tagIncest/TabooA Taste of Incest - Honey 04

A Taste of Incest - Honey 04



A Taste of Incest: A Taste of Honey #4

(Families of fun at the mountain cabin)


Author's note: The following stroker is probably mostly fictional. All sexual participants are aged 18+. Tags: group sex, sisters, brother-sister, mother-daughter, mother-son, multiracial, high school, glee club. If you object to such, read something else. Nobody here is named Honey. Reading prior chapters is recommended but not mandatory - I tried to keep this tale fairly self-contained. Enjoy!

** Act 1: To the Cabin **

Long, lean, resigned Ron tried not to taste tonight's lousy dinner, another of many. He'd had to live with his father since the divorce, and his father's cooking... well, Dad could burn water, let alone a roast-and-potato entree. Not that Mom's meals were outstandingly better. But at least Mom usually got the oven times right. His younger sisters, stuck living with Mom, her redneck boyfriend, and his asshole sons, had worse pain than food to deal with.

Ron sighed, remembering the forced move from their nice tract ranch house to this old downtown apartment. He dutifully swallowed the meat, spuds, and what passed for veggies - hey, 18-year-olds are hungry! - and pitched his plan for the upcoming four-day weekend.

"Dad, about this weekend... you know Uncle Dan is shutting his shop the whole time and won't need me working, and there's nothing really happening around here. Well, I've been invited to spend it with a bunch of Music Club kids up at Dr Elliot's cabin in the mountains. There'll be a couple of music teachers there so it'll be like a workshop. You won't mind if I'm gone for the weekend, right?"

Bill Carson looked over the top of his evening newspaper at his son. Ron could almost hear his dad's mental gears grinding. Four days with Ron out of the apartment meant four days Bill could entertain Josephine without interruption. Bill almost smiled.

"Sure, go on, have fun. Just stay out of trouble, right? I don't want any calls from the cops." He resumed reading editorials. Not more damn taxes!

"Right, no trouble," Ron promised.

His dad nodded silently and turned the page.

Hey, that was easy!

Ron had only fudged the truth a little. True, a few of his expected cabin-mates were in his high school Music Club; but all were in the town Glee Club, that close group whose mothers and daughters stood by one another.


Ron rolled his cheap Honda 55cc moped homeward from Piedmont High School after the last Thursday class. The smogberry trees were in full wilt on this murky early-1970's mid-afternoon in a century-old suburb east of Los Angeles. Two-mile-high mountains just north of town were barely visible.

He rode home and stuffed a few days' necessities into his old sports duffel. His mandolin case (with mandolin) went in the center with his school bookbag (just in case), padded with jeans and shirts, with a bundle of underwear and a few varied harmonicas. He also slipped in a bottle of tequila he hoped Dad would not miss. He did not pack his clarinet. Why couldn't Dad have bought him a saxophone?

Ron pulled on a bright ENDLESS SUMMER tee, striped baggie surfer shorts, and his handmade-in-Tijuana huaraches, sturdy Firestone-soled sandals. He expected to hit the cabin's rock pool right after arrival.

He made himself a peanut-butter-and-honey sandwich, washed down with a cold Dr Pepper. Gotta keep his strength up!

He slung the duffel's straps over his shoulders and rode his moped from the old downtown and overgrown residential blocks, past bland strip-mall shops and bare new housing tracts, up to toney, leafy Vishnu Hills, residential district of the town's elite: doctors, lawyers, bankers, administrators. No way would he putt-putt all the way to the cabin! He had a ride to catch.

BORN TO BE WILD rang through his head as he rode. He laughed silently.

He rolled into the sycamore-shaded driveway of a familiar faux-New-England manor house and stopped beside his girlfriend Judy Elliot's faded blue Volkswagen Beetle. His three fetching ride-mates lounged on the wide front porch swing, their own duffels scattered by the car.

Slim, chestnut-haired Judy, cute as a bunny and just as bouncy, called out, "Ronny!" and jumped up to hug him. A brief kiss with deep tongue; then she was pushed aside by her curvy Saxon-blonde girlfriend Ann Heinecke, who administered another fast, slobbery, soulful kiss. He hugged them both together, a hot young woman under each arm.

"Y'all having fun there?" drawled the last girl, rising more slowly.

"You remember Genevere from our Glee Club sessions, don't you, Ronny?" Judy teased. Ron nodded and closely watched the newcomer's approach.

Genevere Garfield was a tall, lithe, muscular black girl formed like a classic Benin sculpture: oval head, tight hair, soft eyes, strong chin, moderate nose. A sly grin graced her half-open full lips. Her taut sprinter's body, thinly covered by a brief lemon-yellow sundress, moved toward him with sensuous grace, hips swinging casually. Defined calf muscles flexed with each step. She pushed the white girls aside and held Ron's face in her hands.

"So you're their boy, huh? Let's see if you taste as good as they say." Her nose brushed his. Her tongue attacked his tonsils.

Ron acted instinctively. His hands rose up her splendid young body and reached for her firm athlete's breasts. Two diamond-hard nipples pushed dangerously against their thin fabric covering.

Ron stopped. Not in public; not here on the street. He gave her a brief hug.

"Uh, hi, Genevere," Ron muttered into her wet, demanding mouth.

She pulled back, smiling. "Not bad, boy. We'll have to know each other better." She lightly slapped his cheek. "And you can call me Jenny."

Judy and Ann tugged at her arms.

"Hey, this isn't the time and place. We'll be there soon," chided Ann.

"Yeah," Judy implored, "let's get this show on the road. The cabin calls."

Judy's charcoal-gray shorts showcased her strong legs and a sweet little butt; her lighter, tighter, sleeveless halter top strained against her lovely breasts as she pulled her friends away.

"C'mon, let's get packed, we gotta go," Judy insisted.

Ann's fuchsia sundress, as revealing as Genevere's, clung to her inviting curves. She pointed at the pile of duffels and the small plastic ice chest. "What goes where? How do we fit us and all that into the bug?"

Judy laughed.

"It'll be tight, right? We can squeeze two smaller duffels and the goodies into the front trunk. The bigger duffels have to go on the floor in back. They'll fill in there so the whole back seat is just a platform with no legroom - not that there was much legroom anyway. Ron, you're going to sit crossways in back and lean against the side behind my driver's seat. Jenny or Ann will have to scrunch up against you there."

"What's in the ice chest?" Ron asked.

"Cold cuts and cheese. There's plenty of dry and canned food and drinks stored at the cabin so we just need enough fresh stuff. Faith is hauling some other perishables in her Mini. Now shut up and let's get going."

Judy rolled Ron's moped into her home's garage for safekeeping; the others packed her small car to their satisfaction.

"Jenny, you can ride shotgun," Ann said. "I'm going to steal Ron for this trip." She pushed him into the cramped space. "C'mon, make room."

Ann nestled against Ron's chest. She pulled his hands to her cushy breasts even before Judy started the engine and threw the car in gear. Ron nuzzled Ann's inviting neck and rubbed her swollen nipples. She moaned softly.

The carload of young musicians soon passed the suburban limits onto sparser dry-country roads lined with tall eucalyptus trees and deep fieldstone curbs and gutters. Ann twisted in Ron's arms.

"Fuck this! I can't wait. Ron, pick your butt up!"

Ron dutifully raised his ass; Ann pulled his baggies down to his ankles. His full erection sprang heavenward. Ann contorted to untie the black bikini bottom, her only undergarment. She twisted into a crouch, facing his eager, straining cock.

"Fuck! You know I can't resist this!" Her mouth descended on him.

Ron looked down at the Teutonic goddess lapping and sucking on his happy honker, then up into Genevere's mischievous eyes peering from her passenger seat. They exchanged smiles. Ann slurped harder; Ron returned his attention to his pretty fellatrix. Damn, she was good!

Ann pulled away. "That's enough. I want you in me." She scooted her thin sundress over her babymaker hips, straddled Ron's straining cock, and lowered herself onto him with a loud exhalation.

"Fuck yeah! Oh god, Ron, oh fuck..." She glued her mouth to his. His hands reached under the flimsy fabric to her bouncy breasts. Her warm, soft flesh yielded to his gentle fingers. Her hands circled his neck and held him close.

They did not exactly fuck. Ann only sat atop Ron and let the jolting bumpy road do the rest. A tantric fuck, with vibrations. Ommm...

"...oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god..." Ann whispered her mantra.

Genevere had a fine view of the proceedings. She leaned past her seatback and whispered encouragements, often brushing Ann's long ponytail against the blonde's neck and stroking her skittery shoulders under the fabric.

Ron stayed hard but had no chance to cum. Ann merely experienced a continuous light orgasmic stream of joy. The few oncoming drivers seemed not to notice them.

Judy beeped the bug's horn about a half-hour later.

"Uh, guys, I'll have to, like, stop for gas pretty soon, y'know? You had better, uh, disengage, like right now, right?"

The lovers gradually disentangled. "Spoilsport," Ann whimpered. She rose from Ron and grabbed a stashed towel to wipe off their leaky juices. "Just when it was getting good." She pulled her light dress down to cover her bare body but did not bother replacing the bikini bottom.

Ann pumped gas at the remote Mobil station. The other three walked and stretched and ignored the winged red Pegasus sign. All took the opportunity to pee, and wash, and take swigs from the station's water fountain. It was Liquid I/O time.

Genevere tapped Ann's shoulder as they marched back to the car. "Your turn to ride shotgun, girl. I think I want to try out Ron for myself."

"Hey, leave some for me," Judy demanded. "It's my fucking car and he's my fucking boyfriend. Share nice, huh?"

They repositioned themselves in the cramped car. Judy drove toward the chaparral foothills. Genevere only waited about forty long seconds before discarding her red bikini bottom and slipping her sundress over her head, leaving her naked except for sports sandals. She straddled Ron's hips, braced her hands on the window behind his head, and pushed her perfect ebony breasts at him.

"Like what you see, boy?"

Ron responded as you might expect. He pushed her back, bent forward, and sucked an entire dark aureole into his mouth. He nibbled a blackberry nipple. She groaned, and again and louder when he switched breasts, and again. His tongue gently tortured each protrusion and danced over every decorative bump. Veins darkened and thickened under her dusky skin.

"Oh fuck, boy, don't you ever stop that." She reached one hand behind to stroke his cock for encouragement.

So he continued... for about eighty seconds. That is when she pushed away and scooted up on him.

"I am so ready for this," she sighed. She firmly held his rampant ramrod, slid him back and forth between her engorged labia to gather her foggy dew, and directed him into her juicy hidden depths. "Fuck yeah, I'm ready. Oh fuck..." She leaned forward and shoved his tongue down his throat.

They pretty much re-ran the earlier tantric fuck as Judy drove up the steep-walled canyon to her family's mountain retreat. The road got bumpier. The vibrations forced the lovers' bodies to slide a little. Ron's knees were half-raised; Genevere half crouched on him, pushing down to retain contact.

Ann muttered a running commentary to Judy while caressing Genevere's bare shoulders and back and torso.

"No, Jenny's not moving up and down. She's just sitting there, the spaz! God, I know how good that feels! Her clit's pushing againt his pubic bone and all the road vibrations channel right through there. And you know what his dick is like! The hairs on her neck are standing up. She's probably leaking all over him. We'll have to wipe down the seat after they get out."

Judy clung to the steering wheel, wet with frustration.

A passing semi-truck driver did notice their activity. His airhorn blast shook all four into giggles. Genevere bent lower and bit Ron's neck.

They neared the cabin. A stronger road bump dropped the lovers even further. Ann could not resist temptation. She shifted to reach back and insert a mouth-wetted fuck-finger into the black girl's inky anus. That did the trick!

"AAARGH! OOHHHH! AW FUCK!" Genevere screamed. Ron moaned.

Her body shook wildly in the sex-drenched constrained space. Her sharp orgasm brought Ron to the brink but he kept himself under control. He was not yet ready to finish. Control, must maintain control...

Judy rolled to the fence surrounding her family's property. Ann scurried to unlock the wire gate, hold it open, and shut it behind them quickly. The road twisted under cedars and jackpines to the cabin's wide covered carport.

"Everybody out! Now!" Judy yelled. She ran around the car and dragged Ann aside. "Get off him, Jenny!" She tugged the naked black girl out. "Ronny, get your ass out here!" She pulled at his ankle.

Ron scooted across the back seat and slithered out, his baggies dropping to his feet. "Get those shorts off," Judy cried, and pushed her own shorts down and off. She leaned into the passenger seat cushion, arms bracing her torso up, her naked ass high in the air.

"I've been hearing and smelling you fuckers for over an hour. I'm so fucking horny! Get that thing inside me, Ron. NOW! Fuck me hard. NOW!"

Ron peeled off her halter top and his own marquee tee and bent to his task. His groin shakily gauged her flushed buns. She spread her legs and dropped slightly to open herself to him. He slid his steely cunt-splitter deep into her anxious alley in one smooth loving motion.

"God yes, finally, FINALLY, oh God, oh fuck, oh yes..."

"Fuck, Judy, you're so fucking good, you're the best, oh yeah..."

"Shut up and fuck me, Ron. Faster, c'mon, faster and harder, slam into me, yeah, do me good, shit yeah..."

Ron's pace jumped from slug-slow to warp-speed in mere seconds. His cock had been teased and taunted inside two tantalizing pussies for much too long. His incipient orgasm drove him on. He leaned into Judy, his hands mauling her hanging breasts, his loins jackhammering, pistoning into her like a perfect protoplasmic machine on overdrive.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..." Judy chanted with rhythmic rapture.

Ron paid no attention to events behind him. Genevere had slyly peeled Ann's sundress over her head. They both stood nude in sandals, watching, panting, ovulating. The tall black girl spooned behind the shorter blonde, dark hands massaging pink breasts and fluffy light pubes, sharp teeth nibbling Ann's tanned neck, a midnight finger sliding into a sunburst slit, dragging moans from the willing victim.

Judy's long anticipation drove her to fast relief. A torrid tsunami swept over her. She screamed and shook and shimmied. Her violent pleasure triggered grunting Ron's long-delayed climax. Hot white jizm filled her tantalizing tunnel of love, shot after shot of steaming teenage semen pumped into her warm, welcoming womb. Good thing she was on The Pill.

Ron was unwilling to wind down too soon. He pushed deeper into Judy and held himself there, still fondling her breasts, leaning to her head, biting her neck, and breathing into her ear.

"You're the best, Judy. You know I love you. You know-"

"I know all about you, Ron. Shut up and hold me."

Ron loved all his girls, but he loved 69ing with Ann best, and he loved fucking Judy best. Their joining just felt so right.

And he didn't mind being constantly told to shut up.

They pressed together until his flaccid cock slipped out of her. He gave her another loving squeeze. He stood up and stepped back. Judy rolled over and planted her butt at the seat edge, her legs splayed, her pussy dripping.

Ann pushed Ron aside. "You're messy, girlfriend. Let me take care of that."

Ann folded her dress into a pad on the ground. She knelt between Judy's knees and licked Ron's seed from her neighbor's thighs and pubes and labia. Her tongue stroked into Judy's depths and tickled her love-button. Judy shivered and moaned. Ron and Genevere watched intently.

"Wow," Ron muttered. "Just, fucking wow. Nice recovery, huh, Jenny?"

Genevere pulled Ron to face her. "You're pretty messy too, boy," she hissed. She squatted before his dripping, reviving cock. "Gotta clean this up."

Her tongue licked at him. Her lips encircled him. Her mouth swallowed him. Her attentions resuscitated him. He grew between her warping cheeks. An eighteen-year-old guy recharges rather quickly, y'know, especially when oral action surrounds him. His eyes bounced between Judy and Ann's interplay and the black mouth inhaling his penis. Genevere's dark eyes locked onto his. Her sensuous lips smiled around his meaty member. She sucked harder.

Judy groaned loudly under Ann's nimble tongue about the same time that Ron grunted and spasmed. Genevere puffed her cheeks around his erupting dickhead and sucked gently, insistently, as he unloaded into her hunger. She continued sucking, her fingers softly squeezing him, till he was drained dry. She swallowed conspicuously and grinned up at him.

"Guess you liked that, hey boy?"

Ron nodded dazedly. "Uh, yeah."

Genevere rose lightly from her squat and push her juicy lips against Ron's tired smile. "Kiss me, boy. Don't be shy." Ron was not eager but was also not shy about tasting his own semen. Her attention was worth it. He licked inside her mouth and around her muscular tongue. Sure tasted better than his dad's cooking! They pulled close, faces exploring, hands rubbing butts and backs, chests and bellies and groins together.

Ann left her kneeling position and shook herself. She reached to Judy's hand and pulled her from the car seat. They hugged and kissed, faces wet, bare breasts and fluffy muffs grinding tightly, sleek thighs scissoring. Yes, the best of friends.

The four drew together and clung to each other, all for one, one for all, a naked group hug and multi-mouth kiss, hands everywhere, a single organism of satiated lust. Almost a hive mind. Almost.

"Hey, great way to start a weekend, huh?" Judy wheezed. All murmured agreement. "But what say we haul our stuff inside and clean up and go jump in the rock pool?" More quiet acquiescence. The cohort broke apart but hands reached out to touch and be touched. Snarky smiles never stopped.


The Elliot family retreat occupied wooded acreage on a rocky seasonal creek surrounded by national forest in rugged mountains above San Bernardino, or San Boogaloo for locals.

The 'cabin' was a rather massive stone-and-log affair - Judy's prosperous (if wimpy) dentist father, Dr Ted, could certainly afford it. A full kitchen and pantry joining a great room with its monumental fireplace; a wing with a large parlor with piano, and game rooms, library, laundry, and half-bath; a wing with four bedrooms off a wide hallway, each with two king beds, and a spacious bath at the end. Southwestern art adorned the walls between window seats and doorways.

The cabin wrapped around a rustic courtyard with lounge and deck chairs and faced the rock pool, a pond lined with fieldstone, fed from a small not-too-hot spring. Yes, a natural hot-tub at the edge of the San Andreas Fault zone and forested wilderness.

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