tagBDSMA Tale of Slavery

A Tale of Slavery


Once upon a time there was a straight guy who was known by everybody as a well respected fellow. But he had a secret life. Nobody knew that he dreamt to become a feminized slaveslut, seeking an infinite and irrevocable blackmail relationship with a pitiless Mistress who would be prepared to break him with no way out.

He wanted the Mistress to torment him not only during actual sessions, but also online in webcam sessions or by setting him tasks between such sessions, designed to humiliate him in front of others.

He dreamt to be completely and irrevocably at the mercy of the Mistress, with no way out again! Therefore, he was prepared to furnish the Mistress with all power to have him entirely at his balls and to provide the Mistress with a series of documents and information enabling her to bring him to heel and do whatever she wants, whether the slave would like it or not:

A list with all online communities in which he was a member along with his user IDs and the respective passwords. If the Mistress changed the password everything on display would have been out of control of the slave and he would have to watch vulnerably what the Mistress presented about him for the whole world to see.

A video clip, in which the slave identified himself with his name and place, and clearly recognizable with his face declared by oath that he is a sissyslut, a cocksucker, a bootlicker, and a pantypisser who craves to get pissed on, fucked, and humiliated by males, shemales, and females; and that he wanted to get blackmailed into sexual slavery with no way out. He assured that there will be no copyright on the video, thus the Mistress would be able to use it as a very effective tool to blackmail the slave and to share the clip at any time with whomever she wants.

A file with 500 pics proposing how to treat him. The Mistress can make use of these proposals and let the slave suffer each and every of these proposals! The Mistress must not show any mercy until she possesses a comprehensive file with him having taken the place of each of those slaves exposed there!

He offered that the Mistress should force him to establish a Facebook profile and invite as a friend at least 20 persons whom he knows from school, university, and business life. Then he must send a friend request to the Mistress giving her access to these persons and provide her with his ID and his password. The slave must constantly fear that the Mistress might upload most compromising pics or a message like "As my gift to all of you, please allow me the privilege of sucking the cock of everybody of you. Your cum for me to swallow will be my only charge!" and that there is nothing he can do to stop it!

He wanted the Mistress to document all his humiliation in video clips, face pictures, and other recordings and offered to execute an unconditional, unlimited, irrevocable, assignable Model Release in favor of the Mistress covering all material. These pictures and videotapes should become the sole property of the Mistress at the time they are taken.

It would be completely up to the discretion of the Mistress how to use all this material, especially also to publish and spread everything or part of it over the internet or at any other place she deems appropriate, exposing the slave enduringly. The Mistress would have the right to copy, modify, distribute and publish the material. While the slave would prefer keeping these pictures or videotapes private, he accepted that they are not his property and the Mistress might do with them whatever she likes.

The Mistress he was looking for should have been strict, cruel, mean, and merciless, thus act accordingly! She should be a natural sadist and enjoy nothing more than making a slave suffer, really suffer. She should have very special desires and develop plans for him, that he may not like, or to be more precise, which he would not like at all.

He wanted the Mistress to make it very clear to him that she would ensure that the whole world will get to know his dirty little secrets unless he complies! And he accepted and even wanted the Mistress to make evident that she will NOT keep his perverted fantasies just between him and her but share them with her friends!

He wanted to be completely at her mercy and brought to heel without a safeword! Completely out of control he craved for utmost humiliation and degradation. He claimed that anything else short of complete obedience must be punished viciously and violently. During the process of breaking him public torture and humiliation should be used, thus creating permanent fear and destroy his male image in the mind of woman and other males.

He wanted to get forced to obey without any restriction, independent how humiliating the order would be and who can watch.

He wanted to get humiliated not only by one person, but exposed in front of a group, or even a crowd of people as a pantypisser, bootlicker, cocksucker, and sissyslut, subject to ridicule and mockery also outdoors and in public. Real humiliation must be witnessed by many people and must get well documented in clips and pics.

He wanted to get blackmailed, forced into sexual slavery with no mercy, and suffer mean torture while having no choice to refuse any service. He claimed that he would be straight and so far never had any relation with gays, but he wanted to fear permanently that sooner or later he would get blackmailed into becoming a slut for gays and blackmailed into coming out in public as a sissy having to expose himself as a queer faggot with no other option but to submit and obey dominant Shemales and Gay Masters.

He claimed that actually he would be neither a sissy, nor a crossdresser. However, he wanted to experience how it feels to get forced to expose himself in most humiliating sissy outfits in front of others and even in public. He wanted to get assigned feminizing tasks which he must complete under the threat of most severe punishment, thus experiencing the thrill of utmost humiliation and public disgrace.

He even pointed out that the Mistress should go one step further and consider delivering him at the mercy of Black Mistresses and Masters, or even of Black Shemales or of other people of color.


Chapter 2

The slave had heart about a Mistress who had ordered her sub to carry day and night a mobile phone in order to be able to reach him at any time. This sub must answer the mobile always before the third sound as slaveslut followed by his full name. He anticipated that his Mistress might do the same with him under the threat of most severe punishment in the case of a failure. And he expected that the Mistress would phone him rather frequently, last but not least in order to force him to expose himself again and again to sudden discovery as a slaveslut.

The slave wanted the Mistress to torment him not only during actual sessions, but also online in webcam sessions or by setting him tasks between such sessions, designed to humiliate him in front of others. From the very moment the Mistress takes over control, life should become rather uncomfortable for the slave.

So far he was used to claim technical or other problems in order to discontinue online sessions, but as from now on the Mistress would never accept any such excuse. In the opposite, she shall make it clear to him that every disconnection of the webcam without her prior approval will result in major punishment. The same applies should he dare get out of webcam focus.

Thus on display, the slave will have to fear that the Mistress might invite interested observers to join his online slave training sessions in video conferences and watch how he gets humiliated without that he is allowed to reject anybody watching him there. Of course, it is completely up to the Mistress what she orders him to do in front of the webcam, but he had collected some ideas and proposals:

The slave must introduce himself as a sissyslave, cocksucker, pantypisser, and bootlicker in front of the webcam. He must outline what a bad little whore he is and how he needs to be dominated and dressed up like a slut. He must point out that he wants to share with all observers how much he craves to suck cocks since he is such a whore. He must tell his observers how much he wants to practice to become a better whore and that he would like to be put in chains and fucked by two men at once, one in the mouth and one in the ass. The webcam must show his face as a piece of evidence that it is not all about a fake.

He must piss his trousers in front of the webcam and all who watch. The Mistress shall ensure that his trousers soak and soak, tinkling down the inside of both legs. Then he must take off the trousers and let the piss drop into his mouth, suck the soaked parts, and comment about how much he enjoys pissing his panties and sucking it. The Mistress may consider offering everybody watching to disclose his name and address.

The Mistress may force him to write a two thousand word essay on why he craves becoming a cocksucking faggot slut for strict Gay Masters and upload it with his real name and address to a site like Black Man´s Revenge.

He must piss into a dog bowl and then lick the bowl clean.

Again, he must piss into a dog bowl filled with flaked oats, then eat that porridge, and eventually lick the dog bowl clean.

The Mistress may force him to put a chastity belt on and then lock it with a combination lock in such a way that only the Mistress and those who watch know the code. The Mistress shall mail him the code only after proven completion of a most humiliating outdoor activity.

The Mistress may force him to wank and ejaculate into a condom and subsequently put the condom into his mouth and lick it clean.

The Mistress may force him to suck a dildo and crave how much he wants to suck a real cock.

The Mistress may force him to put alligator clamps on his nipples, connect them with electrical wires and then switch on the power button. Then he must get forced to turn the knob of the control higher and higher till his breasts are dancing wildly due to the electrical torture. Intensity and duration of the nipple torture should be under control of the visitors who watch. Touching the alligator clamps must be strictly prohibited and removing them shall take place only after explicit approval of the Mistress.

The Mistress may force him to enter an adult BDSM chat room with his webcam on and obey any command given. May be he will get messages to strip and show his ass and face in various poses. May be he will get forced to pose himself as a sissy slut begging for serving cocks.


Moreover, the slave, too, had collected proposals for setting him most humiliating tasks between such sessions with immediate evidence of performance to be mailed to the Mistress by mobile phone. The slave must follow the instructions to the letter or face the consequences:

The Mistress may force him to go to a red light district and find there a prostitute who is prepared to take at least five different face pics with his mobile, displaying him how he licks her boots with his pants down and his hands cuffed behind his back. At least two of the pics must show male brothel visitors watching him licking. Then there must be at least five 5 pics displaying him how he licks the boots of male brothel visitors, still cuffed and with his pants down.

He must beg the prostitute to clear her throat and to spit a large clot of saliva on the floor, ordering him to lick it clean. Well documented by more pics he must fall to his knees and eagerly lap the spit.

He must beg the prostitute to take pics with his camera how a brothel visitor cums on his face while he kneels in front of him.

Under the same arrangement and his hands cuffed behind his back, he must be ordered to wet his trousers in front of the prostitute and various brothel visitors, and subsequently lick the mass from the floor.

The Mistress may let the slave chose between two evil tasks, each of which requires exposing himself to other people, e.g. either to send them at least 5 pictures of him sucking a guy's cock or 5 pictures of the slave having wet pissed his pants, standing in a public place, with at least two other persons in the picture.

The Mistress may order him to put on his sissy outfit and then go to a central place in a city and wait there for further orders by mobile. Not knowing what will happen will be most embarrassing. Not only that the slave will be exposed as a sissy to whoever passes there, but the Mistress may order him that he have to buy some female lingerie in his size and mail the invoice for these undies to the Mistress.

The Mistress may force the slave to submit each week a mean proposal for his public humiliation to a Yahoo group of her choice and subsequently decide whether he will have to put that proposal into action with evidence of performance to be proven by uploading at least 10 face pics to the group. In order to motivate him to originate every week a new most humiliating task he must fear severe punishment if there is even only one critical comment by a group member.

The Mistress may order him to buy e.g. sissy cloths, gay magazines, or other compromising stuff in a local sex shop and force him to pay the stuff by credit card with evidence of purchase to be mailed to her.

The Mistress may force him to have his nipples pierced.

There should always a tight deadline be set for the slave within which the face pics must have been mailed, thus showing evidence that the task has been executed to the point. A mail from the Mistress with the respective task should start the clock running. It should be his problem to ensure that he reads the mail early enough in order to be able to execute the humiliating task in time. No excuse should be accepted ever if he does not succeed to upload the pictures in time.


The slave was aware that either due to far distance or for other reasons, personal sessions with the Mistress herself might not be feasible. But he hoped that even then he would not escape his fate and the Mistress would then force him to submit physically to people of her choice.

The Mistress could sent him to local Prodommes and to SM clubs, either for making his life much more miserable, e.g. for his further slut training, for the execution of additional humiliation tasks, or for his physical punishment. He should never get pleasure or expect fun during such meetings. In the opposite, he should have every reason to fear having to report at such a place, since the only thing he could expect there would be severe whippings, cruel predicament bondage, and other wicked torture.

There are Prodommes who call themselves fearful strict and wicked sadists, who love to reduce males to quivering sluts and simpering sissies, whether they are willing or unwilling. What if the Mistress favored selecting one of those? For sure a local Prodomme in his area would be more than pleased to have a slaveslut like him at her mercy, without that she has to follow a given role-play or that a safeword could stop her from doing whatever she wants to do with the slave!

The slave would even not know whom he was going to meet and what would happen. He must fear that instead of a Prodomme, one or several Gay Masters might wait for him. And the slave should always have to fear that having to report to Gay Masters will happen sooner or later.

He dreamt that the Mistress would look for particularly cruel Gay Masters who are unrelenting sadists and well prepared to force him to do things that he never would be prepared to do voluntarily. There, he should have to suffer a hardcore gay slave training as a bootlicking and cocksucking slut, who has no other option, but to give head and to offer his ass to everybody these Gay Masters like. He should have to learn his sex slave duties for these Gay Masters the hard way. They should use torture, cattle prod, and the whip to break both, his will and his spirit and make him obey to whatever they want. For him there should be no mercy and no leniency.

Or the Mistress could decide to send him in a humiliating sissy outfit to a Gay club for strict training with severe punishment during long time sessions. There he can be kept in a cage permanently nude in chains, only interrupted by torture, sissy training, and education as a cock sucking whore for club visitors and staff:

The Mistress may force the slave to ask staff of the club to take a series of face pics displaying him how he licks their boots and the boots of club guests with m his pants down and his hands cuffed behind his back. The pics must be taken by cameras of the club staff and the slave must provide them with his business card so that they can mail him the pics for onward delivery to the Mistress. From that moment onwards the slave will have to fear that people from the Gay Club will trace him, since they have all his details and the compromising pics!

The Mistress may arrange that in such a SM or Gay club the slave will have to piss into trousers in front of all visitors there. She may ensure that practically everybody there takes notice of it.

The Mistress may force the slave to give blowjobs to a doorknob or to a police baton while there are alligator clamps with weights biting in his nipples. The alligator clamps must be connected by a chain and attached to wires running to a low voltage electrical device. When the power is switched on, the voltage can be turned up and down making him struggle in pain and agony. As motivation to do a good job, which means to do his very best, the slave must be threatened getting caned according to the assessment of his performance by visitors of the club.

The Mistress may force the slave to torture himself on stage in such a way that he has to attach alligator clamps to his nipples, wired in the same way as above. The voltage must be that high that it is almost unbearable. With his hands free, he should have the possibility to switch off the voltage at any time. For sure he will do that earlier or later. The audience then must decide whether the slave gets away with it or whether he must get punished for having switched off the voltage too early. There could be various levels of punishment. In a first vote, the audience decides whether he must get securely chained and whipped on stage by club visitors. After 25 strokes the audience decides about another 25 blows. Thereafter the audience decides whether he has to suffer again electro torture from alligator clamps to his nipples, this time without having the possibility to turn off the voltage and the length of torture subject to the discretion of the audience.

The Mistress may force the slave to perform on stage a gay show with another straight slave, with the announcement that one of the two actors will get severely whipped and tortured after the show. It should be up to the visitors of the club to decide whom to torture as being the less active one. The performance must be documented in clips and pics by all visitors for use at their discretion.

The Mistress may have the slave chained nude with another slave in a 69 position, in such a way that their hands are cuffed behind the legs of the other slave. In order to ensure that their faces are just opposite the other slave´s cock, their legs and wrists must be chained to poles, so that they have no other choice than having a cock dangling in front of their mouth. Again, one of them must get severely whipped and tortured thereafter, with the visitors up to decide whom to torture as being the less active one.

The Mistress may force the slave to suck a dildo and make him crave that he wants to suck a real cock. Or she may make the slave wank and ejaculate into a condom and subsequently put the condom into his mouth for licking it clean. Or he must lick the boots of everybody in the club who likes to have that job done.

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