tagNovels and NovellasA Tale of Two Families Ch. 02

A Tale of Two Families Ch. 02

byLauries Husband©

(Please read A Tale of Two Families – Chapter 1 if you haven't already. This will make more sense if you do. This story contains elements of incest, cuckolding, group and bi-sexual relations. If this offends, please go elsewhere.)


The instant the words were out of Marshall's mouth, Linda and Thomas reacted exactly as Marshall had predicted only a minute earlier. Linda was barely breathing and the only thing she could hear was the pounding of her own heart. She felt her future husband shifting around behind her and her hand slid from her own thigh to his as his hard, throbbing erection pressed against her ass cheek. Guided by her incredible lust, her fingers found the fleshy tube beneath his jeans and gripped it hard. Suddenly, she smelled her own excitement and felt the viscous fluid pool in the entrance to her tiny, virginal vagina.

"Jesus Christ, Tommy-boy," Marshall's eyes were wide open and glaring with unabated desire, "I don't think I can wait to taste this delicious little girl…she's so…mmmmhh…juicy."

Linda heard Marshall say the magic phrase and sure enough, Thomas' cock throbbed as she held him through the soft, worn denim of his old jeans. She heard the gasp and then the groan and then felt the warmth of his sperm as it soaked his boxers and then the pants. The next thing she felt was the rough texture of Marshall's tongue as it swiped at the little puddle of her girl-juice where it pooled between her perfect thighs. She had never experienced the electric chills she felt at that moment and she knew she never wanted it to end.

The small, beautiful blonde eighteen year old molded herself against the tall, handsome man she had just agreed to marry. She pulled his head down until her mouth was next to his ear. She whispered loudly enough for Marshall to hear. "Darling, do you want me to call you Tommy-boy, too? Like now, you know, when he's licking my pussy?" Thomas' groan and the thrust of his hips gave her the answer she knew she would get. With all the concentration she could muster, Linda turned away from Thomas and back to Marshall. As gently as she could, she lifted his head from between her golden thighs.

"Please, Marshall, stop – I have more questions…please." God, it was hard for her to concentrate, but she really wanted to know more about this mysterious pair of boys who seemed to appear out of nowhere to take her to places she'd never even imagined.

The wealthy, worldly nineteen year old boy looked up with an almost amused look at the cute little coed who would come to mean so much to him and his closest friend. He tilted his head inviting her further queries.

She stared into his eyes, remembering what Thomas had said earlier about seeing what he saw, adding perspective and pleasure. Keeping her fiery ice-blue eyes on Marshall's deep, brown orbs, Linda took Thomas' hands in hers and placed them on the hot, moist flesh of her perfect eighteen year old breasts. She spoke to him in a voice that none of them had heard before. Deep and throaty, smoky like a blues singer in a roadhouse bar, she asked "Thomas, do you do it because you love him?" She could barely speak as Marshall's slick fingers started slipping lightly up and down the creases between her inner thighs and her baby-smooth, shaved mound. She felt the blood filling her sex and each pulse seemed to push waves of electricity through her. Not even waiting for the answer, she asked Marshall directly. "And you, my fiancé's other lover, is it only because you love him? Or is it more than that for you?"

Marshall face lit up with amusement as he thought once more of their incredible luck, meeting someone as perfect in so many ways as Linda was. As much as he loved Sara, he couldn't help but be a little jealous of Thomas. Thankfully, though, his fiancée trusted his judgment. He knew they were moving incredibly fast, but with Linda's circumstances being what they were, and her more-than-apparent enjoyment and willingness to proceed acknowledged by all, he made the decision to let her know everything about them.

Returning her searching, probing look, Marshall spoke softly. "First, my love," Linda shivered at the sound of his voice and the look in his eyes, "let me say congratulations to my brother, Thomas. He will be marrying the sweetest-tasting, silky smooth, tiny pink pussy I have ever tasted." Slowly and methodically Marshall brought her legs up and hooked her knees over his broad shoulders. Leaning forward he brought his thick tongue back to her slick mound for another long swipe. "Fuck that's delicious, Tommy-boy!" Marshall's smile broadened considerably as he pictured his own love in the same position. "Sara's gonna love her…another European, and just as beautiful and sweet as she is."

Thomas inhaled sharply as he pictured the two women together for the first time. It was a kaleidoscope of erotic images – the cute, athletic blonde and the haughty, beautiful Mediterranean Jewess. Sara was only a few inches taller than Linda, and probably not five pounds heavier, but her body was more slender and her curves more mature. And where Linda was glowing with a golden tan, Sara's smooth twenty year old flesh was colored deep olive by the Mediterranean sun. She kept her thick, luxuriously dark hair long, past the middle of her back but the rest of her was groomed according to Western style. The only hair on her body was a thin landing strip that extended about an inch upwards from her puffy pink hood. Thomas was sighing as he felt bodies moving and he opened his eyes.

Marshall was removing himself from under Linda's legs and pulling her to the center of the sofa. He motioned to Thomas to move back to the padded arm and then pull Linda back to where she'd been – her back against his chest, sitting between his legs. But before he could move the beautiful girl, Marshall stopped him.

"Wait a minute, Tommy-boy. Stand up." Linda leaned forward a little and Thomas got off the couch and stood in front of his best friend. "I want you to tell your future wife everything about us, our families, our history…everything." He saw Linda's eyes open in wonder as she tried to imagine what she might hear. "Yes, little girl, now is the time to decide if you want in or not…if you find the chance of experiencing incredible pleasure to be truly liberating or someplace you'd rather not go. If you have any more questions when he's done, I will be happy to answer them for you."

"You know I want to hear it, Marshall." It was that same, smoky roadhouse voice. "I think I need to hear it, don't you?"

The shorter boy raised his deep brown eyes to the taller boy. "You heard her, Tommy-boy. This is gonna take a while, you know." He became almost conversational and Linda was momentarily confused about the sudden change. She smiled a moment later. "Better get undressed, bro…that's gotta be getting pretty uncomfortable." He nodded towards the wet spot on Thomas' jeans then he looked back to the couch and the topless Girl Next Door sitting in the middle. "You, too, sexy girl." He smiled as he extended his hand and helped her up off the sofa while Thomas slid his jeans and his underwear down his long, muscular legs and off his feet.. Marshall moved back a few steps and pulled the coffee table out giving them much more room before he walked over to a large, antique roll-top desk and picked up the phone.

As he turned back towards his friend and their new love, his eyes were caught by a splash of red sunlight on the wall. "I knew I was getting hungry – the sun's about to go down. Pizza okay?" he asked both of them together. Both said it was fine. He dialed a number and when it was answered, he said "Greg – my room. Five minutes." He hung up the phone and pulled some money out of his wallet and put it on the desktop. Then he looked back up at the new couple. "Linda," he said, his voice more firm, more commanding now, "stand up on the coffee table. Thomas, help her up." She removed her gym shoes and short, white athletic socks and let her fiancé lift her up and place her on the table. She loved that he was strong enough to do it with no real effort.

Just as he'd thought, the brilliant red light from the setting sun illuminated the golden flesh of her trim, muscled tummy and the top of her gray shorts. "Come around to this side, Tommy-boy – stand next to me." His voice was just as commanding, but both Linda and Thomas had noticed it was huskier, sexier now. Thomas moved around the table and stood just to the right of his shorter companion, naked and excited. Both of them stared at the vision standing before them.

"Take of your shorts and your panties, little girl." Linda's skin was vibrating as Marshall's words triggered long-forgotten fantasies in her mind. She felt compelled to do what he said and the throbbing in her swollen nipples and her leaking pussy did nothing to dispel that feeling. Her hands slid to her hips and she hooked a thumb on each side of the gym shorts. She started to drag her white cotton panties down at the same time but Marshall stopped her. "Leave them – just the shorts this time." Linda gasped, knowing exactly why he would want to see her that way and then slid just the shorts down her fit, trim legs and over her perfect size 6 feet. Then she stood up straight, knowing she was 'on display' for her new and only loves and loving the myriad feelings that came with the experience.

The glowing red sunlight sparkled like liquid fire off the wet-spot covering her virginal, teenage cunt and the moisture that was coating that wonderful place where pussy mound meets thigh. "Fuck, Tommy-boy, how beautiful is that?" Marshall's hand moved to Thomas' erection and held him gently in his palm as both boys basked in the erotic beauty before them. "Do it, sexy girl," Marshall commanded her once more, "pull them down. Let us see what will soon be ours."

It felt like someone had turned the switch up all the way as waves and pulses of electrical current, teasing and erotic moved across her flesh and through her body. Her eyes locked onto Marshall's hand and the beautiful erection he held so lovingly. Linda looked at both of them as she pushed her panties half-way down her thighs. "Jesus, Tommy-boy…are you sure she's eighteen?" Thomas groaned as pre-cum started to leak out of his piss-hole and gather in Marshall's hand. Marshall rubbed it around Thomas' hard five and a half inches making him slick and shiny before stepping back to the desk and grabbing his Polaroid instant camera. "Spread your legs as far as the panties let you, little girl." He heard Linda gasp when she saw the camera. "I want Sara to see you in the same light we do, love." Marshall held the camera up and looked through the small view-finder, moving closer until the image was what he wanted and he snapped the shutter. Seconds later, the developing print was ejected from the front of the camera.

Marshall smiled as he tossed the print onto his desk. "We can certainly take more for Sara later," he said as he put the camera down. "But right now, we have more pressing business. Linda," His eyes caught hers, "what do you like on your pizza?"

Taken completely by surprise, she responded immediately. "Olives and pepperoni. What else do you need?"

Marshall laughed and shook his head. "Sara's gonna love you more than us, I'm sure." He pointed between her knees. "Now slip those off and get back on the couch like you were. Tommy-boy, go rest against the arm of the couch like you were and let her snuggle against you." The two of them moved as Marshall had directed while he undressed himself and moved over to the couch and joined them. Sitting between Linda's legs, he re-arranged her until she was leaning back at a 45 degree angle into Thomas' chest, her left leg was lifted and resting atop the padded back cushion of the couch, and her right leg was bent at the knee, her foot flat on the floor in front of the sofa. Marshall couldn't help but start to get hard as her tiny, pink pussy opened in front of his eyes as her legs spread further apart. But before he could do anything about it, there was a sharp knock on the door to the boys' suite.

Marshall's eyes gleamed as Linda looked quickly over at the door. He put his hand on her leg and she looked back at him. "After everything that's already been said and done, I don't have to ask you if you trust me, do I?" Linda shook her head, instantly feeling ashamed and blushing furiously. Marshall lifted her face to his and kissed her lightly on the lips. "I know this is all so new to you, love…just consider this the first of your 'liberating pleasures.'" He turned towards the door. "Come in, pledge."

Baring herself completely before her fiancé and his friend was one of the hardest things the young girl had ever done. And when Marshall spread her legs and opened her tiny pussy, she thought for a moment that either shame or outrageous pleasure would kill her on the spot. But when the door opened and closed and she finally turned her head around to see who else would be viewing her naked, exposed body, her senses overloaded as she recognized the young man walking towards them.

Greg Munroe had shocked Hollywood, Wall Street and the entire film industry when he announced he was taking a four year sabbatical from movie-making to finally go to college. He walked away from a multi-million dollar franchise character role to get his degree in Dramatic Arts. Never announcing where he was going to attend school, he settled fairly anonymously at his father's university and was taken in as a "summer" pledge at his father's fraternity.

He was the best looking of the new breed of leading men and his movies were always on top of the box office polls. Linda had seen several of his movies and had fallen madly in love with him along with every other female fan. She never dreamed she would actually meet him in real life…and especially not like this.

"Oh my God!" Her fingernails dug deeply into Thomas' thighs. She would remember the groan she heard another time. "It's him…Greg, right?" When Marshall nodded his head Linda turned back to the gorgeous young actor and only then recalled that she was completely naked. By the time the Hollywood star was standing in front of the couch, a deep pink flush had spread across her face and chest and the hot blood engorged her already-swollen nipples to the max. It only made her that much more desirable. "Oh my God!" she repeated again, "I'm sorry, Greg… uhm…Mr. Munroe…but you're even more beautiful in person!" She knew she was gushing but there was nothing she could do to stop herself. Marshall stepped in and saved her.

"You can call him Pledge, love. That's all he is here." Linda looked surprised. "Really, little girl, he is here as a student and he is pledging this house." He turned to the celebrated star. "Pledge…first thing – tell Brother Larkin congratulations on his engagement to this fine young woman."

Linda was surprised once more as she saw the real emotion in Greg's eyes as he congratulated Thomas and offered his best wishes to her. And she was impressed that he never mentioned her nudity in front of other men to her fiancé.

"Now, Pledge, tell Brother Larkin's fiancée what it is that a pledge does." Marshall started stroking Linda's thighs as she stared open-mouth at her first celebrity.

"Miss…Ma'am…I'm sorry. Brother Goldman, I don't know this beautiful young woman's name." Greg was stumbling over his words as his eyes moved slowly and deliberately across her hot, moist flesh.

"Hmmm," Marshall pondered for a moment, "you may call her Linda when no one else is around, otherwise Ma'am will do. Is that alright with you, love?" Linda could only nod, still overcome by his close physical presence. "So tell her what a pledge does, Gregory."

Everyone who had ever read anything about the young mega-star knew that he hated being called Gregory. Linda was afraid Marshall had crossed some kind of line, not yet really understanding who he was and what his family was all about. But Greg knew and so he took the deliberate insult without a word.

With a red face and very controlled breathing, Greg told her that a pledge does anything an active brother tells him to do. And after Marshall prodded him further, he said that taking orders like that also extended to girlfriends, wives and fiancées of active brothers as well. He told her that as long as she was engaged or married to an active brother while he was a pledge, he was bound to do anything she required of him.

"Oh my God!!! This can't be fucking real!" Linda turned around to Thomas for confirmation and he nodded, telling her that it was indeed true. "Anything?" She looked back and forth between Thomas and Marshall as they nodded again. The eighteen year old virgin from a quiet suburb of Chicago, so small and so perfectly shaped, was naked and exposed before People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man of 2009' and he was looking at her with mounting desire in his eyes.

She glanced back at Thomas and across at Marshall again. Her voice was that sexy, smoky music of heat and desire. "Think we can wait a few minutes before we send him out for dinner?" Both of her men agreed. She took several deep breaths before letting herself speak again. She stared into the eyes that had mesmerized and enchanted millions of women and girls around the world and somehow found not only the courage to speak, but somehow, recalling passages from The Cuckold, her mother's book, she found the perfect words to use. "Take off your clothes for me, Pledge. Present yourself to your new Mistress."

Marshall thought that it couldn't ever get any better than this – Linda was turning out to be perfect in nearly every way. Thomas thought the same way, but he expressed it a little differently. When his new fiancée referred to herself as Mistress, Thomas moaned out loud as he climaxed between her firm little ass-cheeks. Linda felt the hot liquid coat her burning flesh as she watched Greg strip off all his clothes…just for her. Without even realizing it, her tiny fingers scraped the top of her ass and then spread Thomas' semen across her torso and massaged it into her small, firm tits. She just didn't know, couldn't have known that there were pleasures like this in her world.

When he finished, standing in front of her completely uncovered, Linda felt she had been transported to a different dimension. She looked at all three of the young men surrounding her, her eyes flicking back and forth between them. Thomas was so handsome and his tall, lean physique provided a safe haven for her small, lithe athletic body. And he could kiss like nothing she'd ever felt before. She could love that boy forever, especially knowing his penchant for submissive behavior. And, she giggled to herself, his un-cut penis was the perfect size for marriage – not too big and not too small. He could pound her as hard as possible and his cock would never reach her cervix. She thought for a moment about her mother's book and knew immediately that her husband would relish that role. The thought alone almost made her climax. She shifted her focus before she lost it completely.

Marshall, more muscular in a stocky way, was almost as handsome as his dear friend. He just seemed a little more rugged. Ironic, she thought, he probably never worked a day in his life. His skin was dark and his beard heavier than Thomas', but the difference that interested her at the moment was his circumcised manhood. Perhaps an inch longer than Thomas' 5 ½" , Marshall's rock-hard, gently curved shaft was almost twice as thick and his head looked like a small plum. Unable to stop herself, the petite blonde freshman bent over and took Marshall's cock-head between her lips. She sucked hard and let him pop out of her mouth causing all three men to moan at the same time. She couldn't wait to taste him for real, but that would have to wait for at least a little while. Linda felt the electricity wash over her again as she heard Marshall's commanding voice in her head. She knew he could control her the same way she could control Thomas. She didn't want to wait too long.

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