tagInterracial LoveA Taboo Affair

A Taboo Affair


This is a story about lust,interracial sex and coveting thy neighbours wife I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you would like to write to the Author.


My name is John, Jenny and I had been married for 25 years. I am 45 years old and she is 43years old at present.This story began only 12 months ago.

We live alone in a quiet, very respectable suburb, our two daughters have grown and now live away from home.

There are only two houses in our lane, ours and the house next door to us where Jason our single Afro American computer geek neighbor lives.

The three of us all got on well together and he is in our home for BBQ'S every other weekend.

I suppose you could say that both Jenny and I are a little racist and even a little bigoted in that we brought up both of our daughters to believe that they should only go out with white men.They are both married to white guys and we have two grand children.

The three of us all got on well together and he is was our house most weekends for either dinner or a BBQ.He did not seem to have any friends and was really quite lonely.

He was a shy type but quite a wealthy man from a successful on line computer business.

We always would have a few drinks together and sometimes we would have a little too much. One evening he told me after having had one to many that at 35 years old he had never had a woman in bed in fact he was a virgin.

I found out much later that on many occasions since he moved in beside us he would make love to his pillows in bed at night fantasizing that it was my wife Jenny underneath him.


It was a fine sunny Saturday morning. Jason awoke abruptly with the sun shining in his eyes, He looked at the clock "my god it's 9 o'clock" he mumbled to himself. He always slept naked so he pulled the white robe of the chair beside his bed and pulled it on. The whiteness stood out against his black skin as he tied it around his waist. Slowly he walked over to the window. He looked out and saw beautiful white fluffy clouds floating in a blue hot summer sky above. He arched his back and stretched yawning, as he did so. 'It's a beautiful day..." he said to no one but himself.

From his high perch on the top level of his house he looked out over the area in which he lived and thought to himself how much he liked it here it was such a quiet peaceful place. Slowly his eyes drifted down into his neighbors yard and to his pleasant surprise Jenny, his next door neighbour's wife was sun bathing in her bikini beside the pool.

He could not believe his luck "OOH YES OH LOOK AT THAT..." he mumbled

She had been the object of his desire ever since he moved in beside them. He knew he should not covet his neighbor's wife and even though she was 8 years older than him he found her incredibly sexy.

He turned and hurried over to the wardrobe and pulled out a powerful set of binoculars and moved back to the window. He trained them down onto her, seeing her clearly in magnificent close up.

Incredibly, while he watched she sat up, reached behind her back and unclipped the bikini top and took it off, obviously not realising that he could see her from his window. She laid down on her back and her large breasts hung free.

"Ohh Yess baby..." he moaned and quickly undid the belt of his robe, he slipped the garment off and dropped it on the floor. Within seconds his penis had risen to its full massivelength as he stood there naked at the window moaning softly stroking himself. His cock throbbed in his hand as he stared down onto her big tits... "OOH BABY YESS" he moaned again as he gyrated his hips and thrust his cock, quicker now, into his fist.

Sure that nobody could see him in the window he moved closer to the glass lusting for her, ogling her "OOOH BABY... YES!... I'D LOVE TO..." he cooed to himself.

His cock was rock hard in his hand, his eyes swam over her beautiful white body from her long blond hair, down over her magnificent tits to the swell of her ample hips and further on down over her long, tanned slightly parted legs then hurriedly back up to where the object of his desire lay covered by the bikini bottom, he stopped there imagining his fingers were her cunt ..."Oh Goddd your gorgeous babeeee..." his fingers worked his big penis frantically now, he was going to cum oh yess he was going to cum. He imagined himself on top her giving it to her rough, then in a second he was there .......AHHH ... JESUSSS...OOOH GODDD...BABY YESSS... he cried out and suddenly cum was flying all over his hand and the carpet, he went weak at the knees and almost collapsed from the intensity of the orgasm as he fell back onto his bed "OH JENNY I WANT YOU" he gasped breathing heavily in its afterglow. Cum pooled on his stomach in sharp relief against his black skin.

In the garage of their home John came to the window and glanced up at the blue sky admiring the day, For some reason he looked up at our, friends house next door it was only about 100 feet away and he noticed Jason standing there with a pair of binoculars up to is eyes, looking down into my pool area.

I turned and saw that Jenny had come down and was sun bathing topless on the chaise by the pool. Looking up at Jason again he knew that Jason was perving on his wife.

John had an idea of what he was doing by the way he was gyrating about. He thought "you are lusting after my wife and jerking off" He had put down the glasses by now and suddenly he seemed to stagger downwards a little as if his knees had given away and I could tell by his face that he had just wanked himself off over her.

John was totally surprised but as he thought about what he had seen he found myself with an erection and very turned on.

He was still thinking of what I had seen when Jenny came up from the pool and walked into the kitchen.

"coffee babe"? he asked

"Yes please.... isn't it a great day" she replied. I could not help but look at her ample cleavage when she slipped up beside me wrapping a towel around her slim waist.

He said "You would not guess what I just saw while you were by the pool.

I was in the garage and I happened to look out of the window and I saw Jason in his bedroom window with a pair of binoculars and he had them trained on you.

"Was he!! Oh my God! I had my top off too"

"What's more I am pretty sure that he was playing with his cock, I could tell by the look on his face, he could not see me watching him. I think that had an orgasm right there in the window while he was looking at you..

She seemed shocked "God would he do that over me."

"I have seen him looking at me strangely before". she said

"After seeing those tits I would say he's got the hots for you " he replied. "Can't you tell the way he looks at you when he's near you"

"He's such a nerd " Jenny replied

A feeling I had never experienced before came over me, I began to get horny talking to her about it. My cock was hard in my shorts. I moved up behind her as she stood at the sink.

John reached down and grabbed her on the cheeks of her bottom playfully, he gently squeezed them while he nibbled the lobe of her ear and whispered quietly.

"Its obvious what he would like to do to you baby and lets face it he saw your tits on full display and in all their glory."

Jenny giggled "Well I hope he liked what he saw and I hope he enjoyed himself".

But what she kept a secret from John was that some where inside she felt a tingle of excitement. The thought of him doing that while he looked at her excited her.

To think that she could still turn a man 8 years younger than her on to the point of masturbation made her feel great about her appearance.

John had slipped his hands up under the towel and cupped his hands over her breasts and squeezed " Oh yes it did seem like he was enjoying himself" he said as he reached around behind her and unclipped the bikini top and pulled it away from her.

"Don't do that you naughty boy" Jenny said laughingly.

He held both her tits in his hands trapping the nipples between his fingers and stroked them and felt them stiffen and rise up.

"OOOH Yesss " he moaned "I think I know what he would like to do to you" John whispered lustily in her ear, his hands had left her tits now and were tugging at her bikini bottoms.

"I think he would like to put his black cock inside you babe". he said as he pulled at her bikini trying to get it off.

She replied giggling "Stop it John" save it for the bedroom tonight" as she tried to push his hands away from her bikini.

But he didn't stop and she turned to him as he continued nibbling her ears "I am your wife you're the only guy I have ever had, he can want me all he likes I would never do it with him even if I was not married, he's a black guy John you know what we have always taught the girls".

John had undone the bow ties at the sides of her bikini bottom, they fell down about her ankles while she was saying this. Then in one swoop he pulled the towel off her and she stood naked before him

"OOH Yesss..... imagine if he saw you like this babe" he said as he put his hands around her waist and lifted her out of the panties trapped around her feet..

In a mocking gesture as if to make out that it was Jason looking at her she put one hand over her genitals and her arm across her breasts and jokingly said " Oh you are a naughty boy Jason" but she felt herself getting excited

As if he was mumbling to himself John looked her nakedness over and said quietly as he reached down and put his hand on her hair covered mound "Oh yes this is what he wants" and ran his fingers through the thick hair between her legs.

She moaned "Oh John stop it you are so naughty" and playfully smacked him on the shoulder.

He said nothing, with a grunt he pulled her to him and they came together in a lip locking pash for a few seconds before he lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth and sucked, Jenny moaned in delight lifting her breast up to his mouth she could feel his hard penis against her leg.

Jenny had a great body for her age no fat at all but what you would call soft and sexy with big breasts, a good bikini body. She kept her hair colored honey blond which hung down over her shoulders.

John was getting more and more worked up,he wanted to do it to her right there, putting his hands around her waist and lifting her up off the floor he carried her over to the kitchen table and laid her back over it with her legs dangling over the side.


He took no notice and lifted her legs up, as he leaned over her there lips met again and as they pashed he slipped two fingers up into her now moist cavern.

While they kissed John had worked his track pants down his cock was firm and erect, she reached out and took it in her long fingers and began to jerk him off..."Oooh baby yes..." he moaned as he worked his fingers inside her, she opened her legs wide for him.

"Now I'll show you what he wants to do to you baby. Wouldn't you like to try a black cock I have heard they are big".

She spoke softly gasping excitedly " No! John I would'nt do it with him" but as he said that to her and before he could pull his fingers out she squealed loudly and came intensely. It had only taken about one minute for her to cum. Her juices soaked his fingers and she was moaning as if to herself "Oh god oh yess" her fingers were still on Johns cock squeezing, he couldn't stop it he was so aroused and in an instant he came too, spewing his cum all aver her breasts.

After that John kept teasing her about Jason about how she could get him into bed if she wanted to.

One hot night about a month later at a BBQ, Jenny noticed that Jason had had a few drinks, she could see him staring at her when he thought she was not watching, she felt strangely aroused.

This went on for another month and every time she would see Jason he would seem very shy in front of her. She found herself spending more time in the garden and by the pool in her bikini secretly looking to see if he was watching her from his window. She was thinking about it more and more lately sometimes even getting wet at the thought of him, he was a real geek of a guy but she found herself wondering what a guy like him would be like in bed with a woman he lusted after.

She would position the chaise so she was facing his window and she would secretly watch through her sunglasses to see if her was watching her. Often she would see him in the window when he thought she was not looking and she knew what he was doing. The thought excited her and she found herself deliberatley teasing him more and more and becoming more aroused each time she did it.

On one occasion after one of his perving sessions she had become very, very, sexually aroused she could feel herself growing more wet by the minute as she lay there knowing he was up there looking and masturbating, wanting her body. She could not help herself, she got up and went inside, into the bedroom and took off her bikini. She stood looking at herself in the full length wardrobe mirror beside their bed.

She held up each of her boobs and looked at them, "yes they are big" she thought. She looked down over the swell of her hips and to her thighs with the thick dark mat between them. She could feel her juices begin to run down the inside of her thighs.

Her mind was racing she was a little confused about how she was feeling. He was a black guy but she could not help wondering what he would be like in bed with a woman he lusted after.

Sitting down on the edge of the bed for a moment and sighed, resigned to what she was about to do to herself. she laid back resting her head across the pillows. Her mind was filled with erotic thoughts about Jason. Her fingers began to rub over her breasts pulling at the stiffening nipples. She began to breath heavily as her fingers moved slowly down to her pubic hair, slowly mingling with it, pushing it aside as they found what she knew Jason wanted. As she touched herself she gasped in delight at the sensuality of what she was doing.

Her fingers moved up higher and swirled around and around her excited clitoris it protruded large and stiff from between the folds of her labia. She gasped as she touched its wetness. Her mind was working overtime, she thought of how John wanted her to do it with Jason. After all he was their good friend, he did have a good body even if he was black, she'd never had any one else in her life only John. Jason was so much younger than him.

Her mind began to conjure up a picture of the two of them in bed making love as John watched. She didn't care that he was there in the room with them.

Her mind was working overtime now, her cunt was so wet, her fingers plunged inside imagining they were Jason's cock there, what it would be like? would he be big?, she gasped at the thought ".... Oh God..." she moaned.

Her fingers made a wet sticky sound as she pulled them out and swirled them around her protruding clit pulling the fleshy wet hood back as she did. Then with a loud scream she had an orgasm.

As she came she could hear herself as if in the background haze calling out his name, The bedroom walls echoed her words "..Ooooh Jesus Jason ... Yes Yes...Come to me now... FUCK ME...."

John took great pleasure in watching Jason while they were all together. Being the only two houses in the small street he would be in their house very frequently for dinner or a bbq.

Jenny always noticed him watching herafter a few drinks. She could see him staring at her when he thought she was not watching, she knew he was stripping her off with his eyes each time he looked at her.

One night afterJason had gone home John was feeling very horny, Jenny was a little under from the wine so he put on a porno movie, an interracial cuckold movie from their collection showing two guys and a girl, Jenny got very excited watching it so while she was hot he hurried her off to the bedroom at around midnight. She went in and showered then came into their bed wearing a baby doll nightie, with no knickers underneath. She looked absolutely stunning John thought as he got into bed beside her she was wearing expensive perfume which intoxicated his senses all the more, He had deliberately not drunk to much alcohol as he had been thinking of this moment for the last week.

Ever since that morning at the window John had harbored a desire to see her in bed with Jason making love he wondered what she would be like with him would she enjoy a black cock, would she let him do it. He decided now was the time to try and talk her into it.

John cooed in her ear "What that guy in the movie you know the black friend of her husband what he did to her is what Jason would do to you babe if you let him"

She giggled in her semi alcoholic stupor.

"Don't be silly I wouldn't do it with him I only want you" John slipped his hand up under the lacy hem of her nightie and rubbed her soft tummy. "I saw him watching you from his bedroom window and I know what he was doing down below as he ogled your body babe". She began to breath more heavily now she moaned as his fingers moved onto the softness of her tits teasing the nipples.

"I know he's a geek but you could have some fun with him! you know he's a virgin, you could be his first, he'll never forget his first fuck baby, you could show him what its like to have a real woman"

"No way... I wouldn't"

But he watched her eyes, he sensed a change in the way she said it he knew her, that change meant she might.

John kept on "Oh Yess he'd give it to you babe, all night, I see the way he looks at you its lust, pure lust. He wants you big time Jenny and he might even have a big cock for all you know".

John slipped his hand down between her spread thighs and his fingers slipped into her already wet vagina teasing her clitoris and as he slipped two fingers into her she moaned.

"This is what he wants babe right here and this is what he'd do to it" he whispered as he pushed them up inside and began to work them in and out of her wet cunt she was moaning louder now. He leaned over and they pashed, he pulled them out and swirled his fingers in circles, around her clitoris she began to moan louder then and almost came but he stopped what he was doing to her just in time "Oooh no..no! not yet baby" he croaked lustily in her ear. "First I want to show you what he really would do to you". Quickly he got down and pushed her open legs back so they were pointing up at the ceiling holding them in that position with his hands around her ankles and without any hesitation went down on her. Jenny had a thick mat of hair around her cunt and John's face disappeared into it, his tongue snaked out and speared between the lips and up around her clit. Her womanly scent made him even harder and hornier. Releasing his grip on one of her legs he pushed two fingers into her at the same time.

She was moaning louder and louder she was desperate to cum but each time he deftly controlled her pending orgasm wanting it to be exquisite for her when she did.

He got up his face wet with her juices and pushed the sexy little nightie up and off her and stared down panting, at her beautiful horny body. John had to have her he couldn't wait any longer, he ripped off his clothes his cock was as hard as it had ever been at the thought that he was turning her on with a fantasy that he hoped would become reality.

He climbed over the top of her, kneeling with his knees at either side of her head holding his rearing cock and pushing it down towards her face. "Suck it baby show me how you would suck him." he moaned.

Jenny whimpered and brought her hands up around his legs and her fingers encircled the reddened cock, she whispered quietly as if to herself "ooh yess" as she stared at it, then let her red painted lips slowly close around its girth.

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