of your mouth, the teasing of your tongue and the gentle sucking all combine to send tingling waives of bumps cascading down along my right side. But you don't linger there for long. Your tongue traces a trail so hot I'm sure it glows in the dark down to my left nipple. You don't tease it, you ravish it. Your open mouth sucking on it as the tip of your tongue flicks it quickly. The pleasure spreads like a ripple from a stone dropped in still water. You bite my nipple and the stone becomes an explosion, the shock wave rushes over me and pushes me out to that place where the far edge of pleasure meets the near side of pain. It's a place we know well. We've been there before.

The right nipple is ignored as your molten tongue continues its trip down over my abdomen, following the happy trail to my turgid member. I can feel your hot breath as you kiss around my straining protuberance. It so wants to be in your delightful mouth, but I know from experience that as swept away by your passion as I am, I would last mere moments. You know this as well, so instead you trail down to my scrotum and suck one of my testicles into your hot mouth. You suck it and roll it around. Pulling and teasing it. While normally this would not be enough to send me over the edge into blissful orgasmic delight, tonight I have to put my hand on your head so you know I'm getting dangerously close to an explosion.

I can almost feel you smile as you release me from the rapturous confines of your mouth and continue to kiss your way along my muscular thigh. You kiss your way back up and pass over the top of my rigid lust filled flesh. Your hair caresses me and even something as small as that is almost more than I can bear. You can feel my body trembling beneath your hands, my passion barely contained, and you know that you are playing with fire. You decide that it is time to change my focus and begin the assent up to my previously ignored right nipple. Once there you savage it as you did the left.

You finish standing and I pull you into my arms and revel in the delicious feeling of our bodies pressed together full length. I can feel your eagerness to be inside me pressing against my body. You are big and hard at my hip. In my head I know that no other foreplay is needed, but I want this encounter to last a lifetime so I release you and kiss my way down your body as I sink again to my knees. I am intent on torturing you as you have just tortured me. I place my hands on your thighs and my mouth at the point where your womanhood erupts from your body. My lips are wet as I pull them along the side of your shaft, my tongue flickering its way toward the head. Your moan tells me you like what you feel. Keeping my mouth small when I reach the tip I hold it in a soft wet O and explore the slit with my tongue. You lean forward and rest your forearms on the top of the iron railing, bringing your beautiful face out of the shadow cast by the lights below. Your eyes are closed in rapturous contemplation of my licking and sucking mouth. The shirt hangs down from your sides and enshrouds me in a cocoon of soft cotton and flesh. Your hand slips to the back of my head and gently pushes, encouraging me, but not yet demanding. I resist. Then I slide my mouth along the other side of your womanhood back to your body. You let out a frustrated sigh, so I dip below your engorged rod to find something else to entertain me. I slurp you into my mouth to roll you around and the pleasure causes your legs to spread a little more, allowing me easier access to your come filled spheres. By now I'm drooling like one of Pavlov's dogs so I release your sack and glide my slippery tongue along the bottom of your aching prick. I can feel your heart beating with each throb of your member and I hold you on the tip of my tongue for a few moments before engulfing you. Your hand, still on the back of my head, now eagerly pushes me down over your incredible man tamer.

With practiced ease I swallow you. My relaxed throat only twinges slightly as your head passes into it. You hold me there with my nose pressed against your pelvic bone. The seconds tick by and I can feel you twitching inside me. I know from experience that you are getting close. Very suddenly you stand up and pull me to my feet. Your womanhood makes a popping noise as it leaves my mouth.

A day filled with touching, caressing and teasing as we explored the area has culminated in this sensual tryst in the shadows of the veranda. The erotic pressure is more than we can bear. Your mouth covers mine and your tongue fills me. You have me caught between you and the railing. I can feel it pressing into the small of my back as I slip my left leg beneath the cotton shirt you still wear and hook it over your hip. I am eager to accept you and tilt my hips forward to make it easy for you to fill me with your womanly member. You are still slippery from the recent trip into my throat and the hand you snake between us guides you to my waiting cavity. The tip barely slows as it breeches my willing sphincter and you push yourself fully into me. You pull your arm from between us and we cling to each other. My arms are inside your shirt against your skin, your breasts are pressing into my chest and I'm sucking on your tongue. You begin to move your hips slowly and deliberately. You pull out and then push fully back into me. We are breathing hard through our noses. I meet the thrust of your hips eagerly, wanting to hold within me forever.

The intensity is unbearable. I slip my hands up your back and onto your shoulders. I encourage you to thrust harder as I squeeze you tighter. Your hips are moving faster. Below us on the cobblestone street we hear a couple talking as they draw near to us, but there is no stopping now. We grip each other tightly. The thrust of your hips is strong and urgent. Your flesh penetrates me over and over. You build your way to an uncontrollable level and I can tell you are only seconds away from exploding, from pouring your intense lust into my yearning body. Your hands grip me, fingers pressing into my flesh as mine do yours. We are panting through our noses, mouths pressed tightly together to stifle the loud moans of ecstasy. You thrust hard. Then thrust again. On the third thrust I feel the first shot of your delicious love spray into me. You moan into my mouth and begin to grind your throbbing girl cock deep inside me. As soon as I feel you start coming I clamp down hard on you with my talented sphincter and join you by spraying my love for you all over our stomachs and the underside of your beautiful breasts.

For us, we are quiet, but not quiet enough. The couple below stops to stare up into the blackness above unsure of what they just heard. Their curiosity doesn't last long. She snuggles closer to him and placing a hand on his crotch encourages him to take her home. Our lust, it seems, is contagious. We stand there for a few minutes and enjoy the feeling of oneness that comes with you being inside me. Our faces are each pressed into the crook of the other's neck as we giggle softly and sprinkle kisses over each other. I hold you inside me, clinging to you, not wanting to ever let you out of me.

With a whimper of distress I finally allow you to withdraw from me, your nipples and your penis are still hard. You smile at me and without a word, take my hand and lead me deeper into the darkness toward the bedroom, where you will fill me again.

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