tagTransgender & CrossdressersA Tale of Two Sissies Ch. 01

A Tale of Two Sissies Ch. 01


Author's Note- this story is a work of fiction. All the characters are eighteen or older unless noted otherwise.

This story contains scenes of non-consensual sex, incest, interracial sex, gay sex, forced feminization, abuse, and rough sex.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. -



My cheek stings from the big black teen's blow.

Shocked into obedience I sink to my knees on the hard, tiled floor of the boy's shower.

At eighteen, how could I imagine this would be the start to my last year of high school?

"Fuck you! I won't!" I could hear Vic struggling somewhere behind me. He has been my best friend since childhood. We have been through a lot together. Even so, his trouble seems so detached from mine.

I feel a little dazed. Like this is all a dream. Or a scene in a play. The steamy high school shower, the four big black teens, Vic and me. Actors on a stage.

Water drips from the strong brown body of my attacker. It drips from his erect, nine inch dick. Off his full hairy balls. So close to my face now.

The water drips from my own puny form. My own limp, penis. Three inches when fully erect, right now it is a pathetic nothing compared to his.

The black boys of the school wanted to make a point. Vic and I are easy targets. Nerdy and slight, we definitely aren't Alphas.

"Suck it bitch." Jarome orders me.

I'm not gay, but I didn't want to get slapped again. Tentatively I reach out. My fingers delicately wrapping around his warm cock. The first I have ever touched...Other than my own pathetic excuse for a penis.

I feel the velvety hardness of another boy's dick as, behind me, I can hear them slapping Vic over and over. "Better make it good." The black boy warns me. "Or you know what will happen."

I lean in and press my lips against his big purple tip. I can feel just a little slimy liquid. Pre-cum, I realize. I stick out my tongue, tasting the bitter juice. I rub it around his tip for a moment. Then I lick my way down his hard shaft.

He moans as I lick him like a whore. Doing my best to act like the girls I've seen so often in porn videos. Treat it like a popsicle, I keep telling myself.

With a humiliated groan I open my lips. I really don't want to do this. Licking it had been bad enough.

"Get suckin' bitch." Jarome orders.

I take the first couple inches in my mouth, and suck softly. Like you would to get whipped cream off your finger.

Another boy's dick in my mouth.

I pull back and his cock comes out with a slight 'pop!'

I feel panic at the thought of the terrible act I am committing. My wet body tenses up to run. "Mmn, that's a good start, bitch. Looks like you a natural cocksucker."

I look up his tall, dark body. Past his muscles, to see him looking down at me with a smirk.

The strength to flee drains away. Submissively, I lean back in and take his fuck rod back into my mouth. Suckling softly to please him. Please this black Alpha male.

I can feel my masculinity drain out of me. I shiver as my tongue caresses his big dick. I feel vulnerable and strange...docile.

"No! Please, I'll do it. I'll suck your cock." I hear Vic beg.

I begin bobbing up and down on his dick. Taking it a little deeper each time. Stopping only when I start to gag. My hands wrapped around his hot shaft.

Out of the corner of my eye I can see Vic. Weeping, on his knees, just starting to take a black dick in his mouth. He grows quiet, but his wet body shivers as he takes a good length of cock.

One of the other boys strides over to where I'm sucking Jarome's cock. I can hear him masturbating next to me.

Waiting his turn.

"Unh! That's it white boi. You suck'n that dick real good." My black abuser compliments me. He grabs my short brown hair. I think he's close.

I pump the shaft of his dick as quickly as I can. Desperately trying to finish him before he decides to shove his cock down my throat.

I don't think I could handle that.

"Unh! Unh! Fuuuck!" His warm cock pulses in my mouth as it shoots it's jizz. Another boy's cum on my tongue. In my mouth. At the back of my throat.

I gulp and swallow most of it. I can't stop.

It's disgusting and slimy. And warm.

Barometer plus away, chuckling. His dick getting softer. Smaller. Still a giant compared to mine. "That's a good bitch." He pats my cheek. Almost affectionately. I hate myself for feeling a small amount of pride. A warm pleasure washing shamefully through me.

The other boy brushes the tip of his dick against my forehead as I turn to him. He grunts as he sprays string after string of his own hot jizz all over my face.

"Punk!" He grunts at me as he wipes his penis off in my hair. Then shoves me onto my back with his foot.

I look over at Vic. He is on his hands and knees coughing up jizz as the boys walk away, laughing.

We are alone in the shower room now.

With another boy's cum on my lips, the tears finally fill my eyes.

I had never felt less of a man.

There has been racial tension in our town all summer. Leading into the school year.

Apparently a black boy named Clayton decided they would have to show the school who was in charge.

Starting with two wimps named Willard and Vic.

We didn't talk about the shower incident, and apparently no one else did either.

Things seemed to get back to normal after a couple days.

Though I would wake up from the nightmare of a big dark snake heading toward my face nearly every night.

Then, once again in the locker room after gym. I am putting on my clothes when Clayton and his crew push Vic into the room.

He had gotten in the habit of not showering. Just ducking out of class early.

Jarome gives me a big smile.

"Ok, bitches. Lesson number two." Clayton says. Pushing Vic toward me.

"Strip down to your panties." We are ordered. Timidly we take our clothes off.

Soon we both stand docily in out tidy whities.

The black boys gather real close. "I want to see you two bitches kiss." Clayton sneers.

Nervously I look at Vic.

I don't want my first kiss to be with a boy. I also don't want the shit kicked out of me.

Vic looks into my eyes. Obviously scared. We press our lips together, hoping it would be enough. Knowing it wouldn't.

"Like you mean it." The big black boy growls.

Vic's tongue pushes between my lips as he puts his arms around me. I push back, our soft tongues writhing against each other.

Oh god, it's another boy's tongue in my mouth. This is my first kiss!

I feel Vic's body pressed against mine. His hands on my back. His tongue in my mouth.

The black boys stand around us laughing.

"Now, I want you to stick your hands down each other's panties. Grab each other's pathetic little puds." The big boy orders.

I place my hand against Vic's tummy. He feels warm and soft. Slowly I slide it down, slipping into his underwear. I can feel his sparse pubic hair as my fingers find his warm crotch.

I know from seeing him in the showers that Vic has a small penis, like me. Now my fingers are wrapping around it. Gently squeezing my best friend's little prick. tugging on it. It was already hard and eager. I can hear him breathe faster as I explored his cock.

Vic's own hand slips into the back of my underwear. Lightly brushing my ass as he slides his hand around to my front. I can't help but moan slightly as his fingers grip my little cock. I can feel it twitch and grow in his hand. I can't stop it.

This goes on for a few minutes. My penis growing to its full, but worthless, length. Vic thrusting slightly into my hand. His tiny penis hard between my fingers as I gently tug. Both of us moaning. Sounding more like girls than men.

What would sucking his little penis be like? I wonder. So different from Jarome's

The black boys are taking pictures on their phones. Recording our gay sexplay. To blackmail us, I figure.

"Alright, you sissies. Enough foreplay. Time for you to do your duty." Clayton motions down to his crotch. The other boys have already pulled out their hard black dicks.

Quickly, obediently, Vic drops to his knees and pulls the big black boy's cock out. Willingly, almost eagerly, taking it into his mouth.

A little more reluctantly I get down before Jarome. When I see his dick though, I can't help a thrill runs through me. I feel butterflies in my tummy.

I start to kiss his hard cock. Humiliated, but shivering with excitement, I start sucking on the big mahogany rod. I grasp the base and tug as my tongue pleasures his tip. Moaning as I suck.

Reaching out, I grab one of the other boy's dicks and start pumping that too. Like one of the sluts in a porno.

Jarome doesn't last long, and I find myself sucking his juice out of his meat stick as he groans above me. I grimace as I swallow the hot, bitter, slime.

Then I turn to the boy I am jacking off. I take his, slightly smaller, penis in my mouth. He grunts as his dick twitches between my lips. Hot jizz spraying the back of my throat.

Vic has finished off the other two boys. We stay kneeling on the floor as Clayton orders us, "Those panties are no good. From now on, you'd best be wearing something sexy. Something girly."

"What? But..." Vic starts, looking shocked. The black boy casually slaps him across the face.

"You heard me bitch." Clayton growls at him.

The four of them leave us to get dressed in silence.

I want to just ignore them. To pretend it isn't happening, maybe? But they have those pictures now. At least that's what I tell myself.

Vic and I walk home together after school most days. Usually talking about the fun things we were into.

Today was different. "What are we going to do?" Vic asks morosely.

I shrug. "Wear panties till they are bored with us. I guess."

He looks at me. "I don't know if I can do that."

"Sure you can." I assure him. "In fact, I bet they feel real comfortable." I try to give him a reassuring smile as he turns off down his street.

When I get home I slip into my mother's bedroom. Feeling strangely obscene. She wouldn't be home for hours. She often works late.

Looking at myself in her dresser mirror, I strip. Alone in my mother's room, my body shivers with excitement. I start going through her dresser, quickly finding her underwear drawer.

She has plenty of basic black, white, and grey cotton panties. Turns out she also has a bit of a wild side. About half the stuff in there is lacy, silky, or mesh. There are even a few thongs.

I pull out a light blue, silky panty. Feeling the smoothness between my fingers. A shiver runs down my spine.

I shiver again as I pull them on. The large panties swallowing my tiny manhood. I find that Mom is a few sizes bigger than me.

I shouldn't have been surprised. Mom is curvy, but weighs probably two-twenty. She has really big tits and a big round ass.

Her panties wouldn't do.

As I'm putting them back my hand bumps something hard. Pushing underwear out of the way I find a big purple vibrator. Mom's sex toy.

My fingers are holding something that has touched my mother's pussy.

After what happened in the locker room, the thought made me recklessly horny.

I pull the silk panties back out and put them on. Then after a little thought pull on a silk nighty. Big on me, but smooth and exciting against my skin.

Laying on my back on mom's bed I feel so deliciously naughty. Wearing her lingerie. Holding her vibrator. The thought of getting caught like this only adds to my shameful lust.

With a snap! The vibrator turns on. I gasp as it comes alive in my hand. Sending shivers up my arm and through my body.

First I rub the vibrator against my little dick through the panties. My shameful penis getting throbbing in its erection. The sensation that runs through me is intense.

Then I shove the purple pleasure wand in the panties. Vibrating directly on my skin. I rub, then stroke my cock. I'm making little squeaking noises. Not at all like a man.

my orgasm explodes through me. I gasp loudly and hoarsely as I cum. Careful not to get any on my mother's things. My jizz spills all over my hand and tummy.

For a moment I think about tasting it.

I shake my head as I clean up. The spell suddenly broken. Feeling dirty and humiliated. Even though there was no one to see what I did.

I grab the money I had saved doing yard work over the summer and get on my bike. Headed to the nearest big box store.

I feel nervous as I walk into the ladies lingerie section. Like I am somewhere I shouldn't be.

My heart beats fast as I walk up and down the rows. Looking for underwear that will fit, and be affordable.

Feeling like a pervert I reach out and feel a few of the panties. Some lacy ones, some satin and silk. A few cotton and one that feels like velvet. The silk and satin seems to be my favorite

There isn't anyone nearby. Yet I still feel naughty. What I was doing seemed shameful. My body buzzed with nervous energy.

There isn't anything for it. I have to try a few on to figure out my size.

Picking out three pairs of satin panties, in the range that I figure would fit, I nervously walk up to the changing room lady.

"Can I help you, young man?" She asks. Looking at me dubiously. She is old, in her sixties at least. And probably close to three hundred pounds.

"I ... um. I need to try these on. To find out my size." I explain. My body trembling.

"Is this some sort of prank?" She squints at me, obviously suspicious.

"N ... no ma'am. No prank." I assure her. She reluctantly hands me a pass.

Maybe I should have said yes. I think as I enter the little cubby. Or, that it was a school project. Something to do with social awareness.

I guess I should have thought it through before coming to the store. Then again, I had hoped I wouldn't have to interact with anybody.

I strip naked, and start to look at the smallest pair of panties. I look up in shock when the door to my dressing room opens.

I look up in embarrassed horror to find the fat old lady from behind the counter standing there ogling me. She had stripped down to her bra and panties. A big satiny pair with purple and pink flowers. Her skin hangs down in folds. Like a candle someone had left in the sun. Her tits are big, almost the size of my head, packed inside their reinforced bra.

"I'll help you with that young man." She insists. Stepping in with a cloth tape-measure.

She locks the door behind her, and now there is almost no room left. I feel vulnerable next to her bulk. Small and submissive.

She grabs my shoulders and turns me around. I can feel the satin of her bra. Her massive tits pressing against my back as she reaches around me and grabs my tiny cock with both her wrinkled hands.

As unappealing as she is, I can't help wishing this was my first sexual experience. Sadly, at eighteen, my first sex was sucking a black boy's dick.

Why couldn't I tell her no? Cause a commotion?

Maybe I didn't want to be further humiliated. Found naked in the women's lingerie changing rooms.

"Ooh, you don't have much to work with there do you?" She asks as, in spite of the situation, I was getting erect. Her chubby fingers pinch my tip and pulls painfully as far as my little nothing will go.

I squeal softly at the pain. Clenching my teeth to try and keep quiet. Tears in my eyes.

Chuckling, She gives my little pud a few soft slaps. "Why, you're just a little sissy boy. Aren't you?"

"Y...yes, ma'am." I answer submissively. The old woman roughly squeezes my tiny penis.

Then she actually takes my measurements. Turning me around so she can use her tape everywhere.

"Try these." Her old hand gropes my sissy crotch, as she hands me one of the panties I had picked out. A soft satin pair. Solidly blue with pink bows on the hips.

They fit quite nicely, even with my small bulge.

"There. They look quite fetching on you young man."

She continues to rub my little bump through the panties. "Now I think it's time for you to properly thank me." She says pulling her own panties down. Revealing a forest of grey pubic hair surrounding a damp, wrinkled cunt.

She pushes me to my knees and puts one foot on the bench behind me. Spreading her legs, and opening her pungent, wilted flower. With one hand she flips her big bra up and begins playing with her floppy tits. With the other she grabs my hair and forces my face against her crotch.

Tentatively I start to lick at her hairy pussy. It's moist, and tastes salty and sour.

The old woman moans as I caress the folds of her fuck hole with my teen tongue. "Mmn, deeper." She orders. So I stick it as deep inside her cunt as I can.

"Ooh! That's it you cross dressing Nancy-boy." She gasps above me.

She doesn't last long before her pale, fleshy thighs tremble against my head. Her juices flowing onto my face, in my mouth, and down my chin.

"Oh, you naughty boy!" She says happily. Once she finishes gasping her orgasm.

She puts her panties back on and fixes her bra. Then she steps out of the small cubby.

I quickly dress and leave the dressing room. But when I head out to pick out some panties in the size she told me, the old woman follows.

She escorts me up and down the isles. Making me stop to brows periodically.

When we do she rifles through the lingerie on the shelves with one hand. Ordering me to feel the lingerie. With her other hand she pulls me close in a hug, and shoves her hand down my pants.

She starts to pick out pairs of panties for me, while pinching and roughly tugging on my hard little dicklet.

She hands me panties that are much more girly than what I had planned to buy. Frilly, lacy, and delicate. I can't imagine wearing these.

Finally she takes me back to her counter. "I can check you out here honey." She rings the pile of women's underwear up.

It's expensive, but she only charges me for around half of it. Then she sees me off with a smirk.

I go home, feeling ashamed. Humiliated.

Needing relief I masturbate in front of my computer. I have some sexy videos of beautiful women on, but it's just background noise. I can't get the image of big black cocks, and fat old women out of my mind.

Finally I finish and crawl into bed for a nap before my mom gets home.

The next day is Thursday. Shamefully I put on a pair of pink, silk, panties before dressing and heading to school.

My little penis keeps getting hard rubbing against the smooth cloth all day. Shivers of humiliation and excitement running up and down my spine.

I find myself rolling my hips as I sit in my classes. As if I'm trying to fuck the air. My little penis throbbing in my shameful arousal.

Gym comes and goes without incident. Vic and I have to slow down to let other boys finish changing so they won't see what we wear.

Alone, we strip off gym shorts. I notice he has on black lacy panties with hearts.

Perhaps that is part of the abuse. Never knowing when they would assault us.

Then Friday passes with nothing as well.

Over the weekend I am happy to wear normal underwear.

Then Monday comes.

They wait till after school. As I am closing my locker I find Jarome and another boy standing behind me.

"You're coming with us, twink." He tells me.

I'm not sure I have ever been so scared as he leads me to the gym. To a back room used to store mats for wrestling.

Vic is already there. Naked except for pink lacy panties. His body shivers, but not just from the cold. His arms are crossed over his chest.

"Strip bitch." Clayton demands, smirking at me.

Soon I am down to my own frilly green girly panties.

"Gonna really make you my bitches today." He says. "Lay down on your stomachs." He gestures at some mats piled on top of each other.

"N...no! Oh god no!" Vic says. The big black boy grabs him as my friend tries to run. Easily wrestling him down to the mat.

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