A Tale of the Technician Ch. 02


Emily went back to Jamie's nipples but her real intention was to go farther down. Jamie stroked Emily's golden locks as she kissed her stomach. With rapt attention she began running her fingers through Jamie's pubic hair then touching the top of her vagina before pulling back to repeat the process. Jamie's stomach began to convulse from the sensations.

"Am I doing this right?" Emily teased; all Jamie could do was nod vigorously. Emily kissed Jamie's belly button as a reward for Jamie's enthusiasm. I knew how much Jamie loved oral sex so Emily was in for a treat. Right when Emily kissed the top of Jamie's cunt where her clit was hiding, Jamie popped up.

"Wait!" she shouted. Emily looked shocked. "Move around," Jamie beamed and when Emily looked confused Jamie moved sidewise far enough around to touch Emily's stomach. "We'll 69," Jamie explained. Emily inhaled deeply and smiled.

"Okay ..." Emily said trying to sound reluctant but actually coming across as over-eager.

Emily shifted her body as Jamie wiggled underneath her. Seeing Emily lift her leg up so that Jamie could position herself beneath her lover became the new 'most erotic' sight. Emily had to lower herself down slowly but once she was close enough Jamie wrapped her arms around Emily's thighs began licking her pussy with a vengeance.

The cheerleader stopped her own actions long enough to let out a long, deep moan.

"That feels so good Jamie." Jamie responded in what I suspected was a tongue whirl; a trick I had learned to use on Jamie were I put my tongue in, swirling it from deep inside up to the clit in one continuous circle. I was glad to see some of my hard work and experience was paying off for my lover. I wondered if I was even old enough to think of having a 'lover'.

"Jamie I ..." Emily said in a cautionary tone. Jamie made slightly pleading noise from Emily's muff. I thought I knew the problem.

"Jamie, stop trying that. You like that," (referring to anal sex) "but Emily might not -- so stop it."

Jamie made another sound; that one of disappointment. Emily looked at me long enough to shoot me a grateful look. I shrugged and smiled -- that was my job. Before long I caught Emily shifting her arm and hand slight. Jamie gave a start.

"Oh Fuck!" she screamed and as she was racked with spasms Emily started to sputter and gulp.

"Wow ... that was ... a lot," Emily gasped after a moment. "I don't ... wow." Jamie didn't stop her assault on Emily's pussy and was soon causing Emily to tremble and shake. Emily was still propped up between Jamie's legs, but her eyes were closed in concentration.

"Yes yes yes yes ... Oh Jamie! Yes!" Emily shouted as she came violently. She didn't come nearly the volume of Jamie, but her whole body tensed up and pinned Jamie's head down between her shivering legs. Jamie was moaning and slurping. Emily was left panting and shaking.

"Craig," Emily said weakly. "Help me, I can't move and I'm afraid I'll fall on Jamie."

"I'm okay," giggled Jamie. Sadly for her, Emily's opinion was what mattered in this decision. I went to Emily and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her up to me then over to lap as I gently fell back.

Emily curled up on my lap and put her head on my shoulder. Jamie rolled up on her side and looked at the two of us smiling like the proverbial cat that ate the canary. Emily stroked my arm so I gently put my hand on her hair and head.

"That was awesome!" Emily exulted. "Thank you too Craig." I had to laugh while Jamie snickered evilly.

"Jamie?" I questioned.

"I have to agree with Emily; it was awesome; more than I'd hoped for," Jamie sighed. "What about you Craig."

"If I don't have sex in the next ten minutes I swear I'll explode," I begged.

Emily wove her arms around my neck and put her face an inch from mine, her open blue eyes searched for some kind of understanding.

"Craig, I love you as a friend. You are my second most favorite friend and I appreciate what you've done for me, but you and I can only be friends. I hope you understand."

Emily, the most desirable girl/woman I've ever met was naked, in my lap, in the basement of my best friend's house. I kissed her on the cheek, nodded.

"I understand," I managed to say for which she kissed me and hugged me even tighter.

"Oh," she giggled, "you really are big and hard." I didn't know about big, but I was definitely hard.

"Don't stroke it," Jamie teased.

"What?" Emily asked.

"If you do he'll come in his pants," Jamie joked. "I speak from experience."

"Thanks," I responded with fake bitterness.

"I'll take care of you," Jamie promised. She got up and got onto her knees before me, looking damn sexy doing so.

"Can I watch?" Emily asked. Jamie smiled greedily, not wanting to waste an opportunity to look desirable before Emily. I was an eighteen year old with the faintest glimmer of hope that the head cheerleader might be bi-sexual, so I could have only one response.

"I don't mind," I coughed.

"You are such a great guy," Emily insisted as she sensually flowed up out of my lap. I was still watching her naked ass move away when Jamie started working on my pants. I already had my shoes off so I focused my energy on removing my shirt.

Jamie had taken care of me in the past few days so I was not so overcome by the sexuality that surrounded me. As Emily had pointed out, I was more than ready to go. Jamie took my pants down along with my underwear as I moved my butt off the sofa. She tossed my pants aside then put a lone hand on my cock. She gently tugged up on my member while she got this devilish grin on her face.

She moved between my knees as she began pushing her spare hand up my chest. When she kissed the top of my cockhead I gave a guttural moan and look up at the ceiling. When I looked back I saw immediately that Emily had moved close while returning to her knees. She seemed to be fascinated with both the existence of my penis and the blowjob that had only now started.

Jamie focused her attentions on me. We had learned together and licking along the shift and giving deep kisses on my balls. So far playing with my ass had become something that both weirded me out yet I didn't mind as much as I had thought it would. It still drove Jamie over the edge though, so she kept trying to share the 'joy' with me.

Jamie had also gotten much better at taking more of me in her mouth. Her gag reflex lessened with practice and we practiced almost every day. Perhaps the greatest thing she had learned though was how to keep me on edge without sending me over into orgasm. She was working on that right now. It also gave me a sudden shot of inspiration.

"Emily," I beckoned her to the sofa. She came over hesitantly. "Trust me," I asked to which she nodded. One of my hands touched her jawline; a finger lingered before drawing a line down to a nipple. As I teased it between my forefinger and thumb Emily gave a deep breath that caused her chest to heave. She closed her eyes and I figured she was imagining someone else doing that to her.

Jamie switched hands on my cock and put her other hand between Emily's thighs. Emily spread her legs and lowered herself onto Jamie's palm in response. Jamie wasn't being overly gentle, but she had Emily panting and clawing at the sofa cushions in no time.

"Climb up on the sofa beside Craig," Jamie ordered. Emily looked at Jamie momentarily dazed then scrambled up keeping her eyes on her dark-haired lover.

Jamie took her hand back from Emily's snatch and used it to position my cock as she climbed up over me and lowered herself down.

"So good," Jamie breathed as more and more of my penis entered her. Jamie had not ceased to be a tight fit. I wondered if all girls were like this, but not for long. The present was too good. When I fit the last of my length into Jamie I had to caution her.

"I'm close," I said with a strained voice.

"Hang on a little longer," Jamie responded urgently. She put her now-free hand back between Emily's legs and began to push in and out rapidly. Emily jerked slightly and I imagined it was a little uncomfortable, if not painful, but Emily didn't speak out.

"God you are so wet Emily," Jamie commented. "Do you like this?"

"Yes," Emily whispered.

"Are you a slut?" Jamie asked.

"What?" Emily responded; a bit shocked.

"Do you want me to stop?" Jamie teased.

"No," Emily panted earnestly.

"Are you a slut?" Jamie repeated.

"Yes," Emily answered after a few seconds of hesitation.

"Emily, I want you so much," Jamie moaned. "Kiss me." Emily quickly obeyed which was too much for me.

"Fuck!" I growled as I lost control. Jamie rode me even harder. Even as I was pumping the last of my semen into her, her vagina closed rapidly on me. I had hold of Emily's nipple and now pulled on it hard.

"Craig!" Jamie screamed as she thrashed about on tome of me. Emily pulled her head around and kissed her deeply once more. Jamie's hands had not let up. If anything, Jamie's thrashing had driven Emily farther down toward her own climax. She reached out to me and dug her well-manicured fingernails into my shoulder making me grind my teeth in pain.

"Oh Yes!" Emily gasped through tortured lungs.

As Emily writhed in orgasm her fingernails dug deeper into me until I was afraid she might actually snap my collarbone. Her whole body shook even harder than it had the first time. I kept massaging her breast with my hand until she stopped me with her own hand.

"Thank you," Emily smiled at me. "If you weren't a guy ..." She slumped down on her butt, still on the sofa. Jamie fell on me and pressed her hands against my chest. I felt myself contracting within her. It wasn't until slipped out and more fluids followed did I even realize how soaked the cushions and I were. Jamie had an amazing capacity to cum.

"What do we do next?" Emily asked softly.

"I think we all get cleaned up and then we finish with the movie," I suggested.

"Then we send Craig home and it is you and me all night long," Jamie added.

"Great!" Emily jumped then looked suddenly guilty toward me. "Sorry," she said in a small voice. I laughed.

"I don't mind. As you said, we are all friends here. That is what is important to me."

"Isn't Craig the cutest fuck-toy in the whole world?" beamed Jamie.

"Hey!" I faux-squawked.

"Second-best," Emily giggled. It was Jamie's and my turn to blush, but for different reasons.

Le Femme Nikita really was a female empowerment flick and when it was over I made my good-byes, getting to French kissing both the girls on the way out. I left pretty fucking awesome myself and dreamed things that might be which normally dwelt in the spank-banks of most of my classmates.

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