tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tale of Two Sisters Ch. 04

A Tale of Two Sisters Ch. 04


Sunday - Part 1

I awoke to find myself lying on the couch with my arms wrapped around Steph. Kim was gone. I tried to extract myself without waking Steph, but she said, "What time is it?" as though she'd already been awake.

"I don't know," I said. I heard the shower turn on. "Want to take a shower?" I said.

"Ok," said Steph. We got up and walked upstairs. I watched Steph's buttcheeks move as she ascended, glimpsing her lips with every step. My morning wood showed no signs of diminishing.

Halfway up I said, "Are you on birth control?"

"Ya," she said. She stopped and felt inside her. "That's a lot of cum for a round two," she said. She wiped it on her chest.

"Sorry," I said. "It was just so amazing."

"You were really great," she said. She kissed my on the cheek. Then she ran upstairs. I followed. The bathroom door was open. Kim was in the large shower, rubbing shampoo in her hair. Steph pulled back the clear curtain. "Mind if I join?" she said.

"Sure," said Kim.

"Me too?" I asked.

"Ya," said Kim. Both of us walked in the large shower. The floor was made of some kind of stone, and there was a large overhead nozzle that felt like rain, and a more conventional shower head that sprayed with more force.

I hugged Kim. She pulled away. "You're hard again?!" she said.

"Morning wood," I said.

"Steph can take care of it," said Kim. "I dare you to jerk him off."

"Maybe later," said Steph. She turned around and started shampooing her hair.

Kim squeezed body wash into her hand. "I used to be able to use my bush to lather this stuff up," she said, rubbing it on her belly and breasts. "Now it won't lather, and I didn't bring a loofa. Fuck."

"I'll lather you up," I said, reaching over. She pulled away again.

"Sorry," I said. I suddenly felt very ridiculous, standing naked between my girlfriend and her sister, my hard cock sticking out like a club.

"My pussy still feels funny," said Kim. "It's from that fucking Nair." Then she started to cry.

I stood there like an idiot. "Oh honey," said Steph, and went over to hug her sister. Kim backed away.

"Can you two please leave?" she said.

"Ok," said Steph. She quickly rinsed her hair.

"What's wrong?" I said, having a pretty fucking good idea. Kim kept crying. Steph pulled back the curtain, and took my hand, forcefully. We stepped out of the shower. Steph grabbed two towels and pulled me out the door.

She wrapped the towel around herself, and went downstairs, leaving me alone and naked. My boner was disappearing rapidly. I wrapped the towel around myself, and followed her downstairs.

She was sitting on the couch. I surveyed all the empty beer bottles and cards on the table. Steph's vibrator was on the floor where she'd left it. I sat down beside her. "She's mad about last night," said Steph. "She told me it was fine, and now she's mad. I fucking knew it."

"She's mad at me, not you," I said. "I shouldn't have cum in you."

"This always happens," said Steph. "This always fucking happens. People are fun when they're drunk, and suck when they're sober."

"I'm so sorry," I said. "I should have stopped. I should have cum in Kim."

"Ya probably."

"It was just, it was just so amazing. I think it was the best sex I've ever had."

"That's enough," she said, her voice wavering.

"Me and Kim have been having problems." There was no stopping me now. "We've been arguing and this is the first weekend we've had sex in a month. And it's because you're so fun and sexy and amazing."

"No it's not!" she said. "It's because you've been a fucking asshole."

I paused, then kept going, softer this time. "You're right. I have been a fucking asshole. But it's because I'm not happy. I'm not happy with school, I'm not happy with the thought that when I finish school I won't be able to find a job, and I'm...I'm not happy with Kim."

"You asshole," she said.

"I know," I said. "I fucking know. But remember watching The Room? Me and Kim never do stuff like that anymore. I don't know how it lasted as long as it has. But I think it's over, I really do. What if I...what if I went with you to San Francisco?"

"You asshole," she said again. "I don't want you to leave my sister so you can have some fun with me and then leave me when you get bored."

"I'm never bored with you," I said. "You're so much more than just "fun." You're smart and hilarious and..." I stopped because Steph wasn't looking at me anymore. She was looking at the entrance to the stairwell.

There, wrapped in a towel, was Kim.

Sunday - Part 2

She turned around and ran up the stairs. Steph ran after her. I sat on the couch and realized my head was pounding. I got up and poured myself a tall glass of water. I drank the whole thing, and poured another one. I took a sip, and noticed the drawing of Steph on the counter. Kim had really captured her in all her wildness. Peeking out from underneath was the picture of me. I pulled it out and saw that Kim had added something to it. She must have added it that morning, while me and Steph slept on the couch.

It was her, hugging me from behind. She'd drawn herself a little heavier than she actually was. Her face looked desperate, like she was trying to stop me from floating away. I remembered the first time we'd met, in a 20th Century Lit class. She hadn't done the reading and she got me to explain the first half of Mrs. Dalloway in the five minutes before class began. She got a "C" on the pop quiz that day, and insisted on buying me coffee for helping her pass. We had sex for the first time two days later, in my dorm room, after several drinks at the campus pub. Less than a month later I told her I loved her.

I still did.

I was walking upstairs with no idea what to say. I heard soft voices coming from the master bedroom. I knocked on the door. No answer. I pushed it open a crack. "Kim?" I said. "I'm so sorry."

She looked at me. Her eyes were still filled with tears. Steph had her arm around her. I stepped into the room. "I love you so much," I said, my eyes filling with tears as well. "I know things have been bad, and I know it's all my fault, and I'm so sorry."

"You can't say that," said Kim. "Not after what you said to Steph."

"I know," I said. "But...I love you. I'm not unhappy with you, I'm unhappy with me. It's just that I'm so fucking miserable in school that I...I'm just lost." As if on cue, my towel fell down.

Kim burst out laughing. She wiped tears away, and started laughing harder.

I realized I was crying, so I played up the moment. I hung my head and half-heartedly covered my penis with my hand. I bent down to pick up the towel, pretended to slip, and fell on the floor. Steph started laughing. I slowly picked myself up, and bent over to grab the towel, waving my butt at my audience. I was laughing now. I tucked my junk between my legs as I whirled around and started dancing. Kim stood up and unhooked her towel. It fell, and she clamped her legs together and started dancing as well. Steph paused, and joined in. I wrapped my arms around Kim and kissed her. We made out for about ten seconds before Steph finally said, "I'm gonna go."

She left the room and closed the door. Kim jumped on the bed and I followed suit.

"I love you," she said, while I kissed her neck. "We're going to make this work."

"I'm going to quit school," I said. "And after this, I'm looking for a job."

"After what?" she said innocently. She squeezed my nipple.

Sunday - Part 3

We waited with Steph at the airport. Her flight didn't leave for an hour, but she wanted to make sure she got through the small security station with plenty of time to spare.

"You should just do it then," I said to Steph. "Take something you like." I put on the air of a grizzled old man. "You don't want to be like me."

Steph laughed. "Can you even get a degree in Film Studies?"

"I think it's Media Studies," said Kim.

"Plus," I said, "I bet the Media Studies people would be more accepting of your wild ways."

"I'll think about it," said Steph. "Honestly if people are prudes, fuck 'em."

"That'll do the trick!" said Kim.

I guffawed, and gave Kim a high five.

Steph groaned. "I'm leaving before you guys get any lamer."

She hugged Kim. "Goodbye my baby," said Kim. She gave her sister a quick kiss on the lips. "Be crazy."

I went in for a hug, but Steph gave me a kiss on the lips as well.

"Hey!" said Kim, playfully. "Stop trying to fuck my boyfriend."

"Ya," I said. "It won't work. Well I suppose you could try."

Kim punched me, jokingly, but with a bit of force behind it. She pulled a folded piece of paper out of her purse, and handed it to Steph. Steph opened it. It was a drawing of all three of us, completely naked and hairless, dancing. Kim had carefully drawn her protruding labia. My penis was drawn normal sized this time. There was a huge tub of Nair beside us. The caption read, "Goodbye Hairses".

Steph hugged her sister for a long time. Then she tucked the drawing in her purse, and took out her boarding pass. "Call when you get in," said Kim. "I gotta talk to Mom and Dad too. I haven't talked to them since...two weeks ago? Whoops!"

"Will do," said Steph. "Also, they just texted me to let me know they have a new tenant who's about my age."

"They just want you to find a nice fella and settle down," I said. "Did you ask if he likes swimming?"

"Everyone likes swimming when it's with me," said Steph, and winked, exaggeratedly. She blew us a kiss and walked over to the security line. We watched her go, waved one last time, and left the airport.

On the drive home, I read out job possibilities to Kim. There were a surprising amount of postings. Kim pulled onto a side road. "Where are we going?" I said.

"No idea," said Kim. "I'll know it when I see it."

She turned onto a small street. We passed a farm. Kim pulled over beside a large tree. She unbuckled her seatbelt and opened the door. I did too. She hopped out, and took off her shirt, then her bra. I watched as she slipped out of her skirt and shorts. She was now wearing just a thong and her shoes. She turned around and sexily pulled down her underwear. She wiggled her ass enticingly. She came around to my side. By the time she got there, I had already taken off my shirt. I took off my pants and boxers. My (of course) erect cock stood at attention. She gently took it in her hand and led me behind the tree. She lay down and spread her legs. I lay down on top of her and caressed her pussy. It was already wet. "Fuck me," she said, and helped me work my cock into her vagina. We fucked in missionary for a bit before she said, "hang on," and slid me out of her. She stood up, and turned to face the tree. She bent over slightly, supporting her weight with her arms on the tree trunk. I stood on two roots, and carefully inserted my shaft into her gaping cunt. We fucked like this until we both came, together.

The End


Thanks for reading everyone! This was my first story I wrote for Literotica, and I hope to write more, possibly featuring the same characters. I have a few ideas, including an ENF story with Steph, and a story on a nude beach ;)

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