tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Tale to Tell: Wanton Wife

A Tale to Tell: Wanton Wife


"So let me get this straight." Jack said in disbelief as he sat with Jeremy at the Airport Marriott. "You were in Hawaii at the same time as Greg and his wife?"

"Right." Jeremy quickly answered.

"And not only did you see her topless at the beach, but you're telling me that she stripped off her bikini in front of you and a bar full of guys for a contest?"

"Right!" Jeremy raised his open hand and Jack responded with a high five. "And she looks better in person than in that photo Greg showed you last time we all met."

"Damn, of all the dumb luck!" Jack shook his head, annoyed he missed out on the fun.

"Some of what happened was just pure luck." Jeremy confessed. "After hearing that story about Greg and his wife playing strip poker while the contractors were in the house, then seeing that photo of her in that bikini? Well, let's just say it stuck in my mind and I needed to do something about it."

"What do you mean?" Jack was now intrigued.

"Well, I was in the process of planning a weekend in Honolulu when one of the guys at Sittarra said Greg's company sent him to the islands as a reward for a project they completed. I just decided to alter my itinerary some."

"So you followed them?" Jack was impressed by Jeremy's cunning. "You do look like a stalker!".

"Up yours too! Anyway, I just figured I'd catch them on the beach. I only wanted to see if she was really that hot in person."

"So how did you go from seeing her in a bikini, to seeing her topless, and then getting her to strip, especially with Greg present?"

"That part was just dumb luck. I was hanging out in this pub in the hotel basement when I find out they customarily bet women to swim nude in the hotel pool. There's a window inside the bar that has a view into the pool!" It was clear that Jeremy was enjoying this part of the story.

"The first night at this bar, I find out about it from this hot looking waitress, Mandy, who takes me up on that bet and jumps in the pool wearing her birthday suit. After she gets out of the water she tells me a lot of women do it; they're away from home, it's exciting, and they make a few bucks on top of it. So I get to thinking and say, "I'd love to see my buddy's wife do it."

"So you got her to recruit Greg's wife?" Jack says, astounded.

"She just kind of took it on as her own personal challenge. A few days later I pointed Lisa out to Mandy on the beach and she smiled while checking her out. Then I notice Greg and his wife headed down by the topless beach area and the next thing I know I'm looking at Greg's wife's tits on the beach! Between that and the story Greg told us of her showing off her body in front of the contractors, I was thinking that getting her to swim naked by the pool window wouldn't be a big stretch for her."

"And as you said, it wasn't!" Jack piped in.

"Well, it wasn't really that easy. But Mandy sensed something and said she'd get her in the pool for sure."

"And she really did?" Jack responds shaking his head.

"Sure did. Take a look at this!" Jeremy pulled out his iPhone and showed Jack two pictures.

"Holy crap. Is that her? Not just a great set of tits, but look at her hips and ass curving out from that tight waist!" Jack stared at the screen in disbelief. "I can't fucking believe I didn't get in on this!" Jack continued anxiously. "Did she get off right there?"

"Fuck no ... it was a public bar!"

"I didn't mean the actual bar. I was just wondering if maybe she ... you know ... coming out of the pool in only a towel ... maybe back at the room she does a private show and gets horny like Greg said she did that time? Who knows, it happened once!"

"No such luck. But I tell you one thing." Jeremy now whispered. "This girl Mandy thought Greg's wife would have had some fun with her if she had pushed it."

"I wonder if Greg knows his wife is such a hot potato. I mean more than he is letting on?" Jack was now intrigued.

"Now that you mention it. I wish I'd have thought of it!" Jeremy got all excited as he pounded his palm into his forehead.

"What! There was more?" Jack nudged him.

"No, but I should have thought about that ... a more private setting." He paused. "I would love to have seen if Mandy really could have got her going." Jeremy stared into space.

"Gee, listen to us Jeremy. This is our buddy's wife we're talking about, like some stripper. We'd better cool it."

"Yeah, I guess." Jeremy quieted down.

"But I sure wish I'd have seen her get naked in person too." Jack sighed.

"Maybe you can." Jeremy said after a pause. "You still have that timeshare in Orlando?"

"Sure, but I thought we just said we'd better cool it?" Jack reminded him.

Jeremy handed the iPhone to Jack. "Hey, Greg told us she's a bit of an exhibitionist and I've seen that she is. So what's the harm in our Jack getting a little look too, ayah?" He patted Jack's arm.


"Hi Greg." Jack called me on my cell about two months later. "You want to meet up?"

"Are you here in Tampa?"

"No, Susan and I are at our condo in Orlando. Maybe you and your wife are interested in joining us for a few days?" Jack asked.

I was surprised that he asked if Lisa could come along. "Lisa too?"

"Well, being my wife is with me ..." Jack started to say.

"Yeah, that's true. It's not far away from here. Are you sure Susan even wants company?"

"Sure. It's not like we do much with our time alone. Maybe a little company with another couple is what we could use." Jack said earnestly.

I knew Jeremy and Jack talked. It crossed my mind that Jack was trying to check out Lisa as well, but since Jack's wife would be there, I decided to give it consideration.

"Alright, I'll ask her." I promised.

"By Tuesday?"

"Yeah, by Tuesday Jack ... and thanks."


I called and asked Lisa if her sister could watch the kids while she joined me for three of four days in Orlando. The company would pay for her ticket since I wasn't using mine to go home. She was a little surprised we'd be staying with a couple she'd only met briefly once before, but I was also surprised at how quickly she agreed.

"Sure Greg, if my sister is available, I'll come down. I could use a long weekend."

That Thursday we all met in Orlando.


Jack's condo was awesome; vaulted ceilings with two bedrooms. There was a sunken living room facing a fireplace just outside the dining area, just off an open kitchen. At the other end of the living room, facing a golf course and encased in a semi circle of frosted glass, sat a large Jacuzzi.

I immediately imagined Lisa sitting in that Jacuzzi in the buff. Part of me remembered how awkward I felt about Lisa's nudity in front of Jeremy, but part of me remembered that I was also somewhat excited by her being topless in front of him and Mandy. In fact, sex with her that night was, well, insatiable. I wondered if the possible rewards outweighed the risk.

"So Greg, what do you think?" Jack asked. I didn't quite take in what Jack said because my mind was busy visualizing Lisa naked in the Jacuzzi; so I didn't answer immediately.

How well Lisa warmed to Susan would determine if I would get to realize that vision. If Susan were open to being nude in the Jacuzzi, then I was sure Lisa would go along. If not, there'd probably be some hesitation on Lisa's part, at least while Jack and Susan were in the room.

Either way, I couldn't wait to get Lisa in that Jacuzzi naked at some point, even if it had to be while Jack or Susan were out shopping.

"Uh Greg? Something wrong?" Jack interrupted my thoughts while I daydreamed.

Lisa poked my side. "No, not at all. I'm just impressed with how nice this place is." I piped up. Lisa saw me looking over at the Jacuzzi more than a few times and wrinkled her brow at me wondering what I was thinking, though I think she had some idea.

The first day was uneventful but nice. We had dinner at a nice Bohemian fish house. Jack and I traded some stories about work and the girls got to know each other. Every time I looked at Susan, I wondered about Jack's fears about her having an affair. She was quite chatty and friendly, which could be taken as flirtatious, but maybe Jack took it for more than it was.

Jack and Susan were a few years older than Lisa and I. He was still good looking with strong features that could pass for a Mark Spitz that was a bit older and pudgy now.

Susan was attractive too, hiding her years very well. She had very nice large eyes that tapered at the edges, giving her a slightly Asian look; though she was of Italian descent. Susan was slim, with small perky tits. Her best feature was her nice round butt, which was more pronounced given her slim hips. I consider myself a tit man, but that ass was hard to ignore. She was what my friends would call a 'spinner'. Although her frequent chatter might be a little wearing, she seemed to be a nice person.

We headed back to the condo for some more drinks. When we settled in, Jack saw me looking over at the Jacuzzi.

"You want to give it a try?" Jack invited.

"Yeah, it looks very tempting." I replied.

"Want to take a dip?" I said to Lisa.

"Maybe later tonight, before we go to bed." She replied.

After a little more conversation and drink, Jack and Susan decided to turn in for the night. "Well, we're heading up to bed." Jack announced.

"I just want to let you know that Susan and I don't wear anything in the Jacuzzi, so it's okay if you two do likewise." Jack offered.

Susan elbowed him and pretended to be a little shocked. "We'll leave you two alone for the night. Enjoy the Jacuzzi. Just do me a favor and put the cover on if you can remember when you leave." She added with a smile.

They climbed the stairs to one of two bedrooms separated by a loft area overlooking the living room. I realized that whoever might be in the loft would have a good view of the Jacuzzi as well.

Lisa headed toward the stairs a few minutes later.

"Aren't we going to use the Jacuzzi?" I asked thinking she changed her mind.

"Sure, I'm just going to get my robe." She replied.

"Good point." I said realizing that we wouldn't change back into our clothes after getting out of the Jacuzzi, meaning we'd have to climb the stairs in the buff.

We went upstairs. I quickly undressed and draped a towel around myself while Lisa fetched her robe.

"No suit?" Lisa responded to my wardrobe.

"The only way to experience it." I quickly responded.

"So you're okay with us being nude around Jack and Susan?" Lisa seemed more to be asking me if I were okay with it for her own sake.

"Sure, if they are. Are you?"

Lisa pulled off her panties and grabbed her robe.

"I guess so!" I said excitedly.

Lisa wore the same robe she had on when she walked to the outdoor shower during our trip to the Cape. It brought back memories and started getting a rise out of me. The short, silky, pink robe did little to hide her curvy figure. Her nipples stood out in the material framing her breasts, which swayed as she came down the stairs. Lisa showed a lot of leg and as she came down the stairs. I was thinking that if someone were downstairs, they'd likely get a quick flash from under the robe.

We both settled in at the edge of the Jacuzzi, letting our legs get adjust to the hot water before we submerged. I still had on my towel and Lisa her robe.

"Well, ready to take the plunge?" I asked as I pulled open the knot holding my towel.

Lisa looked down at me. I didn't exactly have an erection, but my cock was quite full, though soft. I have a pretty flat stomach and the way I was leaning back as I entered the Jacuzzi must've been appealing to Lisa.

"You look good, Greg." She said. Lisa and I almost always end up having sex whenever she says that. I wondered if that would be possible tonight since we were still in an open space.

Lisa opened her robe slowly. She leaned forward causing her breasts to fall into the opening between the lapels. Her nipples remained hidden. This cautious undressing made her even sexier. I wondered how Jack and Susan would react if they were watching.

Lisa pulled open the bottom of the robe, showing a wisp of dark hair while her legs remained closed in a sitting position. She then pulled the robe slowly off her shoulders causing her breasts to push out prominently.

Arching her shoulders, Lisa opened the robe and let it drop to the floor behind her. Once the robe left her arms, she returned her hands to her sides and placed them on the ledge. Slowly she lifted her butt off the edge and gradually lowered herself into the Jacuzzi.

She had shaved her pubes in a neat little strip, running down her body, stopping just above her pink lips. Those lips were very visible until they finally disappeared into the warm water.

Needless to say, this was all a little too sexy for me and I made my way over to Lisa immediately. She ended up on my lap, lying against me, causing her upper body to float on the surface of the water. Her body glistened in the dim room light, her wet skin getting sprayed by bubbles just at the surface.

I leaned over to kiss her as I caressed her breasts. Lisa let out an appreciative moan before reminding me about our hosts.

"If they come back out, they'll see us." Lisa said turning back and looked up towards the loft area.

"Doubt they will, they're either asleep or doing the same thing!" I said haughtily.

The thought of being seen did excite us. Lisa closed her eyes and was now enjoying the frontal massage I was giving her.

My fingers slid easily over her wet skin. Her head swayed in a rhythmic motion in concert with my hands as she kept her eyes shut. Every so often she would let a soft moan pass from her lips as a finger came in contact with a sensitive part. Finally my hands slid below her stomach and she tensed; she knew where I was headed.

My hand found her little furry mound. Lisa was very sensitive as I brushed over it. I quickly found her little nib, massaging it lightly then moving up and massaging just above it, on her pelvis bone; Lisa's erogenous zone is actually about two inches above her clitoris.

I put my leg under her to keep her body at the surface. We were both looking at her exposed body in anticipation of her climax.

I was hoping that Jack or Susan was secretly watching us. I could tell from Lisa's glances up toward the loft that she was thinking the same, making the moment even more exhilarating as Lisa's body convulsed into orgasm.


We all ate a delicious breakfast of omelets the next morning, prepared by Jack.

"Well, Susan and I like a little morning wakeup in the Jacuzzi after a cup of coffee." Jack said just before he slid the bite of his omelet into his mouth.

"I don't blame you. Lisa and I really enjoyed it last night." I said looking over at Lisa who, I'm sure, was thinking about her floating orgasm as well.

"Well then, feel free to join us. But if you have any problem with that, we'll wait until you two go out later." He offered.

I looked over at Lisa to gauge her expression.

Susan helped me out by quickly volunteering. "Only if you're comfortable, Lisa. It's okay with me if it's okay with you." Susan said, implying that she was comfortable with being nude in my presence too.

"The younger women don't seem to wear much out in public these days, so I'm not really sure that it matters much to these guys." Susan added almost as if she was disappointed that we wouldn't consider it much of a rush anyway.

"Well, I feel bad about having to make you wait to go in." I said, giving Lisa a way out.

"It's fine Susan." Lisa responded.

Jack smiled as he realized he would be seeing Lisa nude as well. I'm sure it was one of the motivations of his invitation.

Lisa had exhibited herself some with the contractors, and fully with the caretaker at the Cape, the surfer, and especially the bar in Waikiki! But there was something even sexier about this situation, because it just seemed more, well, intimate.

The girls went upstairs to change and fetch their robes, while Jack and I took turns grabbing towels in the downstairs bathroom. We were pretty quiet in anticipation of seeing each other's wives in the nude.

"I guess you don't have to hear Jeremy gloat anymore." I said to Jack knowing how he ranted about Jeremy having had the opportunity of seeing my wife topless.

"I wasn't really thinking about that Greg." Jack lied. "The setting is a bit different and I have Susan with me."

It was true. What transpired in Hawaii seemed more like a spring break story and Jeremy was a known hound-dog. This was more normal and intimate, though I thought Jack was getting the better of the trade than I.

The girls came down and I watched Jack taking in Lisa's curves under her clingy thin robe.

He was about to step into the Jacuzzi when Susan cut him off.

"Uh, let the ladies get in first, Jack." She quickly interjected as she came down the stairs.

I wondered why she said that, but then understood when I though back to the night before and remembered seeing Lisa's pussy lips as she climbed into the Jacuzzi. Susan must have done this before and knew that having the men sit and watch the ladies climb in was a little explicit and somewhat chauvinistic.

In any case, Jack and I turned around while the girls took off their robes and climbed into the Jacuzzi. Of course we stole a peek and even winked at each other as we did.

Lisa looked stunning as she stood in the water about thigh deep. Her large breasts sloped out over her flat stomach, her nice round ass flared out from her small back.

Susan looked exactly as I thought: small perky tits, pointy nipples, sporting a great ass. Susan's ass would be tempting to any man. I let the thought move out of my mind in order to keep from getting an erection.

Jack and I soon followed, both sitting at the edge. Jack took his towel off first, having no problem with his nudity.

I waited a little longer and watched Susan's eyes move down my body when I removed my towel. I also noticed Lisa looking over at her while Susan was checking me out.

I was semi-erect by now and Lisa giggled, "Greg, I think you should just get in quickly." She received a knowing smile from Susan.

Lisa popped up a few times, displaying her tits. Jack never missed the action when she did. After about fifteen minutes Susan stood up and announced that she had had enough. She stepped up on the ladder leading out of the Jacuzzi, pausing to fix her hair. Her slim waist and round ass was about two feet from my face. I couldn't help but take in the show playing out in front of me.

I presented a look of apology towards Jack. He just shrugged his shoulders and sunk a little deeper into the tub, probably to hide an erection. I know it would happen to me if Lisa had presented the same pose to Jack.

Susan climbed out of the tub. Lifting her leg over the edge of the Jacuzzi, I caught sight of her sex. I looked to the side to find Jack had his eyes closed, but Lisa tilted her head to the side making a "you enjoying yourself" face at me. This time I shrugged and settled lower in the tub with my erection.

Thinking about the situation, I wondered if turn about was fair play. "I think I'm done too." I said. Lisa locked onto my eyes giving me a 'what are you doing?' kind of stare. I put my arm on her shoulder reassuringly before getting up, wrapping a towel around myself, and heading up the stairs leaving Jack and Lisa alone in the Jacuzzi together. I left the door to my room open so that they didn't think I was leaving them alone on purpose.

From my perch in the room, I could see them. Lisa had her back to me. I didn't worry about Jack looking up because he was focused on Lisa. I heard them chatting for a few moments, then I heard Lisa say she was getting out.

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