tagErotic HorrorA Taste of Midnight

A Taste of Midnight


As she stepped into the dark corridor leaving the cold night air behind her, Katy suddenly felt woozy, the effects of alcohol from the club catching up with her.

'You okay, luv?' her companion behind said with concern.

Katy heard the front door close behind her, deepening the gloom in the corridor. She felt a frisson of apprehension but it was gone in an instant and she chided herself for such childish reaction to the dark.

'My flat, second door on the left.'

Katy, straightened swayed slightly and felt her arm suddenly steadied by the girl she'd pulled at the club. A few steps, a moment as the key was turned, and she found herself inside the girl's place.

Katy blinked as a light in the hallway was switched on. She felt a wave of panic as she realised she'd forgotten the girl's name. Then it came to her - Marion. Just think Robin Hood, she reminded herself -- think of that crap Kevin Costner film.

'You okay?' Marion smiled, through a wavy curtain of sleek black hair. She eased her black suede jacket off revealing her trim curvaceous body in a figure hugging red dress. Katy found herself gobsmacked she'd pulled such a stunning girl. Marion was way out of her league. Thick raven hair, tall, slim, the curves in the right places, high cheek bones and emerald green eyes that reminded Katy of a cat she'd once owned. She wondered what on earth a girl like her Marion could possibly see could in her. Without her heels on Katy was only 5 foot four inches tall, heavy breasted and what some people called big boned.

Katy was suddenly aware of Marion's inquisitive eyes on her, one eyebrow raised, and she suddenly realised she'd been asked a question.

'Oh, yes. Yeah I'm fine. I guess I'm a bit tipsy,' she blustered.

'Just a bit,' Marion grinned. 'Come in and take the weight off your feet.'

Marion opened a door at the end of the hallway and Katy found herself in what looked like a bedsit. There was a queen-size double bed in the centre of the room, a dressing table that would not look out of place on the set of a TV drama set in Victorian times, and several candelabras with thick white candles. All were lit and the glow from the flames was dazzling. The room was heavy with the smell of incense, jasmine and something else Katy could not put her finger on.

'Very, em Gothic,' she commented.

'Gothic never goes out of fashion. Sit, relax,' Marion instructed taking Katy's leather jacket.

There were no chairs in the room, so Katy perched herself on the edge of the bed.

'I shouldn't really be here,' Katy began, suddenly feeling awkward. She was beginning to regret where the evenings excursions had led her. She'd only pulled Marion to make her ex, jealous. She'd been seeing Diane for almost a year, when Diane had broken things off. She'd said Katy was too clingy, and Katy had to admit she was partly right. It was Katy's clumsy attempt at an engagement proposal that had sparked the row that ended their relationship. Katy had tried to forget Diane, and after three months not seeing her, she almost had. Then tonight: there was Diane at the nightclub, her new girlfriend with her, flaunting her to the whole world. Katy, fortified by drink went for the best looking chick in the place determined to show her ex up, and to her surprise the girl she'd flirted with reciprocated. They'd danced then snogged, and Katy felt a surge of victorious joy when she'd seen the look in Diane's eyes across the dance floor. Only now here she was back in that best looking chick's flat, sitting on her bed. That hadn't been part of the plan. She hadn't thought that far ahead. To be honest with herself she'd not really thought much at all -- alcohol, rage, bitterness and jealousy had done the thinking for her.

'Why shouldn't you be here?' Marion asked, with a bemused smile.

Katy sighed, 'Because . . . because . . . ' she trailed off.

'Because of that redhead in the club. The one you were trying to make jealous?'

'Was it that obvious,' Katy said, feeling her cheeks redden. She cast her eyes downward, feeling acutely embarrassed.

Marion laughed, 'Don't beat yourself up about it. You can't fight your feelings.'

'I should go,' Katy insisted, the words sounding half-hearted even as she said them.

'You should stay,' Marion countered firmly. 'I'll get us a drink. Red wine or white?'

Katy opened her mouth to protest, insist she was going, but the thought of trudging into the bitter cold night to get a taxi back to her cold lonely flat was too desolate. 'Red,' she smiled back.

Marion disappeared into a small kitchen area that led off from one corner of the room. Katy heard her rummaging in a cupboard. She looked around the room, her eyes becoming accustomed to the candle light that sent flickering shadows around the walls. The room was sparsely furnished, surprisingly no computer, or TV. There was no wardrobe or chest of drawers, only the Victorian dresser with an old fashioned clock with roman numerals, both hands pointed to twelve. She could make out two bulky rectangular shapes of suitcases by the side of the dresser. Had Marion just moved in here perhaps? She spotted a painting on the wall, but it was too dim to make out its content clearly in the flickering light but it seemed to be portrait of a woman. Curious, Katy leant forward to see it better, and her foot brushed against something on the floor, partly under the bed. Automatically she reached down a picked up the item. It looked like some sort of photo album. It had a red leather-like cover, soft to the touch. Katy opened it and frowned at its contents.

They were not photos as she'd expected, but pages of plastic pouches filled with small cards around the same size as credit cards. All had a picture of their owner, there were driving licenses, student cards, id badges, passports. Dozens of faces stared out at Katy from the pages as she flicked through them. Most were young women but there was a sprinkling of young men too. Judging by the hairstyles on some of the pictures they covered quite a period of time. The faces were very diverse ethnically and a lot of the cards had foreign writing on them -- European, Indian, African, Arabic. Katy peered closely at one card, a student card with a black and white image of blonde English looking girl with a round face that somehow looked vaguely familiar. Katy peered closely to make out the name: Ruth Davis. The name seemed familiar too. Not like someone Katy knew, but rather a name that had once been well known, like an actress who used to be in a popular soap opera, or a celebrity from of those reality shows, a name that suddenly is on everyone's lips for short while, maybe a month or so, then slips back into obscurity. Katy trawled her memory to recall where she'd heard the name, had she been on the news? She scanned some of the other names and realised that a few of those were vaguely familiar too, as though they were related in some way as though they were all famous for some reason, something they had in common -- something newsworthy. 'Ah, you've found my collection,' Marion said, standing over Katy, a glass of wine in either hand.

Katy almost jumped at her voice, and felt as though she'd been caught snooping at something private.

'Your collection?' Katy echoed dumbly.

'What do you think?' Marion asked, hand Katy a glass.

'Well,' Katy began unsure what to say. She took a sip of wine. 'How did you get all these cards, I mean . . .'

'I did an fine art degree at Uni, this was one of my projects. A collection - slivers of people's lives. Objects once important to them, but eventually discarded.'

'But there are driving licenses and ID cards, people don't throw those away.'

'I use to work for British National Coach Service when I was a student, and one day my boss showed me this room full of lost property, stacks of wallets and purses that had never been claimed, y'know? He let me take what I wanted. A wise man.'

Katy saw a flicker of a teasing smile play on Marion's lips.

Marion took the album from Katy and placed it back on the floor, then pulled off her knee length boots and sat cross legged at Katy's feet. 'What do you think of the wine?'

Katy took another sip. 'Nice.'

'It's a Burgandy, they always carry a deep rich taste I think.' She placed her glass down and took one Katy's feet in her hands. 'You should take these off, let your feet breath.'

Katy laughed nervously, 'Have you got a gas mask?'

Marion, unzipped the ankle length shoe and slipped it off, then repeated the motion with Katy's other foot. The air was cool on her bare skin. Marion took one foot and rubbed it gently. Her touch was cool.

'Your feet are very hot,' she said looking up at Katy.

'Aren't yours?'


'They probably stink, my feet, I mean,' Katy said, feeling a mixture of nervousness, and a tinge of arousal.

'You're too self conscious,' Marion chided. She stood. 'Wait here.'

She disappeared off and Katy frowned as she heard the sound of running water. Marion reappeared holding a basin of water.

'What are you doing?' Katy asked, suppressing a giggle.

Marion placed the basin at Katy's feet and knelt down. She took one of Katy's feet gently in one hand.

Katy, feeling the need to say something flippant or funny, opened her mouth but the words died in her throat as Marion's piercing green eyes fixed her like an animal caught in a car's headlights. Marion's eyes, pupils dilated, seemed suddenly hypnotic. Katy felt herself take a deep breath as a flutter of arousal awakened deep within.

Marion took a sponge from the basin and pressed it over Katy's foot. The temperature of the water was tepid but refreshingly cool. Rivulets ran between her toes dripping into the basin.

'In biblical times it was common for a host or hostess to wash their guest's feet,' Marion said, her eyes on Katy's the whole time as she sponged every inch of Katy's foot. 'It was a sign of humility, but also I think something intimate, erotic. After all the foot is incredibly sensitive.' She kissed the underside of the foot she had washed sending a quiver of arousal through Katy.

Marion took Katy's other foot and began sponging it, starting at her ankle then moving over the heel and arch of the foot, finishing with the toes.

'That's nice,' Katy said in half whisper, the words almost spoken to herself.

Marion smiled. She took Katy's foot, raised it to her mouth and again kissed the sensitive underside, this time wetting it with her tongue. The sensation was like velvet and Katy felt herself grow wetter with arousal. Marion shifted the basin away and moved closer, lips and tongue moving upwards to ankles, calves. She alternated between each of Katy's pliant legs, moving inexorably toward the hot wet soft lips that waited and demanded attention. Katy lay back on the bed her eyes closed, as Marion's mouth caressed and kissed her inner thighs, she opened her legs more fully, desperate for the impending oral pleasure. Marion teasingly hovered kissing the uppermost soft flesh of Katy's inner thighs. Katy dug her fingers into the bed sheets resisting the urge to grab Marion's head and force the motion. Marion rubbed her cool cheek against the silken nylon of Katy's damp panties. She pressed her lips to the material, inhaling the plump girl's scent, then breathing warm air on the puffy labial lips beneath the thin material. Katy gasped. Marion hooked her thumbs under the sides of the panties and Katy lifted her hips off the bed to facilitate the garment's removal. Marion tossed the damp panties aside, and Katy, sitting up, pulled her dress off and unclasped her bra-strap and removed her bra freeing big fleshy breasts.

She was now completely naked before Marion, only the warm glow of candlelight bathed her skin. Marion ran her eyes hungrily over Katy's nude vulnerable form. She reached a hand up to stroke and knead Katy's big breasts, fingers brushing against hardened erect nipples. Katy breathed deeply, anticipation and arousal growing in a tide of desire.

'Lie back, Katy,' Marion instructed.

Katy obeyed, opening her legs for Marion invitingly. Katy stifled a cry as Marion's lips kissed the wet folds of her outer labia. Marion took her time teasingly using her lips to stroke and rub over Katy's slick soft folds, before finally using her tongue in slow gentle swirls ever probing deeper, exploring Katy's soft private flower. Katy swore aloud as Marion's tongue pushed under her clitoral hood caressing the inflamed bud of her clitoris and sending Katy in paroxysm of delirious delight.

'Oh, fuck, of fuck, oh fuck . . .' Katy cried, squirming at the unbearable pleasure.

Marion pulled away, her cheeks shiny with Katy's juice in the flickering candlelight. She rose up standing over Katy's naked plump body. Marion shed her clothes, as Katy watched awaiting more carnality. Marion moved over Katy, smoothing her body over Katy's, her skin cool to the heat of Katy's. She bent her face plunging into the bigger woman's soft pillow like breasts, inhaling her scent, flicking her tongue on the underside of Katy's breasts tasking salty fresh sweat. Katy felt as though she was being devoured by this lithe creature and she loved being the meal. Marion nuzzled each breast, drawing in the nipples, teasingly biting them, each time eliciting a cry of delight from Katy. Then she was up again, straddling Katy's body, pale thighs against the side of Katy's breasts, squashing the fleshy orbs to create a deep slice of cleavage in Katy's chest. Marion placed a finger in the cleavage moving it upwards towards Katy's neck. She looked down at Katy the earlier position of dominance now reversed. Marion's eyes were wide and hungry and fleetingly Katy had the impression of a mouse caught in cat's claws. She noticed, Marion, unlike herself, was shaved and hairless below, the small cleavage of her labial lips a tiny echo of the vast cleavage of the breasts Marion sat astride.

Marion's finger trailed over Katy's neck arriving under her chin.

'Taste me, Katy,' Marion instructed.

Katy gave a small nod, as Marion moved up, placing a knee either side of Katy's head. She lowered herself, her vulva directly over Katy's eager waiting open mouth.

'Taste me,' Marion hissed, her tone demanding, authoritatively. She cupped a hand under Katy's head and pulled Katy's head into her. Katy, pressed her mouth to Marion's own slippery lips, they were tight firm and surprisingly cool. Katy thrust her tongue deeply and was rewarded by Marion's hips bucking her face, so she could feel Marion's pubic bone grind on her teeth. The tangy taste of Marion's wetness filled her mouth.

'Taste me, child,' Marion said, her voice low, guttural.

Katy felt a surge of pleasure as Marion's fingers from her free hand slid into her own slick sex. Katy's mind was a mist of delirium - arousal, pleasure, alcohol, the scent of incense combined to create a sensation of swimming as though she were intoxicated by some hallucinogenic drug. Images surfaced in her fog enshrouded mind as she licked and was fucked and ridden. She saw Marion in her mind's eye, not as she was now or earlier, but gliding across a ballroom floor, her clothes archaic, her hair tied back, the image was Victorian, she image shifted again, Marion sitting on a skeletal throne, wearing clothes from another time, much earlier, a rich gown a ruff around her neck, Elizabethan style. Marion's cheeks bone white, lips blood red, she was holding something pale and Katy saw it was a skull, at her feet flesh coloured forms lay. The image fell away as though the camera lens of Katy's eye was zooming out. The forms at Marion's feet were bodies, hundreds and hundreds of naked bodies, an obscene mountain of lifeless forms. Curiously, Katy found she was not frightened -- she had a sense of having an out of body experience -- then the image faded.

Katy felt her head pushed back away from Marion's slick lips, she looked up to see Marion's piercing eyes glaring with lust and malevolence at her, as though she could read Katy's mind, as if she knew what Katy had seen. Katy sensed somehow she was being tested, as though Marion had somehow implanted the images in her mind to see how she would react. Some strand within her mind was trying to alert her to danger, but Katy, hot, aroused, wet wanted only to immerse herself in lust, she wanted to belong to the powerful sensuous woman who had seduced and now dominated her.

'More,' Katy responded.

A slight smile traced over Marion's lips, a note of triumph in the eyes. She climbed off Katy and moved to the dresser, sliding open a drawer and taking something out. Katy's eyes widened when she saw what it was.

Marion attached the strap on dildo around her hips and sauntered to the bed. Katy felt a tinge of apprehensive at the size of the black object dangling between her lovers thighs.

'Will you be mine, Katy?' Marion breathed, climbing onto bed.

'I will,' Katy said.

Marion loomed over her. 'I'm going to fuck you now, Katy.'

Katy opened her legs as Marion positioned herself. Marion guided the head of the large dildo to Katy's slick opening. The head slipped into the sensitive curtain of flesh, pushing labial lips aside as it entered remorselessly. Marion moved her hips further forward and Katy obligingly raised her thighs to meet the challenge as the huge length plunged deeper inside. Katy's body shuddered, and she wondered if she could take the whole length. Marion trailed her sharp fingernails over the swells of Katy's breasts, enhancing the already scream-inducing pleasure of being penetrated.

'Katy,' Marion whispered, as she inched further into the girl.

'Yes,' Katy managed between gulps of breath.

'I want you to call me mistress.'

'Mistress. Yes, mistress.'

Marion, withdrew partially, then thrust forward. Katy cried out, her eyes wide.

Again Marion withdrew a little then thrust forward.

Again. Again. Again.

Katy cried out each time, as Marion established a rhythm, slowly increasing the tempo fucking Katy mercilessly. Katy's breasts jiggled as each thrust was pushed home, Katy's fingers were tensed into claws that dug into the bedcovers, her toes curled as she felt the onset of orgasm approach.

Sweat and the odour of the women's love juice mixed with the scent of the candles to create a delicious smell, the slap of flesh mingled with their groans and sighs as Marion rammed home the dildo, plunging it deep and fast in Katy's voluptuous naked body with machine like repetition. Marion reached a hand under Katy's neck and pulled her up into a sitting position, so Katy was straddling her, so their breasts touched, so they could kiss.

Marion pulled Katy's face to her own kissed her savagely on the mouth, then breaking the kiss placed her lips to Katy's ear. Both women were now grinding and pushing their hips hastening the desperate momentum toward orgasm.

'Will you give yourself to me, child?' Marion whispered.

'I will, mistress' Katy grunted taking another deep thrust. She was close to coming.

'Body and soul?'

'Yes, mistress.'

'Then it is time, child,' Marion whispered.

Katy cried out as she felt Marion's mouth close on her neck, sharp fangs penetrate skin. It was a sensation of both pain and pleasure and Katy loved it.

The orgasm hit her like tsunami, consuming her completely, her discharge making her feel tight as the dildo plunged in and out. She gasped as a second orgasm shook her body. Marion stopped fucking her, but remained in position the dildo still inside. Marion was now fixed tightly to her neck and continued to feed, gulping down mouthfuls of Katy's blood. The sensation was rhythmic and not unpleasant, the same tempo as the when Marion had fucked her. Time seemed to drift and distort and Katy began to feel giddy, her body falling limp from the orgasm and now Marion's drinking of her blood.

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