tagGroup SexA Tale of the Technician Ch. 02

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 02


*Compassion and passion are not matters of gender or preference*

We took a shower together when we got to my place. Jamie and I were busy exploring one another with soapy hands when Mom knocked on the door and started to come in. I hustled Jamie behind me so that the shower curtain concealed our outline.

"How was the game, dear?" she asked while barely not looking in.

"I got to play. The coach wants to talk about my role on the team tomorrow morning," I informed her.

"How was that little girl you've been seeing ... Jesse?" Mom inquired.

"It is Jamie, Mom. We had hot steamy post-victory sex and she's in the shower with me now," I confessed.

"Funny, young man; do we need to have 'the talk'? I don't want some girl getting you in trouble," Mom worried.

"Mom, I came here a virgin. Do you really want me to stay that way forever?" I asked. There is no immediate answer.

"I want you to be careful Craig. Use protection; do I need to buy you some condoms?" she said. What was it with parents shoveling rubbers on me and my girl? Did we have 'desperately seeking sex' stenciled on our foreheads?

"That would be nice Mom, you know, in case we get to be more serious. Can I finish my shower now? It feels kind of freaky with having you here with me," I lied.

"Good night Craig. I'll talk with you tomorrow," she said before shutting the door.

"If that had gone on for another minute, I would have started giving you a blowjob," Jamie teased.

"Weren't you a shy, retiring flower when I first came here last month?" I marveled.

"You clearly didn't pay attention to the books on my bookshelves," Jamie giggled. "I like my romances dark, bloody and raw."

"What are we doing together again?" I teased back.

"You asked me out Craig," Jamie smiled. "I was eight the last time a guy asked me out."

I turned off the water and we helped each other dry off. We got back to my room and dressed then I gave Mom another fifteen minutes to drift off to sleep before leaving with Jamie. She had to direct me to the local hospital. We weren't the only ones to have made that trek we discovered. My reception varied and I could already sense the rift forming in the team. Some guys saw me as the Winner, while to the others were Pro-Blair.

Quantrill pulled me aside and gave me an update. The specialist had yet to arrive, but they thought his knee was blown, with major reconstructive surgery needed. The doctor had tossed around anything from two to five months. The cold analysis meant that I'd be carrying the team for more than half the season. My coach hated my guts and most of the team was taking delight in my suffering only yesterday. What's not to love?

Some older guy came up to me and told me his son would be back soon and not to get too comfortable in the top slot. I was diplomatic; I told him that I knew I was the second stringer. I may have despised Blair, but I wouldn't deny that he had charisma. He was a good quarterback too -- I was better. Jamie and I went looking for Emily and found her with her two closest friends.

I was not sure what to do. I had no idea what the dynamic was here, between those two, Emily, and how they felt about me stepping into Blair's position as QB. Emily looked up, clearly distressed and propelled herself into my arms.

"Blair was happy you pulled the team through," Emily lied; either to me or herself, or both of us.

"I'm going to stay here until the specialist arrives," I told the three women. Jamie was sticking close by but her anti-social background was weighing her down. It was clear that the other two haven't let Jamie into their social club yet. I stroked Emily's back as she dry sobbed into my shoulder.

"Ladies ..." I started.

"Kati and Amber," Amber volunteered. We were in the same tier now so suddenly it was important that we knew each other -- what a fucked up situation.

"Kati and Amber, Jamie and I are going to hang out here with Emily. I think it is okay if two you go home. I'll make sure Emily gets home alright," I expressed my opinion.

I can see the two weigh the implications of what I've said.

"Thanks," Amber responded.

"Amber, can you give your number to Jamie so if Emily needs anything we can call," I instructed Amber.

"Sure," the cheerleader said. She went over and exchanged digits with Jamie, which in the pointless hierarchy of high school confirmed Jamie's status as the QB's girlfriend. When the two other girls cleared out, Jamie and I sat down with Emily and comforted her. Jamie held her hands and pulled Emily's head onto her shoulder.

This allowed me to go keep tabs on Blair. I finally got in to see him. The QB was doped but he knew who I was. It didn't make him love me much.

"You pulled it through," he mumbled.

"Someone told me you wanted to take us to All-State this year," I suggested.

"Don't get used to the top spot you second-stringer," he muttered.

"Do you think one-tenth as many people would be here for me if it was me in that bed?"

"You don't belong on the team at all," Blair growled.

"Well, thanks for that ringing endorsement Blair. I'll leave you now," I responded sarcastically. I turned and left the room. There was nothing more I wanted to do to get off his shit-list.

The specialist arrived and someone caught word that they are going to move Blair to the University hospital to repair the damage but there wasn't to be a definite diagnosis until Monday afternoon. Everyone broke up and departed. We took Emily home then I dropped off Jamie.

(Saturday morning)

Coach Ingersoll regarded me with his beady little eyes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out he's gotten the initial prognosis for Blair.

"If you want to even consider the top spot here boy, you need to get with the program," he brow-beat me. I stood up and made to leave.

"Where in the hell do you think you are going?" he snapped.

"Is there any confusion about who won the game last night," I responded in a cold, disdainful voice.

"The team won, damn you," the coach snarled.

"Yes, and without your ten year old playbook. Frankly I don't know why this school has had a winning season in the past five years. You teach rote, not initiative. If you want this team to win, give us a chance. Did you see Quantrill run? They're not five people in conference that can catch him yet we have no long passing plays," I pointed out.

"We'll do it my way or you are off the team," he threatened me. I finish walking out the door and don't bother shutting it. I could hear him sputtering as I left.

A few hours later it was Jamie, Emily and I sitting around the table at the Waffle Shack drinking sodas and talking things over.

"I can't believe you walked away from the team," Jamie wondered aloud. I felt she was proud of me.

"People aren't going to like that," Emily warned me. "Football is big in this town."

"I didn't walk away from the team, just the coach. If I play, I play to win," I countered.

"The coach's plays were okay for Blair," Emily explained.

"Blair was happy to be starter, but not all that concerned about winning. The team went eight and five last year, and all Blair wanted to do was win one more game. It didn't take me two weeks to figure out we had more talent than that," I stated.

"And you think you can do better than the coach?" Emily questioned.

"I led us to victory over the second best team in the conference," I told her. "I couldn't have done it without the talent, but the coach can lose even with the talent we have. It doesn't matter though. I'm off the team and now it is Wilcox's turn," I referred to the third-string quarterback who had lasted all of one series of downs against Panther Hill.

"What if I can get you back on the team," Emily asked. "Would you agree to play nice with the coach?"

"Don't go sucking up to that bastard on my behalf," I cautioned her. Frankly I didn't trust the pervert around her alone in some smelly office.

"Oh, I'm not going to the coach; I'm going to the Chamber of Commerce," she grinned. I didn't know she was using the codename for the Dark Conspiracy that ruled this town. By Monday morning I was back on the team.

(Next Friday Night)

We'd stayed at the requisite victory part before I made my departure with Jamie and Emily. I'd been building up Emily as my social director, not my girlfriend. Even Emily seemed comfortable with her role. She kept me informed about who was doing what to whom and which football player I need to talk with. I was seen doing what she asked me to do so no one thought it odd when the three of us left together.

There were five people in the establishment as the midnight hour drew near, and two of them, the waitress and the cook, were out on a smoke break. Emily thought nothing of it when Jamie sat beside her at the booth. Emily got off texting on her phone when I grabbed her attention.

"Emily, what are we going to do about Blair?" I asked.

"What?" she sputtered over her drink. "What do you mean?"

"He's not in the picture and he's not going to be seriously in the picture before the end of the season. So, where are we going to stand between now and then?" I question her.

"I ... wait ... no," Emily stammered. "Craig, you are my friend. I'm sorry if you thought of us in any other way."

"I want to date you, even if it is just an act," I lied. I so seriously wanted to date her for real.

"What about Jamie?" she said in a panicked voice and sent a pleading gaze toward Jamie.

"I would want to date both of you," I responded. "I don't see why we can't work this out."

"I'm okay with it if you are," Jamie offered as she put a hand over Emily's. Emily flushed a deep red and her breath caught.

"I can't; I'm sorry but I can't," she panicked.

"Let's take you home then," I suggested softly. Jamie immediately slid out of the booth allowing Emily to get some space and slide out too. I got up, paid for our drinks and proceeded to drive the girls' home. I was worried after Emily left, but Jamie was ecstatic. Personally I thought Jamie was delusional and that I'd sunk myself with Emily in this mad scheme.

(Monday morning)

Emily fell on me and Jamie as we hung outside the school entrance before school started with our normal scholastic crowd. She hurriedly motioned us aside. Jamie shot me a curious look. One we had some privacy Emily turned on us, nervous as hell.

"Okay, I can do this, but there have to be some ground rules," she blurted out. I nearly fell over and I was stunned Jamie didn't do a 'happy dance'.

"Those would be?" I managed to choke out without sounding too eager.

"First off, Jamie and I would have to remain friends," Emily demanded. "I don't want people to think we are fighting over you. That wouldn't be fair," was Emily's reasoning. I looked to Jamie and we both nodded.

"No sex. I'm saving myself for marriage. Blair played along with this and you should too. I will not be a sexual plaything," Emily insisted. Jamie had the audacity to nod in agreement the conniving bitch (who I loved).

"Can we live with this?" Emily said hopefully.

"I have a counter-condition," I stated. Emily looked crestfallen. "I would like you to spend some private time with us. I don't care if we sit around, do homework, watch movies, or TV. I want some quality private time."

"You promise to respect my person," Emily cautioned.

"I swear to you that I won't make a single pass at you unless you come on to me first," I pledged. I carefully left Jamie out of that equation which had been the plan all along.

"Deal!" Emily agreed. I shook her hand the Jamie followed suit. Emily left with a special spring in her step.

"Jamie," I whispered out the side of my mouth, "if you break out into song I swear we are going straight to bondage." Jamie started whistling instead.

(Two and a half weeks later)

After 'my' latest win the local paper came up with my nickname. I was christened the 'Technician' for the precision way our offense marched down the field. We weren't all that flashy. No single player stood out as spectacularly above the others. We were a well-oiled machine and I was the technician that ran it (I know; how terribly catchy and original).

That meant less to me the more we went into the season. I was having regular and spicy sex with Jamie. I was eternally grateful that her father didn't search her websites or cast a glance toward her personal library. Our biggest sexual hurdle turned out to be getting the credit card to order stuff online. I convinced my Mother to get me a bank card then paid off the credit charges with my allowance money.

What did mean a great deal was that we'd navigated the stiff social waters that allowed Emily to hang out with us in a suggestive manner. Some people thought Emily was a promiscuous slut that was jumping from one QB to the next. Others thought I was the Man by doing two girls at the same time. I said the Emily and I were good friends which no one believed. After all, if I wasn't sleeping with her I had to be gay.

That evening Jamie's dad had surrendered his private man-cave to the three of us. In theory we were watching some downloaded movies. After which I was to head home and Emily would be staying for a sleep over. Emily had virtually leapt at the opportunity. I'd had to raid my Mom's wardrobe to find something provocative for Jamie to wear. I didn't want to think why my Mom had all of that kind of sexy lingerie.

Anyway, the three of us were sitting downstairs. I was on the sofa and Emily and Jamie were laying on their stomachs in front of me, feet up on the air and heads propped up on elbows as we watched the French version of La Femme Nikita. Emily sold it to us as a chic-empowerment flick. In the loosest definition of the term, she didn't lie.

Emily was entranced by the action and Jamie rolls onto her side and gave me a look. My responsive gesture told her to go for it. Jamie reached out and put her hand on the small of Emily's back and got no response. Slowly Jamie moved her hand up and down, expanding her scope each time. Finally she stopped at Emily's ass and began massaging it.

Emily made this adorable little purring noise and lowered her head onto her arms. When Jamie gave Emily's ass a good squeeze Emily's head suddenly snapped up. She looked to Jamie, to me, then back to Jamie. She was speechless. I pretended to watch the movie while Jamie smiled to Emily and went back to stroking her ass and lower back.

Emily seemed totally lost between fear and arousal. Jamie scooted forward until her face was only inches away from Emily's. Emily closed her eyes and Jamie kissed her on her scrumptious full lips. Sometimes girls have all the fun. Emily moaned then shook herself.

"I can't ..." she stammered.

"With him?" Jamie indicated me. Emily's eyes got even wider but she finally acknowledged the distinction.

"Craig, are you okay with it just being Emily and me?" Jaime demurred.

"Of course. I want you and Emily to be happy," I smiled.

"Craig ... I never meant to hurt you," Emily said fearfully. I shook my head.

"Jamie has kept my eyes open from the beginning Emily. All I want is for us to remain friends," I confessed.

"But then ..." Emily looked dumbfounded at Jamie.

"I've been beautiful in my eyes since the first time we started to change for gym class Emily all those years ago. I never dreamed I'd have a chance with you until Craig entered my life," Jamie told her. Emily was almost at a loss for words.

"I had no idea," Emily murmured.

"Craig was the first person besides my Father to tell me I was pretty. He made me feel like I belonged anywhere besides my own dark world," Jamie explained.

"Wait, you are boyfriend and girlfriend?" Emily asked.

"Yes Emily; I'm bi-sexual. I gave Craig my virginity; he gave me his, and we've been having a lot of sex since then, but when I told him about you he convinced me to ... seduce you," Jamie winced worried what response she might get.

"Wow Jamie, it was Craig who made me notice your attractiveness. I might never have woken up to how pretty you were if Craig hadn't brought you to practice," Emily gushed. Jamie didn't reply with words but instead ran her hand along the line of Emily's body.

"Would you feel more comfortable if I left?" I asked softly. Emily looked to Jamie who only smiled.

"Actually, I feel safe with Craig here. Jamie, you scare me," Emily said but I could see Jamie was hurt, "but only because I feel so strongly about you. I've been fighting these feelings for years. I've been afraid to give in; to admit to other people how I feel." Jamie's frown melted and she kissed Emily again. I dared not move.

Jamie took Emily's hand, forcing Emily to turn onto her side, facing Jamie. Jamie placed that hand on her own breast and Emily instinctively squeezed it. Emily briefly pulled her hand back. I noticed that Jamie's nipple was painfully hard with arousal. Emily put her hand back and massaged and stroked the breast. Jamie bit her lip. Emily took the initiative and pushed Jamie to the ground and hovered over her. She sexually surged over Jamie with hands and lips letting loose years of sexual repression.

Jamie soon matched Emily's intensity and worked off Emily's pink spaghetti top, letting her breasts spring free. Somehow they managed to get themselves into a sitting position and Jamie lost her top. They took turns fondling and suckling one another's breasts and moaning in pleasure. Neither one surrendered control so first one rose to dominance only to be overwhelmed by the others ministrations.

Finally they parted for a much needed intake of breath. Watching the two sensual women gasping with their breasts rising and falling was very exciting, but I didn't want to come off the sofa and let my eighteen year old hormones take over. Emily fixed Jamie with a look of hunger and pushed Jamie down again.

While she kissed Jamie's nipples, her hand went down to the short pajama bottoms and pushed them down. When the sexual dynamics became difficult, Jamie rose up and wiggled out of the bottoms. Now she was totally naked before her beautiful blonde lover. It didn't take fifteen seconds for Emily to reveal and revel in her total nakedness as well.

I let out a low whistle. Jamie smiled while Emily gave me a more cautious glance.

"You are both very beautiful, my ladies. If you would accept a piece of advice; tell each other what feels good and what you want to do. You are both very smart and can figure out what brings you the most pleasure." Did I just sound like a Cosmo advice column?

"It works for Craig and me, "Jamie confessed. "I've done things I'd only dreamed about before. It allows us and explore without fear or regret." Jamie took a page from my book and touched Emily on her inner thigh right about the knee. Emily gave a slight gasp, standing very still. Jamie traced a line up higher until I could barely see it. Emily trembled.

Jamie rubbed very slight along the labia. Emily pushed her body against Jamie's hand and Jamie purred as she moved her finger along the inner lips. Emily stole a look my way, uncertain and looking for affirmation of her actions. As I nodded a great weight lifted from her shoulders as she was free to be true to her desires for the first time in her life.

Emily returned Jamie's actions and soon Jamie was squirming. Jamie pushed a finger into Emily that elicited a pleasurable intake from the cheerleader. Jamie then did what I considered the most highly charged erotic move so far; she brought her penetrating finger up to her lips and sucked the juices off.

"Mmmm ... I like," Jamie purred. Emily pushed her finger into Jamie with predictable results. Emily brought Jamie's juices up; drawing the finger along her lower lip as she grinned then puckered up and drew the finger into her waiting mouth. All I could think of was how in the hell did I get into that action.

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