tagNovels and NovellasA Tale of Two Families Ch. 03

A Tale of Two Families Ch. 03

byLauries Husband©

(Please read A Tale of Two Families – Chapters 1 and 2 if you haven't already. This will make more sense if you do. This story contains elements of incest, cuckolding, group and bi-sexual relations. If this offends, please go elsewhere.)


Every minute that Greg waited in the small pizza place was filled with a sublime torture. It wasn't that he'd ever lacked for female company when he was in the mood; in fact, that was one of the things that pushed him out of Hollywood. At twenty-two, he was already bored with the women that always seemed to be available. Not that they weren't beautiful – they always were the best looking young models and actresses – but not one of them seemed real at all. He was just tired of them and bored with that whole scene. But, he thought as he lost himself in the wonderful aromas coming from the old oven, he sensed none of that with Linda.

Suddenly he was glad he was wearing baggy shorts – his penis was growing thicker and longer as thought about what might be waiting for him back at the fraternity house. She was so hot, he thought, the tiny blonde gymnast sitting naked on the couch, the reds and oranges of the setting sun making her tight, moist flesh glow all warm and sexy. She had seemed so awe-struck at first, but then she totally took command and he remembered how it made him so hard. The way she talked to Thomas, her fiancé, made his hard-on throb as she confessed her passion for Greg and her desire to lose her virginity to the cinematic super-star. The control and self-assured manner belied her virgin status and only made her more desirable.

"Ummh, excuse me, sir?" The girl behind the counter couldn't take her eyes off the bulge in his khaki shorts. Along with everyone else in town for the summer, she'd heard he was there but this was her first 'sighting' and she couldn't believe she was actually talking to him all up close and personal. He looked at her, a cute semi-Goth twenty year old, he guessed, with total groupie potential. "That will be $14.50." As Greg pulled Marshall's $20 out of his pocket, the black-haired girl nodded towards his groin. "I'd be happy to help you out with that, Mr. Munroe…" she grinned at him "any way you'd like."

Not for the first time since he'd arrived at the university, he leaned across the counter and gave the young lady a chaste peck on the cheek. "It's Greg, darlin'," he said, "and that was Hollywood – I'm here now. Just like a normal person, okay?" He handed her the bill and picked the box up off the counter. "Keep the change – I'll be back a lot…if the pizza's good." She flashed him a disappointed smile, still star-struck as he hurried out the door.

Desperate to know her final decision, Greg knocked on the boys' door feeling as nervous as he did at his first audition. All the girls he'd been with were experienced; he'd never really had a girl give him this particular gift before. He was having a hard time breathing when he heard Marshall telling him to come in.

It seemed like the door handle rotated open in slow motion and Linda moved towards Thomas to whisper in his ear. "I will always be yours, Thomas. But tell me quickly now – you want to be a cuckold, right?" Thomas groaned and nodded his head. "And you want to be humiliated? By me?" This time the groan was even deeper as Thomas nodded again. Linda turned her face to his and kissed him slowly and deeply. She pulled away and he was blinded by the glare in her ice-blue eyes. Her lips pulled up at the corners of her Cover Girl –cute mouth. "Oh my love," she hissed at the shocked nineteen year old, "you are so gonna pay for this!"

The aroma filled the room as Greg put the pizza down on Marshall's desk and opened the lid of the thin box. "Ummh, Linda…Ma'am, Brother Goldman, Brother Larkin, your pizza" he made a theatrical sweep with his arm, "is here – hot, as requested." He bowed and repeated a phrase he'd used quite a bit since becoming a pledge. "This pledge hopes and prays he has lived up to your expectations, Brothers."

Linda started giggling, her short, blonde hair catching the last of the red-gold light of the setting sun. Sitting back on the couch she looked so young and innocent, her pixie-like face tickled by the fraternity ritual. "Oh my God, Marshall," her voice, deep and smoky, and so at-odds with her naïve appearance brought hot blood pulsing to the three already hard cocks in the room, "this is better than the movies." She turned to look at her fiancé her eyes bright and glowing but her words were clearly addressed to the only clothed person in the room. "Pledge Gregory," he winced as he heard her intentional slight, "while you were out, I met a new friend on the phone. She can't be here, but I just know she would love to share this with all of us in some way." The tip of Linda's little pink tongue slipped out and licked her lips. "I would like the boys to make a film of us – all of us." Her eyes moved from Thomas' to Marshall's and then to Greg's deep brown eyes peering up at her from his bent position. She motioned him to stand up straight and he rose slowly, never taking his eyes off of hers…even as they scanned downwards from his face to the large bulge pressing out from behind the zipper in his khaki-colored shorts. He'd been hard since he'd first thought about her as he waited for the pizza.

The lithe, young naked gymnast rose off the couch with a half-twist that brought her right in front of the Sexiest Man of 2009. "Kiss me, pledge!" She wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and drew him down to her. She felt her fiancé's eyes burning into her as her own personal mega-star kissed her like she had never been kissed before. She heard herself moaning into his mouth, her petite, perfectly-shaped torso melting into his lean, muscular frame as he pulled her close. Even as she was drifting away on the pleasure-boat powered by his lips and tongue, somehow she found the will to concentrate enough to get back on track before she was completely lost. She took a handful of his hair from behind and pulled his lips off hers and his exquisite tongue out of her mouth. Her other hand found his bulge and she gripped his hard, curved shaft through his shorts, her thumb rubbing softly just under the head. "Can we make a little movie, pledge? No one but us and Sara will ever see it – I give you my word."

Greg looked over at Marshall and raised his eyebrows in question. "Of course," Marshall chuckled in reply, "as soon as you left – I had to tell her how this little girl snapped your nuts. She went crazy – then she told me you better get back to France soon. I don't know why, but she misses you." He turned to Linda, expecting she would be surprised. She wasn't. If possible, she was turned on even more.

"Now why am I not shocked to learn this, boys?" Her bluesy, piano-bar voice vibrated over each of them, their erect cocks resonating as she spoke. "I know I've led a sheltered life, but geez, this is like incestuous." It wasn't exactly what she'd meant to say, well rather, not what she thought she was saying. But Marshall's and Thomas' reaction to the word were all too evident to both Linda and Greg. There was something there – of that much she was certain and she knew she'd find out when Thomas finally told her their complete background. She realized her mistake and spoke again, still in control. "Not incestuous, of course. But still," she smiled lustily at all of them, "I take it you have no objections, pledge?" Greg shook his head and smiled at the delightfully naked sprite in front of him, her swollen nipples and engorged mound beckoning him, her pheromones swelling his cock even more than before.

"Good. Sara will be so happy – I just know it." Linda backed away from Greg and laid down on her side on the couch. "Take your clothes off, pledge, then bring me a piece of pizza." She turned to Marshall and smiled. "I know you have a movie camera around here someplace, don't you?" He nodded, returning her grin. "Well get it set up or whatever so we can start this." Marshall walked away to get his camera and tripod and a fresh video cassette tape, leaving Linda and Thomas momentarily alone. Linda patted the couch and Thomas sat at her side.

'Holy shit,' he thought to himself as her fingers reached out and held his rock-hard shaft just beneath the spongy head poking out of his foreskin 'could she be any more awesome?' Stroking upward pushed a clear drop of pre-cum out of his piss slit. She was a complete puzzle to her new fiancé. One minute all sweet and innocent and the next, she seemed as hard and tough as a professional dominatrix. But most of all, he thought, she seemed to really know what they were about – and she was so accepting and willing that he couldn't believe his luck. He'd dreamed of finding someone of his own – someone like Sara – who could complete their inner circle. Now, it seemed, he had…and he certainly wasn't going to do anything to jeopardize that – whatever the cost.

"Linda, darling," Thomas spoke quietly to his fiancée as she lay naked on her side, "just promise me now, whatever happens, you will always be mine."

Time seemed to stop as Linda looked into Thomas' eyes. She spoke softly – her voice normal like it was before all of this started. "Thomas, I don't think I can make that promise. Sometimes, I will belong to someone else – we both know that, right?" His cock twitched in her hand and she smiled at him. "But what I can and will promise you is…I will always be your wife, and eventually I will always come back to you. Isn't that what you really want?"

He nodded his head before bending down and kissing her softly and sweetly on her puffy pink lips. "Please don't laugh," he said, "but I really think I, you know, might actually love you already."

Marshall had set his camera up on the tripod and plugged the adapter into the wall. Then he moved around the room, turning on several small lamps and lighting a few candles as well.

Linda leaned up on her arm and put her mouth close to Thomas' ear. "I know you do, love…I do, too." She kissed him lightly on the lips then whispered a final time. "Remember, that's why I'm doing this."

"Okay, kids, we're ready to go!" Marshall had the camera pointed at the couch and was ready to push the red 'record' button. "Anybody here have any movie-making experience? Anyone? Anything at all?" He and Thomas started laughing when they heard Greg mumbling in reply? "What was that, pledge Gregory?"

The Hollywood star turned from the desk and stood exposed before them. He let them look at him; he was used to the stares but this time it truly excited him – these were people from his 'real' life. "Sir, I said 'what a dick', Sir." Linda gasped and the boys howled in laughter.

"Were you talking about me, pledge?" Marshall tried to stay serious but he couldn't help laughing again.

"Well, in a way, Brother Goldman," Greg kept his eyes on Linda as he answered. "I must have been momentarily overwhelmed by the magnificent meat hanging between your legs, Sir." Everyone laughed again and suddenly it seemed like a good time to start playing.

"Three, two, one…" There was a distinct clink and Marshall started speaking. "This is for you, my darling. I'm speaking English for the sake of your new friend. She insisted that we include you in this, love. So sit back, relax and enjoy this until one or more of us can get over to see you in person." The camera was pointed at the couch, the frame centered around the blonde coed laying naked on her side and facing the lens.

"I'm so happy you can share this with me, Sara. What I would like to do, if you don't mind, is let you know what is happening now," Linda grinned into the camera, "and then, I hope you don't think I'm being rude, but I want all of us to kind of forget about you, you know? I think it will be better for you to watch and enjoy, okay?" She looked at the three boys and they nodded their approval. "Okay, the boys think so, too. So, you know about earlier, how I met your boys. And that Thomas has proposed and I've accepted. But what you might not have guessed is that I'm still a virgin."

Linda sat up and looked directly into the lens. "Yes, it's true. I know it's hard to believe, but you will find I never lie." Linda grinned as she traced her fingers around her firm breasts. "Thomas thinks it's his right, as my future husband, to be the first one in me. And I guess I kind of agree. But," she grabbed Greg by the hand and brought him over to the couch and stood him up opposite Thomas, "when I have a chance to lose it to him, well, what young girl wouldn't want that? I mean really!"

She stood up on the couch cushion, her left arm across Greg's shoulder and her right across Thomas'. "Now I'm not saying that Thomas isn't great looking and built well and sexy as hell – he is! And for a regular guy, he's the best kisser I've ever kissed. But, you know, sometime this afternoon, I realized that my fiancé is not the alpha-dog here. Yours is, Sara. He must be – after all, he was the first one that ever saw me naked and sucked my breasts and put his fingers in my pussy, not my fiancé." She looked down to see Thomas erection jerking and twitching like a puppet on a string. "See what I mean?" She giggled and Thomas turned a dark shade of crimson and all trace of a smile was gone from his face.

"But between us girls, Marshall scares me a little, Sara. I mean, he's just too thick to be my first, you know? But like I said on the phone, I promise I'll take care of him for you." She gave Thomas a little half-smile. "I meant to tell you about that, honey. Don't worry, you can still have him, too." She giggled at the camera. "You're right, Sara. He is fun to tease a little." Linda smiled as she sat back down on the couch. "So there we are. I'm still a virgin and the pizza is getting cold. Time to fix both, huh?"

Linda pulled Greg down to sit next to her on the couch. She started talking to him, forgetting the camera. "I have to be honest with you, pledge. I really am a virgin, but I have no proof. Like most female gymnasts, I lost my little cherry at an early age. I only dated a few times in high school and I never did more than let a boy kiss me a little. Well, until today, anyway." She turned into him and kissed him with all the desire that she had ever felt for her cinematic ideal. "So now," she said breaking their kiss, "I will fulfill my fiancé's request and let him be the first man inside me. Then, pledge Gregory, you are going to do everything to me that all of your secret, hot fans, all the high school girls and the MILF's, ask you to do to them." She pushed him off the couch. "Get something to eat – you'll need your strength." She turned to her fiancé. "Your turn, baby."

Sliding to the side of the couch, Linda threw her right leg up over the back cushion and put her left foot on the floor. "C'mon, Thomas…you wanted this so let's get it over with." She held her pussy lips apart with her strong, tiny fingers. "I figure you would have had to push an inch – maybe an inch and a half – to take my cherry, baby. What do you think?" Thomas looked at her – confusion mixing with lust and desire – he really wasn't sure he knew what she was talking about. He just shrugged his shoulders. "Yeah, honey, that's what I thought, too." She smiled at him, grabbed his hand, and drew him closer.

"Get it wet, baby. Make it slick and slippery." Thomas spit in his hand and wrapped his fingers around his erection. "Is it wet, honey?" she asked him. "Are you ready?" She pulled him down between her stretched out legs. His left knee was on the cushion and his right foot was on the floor as he bent towards her to line his cock up with the small pink entrance to her fresh vagina. "Easy now, baby…I'll guide you in – you don't move on your own, understand?"

All he was thinking about was getting his cock inside this hot young girl (Christ, he thought, she's my freakin fiancée!) who came into their lives so suddenly and mysteriously. He nodded mindlessly again and let her put both of her hands around his rock-hard pole. She slid his foreskin back and exposed his dark pink head and about an inch of his shaft below that before her fingers tightened their grip. Slowly and methodically she rubbed the soft, spongy head through the furrow of her tiny pink labia, her girl-juice leaking out, bathing the top of his cock with her slick, lubricating honey.

The blonde, eighteen year old coed was a riot of nerves and electrical shocks and desire and fear as everything started to crash down all around her. She'd thought she could pull off the fantasy that had been playing in her head with no problem – always staying in control. But the very moment that she'd touched her virginal sex with Thomas' stiff cock, her world came flying apart.

"Oh, God," she moaned with her eyes looking right into his, "Thomas, this feels…unnngh…" sparks of violent erotic energy concentrated around her small hole, "…so hot, so…oh, I want you now!" She tightened her grip even more around his throbbing shaft, "Don't push, baby…I'll do it for you."

Marshall had moved behind the camera and zoomed in to a tight shot of Thomas' cock resting on Linda's nether lips. He whispered into the microphone, "This is for you, my love" just as Linda pushed the tip of his cockhead through her pretty pink lips and into her tight, tiny hole.

"God, Tommy…" she hissed at him, her eyes becoming glaring slits of lust and pain, "…unnngh, that hurts…wait, let me…ahhh, ahhh, hmmmm…fuck, okay." She stopped with a final groan when her fingers reached her spread-open lips and he was buried about two inches deep inside her tight moist tunnel.

Through the viewfinder, Marshall saw his best friend's cockhead and another inch disappear into Linda's impossibly small pussy. His own cock was as hard as he could ever remember – this was the hottest thing he'd witnessed in a very long time. He knew if he touched himself even once, he would start to shoot.

A minute earlier, Greg had picked a piece of pizza out of the box with the intention of bringing it to the naked nymph on the couch. But when he'd turned around, he found he couldn't move. The scene unfolding on the couch was as compelling as anything he'd seen on the screen and he stood there staring while the slice grew cold in his hands.

"Mmmm, can you feel it, Tommy?" Linda was whispering, but loud enough that everyone could hear. "That's where my cherry would be." She moaned as she moved him around in a little circle, stretching her little pussy so delightfully. "But you wouldn't go all the way, wouldn't break it the first time, huh?" Holding him tightly with both hands, the little blonde pulled him almost all the way out of her. "Let's stretch it out one more time, okay?" All four of them moaned as she pulled him back into her – stopping again after about two inches, her fingers circling his shaft prevented him from plowing all the way in. She used him again to stretch herself out and make herself ready for what she knew was coming.

"Okay, baby," her voice was so throaty and deep, "this one should do it. Back out now…" She pulled him almost all the way out again but this time moved her hands about an inch lower on his steel-hard pole. She held him very still as she moved herself this time, slipping her tight young pussy over his cock. The first inch-and-a-half was easy, but she had to force herself forward to take the last inch before the barrier of her fingers stopped her. The feeling of a real cock inside her started her girl-juice flowing again and she could feel her fingers starting to slip on Thomas' cock. "Unnnghh…that's it, lover…you did it – you've taken my cherry."

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