tagNovels and NovellasA Tale of Two Families Ch. 04

A Tale of Two Families Ch. 04

byLauries Husband©

(Please read A Tale of Two Families – Chapters 1, 2 and 3 if you haven't already. This will make more sense if you do. This story contains elements of incest, cuckolding, group and bi-sexual relations. If this offends, please go elsewhere.)


Her moans had the same effect on Marshall and he couldn't help but whisper into the microphone from the video camera. "Can you hear her, chere? Those are the same moans, the same sounds you made…you know…the first time you and Greg were together." He paused to catch his breath and calm down just a little. "Please, chere…promise me I can be there the next time you see him…"

And the moans, along with her actions, gave Greg the answer he was looking for as well. "Well, Tommy-boy," he smiled serenely at the taller boy staring at them like a man possessed, "it seems that your fiancé wants more than a wild movie fuck. I think she wants to really make love." Linda groaned – she had never wanted anything more. Thomas looked into her eyes and saw the truth – she wanted it, needed it, had to have it. And he couldn't stop them if he'd wanted to. He sank slowly to his knees, heart pounding and a flush spreading across his chest. He was almost ashamed of himself as he angled for a better view.

As Linda pulled herself up she felt her pussy lips clinging to the steel-hard, satin smooth flesh of his thick shaft and she felt her muscular vaginal walls gripping and squeezing all along his length. She never wanted the feelings to stop, her nerves already addicted to the sensations that spread from her tiny, cock-filled cunt through every square inch of flesh across her entire body. But as soon as she reached the top, when his fat, knobby cock-head spread her lips as wide as they could go, she felt Greg's hands underneath her ass, holding her steady and supporting her completely. She felt like a doll, helpless and naked in his arms and completely under his control. This is what she really wanted – to be used by this incredibly beautiful and sexy man – this was the fantasy that held so many women in his sway around the world.

Had she been anyone else, Greg thought ruefully, he would have given her what she originally asked for. But she had been so tight – her beautiful little teenage pussy was so small – any aggressive or dominant sex could really have hurt her badly and he had no desire to use her in that way. Instead, he decided to loosen her up the way she would enjoy the most. He turned her again until they were front-to-front; she felt lighter than a feather in his strong, sinewy arms. He brought her close, crushing her firm breasts against him, her diamond-tipped nipples burning into his chest. This time their kiss held no surprises, only the promise of complete satisfaction. When he pulled his lips away this time she saw his smile behind his warm, loving eyes. He moved his hands to her waist, told her to remain calm and then lifted and twisted her torso. When he was through with the maneuver, Linda was suspended upside-down, her face against his tight stomach and her bald, pink pussy only inches in front of his hungry, anxious mouth, his hands firmly around her trim waist.

"Straighten your neck, Babygirl," he said with growing excitement. "Stay relaxed…breathe through your nose…try to swallow if you can."

"Oh fuck me, Tommy-boy," Marshall was trying to hold off an impending orgasm; he could barely control his hands as they kept finding his cock and stroking furiously. Thomas had no words for what he was witness to – he could only groan as Greg started to lower his adorable fiancée, her mouth wide open and poised to receive his magnificent erection. It was a position he would see her in again in the future, after he told her one night how insanely erotic the whole scene was.

The matinee idol of millions lowered his newest lover until she took his cock-head and a little of his hard, curved shaft between her plump, pink lips and into her mouth. "Yes, lil darlin', that's right…use your tongue…make me all wet for you." He groaned when he felt the tip of her tongue search his pee-hole for drops of his sweet pre-cum and then he lowered her further. She started to gag when his head hit the back of her throat but he pulled her back with soft words of encouragement and then they tried it again.

He lowered her once again and that time she kept herself open for him. Her own excitement peaked with the realization that she could please him that way and she had another mini-climax when she successfully swallowed his cock-head into her throat. Confidant then in her new-found ability, Linda put her hands on Greg's rock-hard thighs so she could control her own movements up and down his thick, curved stalk. The vibrations that ran through his body made his hard shaft resonate in her throat as she repeated the swallowing action over and over – each time feeling stronger and more empowered by her control over his pleasure. But then Greg turned her world completely upside down and inside out. As Linda feasted on his gorgeous gland, Greg pulled her baby-smooth shaved pussy to his mouth, licking and sucking her like a starving man at a Thanksgiving dinner.

She felt the tip of his tongue first as it drew circles around her hot pink clitoral hood trying to uncover her precious little fleshy pearl. Then it was the broad flat surface of his mouth organ that made her flesh quiver as he brought it across her swollen lips until he covered the entrance to her just-fucked cunt, massaging her pussy and collecting her leaking girl-juice. But when he moved again it was too much for the young coed – she screamed around his cock as his tongue danced over the slightly darker flesh of her anal ring and she exploded as her long-delayed orgasm overwhelmed her. The vibrations that wracked her young, inexperienced body were so strong they caused her throat to clamp down on his invading organ and he came with her, jettisoning his thick, fertile sperm deep into her throat until she had trouble breathing and with her hands on his thighs she pushed herself up and off of his still hard dick.

Moans and groans from all four of them filled the room as Linda and Greg rearranged themselves on the couch. The movie man laid down on his left side, his back against the back cushions of the couch, and his thick but softening penis pointed upward while resting on his flat stomach. Linda maneuvered herself onto her left side as well, her firm, rounded butt nestled against his groin as she tried to catch her breath. When she was calm and comfortable, she looked up and smiled at her fiancé. "Bring me a glass of wine, Tommy-boy," she said with only a hint of a smirk in her voice, "I need something to numb my throat." With her eyes still locked on her fiancé's, the petite gymnast moaned as Greg's fingers found her hard, pointy nipples and started to play with them once again. "Hurry, honey," she admonished him with a pouty little voice, "my lover's cock is getting hard against my ass and I don't want to keep him waiting."

Thomas knelt before the naked duo on the couch, Linda's wineglass in his hand. He was still completely blown away by the incredible girl that had suddenly become his fiancée/hot wife and Mistress all in the course of a few hours. Her knowledge and insight about Thomas' sexual needs was unbelievable – she was acting as if she'd written The Cuckold, not just read her mother's page-worn copy. But mostly, as he waited on his knees for what he knew was coming, he remembered that day almost ten years before when he walked into his father's study and saw his parents and Marshall's father in almost the same position.

The young boy had ducked quickly behind his father's big desk and tried to keep the noise of his ragged breathing as low as possible. He felt as hot back then as he did kneeling before the couch now. In his mind's eye, it was his father on his knees and he was licking Mr. Goldman's (Marshall's father) dick! He couldn't understand why his beautiful mother was standing beside him – naked and smiling – and laughing at her husband. All he knew was that his little penis was standing up in his underwear and when he peaked around the desk and saw Marshall's daddy kiss his mommy, he felt all funny and it seemed like he was trying not to pee but it was different and confusing.

Later that night, when Thomas' mother came into his room to give him a good-night kiss, she sat down on the edge of his bed and took his hand in hers. She smiled and it lit up his insides – like most ten year old boys, he thought she was perfect in every way. "Tommy," she whispered into his ear, her long blonde hair tickling his cheek, "can I tell you a secret?" He giggled and nodded his head. "Mommy saw you come into Daddy's study this afternoon."

Little Tommy's heart stopped, his eyes popped wide open and his face flushed a deep red as his embarrassment and shame spread through his body. "I'm sorry, Mom…so sorry…I never should…don't know why…" Tears started rolling down his cheeks.

"Oh, no…no, Tommy," she wiped his tears away with her thumbs and kept smiling at her precious boy. "Mommy's not mad, honey…not mad at all. Mommy can never be mad at you, Tommy…it's okay, really." And after a few minutes of soft tickles and kisses on his cheeks, Tommy had calmed down enough to listen to his mother.

"I bet you were surprised when you saw us, weren't you?" Tommy blushed as he nodded, remembering the way his mother had looked, naked and exposed. His blush deepened as he began to feel himself grow under the sheets. "I was pretty surprised when I saw you, too?" She giggled softly and Thomas relaxed almost immediately. "You know why I was so surprised, honey?" Thomas shook his head slowly back and forth. "Tommy, I was surprised because…well…we were playing an adult game, honey, and I really wasn't expecting to see any children. When I saw you, it surprised me a little."

"Mom," Tommy tried to sound all grown up and adult – it was all his mother could do to hold in her laughter and keep her face as serious as she could, "can I tell you something?"

"Oh my baby," she rained kisses on his forehead and over his eyes and nose, "you can always tell me anything…you can tell Mommy everything, Tommy, because Mommy loves you so much."

"My, uhm…my penis," it was hard for her to hear him, his head turned away from her in pre-adolescent embarrassment, "it kind of got real hard and then, when I looked a second time, it felt like I was , you know, uhm…peeing, kinda…I guess, but nothing came out." Hearing nothing, he turned his head back and saw his mother smiling so sweetly at him. "Uhm, am I okay, Mommy? What happened? What did it mean?"

He knew he would never forget the love in her smile and the softness in her voice. "It means my little boy is starting to grow up. Soon, Tommy, you and Marshall are going to change. You will become men instead of boys."

"Mommy," his voice was so meek she couldn't help but smile, "uhm…you looked…uhm…really beautiful." She kissed her little boy one more time and wished him a restful night, leaving him smiling and sighing as she left his room.

Understanding the past more and more every minute, Thomas lifted the wineglass to his fiancée's hand and then looked over her shoulder into her lover's eyes. "Allow me, Sir. I think I know what the lady would like now." Greg's eyes crinkled and he laughed silently while nodding his permission.

Linda put her glass down on the cocktail table and stared at her cuckold fiancé. "Pretty bold, Tommy-boy, thinking you know what I'd like." Her voice was low and smoky and she giggled when his eyes opened wide at her implied challenge. "For your sake, my darling, I hope you're right." Her sky-blue eyes were blazing with lust and darkly dominating at the same time. Twisting her torso as sensuously as her years of training allowed, the sweat on her glistening skin highlighted every erotic movement of muscle and flesh. When she kissed her lover, Thomas was as hard as he was that day in his father's study. But this time he knew why.

Marshall, in an effort to use his hands for anything other than touching his hard, fat dick moved the tripod closer to the couch and at a slightly sharper angle. When Linda settled back down in front of Greg, he fixed the focus and centered the frame around Linda's hairless mound. He zoomed out just in time to see his best friend perform almost the same acts that he had – the day that he'd introduced Sara to the Hollywood mega-star. Keeping his hands away from his swollen cock and balls was torture, but he knew he would have his turn with the hot little coed as soon as Greg was through and he wanted to show her up front that his load would always be greater than her future husband's.

Meanwhile, Thomas was on his knees in front of the couch. He knelt across from the lovers' hips, angled so the camera wasn't blocked from the coming action. The first thing he did was lift Linda's right leg until her tiny foot rested on top of the back cushion. It was extremely humiliating to hear them whispering and laughing – he knew it was about him – yet he was growing more excited by the second.

Next, the willing collegiate cuckold moved his head to his fiancée's silky smooth sex and he licked her deep pink lips, coating them generously with his saliva. While he kept her steaming slit wet with his tongue, his hand closed around Greg's long, thick prick and drew it forward between Linda's spread legs. With his thumb, he smoothed a drop of pre-cum over the huge spongy head and then he turned his face a few degrees to the left and opened his mouth to let Greg's thick cockhead push through his lips and lay across his tongue. He felt an electric rush move through his body as he realized this would be only the first of many penises that he would 'make ready' for his future wife, his mind's eye already picturing the same experience with Marshall and both of their fathers.

Thomas felt a little faint realizing that Greg's erection had become comfortably buried in his throat and blocking his air supply and he gagged a little pulling his head back. He looked into Linda's eyes and then her lover's and saw lust and desire gleaming and burning in both of them. With one hand firmly gripping Greg's steel-hard rod, his other hand held his fiancée's hot, wet lips open so he could join them together in fulfillment of their shared fantasies. Linda's moans of total pleasure were all he heard as he put the mega-star's cock into his fiancée's anxious cunt.

As soon as he felt his cockhead 'pop' into his newest slut's tight, nearly virgin vagina, he pushed Thomas away and slid another three or four inches into the petite coed until her groans stopped his forward progress.

"Oh, God…please stop….unnngh…so big, baby…never been so stuffed!!!" Her eyes were squeezed shut, small tears running down her cheeks and forgetting his proper place for a moment, Thomas leaned forward into the couch and softly asked her if she was alright.

The incredibly cute coed, the epitome of the girl next door, had done everything she possibly could to enjoy that 'once in a lifetime' day. Every single thing was unbelievable – yet she found no fault with Marshall's logic or Thomas' obvious devotion. And, she smiled to herself, her new fiancé seemed perfect in several other ways as well. He was, she thought, next to Greg, the best looking man she'd ever known. Tall, handsome and trim he was a typical Ivy League 'man's man.' Smart and certainly wealthy to the point that her 'three to four million dollars' really wasn't needed, he was truly the kind of man she'd desired in all of her teenage fantasies…and especially after reading her mother's book. She was already looking forward to some alone time with him so she could reinforce and reward his submissive, cuckold nature.

She was totally into the flow of the events surrounding her; the sudden and tragic death of her parents had given her the freedom she'd always dreamed of (though never at that cost) and circumstances had fed her hottest fantasies in ways she'd never imagined. Within hours of accepting the marriage proposal of a complete stranger, he had become her cuckold and was assisting her to fulfill the fantasy fuck of most of the world's cinema-going women. Laying on her side, her back resting against her superstar lover's broad, muscular chest, she felt his left arm snake under her side until his hand came to rest covering her left breast. His right hand held her under her right thigh, keeping her legs spread and ready for his assault.

Linda let all her feelings and passion go out of control as she turned to kiss her first real lover. The tingle she felt from her fiancé's tongue gliding through her creamy slit was heavenly and he seemed to be in synch with Greg's fingers as he pinched and pulled her swollen nipple. When she felt cool air where his mouth had just been, she opened her eyes and was overwhelmed by what she saw. As handsome and truly masculine as Thomas appeared standing on his own, he was equally sexy and beautiful with a hard, curved cock in his mouth. Linda thought she couldn't have been happier and then to add to her unbelievable pleasure, her sexy cuckold slid her lover's big spongy cockhead through her lips and then into the tiny pink mouth of her sex.

She was thrilled as her tight teenage pussy was stretched open again to accommodate her Number 1 Fantasy Cock but when Greg pushed himself halfway into her, she immediately understood the intimate connection between pain and pleasure, something she had only read about before in The Cuckold. Momentarily confused by her own naïve thoughts, regarding both Thomas and herself as only one dimensional, she suddenly chilled herself with the revelation that there was a little submissive side to her that liked to play, too. She heard moaning in the background as her hand covered the fingers on her left breast. She pressed and squeezed until Greg started responding, his fingers twisting her dark pink nipples and pulling them up and out until her tender tit couldn't stretch any more. He flexed his thick, hard shaft, anxious for her to adjust and start lubricating his way and she realized the moans she heard were her own.

With her eyes closed, Linda lost herself between all the different physical sensations flooding her body and the electric light show that was playing on the back of her eyelids. She was halfway to paradise when Thomas' ill-timed concern crashed her world.

Her eyes snapped open and Thomas felt the glare strike from her eyes like a slap across the face. He slid back down to his knees and started to apologize, his face burning red and his eyes avoiding hers.

"Look at me, Thomas," her voice was so deep and smoky, so compelling, not what anyone would expect to come out of the mouth of this blonde, eighteen year old babe, "look at your fiancée and her lover." She reached her right arm around the back of Greg's neck and pulled his face down to hers, their lips opening as they touched.

The nineteen year old sophomore was in a special place of his own as he drew his eyes up to look at the couple intimately joined on the couch. Like his fiancée, he was bombarded by thoughts and feelings and emotions that had never come together exactly like this before. His eyes swept over the loving couple as they kissed. He felt as though he'd seen them together before and had experienced the same strange combination of shame, humiliation, and lust that he felt at that moment. But then he realized he was recalling his father's explanations of how he felt when his mother cuckolded him. It was confusing, but what he knew for sure was that his cock was harder than it had ever been. His mouth was so dry he almost couldn't get the words out. "You…both of you…so beautiful, so hot." His hand moved and his fingers found his hard cock; before he knew it he was stroking himself as he watched them kiss.

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