tagGroup SexA Tale of the Technician Ch. 03

A Tale of the Technician Ch. 03


*Standing up for what you believe in may hurt now; not making a stand hurts forever*

(Friday Night)

On Friday night we buried Goslin, our major competition for Conference Champions. Our two running backs scored more than I did, but I could have cared less; it was a big win. At the end I even had some Goslin players pick me up and tell me what a good game I played. When asked about our toughest game though, I told the reporter that it had been Hoover, the smallest school, because they never quit; never stopped giving a 110%.

Our win was also big for another reason; Blair was back for the game. He couldn't play, but he could make commentary and I tried to be polite enough to listen. He clearly despised me and I worried just a bit about what he said on the sidelines when I was playing. At the after party, Blair drank too much and got a bit pissy, but I ended up being thankful because his poor sportsmanship helped me become more solid with the undecided teammates.

Had it not been for the obvious cock-block, I might not have noticed that Amber was with my little cliché of hotties (technically Jamie's little cliché). Her BF, Jack Rollins had gotten hurt on one of the last downs and had to miss the party. Amber was nice; she'd been Emily's friend since the eighth grade, so there was some mutual tolerance between her, Jamie and me.

(Saturday Afternoon)

You would think that in the days of instant communications that people would be more mindful of what they did a little more, especially with camera phones, audio recordings, and text messaging. I received the call shortly before two in the afternoon from Emily that I had to get to her place ASAP. I grabbed Jamie along the way and we're ushered into Emily's family's home. I was the QB -- which appeared to be an all-access pass to any high school girl's bedroom. What was wrong with these people?

Jamie went to Amber while Emily came to me. We had a pretend kiss which had a little more heat than I was used to which made me suspicious. Amber looked like she'd a rough morning. She was whispering with Jamie while Emily pulled me aside and showed me some pics with Jack and some girl I barely knew. They seemed to be having a good time.

About pic five I saw that they were having too good a time. She was in too few clothes, and too drunk, for this to be a situation that ended well. Apparently she was too far gone to get any more pics out after that, but she'd woken up a few hours ago thinking that she and Jack were an item and was texting that to everyone she could think of. I could have heard that train wreck from the next county over.

Right after we got there the counter-text campaign began. Jack was claiming that Gina Orwell was some skank he'd met while buying some beer and she's been all over him. He apologized to Amber and threatened Gina if she didn't quit her delusional attacks and got over herself. How a person with the sole talent of being able to throw a stupid football more than ten yards was supposed to handle this emotional minefield was beyond me.

I started at the beginning (for me):

"Amber, do you want Jack back?" Amber looked at me confused and distraught.

"What do I do?" she muttered.

"Tell the asshole he blew his chance with you," Jamie insisted. "You have friends. Finding another guy to date shouldn't be too hard."

"This close to Homecoming?" Amber all but wailed.

"We'll let you have Craig," Emily promised which surprised the hell out of me. Was I consulted on this major social upheaval -- No.

"Sure," Jamie agreed. "Emily and I will go as a couple." Jamie hid her smirk well.

Amber looked over at me hopefully, "I wouldn't want to get in the way of anything," she protested. I knew what came next. I stepped up and took Amber by her hands and looked into her eyes.

"Amber, would you like to go to Homecoming with me?" Amber looked totally taken off guard.

"I must look like a total mess," she evaded. Her gaze when to Emily's who nodded. Jamie nodded too.

"Okay," Amber said.

"It will be just you and I, unless you have some friends you would like to bring along," I hinted. Amber smiled for the first time I'd seen today. One I got over the attractiveness of Amber's smile did it dawn on me how much I would be on the hit list of every other heterosexual male who didn't have a date to Homecoming (and maybe a few that did). If it mattered at all, I could reconcile myself with the knowledge that Amber was the friend of a friend and nothing more.


Remember what I said about instant communication? By the time I walked in the doors with Emily and Jamie I was back to 'Who is this guy?' Even my scholastic friend didn't know what to make of my latest social blunder. Jack Rollins knew what to do though.

"Craig, what the fuck are you doing?" he snapped at me in the hallway before first period.

"Going to class," was my hopeful reply.

"What the hell are you doing with Amber? Aren't Emily and Jamie enough for you?" he was positively growling now. I was wondering how to best put this.

"Clearly not, besides "... and he shoved me. I rocked into several people and I was suddenly glad Jack hadn't brought an army.

"Jack, Amber dumped you because of those photos," I said as I evaded his next rush, "and I wasn't going with anyone, and she was right there ... and it sort of happened. Can we still be friends?" Wasn't 'can we still be friends' the kiss of death for a relationship?

"Fuck off!" he snarled then stormed off through the crowd. To my classmates credit they all didn't look away like nothing had happened. Some had real sympathy, but I wasn't sure for whom.


It was all over the school by the time I joined my (now three) ladies. Jack had aimed at getting even with me and Amber and had made the next obvious move. He'd asked Emily to Homecoming, figuring that I'd burned her the way he'd been burned. Emily had been very sweet and polite, but insisted she already had a date.

Jamie had been next his target. She'd been less diplomatic. Jack had made the mistake of making a public display of allowing her to go to Homecoming with him. Jamie had giggled in his face then informed him that she was going with Emily ... plus Amber and me. After that emasculation no girl wanted to touch him.

Jack hadn't been my enemy before this, but he quickly gravitated to Blair's circle. Some of my allies made a point of coming over and talking to me and Amber, giving some good-natured ribbing. In my favor, the Cheer Squad was completely behind me (and Emily and Amber); my geek buddies basked in the peripheral coolness; so I could deal with two pissed off jocks.

(Saturday -- Homecoming)

Our Homecoming game had been against Columbia Creek. They were at the bottom half of the league so they didn't give us too much trouble. They played a fair game so we didn't run up the score. It turned out that our game didn't matter too much because on the same night Panther Hill lost their Homecoming to little Hoover. Consider how rough a game Panther Hill had played with us, we could only cheer Hoover on with all our hearts.

What placed all that back to the corner of my mind was how good Amber looked when I came by to pick her. Jack was an idiot for stepping out on this girl. Her look of uncertainty was tender when she came into the den where I sat with her mother father and little sister. She really didn't know me and now I was in charge of one of the two most important days of her High School life. I had no idea what we would do for Prom.

"Wow," declared as I stood up. "You look stunning." Amber gave a relieved smile then moved to her mother and gave the woman a hug.

"I want you back by eleven," the father instructed me.

"Father!" Amber gasped.

"Mr. Trenton (Amber's last name), I was thinking we would stay out until one, but I promise you we'll be with Emily the entire time," I countered. He measured me and my intentions. I was somewhat pleased he wasn't giving me a box of condoms and a hotel room key.

"Very well, Mr. Dawkins," he nodded. "It is an important night and we trust Emily."

He didn't trust me, but as hot as Amber was looking, I didn't totally trust me either. I took her to my car; got her to her side and she rewarded me with another smile. Once we are headed to the dance Amber turns to me.

"Thank you," she told me.

"Sure; no problem. What are you thanking me for?"

"I know that you would rather be going with Emily and Jamie," she offered.


"Yes?" she answered.

"I want to be going to the party with you. I'm not saying I was ready to do this a week ago, but I'm certainly happy that I'm doing it now. You look fantastic and in the week I've got to know you I'm sure we are going to a great time," I informed her. She didn't give me an audible answer but did reach across the seat and held my hand.

I was a little late so we had to park farther from the banquet hall and with storm clouds over head I was really worried about the possibility of rain. We got to the dance okay and we hadn't been inside when we were jumped by Emily and Jamie. Emily looked absolutely perfect with the right mix of sensual and demur.

Jamie made me gasp. The girl wore a black silk and lace number that reminded me of the twisted not-so-little girl I'd been attracted to initially. Her cover story was that she was the 'male' in the Emily-Jamie couple. I may have been the only other person who appreciated the joke. What I did get was the obvious attention of three women. I made a point of keeping Amber in the dominant position. Emily had taught me well.

Several of my football friends came over and asked Emily and Amber to dance. Jamie responded by asking several of their dates to dance -- all in the name of comedy of course. Jamie got away with so much crap, doing close dances and even dipping some of her partners. When Emily and I joined in the fun -- why I got the pleasure of dancing with one of my own lineman I'll never know -- and we got Amber to join in as well.

Before long odd partner swaps become the thing to do, not that there was anything home-erotic about it at all (right). By the time we left around ten I had to tease Jamie for bringing about the moral decay of Middle America. Jamie declared it was about time. Initially Amber and I thought we'd go to the local hang out to see and be seen but Emily told us she felt a bit nauseous and convinced us to go by her place.

By some miracle of pre-sentience Emily had informed her dad that I would be taking her home, so I was left packing up all three girls and going to Emily's. Emily's dad was up and he was pleased as hell to see me with his daughter, even if it was with friends. We climbed up the stairs to Emily's room and when we got the door shut Emily and Jamie fell onto the bed giggling like, well, school girls.

"Do we need to be going now?" I suggested. I really wasn't sure how much Amber was willing to digest. Play-acting at Homecoming was one thing, but this could be very different.

"Don't you dare," Jamie declared. She began wiggling out of her dress. I wasn't counting on the fact that Amber had seen girls disrobe hundreds of times so she took Jamie's actions in stride.

This gave me the time to appreciate some of the purchases we had been making for Jamie. What can I say; Jamie likes things slender, black, and lacy. I had about as much as I could take when Emily started taking off her dress as well. Why her parents allowed her to own baby-blue sheer underwear was beyond me.

"I'm going to put on some jeans and a t-shirt Amber. I have some of your clothes here if you want to change as well," Emily stated innocently. I could barely detect the undercurrent of nervousness.

"I ... Craig," Amber stuttered.

"I'll step outside," I offered.

"Oh Amber," Emily teased, "you two are dating now. It is okay." Amber stole an embarrassed look my way and all I could think of was how I promised her dad that I would keep us in Emily's company.

"Okay," Amber responded hesitantly. I turned away so that I could only get a side view of Amber. I quickly figured out that she knew what I was doing but was performing anyway. As I waited Emily handed Amber some clothes then she and Jamie proceeded to get dressed themselves.

"Well?" Amber said to me, sticking her chest out suggestively, even if only to tease. I reached out and ran my finger from her ear to chin.

"Very hot," I grinned. All three girls smile.

"What about you?" Jamie said accusingly. I looked confused until Emily pulled off her comforter and revealed a t-shirt, jeans, and shoes for me.

My first thought was how in the hell did Jamie get my stuff then I realized she knew the way into my room by way of the window, that tricky witch.

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about," Emily prodded.

"Fair is fair," Jamie added. I looked to Amber for some release but she seemed overcome by events.

"Fine," I conceded, "but turn your backs while I change." The three girls all exchanged looks.

"Of course we will," Jamie assured me. I started to change and I caught all three girls pulling the same stunt I'd pulled with Amber. I felt horribly naked yet I'd been unclothed with two with these women before.

"Very nice," Amber congratulated me. I looked down into her face, searching for some level of surrender, and when I found it I kissed her. She kissed back cautiously.

"He's a stud," Jamie joked, "he's more than the two of us can handle, and he tries to make us happy. What more could a girl want?"

Amber looked amused then laughed out loud. Emily stepped up and hooked my arm.

"Craig's a sweet guy," Emily reassured Amber.

"Sweet tasting guy," Jamie giggled. I did my best to look mortified.

"Oh," Amber said in a way that could be taking well or poorly. To clarify for me, Amber came up and took my other arm.

With both arms pinned Jamie came up and stroked my chest.

"Just so we are clear, we aren't going to have a three-way tonight," she taunted. I moaned and Amber gasped.

"Craig I want to make it clear. I'm not that kind of girl," Amber clarified.

"What? You aren't going to torture me with sexual innuendo, skimpy clothing, and provide a false sense of masculine accomplishment?" I responded teasingly. Amber put her hand beside Jamie's.

"No, I'm not going to lick you from eyelids to toes and give you a blowjob that will leave you blinded with pleasure on the first date," she falsely panted.

"Excuse me, I think I have to go to the bathroom," I groaned. The three girls ignored my needs and led me out of the house after that. After I put Jamie and Emily in the back seat I was putting Amber in the front when she turned and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you for being so nice to me. You really are a fun guy." What could I say? At least she didn't call me nice.

(Later That Evening)

We were one of dozen couples at the Waffle Shack when Blair and a few of the football players came in. Blair and another guy, Ned, pulled up some chairs and helped themselves to our table.

"So tell me Craig, who gets to be on top?" he snickered. He'd been drinking more than was safe for someone of his average mental capacity.

"Blair," Emily pleaded.

"Shut up!" Blair snapped.

"Watch yourself Blair. I'd hate to have to put you back in the hospital," I said blithely. "Besides, you know what a screamer Emily is," I taunted the closet homosexual who had once been Emily's faux-boyfriend.

"Bastard," Blair growled.

"If you must know," Jamie grinned pleasantly, "I get to be on top and Emily sits on his face." Emily blushed furiously. Ned openly gawked and Blair sputtered. Amber nestled in closer to me seeking some level of comfort and stability. I put an arm around her.

"Now you are trying to nail another one," Blair observed. "At least Jack loosened her up for you."

"Excuse me," I told the ladies as I stepped up. Ned stood up to meet me.

"Ned I don't have a problem with you," I managed at which point he clobbered me. I was lying on the ground when the first foot hit my guts. I was trying to curl up into a ball and defend myself when I heard Jamie screaming furiously. Something got Ned off of me.

I was struggling to my feet when Ned threw Amber down on me. We splayed out on the ground. I could now here Blair screaming for Ned then Jamie squawked.

"God damn it!" the cook hollered. I used the confusion to get up and pulled Amber with and behind me.

Ned had Jamie back pressed painfully over the table. Emily hauled off and slapped him while her face was streaked with tears. I was getting ready to fling myself at Ned when I heard the cook shout again.

"That's enough. Let go of the girl and get the hell out of here," he directed to Blair and Ned brandishing a hot skillet. Emily, Jamie and I were pretty regular here.

Ned let Jamie go and backed away. Blair got on his crutches and when I saw his face he'd clearly been mangled by some fingernails. Only when the door shut behind those two did I allow myself to sit back down.

"Okay, what in the hell just happened?" I asked.

"I think Amber saved your ass," Jamie wheezed.

"Jamie attacked Blair," Emily added.

"Amber, you attacked Ned? He's twice your size," I wondered.

"You ... you are my date," she sounded embarrassed.

"Remind me to never piss you off," I said as I stroked her cheek.

"Amber, I'm proud of you," Emily added as she reached across the table and squeezed Amber's hand.

"What about me?" Jamie pouted.

"Jamie, we already knew you were crazy," I grinned to which Jamie responded by sticking out her tongue.

"How about we call it a night gang?" Jamie suggested. I had to nod. "We can go back to Emily's, get our clothes and head home." We gathered ourselves up and made the trek. Jamie and Emily didn't hesitate to give me more in the way of kisses than I normally got or deserved. Amber didn't only kiss me at the door; she ran her hands over my chest and thanked me for a wonderful night. Getting my ass kicked didn't turn out to be all that bad after all.

(Next Saturday)

By the next Monday everyone at school knew that Ned kicked me to the ground. What happened was a Cold War between my friends on the team and Blair's. The coach gave a pep talk that laid the blame fully on 'people that reach beyond themselves' which I took to be me. To my friends credit they saw through the bull crap.

Friday we fought a tough game against Panther Hill again. This time the outcome was never in doubt. For the second half we stayed two touchdowns up and I had to feel pretty happy how the team pulled together. I put in only the briefest appearance with Emily and Jamie before making our exit from the victory celebration.

On Saturday I promised to make it up to Amber. We went to the local place to be seen and acted like a real couple which seemed to make her happy. We were into some heavy petting in my car when Amber pulled away with a very serious look in her eyes.

"Emily is my best friend Craig. I'd never hurt her."

How does one say that my two girlfriends are probably doing the exact same thing in Jamie's basement that we are doing right now?

"Amber, if you don't feel comfortable about this I can take you home or we can go see what Emily is doing and just hang out there," I told her. That gives her a second's pause then she reaches across the car seat and starts kissing me again.

I have my hand inside the sweater and shirt but outside the bra when the phone rang. I groaned because I was really starting to believe Amber puts out on the second date and there all kinds of little tricks I'd learned with Jamie that I've been dying to try out on another girl. It was Emily with a 911. Seconds later I get the same from Jamie.

I didn't burn any red lights, but I didn't' dawdle either getting to Jamie's. I was in the 'Man Cave' within seconds and Jamie was shoving a phone in my face. What I saw filled me with a cold rage. Jack and some of his buddies were making Gina Orwell pull a 'train'. The girl was clearly distraught and teary-eyed, but Jack was egging her on so she submitted. Only when the last guy has come on her body did Jack grab her by the face, tell her what a whore she was, and walked away did Gina fall to pieces.

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