tagIncest/TabooA Taste of Incest - Kumquat

A Taste of Incest - Kumquat


Author's note: The following stroker is FICTION, so chill. All depicted sex involves live, consenting humans aged 18+. These A TASTE OF INCEST tales include bisexual and multiracial groups; if you object to such, stop reading. Views expressed are not necessarily the author's. Your constructive comments are welcome. If you like this, join the 1%ers and VOTE!


A Taste of Incest: A Taste of Kumquat


My new stepsisters were just evil. There was no other explanation.

Melissa and Angelina Angstrom and their parents Larry and Linda lived just down the street from my family for as long as I can remember. They were "Irish twins"; 'Lissa was only nine-and-a-half months older than 'Lina. I was a couple weeks younger. We shared schools and classes since kindergarten, and many of the same summer sessions and camps and other activities.

This linkage was unavoidable in our small, isolated town. Kids here had limited choices of places to go and things to do.

The girls' parents both showed medium height and build, medium-brown hair, and middlin' smarts. Just typical middle-class folks, average, almost invisible but for an energetic mother.

Their girls were nothing like them. Tall, slinky, jet-haired 'Lina developed a sleek stretched-hourglass figure. Shorter, huskier blonde 'Lissa grew bouncy curves. Despite differences, their minds were wired together like closed-circuit telepaths. Both were smart as whips and as moral as alley cats.

The distinct looks of the Li-Li's (as we called them) led to rumors.

The rumors were discreet but persistent and maybe true: Their mom Linda was a slut. The girls had different fathers - neither by Larry. They were conceived during regularly-scheduled gangbangs. Linda is lucky neither girl was black, or oriental, or Latina, or a pinhead or redhead. Et fucking cetera.

Other rumors named my dad: Ray was a randy player. Did he father 'Lina, or was that was another tall, slim, black-haired guy? Lacking DNA tests, who knew? Well, 'Lina looked more like me and my dad Ray than she did any of her own family, and 'Lissa resembled neighborly Ed Heinz down the block.

My family are the Doyles. We look it, too, with black eyes and hair and long, lean, hard bodies. But unlike Ray's short-fused Ulster temper, my mom Rachel was always sweet and kind and understanding. I took after Rachel.

(Yes, we kids called our parents by first names. Our community was small but mostly liberal.)

Those persistent rumors gained credence after the breakups and realignment of our families. I knew the Li-Li's engineered it all. They manipulated Ray and Linda to run off together so Rachel and Larry would hook up.

Why do that? Because they had evil ententions. On my mom, Rachel.

I am Robby, that is Robert Doyle, and no, do not call me Popeye or I will clobber you. No, I do not have Dad's hot temper, but I do have my limits. Anyway, I had been a close companion of the Li-Li's since forever, and I knew how they worked and what they wanted.

They wanted control. And they were sly. And evil.


Remember, I said the Li-Li's brains were linked. I swear they communicated with silent eye-beams. They were almost like a hive-mind, so very close, not needing words between themselves, so they were impossible to overhear. They think, and do.

And what did they do? They seduced girls. And used boys.

Boys have always been merely the Li-Li's toys. Boys were useful for doing stuff for them but received nothing in return. The girls flashed flesh, slipped eyeshots of cleavage and thigh, hinting but never delivering - and guys just wimped-out like idiot lovesick puppies. Fix their cars? Buy them goodies? Pull foolish stunts? Guys were eager for their praise but damn lucky to receive more than thin smiles in thanks.

I was somewhat immune to their charms. I knew them too well. Sure, they were great to watch, but they have never enslaved me. I try to believe that.

The Li-Li's used boys with cold indifference but they pursued girls with heat and enthusiasm and clever strategies. I knew they sexually used their targets and each other. I knew because I saw and joined them. They seemed happy to include me. Did they care for me, or was I just another of their tools?


The first girl I saw them target was Rhianna, a leggy, freckled Celtic beauty, very naïve and not real bright. The Li-Li's had been buttering her up, drawing her into their web, confiding in her, grooming her. Seducing her.

I cut across the Angstroms' back yard on my way home as usual one warm afternoon that summer after graduation. I heard voices drift from the private garden behind a leafy, fruity, floral hedge. I crept almost silently to a vantage point and peered through the foliage at the entertaining scene beyond.

'Lina and 'Lissa and Rhianna were naked on cloth padding, a stack of sleeping bags and blankets, spread on the little grassy pitch surrounded by azaleas and kumquats.

"This is what a man feels like, only better," shapely blonde 'Lissa said.

The 'this' she spoke of was a strap-on dildo 'Lissa was moving into Rhianna's rosy pussy. Rhianna was doggy on her elbows and knees. 'Lissa knelt behind the girl, held her hips, and slowly perforated her rosy pussy. 'Lina sat cross-legged before Rhianna cradling the fucktoy's shaky head in her trim open lap.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, ohhh..." the lanky redhead mumbled. 'Lissa kept a slow, steady pace. "Oh yes, fuck, fuck, ahhh..."

'Lina eased her hands under Rhianna's perky breasts to roll swollen nipples between insistent fingers. The impaled girl moaned. 'Lissa ratcheted-up her lusty rhythm. Rhianna writhed and mouthed sharp gasps.

"OH fuck. OH fuck. OH fuck me, oh yes. OH, dammit. OH. OH fuck. OHH..."

Malevolent Melissa withdrew the dildo from Rhianna's vagina. Rhianna sighed in disappointment.

'Lissa asked, "You think that was good? Just wait a moment."

The seductive blonde retrieved a tube of lubricant. She squeezed globs of goo onto her fingers and greased-up the Celtic anus and her taupe ten-inch toy.

"What? What are you doing? I've never-"

"Just hush now, girl. You are going to love this, I promise!"

'Lissa's artificial dick probed into Rhianna's windward passage.


'Lissa held a hip with one hand while brushing at Rhianna's clitoris with the other. The fucktoy's voicings degenerated into mad, meaningless babble.

Evil Angelina spread her legs, released Rhianna's breasts, scooted closer to her, and pushed the redhead's face into her waiting pussy.

"That makes you want to use your tongue, doesn't it? DOESN'T it? Yeah, it sure does. I know it does for me. So use your tongue, Rhee. Just stick it out and start licking. Yeah, just like that. Oh yeah..."

'Lina reclined on her elbows while Rhianna lapped hungrily at her portal of pleasure. 'Lina's eyes were not closed; she turned her head and looked directly at me through the foliage. She smiled softly and winked. Her head lolled back, eyes closed, pencil-eraser nipples standing firm, long black ponytail swinging, as Rhianna's tongue hit a good spot.

Time had passed; I had to get home, and I figured that was enough of a show for me today. After I stood and masturbated, anyway. That was fast.


I took the same shortcut through the Angstroms' yard most afternoons. Most afternoons, nobody was there; I spied through the hedge regularly to check. Some afternoons, the Li-Li's sat together on the grass, clothed, silent, likely swapping telepathic gossip. And some afternoons they had other friends.

This was one of those sometimes. I cut through the yard. Sounds drifted. I hedge-peeked. I saw the Li-Li's with a sturdy black girl I recognized as sweet Corliss from across town. Corliss lay supine on the blankets. 'Lissa sat on her face and wriggled. 'Lina jammed between her spicy, dusky thighs, steadily fucking her; I saw no straps so I assume a double-ended dildo was in use. The Li-Li's kissed passionately as they rode the squirming ebony body.

I thought my approach that day had been quieter than the last time but 'Lissa seemed to know I was there. As had 'Lina before, the blonde smiled and winked at me, and then returned her attention to immediate pleasure.

I always knew the girls were not prejudiced.


Another sometime was more complex. My spyhole revealed four naked forms. The Li-Li's were on the blankets with cute dirty-blonde Dora. Her brother Del sat at a folding chair and table next to the blankets. I was startled - Del was roped to the chair with yellow nylon around his torso! But his arms were free. Curious...

Dora was in an even more curious position. Arms tied behind back; mouth gagged; head down, butt up; and the Li-Li's working vibrators at her nether openings, a big white one in and around her vagina and a bigger black one dipping into her anus.

'Lissa removed and inspected the black toy. She held a hand out to Del.

"Hey boy, you sister's ditch is running dry. Give me a good squirt of lube."

Del tried to rise from the chair.

"Let me do that! I can lube her up good!"

"Sit back down, slave," 'Lissa said calmly. "You're only here to watch and serve. Give me the AstroGlide and shut up." She waved her hand at his face.

Del's chair dropped. He picked a tube off the folding table and filled 'Lissa's hand with lubricant. "I wanted to do that," he whined.

"Maybe next decade, slave, but not now."

'Lissa smeared lubricant on the vibrator and deeply into Dora's anus, wiped her hand on the captive's hip, and slid the toy back into her upraised, vivid rosebud. Dora shook, shivered, groaned into her gag, and swayed. 'Lissa held her hand to Del again.

"Lick this stuff off me, slave."

"Oh Christ, not that-"

"Be quiet, slave." The calm voice again. "Do as you're told. You'll get yours. Yes, you will most assuredly get what's coming to you." The icy voice. Uh-oh.

Del leaned forward and slurped 'Lissa's gooey fingers.

'Lina turned to Del. "My turn now. Fill my hand."

Grumbling, Del complied. 'Lina applied the goo and re-applied the white toy to Dora's pussy. Dora trembled and groaned more intensely.

'Lina looked at me then, and winked. I was not masturbating at the moment. I merely left silently.


Those winks were signals. The girls knew my schedule, knew when I would be there to watch. They clearly timed their sessions to display just what I saw. I was free to look, and fantasize, and beat off, right until the moment a sister signaled me; then it was time to go.

I saw many strange scenes on scattered afternoons that summer.

I saw various combinations of 69s and three- and four-girl daisychains. I saw girls and boys pegged by strapon-mounted Li-Li's. I saw mostly boys, mostly brothers of female playmates, bound in postures of servitude and humiliation. I saw girls used in the most astounding ways. I jerked-off a lot. I just had to.

I never saw a penis enter a Li-Li body, nor any animals. Whew. I saw the sisters directing every move. There was no question as to who ran the show.


One afternoon changed everything.

I cut into the Angstroms' yard and peered through the hedge. Clothed Li-Li's sat in the folding garden set. They viewed me, unsmiling, and beckoned with crooked fingers. I hastened to obey; I took the empty seat beside the table.

Long, slinky, raven-haired 'Lina, looking more my sister than her own near-twin, passed me a tumbler poured from a jug of pink lemonade, and refilled theirs. I sipped. They sipped. Nobody spoke. A tin of candied garden kumquats sat on the table. I nibbled. Still, nobody spoke.

We all wore our summer uniforms of tidy shorts and tees in various patterns.

I noticed their toned legs; I am sure they noticed mine, and the muscled arms straining my tee's fabric. Work and exercise kept me buff. They jogged and gymned and were very femininely buff, too.

I certainly noticed their breasts, unrestrained now by any bras. Our tees bulged nicely. We were all healthy young animals of the human species.

'Lissa nodded at me. "Like what you've seen?"

I leaned to blatantly stare at her thinly-covered breasts and then her sister's.

"I'd be a cunt if I said no." I swirled lemonade in my mouth.

"You're a cunt anyway," 'Lina smiled. "But you're not as bad as some. You know what I meant. You enjoy these afternoons." That was not a question.

"And you enjoy having me here, don't you?" I sat poker-faced.

I think the Li-Li's passed a telepathic flash. As one, they peeled off their tees.

It was 'Lina's turn to ask, "Well, like what you see now?"

I smiled. I said, "I gave you my answer and I'm sticking to it."

I had seen them often lately but never so close. 'Lissa's blonde tresses barely brushed her gorgeous melons topped with silver-dollar areolas and button nipples. Now-lazy niblets adorned 'Lina's gently-swaying sweet papayas. Nice, very nice! My cock stiffened.

I studied them carefully. I wondered what would come next.

"There's more, you know," 'Lissa said. "Much more than you can imagine."

"More than I've seen these last few weeks?" I sucked more lemonade.

"That's all prologue. We have plans. You're a part of those plans, a big part," 'Lina said. She shook her long black ponytail. Her enticing boobs shook in sympathy. I noticed. She continued.

"But they're our plans, our alone. Don't ask for details. You'll have to trust us. You won't have to do anything; just keep your eyes open and your mouth shut. We'll take care of everything. And we'll have fun. Not right away, but not too long." She paused for another telepathic exchange.

"Well, maybe we can have a little fun right now. Stand up," 'Lina ordered.

I obeyed before thinking. The Li-Li's stood with me.

"Yes, a little fun," 'Lissa said.

The bubbly blonde knelt before me and dropped my shorts and briefs. My eager cock bounced into her face. She ran her long tongue along my shaft.

"And a little more," 'Lina said. "Lift your arms."

She stripped my tee off me, pulled my face to hers, and shoved her tongue down my throat. My tonsils tickled with her assault. Her firm breasts pressed hotly into my chest. Damn nice...

I twisted my head in 'Lina's grip far enough to glance down. 'Lissa was busy working wonders on my rock-hard ramrod using only tongue and wet fingers - more handjob than blowjob. I was not a cunt. I did not complain.

Those wet fingers drew a nice spurt from me. I think I sprayed the hedge.

That was only the first of many such afternoons. When the Li-Li's had playmates, I watched stealthily and usually jerked. When they were alone, we played mildly, with only deep kissing and wet handjobs, that was all.

I somehow managed to endure such privations, heh heh.


Was that the beginning of my enslavement?

It was certainly the start of major manipulations.

The Li-Li's never told me their plans but I noticed subtle changes in my home life. My dad Ray seemed angry and restless. My mom Rachel was anxious and down, not at all like her usual sweet, cheerful self. The adult Angstroms also seemed constantly tense when I saw them. Linda almost never smiled and Larry acted... well, whipped is the best word. Or pussywhipped.

I do not know what the Li-Li's did or the details of the web they wove. I have my suspicions. Altered audiovisuals, insinuating emails, planted suggestions and fragments, disarrayed clothing and schedules, lots of little puzzle-pieces fitted together into a carefully distorted picture.

The result? Ray and Linda both claimed after-work meetings and unavoidable business trips that coincidentally coincided. Larry and the Li-Li's often visited Rachel and me, hanging around the patio, the adults commiserating in their lounges while the girls and I played cards or other seemingly innocent games at a remote shaded table, and Rachel and I spent ends-of-days splashing in the Angstroms' pool. Thus did domestic fissures widen and merge.

I already telegraphed this part of the story to you. Yeah, the breakup. Ray and Linda felt excitement together and boredom with their tame spouses. They hired the same divorce attorney for a package discount.

Larry and Rachel were distraught, dispirited, and nearly destroyed. They took desperate refuge in each other. The lawyers played their usual games and took their usual percentages. The upshot: Ray and Linda took (and sold) the Doyle house, and Rachel and I moved in with the remaining Angstroms.

Yes, my mother and the Li-Li's father became an item, as planned. The Li-Li's were good judges of character and knew exactly which buttons to push to magnetize each pair of our parents.

Two civil wedding ceremonies immediately chased the uncontested divorces. Mister Ray and new Missus Linda Doyle took off for wherever. Mister Larry and new Missus Rachel Angstrom settled in. And I gained two stepsisters.

Two sly and evil stepsisters.


ITEM: Some things did not change in a hurry.

Summer was not yet over; I kept my usual afternoon schedule, still cutting into the Angstrom (now my) yard, still passing and peering into the hedge, but now scooting around to that big house's side door instead of continuing to the lifelong home that was no more.

Life went on in the pitch behind the hedge. The Li-Li's might be occupied with each other, or one friend, or three, or five, whatever. They might be more-or-less clothed. They might invite me for talk, or games, or moist handjobs.

The rest of my life moved at the usual pace. My friends, enemies, activities, work and play, everything but my newly-jiggered household, all mostly proceeded as before. No great surprises there.

ITEM: Some things evolved in slow, strange ways.

Low-key Larry and Rachel got along well. More surprising to me, Rachel seemed to be bonding smoothly with sly Melissa and Angelina. My mom and her new stepdaughters shared social events, intensive intimate chats, extended shopping excursions, a health club, spa time, and much more.

Rachel was a product of her place and time, a party-till-ya-barf wild girl who "explored her sexuality" at an early age; i.e. she spread her legs often and was knocked-up very young. She married Ray soon after.

No shotguns were visible at their wedding but it was by all reports a curious event. Young Ray Doyle had cut a wide swathe through the available local pussy supply; Rachel was only the first to be able to pin a paternity on him.

Rachel was just seventeen when I squeezed out. Now I'm eighteen and she's a thirty-five-year-old MILF - more MILF (Mother I'd Like to Fuck) than HILF (Highly Intelligent Life Form), anyway. Her health club time keeps her fit but she watches too much TV.

More early weddings soon followed the Doyles', including a wild young Linda to a somewhat reluctant Larry Angstrom. My hunch: Larry was a scapegoat, probably bribed or coerced. He was so unlikely to have fathered the Li-Li's but he was roped into legitimizing them. And he was very unlikely to have successfully domesticated Linda.

I wondered how much Linda taught her distinctive, disparate daughters. Where did the Li-Li's learn their tricks? Did I really want to know?

ITEM: My new stepsisters slowly changed the rules.

I came home as usual and peered through the hedge. The naked Li-Li's had likeable Corliss nude and abused again. She lay prone, spreadeagled, staked-out, tied-down, helpless. Her nipples poked skyward like dark searchlights. Her wet pussy gleamed. A red bandanna blindfolded her eyes and hid most of her black face. The ball gag in her mouth muffled her screams.

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