tagNonHumanA Taste of Musk

A Taste of Musk


We may not see them, but our world in the not-too-distant future is shared with a race of humanoid cats. They call themselves "The People" and look down on us, the apekin. This is a glimpse into their world, where an alpha female head each household and there may be a group of "housemales" who serve her every need.


Keel's professional activities as photographer and actor continued to allow him to mix with a wide variety of apekin. They longed for his touch, shivering with delight as he moulded them into the required pose. Nothing was too outlandish or obscure for them in their effort to please him and be rewarded by one of his flashing smiles or a warm nuzzle from his lips. They posed however he suggested, finding themselves spreading limbs or touching themselves intimately without being asked.

The results, either still or moving pictures were seen as the height of artistic endeavour. Collectors paid huge amounts of money for the limited editions he produced.

Eleuthemia encouraged him, converting one of the old carriage houses into a secluded studio where he could work with his favourite models. He began to throw discrete parties where he and other housemales would entertain apekin women. These fortunate females were never entirely sure what they remembered about the long evenings before they returned to their own abodes, but they knew their bodies felt wonderful and they would give anything to be invited again.

Word of mouth spread fast. Artists from all walks of life were soon vying for invitations to the now, much larger soirees Eleuthemia hosted in the main house. The four alphas shone in the illustrious company like jewels in a sea of formality drawing both great and good from many different spheres together.

Those deemed suitable were allowed into a secure inner sanctum, where they were introduced to the delights of sensual massage and savouring musk from Keel's neck glands.

The other great houses were appalled by this fraternisation with the apekin, but they could not deny El's extensive business network and the strength of her influence amongst both races. She also used these events to seek out strays of the People lost and isolated amongst the apekin. Many worked in highly respected and sensitive positions of both industry and politics, never able to show their true selves, forever isolated outcasts from their real communities.

El offered these strays a safe place to discover their true nature, hoping to extend the power and influence of the House of Rohke by their gratitude.

It was usual at these events for Keel to be accompanied by Gahd or Clay in the "inner sanctum", while Saunh and Shade accompanied their alphas in the main gathering, but tonight El was holding court with Nuin on her arm.

"He needs to get over his fear of the apekin," Eleuthemia explained to Saunh as they finished dressing. "You're used to their smell now and it doesn't worry you. Think of it as a change of environment. It will do you good to play with the apekin females for a change. You never know..." her eyes twinkled at him, "one of them might even ask for a taste of your seed as well as your musk."

Saunh growled, wishing he could change into his older form and lash his tale, but no-one would be changing tonight, it was strictly forbidden.

"You want me to allow arousal?" This was something else the males normally eschewed around the apekin. Their job was to pamper women, not have their own needs seen to.

His mate leaned forwards and licked his earlobe. "You may be surprised, my dear one. One never knows who will enter our house tonight."

Saunh felt hairs on the back of his neck rise in both shock and anticipation. El did not usually tease him in this way, but when she did, she usually had a very good reason. He cast his mind back through all the invitations. Every person attending tonight had been checked and vetted as far as his extensive security connections allowed.

There was the usual mix of models, actors, musicians, artists alongside heads of industry and various elite research establishments. All of them, bar two male strays already identified, bore perfect human credentials. Sophie would take care of the males, with Shade in attendance to make sure they did not disgrace themselves.

Saunh sighed. Human females were pleasant enough companions to play with for a while, but they did nothing for his senses. Their puny nails left no scars upon his skin and their teeth were blunt. He could not remember one apekin female ever trying to bite him; they were usually too engrossed in licking his musk gland dry. Few of them could even encourage him to relax and really let his musk flow, so he often ended up with a sore neck.

The evening followed the usual format. Guests were greeted with a selection of drinks before moving into four groups to engage in witty conversation over an elegant meal. A string quartet played quietly in the Great Hall, encouraging people to dance sedately after their meal or continue their networking.

Eventually, Saunh saw Keel slip from the main crowd with his closest followers, whilst Gahd rounded up those women who were to be introduced to the delights of musk for the first time.

There were only seven women in the lavishly comfortable inner room when Saunh entered. Keel was flirting with several women sitting on oversized cushions on the floor simultaneously, smiling his dazzling smile which, combined with the intensity of his gaze, was enough to set their hearts racing. Gadh was lounging on a low settee talking softly to the noviciates - a small group of three - asking them about work, interests, boyfriends, what happened to make them aroused.

None of these women were innocents. All showed fondness for stimulating sexual encounters. Keel usually monitored their pulse and heart rate if they worked together in any setting and some invited him to more intimate settings where he could assess their capacity for arousal personally.

Now he moved amongst them all, touching those who had been before, intimately, yet fleetingly - so as not to disturb the newcomers, but enough to make them fidget and wish for attention, which Gadh was adept at supplying. Even the most humble and damaged of El's housemales could exude sufficient pheromones to make him irresistible to women.

Saunh helped himself to a glass of fragrant tea from a silver samovar on the refreshment table when he noticed one woman sitting very quietly by herself opposite the secret doorway. She appeared to be hiding behind a long drape. Despite the subdued lighting, Saunh could see her luminous eyes taking everything in. He poured another glass of tea and took it over to her, smiling with quiet confidence and strength.

"You're all alone. Is everything alright?"

"Yes, thank you." She accepted the tea from him gracefully, flicking her long chestnut hair over her shoulder. "Don't let me take you away from your other guests."

Saunh sipped his tea and settled himself on a cushion beside her. He looked around the room to the cluster of women fawning over Keel and the others evidently discussing all the males present in great detail.

"The other guests seem content without me, so I'd be happy to sit with you for a little while - if I may?" The woman smiled, flashing perfect, white teeth in a generous mouth. "I'm Saunh, by the way. Keel and I work for the same employer."

His companion raised her glass, surreptitiously sniffing the liquid before tasting it. Saunh felt his senses sharpen. This was not normal apekin behaviour, yet she bore no markings of the People at all...at least none he could see. She wore a lilac shiffon dress with wide straps holding it up on perfect alabaster shoulders. A lilac scarf was thrown across her neck. Saunh strained to see if the scarf hid any markings underneath it but the light was too dim and his companion was talking to him.

"I've seen Keel's pictures on all the billboards in Rochester, they're amazing. I never thought I'd be so close to him like this. It was such a surprise to receive an invitation to the party tonight. I would never have dreamed anyone would invite someone like me."

"I didn't think I remembered seeing you here before," he paused, seeming to casually scent the air. "No. I would have remembered."

She smiled at him, "I shouldn't really be in this room. I was looking for a breath of fresh air and the hostess pointed me in this direction. I must have lost my bearings."

"No, if El suggested you come here, she'd have been clear about directions." He smiled, "This is where people can... relax. Completely."

Just at this point, one of the other women took Keel's hand in hers. She sat in front of him licking his palm very slowly whilst smiling at the woman sitting next to her.

The woman in the purple dress shivered, her whole body moving as a muffled gasp escaped from her mouth.

"As I said - people like to relax."

The woman tore her eyes from the scene at the other end of the room. Both Keel's arms were now gently extended and three women crouched over him, licking his wrists, palms and forearms.

"Forgive me, I've been very rude. I'm Ilsair."

Saunh smiled, extending his hand close enough to hers so she could either grasp it, or bend her mouth to it as he watched her golden eyes. "I'm delighted to meet you, Ilsair."

"Why are they doing that? They're not ..." She stopped, embarrassed, touching her hand to his.

Saunh kept perfectly still, not grasping her hand, but accepting her touch. "Are you shocked by them?" He let his fingers curve and brush into her palm.

She frowned, "No, it just doesn't seem right somehow, but I don't know why."

Saunh's fingers stroked her wrist - the pale inner skin. He saw her nostrils flaring as if she were searching for a scent. He slid closer, only now letting his hand enclose her wrist.

"They're just renewing their acquaintance with Keel. See?" Across the room, a woman who had been seated rose, going to Keel, moving as though she was going to kiss his cheek. Instead, she slid past his cheek; clearly pulling down the collar of the loose shirt he was wearing, to lick his neck.

Ilsair gave a long sigh, relaxing against the cushion, "At least she knows what to do."

Saunh leaned closer, turning his head slowly, working the gland on that side of his neck. Something about her intrigued him and already he could feel his musk starting to stir.

"Have you decided yet whether it's right or wrong?" Keel's shirt was completely open now. Half a dozen women sucked on his torso, neck, and arms, while others began to lick and lap at each other.

"There is no point licking a hand or arm in greeting," Ilsair blurted out, "there is nothing there. That is what I meant."

Saunh's eyes glinted. "Then where, Ilsair, where should you lick?" He released her hand. "Show me."

From the other side of the room came sounds of quiet groaning. Ilsair leaned closer to him and began to lick his neck with small, swift strokes, her tongue long and surprisingly strong.

"Hmnmmnhmnm," Saunh sighed his pleasure, "very sweet." He turned his head, letting her find her way to the gland.

In the background Keel was growling, almost completely covered with heads and bodies. Gadh was receiving his share of attention, but he was not too engaged to miss Saunh's signal. In a moment his hand reached out to press a hidden switch on the wooden panelling. With a soft hiss, a dividing wall slid into place allowing Saunh and his companion complete privacy.

Saunh relaxed as he felt Ilsair's tongue search around the gland, before pressing and curling as the first musk drops appeared.

"Drink it," he sighed, "swallow."

Ilsair brought her tongue into her mouth, savouring the flavour. "Is this right? Is this what should be done?"

Saunh brushed his fingers down the slope of her breast, into the halter of her evening gown. His voice was husky, "Does it taste right?" he asked as his fingers trapped her nipple, his precisely trimmed nails holding the bud of her breast as he felt it respond to his touch.

"I have never tasted anything like it before," Ilsair murmured, her eyes lifting to gaze into his, "but I should like to continue."

"Taste it again," he ordered, "suck, suck hard."

A whimper escaped from Ilsair's throat as she moved closer to him, closing her mouth over the gland and sucking. Saunh flexed his body against her, pressing his shoulder into her, driving the gland into her mouth.

A rumble started in Ilsair's chest. Saunh heard the tremor building within her, his pupils dilating, darkening his gaze.

"I want you," Ilsair growled.

Saunh smiled, allowing his sharp teeth to gleam in the soft lighting. He pulled his shirt down off the shoulder, tugging it so hard the fabric shredded.

"There are other tastes," he said, raising the freed arm, "taste and lick here."

The woman's mouth curled, almost snarling at him as she bent to lick and taste the new gland he offered her. Saunh saw her bared teeth, glorying in the surge of arousal running through him. He carefully unwound the chiffon scarf from her neck and saw the familiar dark patch of skin indicating she was, indeed one of the People.

He remembered El's words to him earlier, almost laughing at her secret. She had known who Ilsair was before she even arrived.

"You are not lost, Ilsair," he murmured softly, trapping her face in his armpit as her strong tongue send shivers through him. "El sent you here. She saw you and knew you. Lick."

Ilsair pushed in deeply, nipping the soft tissue of the gland to make the musk flow stronger. This was a different taste altogether. The musk of his neck had been sweet, warming the depths of her stomach, giving her courage to continue this strange courtship, but the musk under his arm made her head swim and her pulses race. She could not get enough of it. She felt the flimsy material of her dress disappear as Saunh's strong hands clawed it away.

"She has given you to me?"

"I am yours until she calls my name, then I go to her feet."

Ilsair nodded, "but until then I can taste you..."

Saunh caught her gaze. "Draw down these," he indicated his trousers, "there are more flavours and I wish to please El by pleasing you."

He could feel her warm breath on his skin as she undid the waist fastenings and slid the material down his legs and away. He knew she would be able to see the glands in his groin glistening, weeping musk openly either side of his thick shaft which grew clearly out of his furred sheath.

"You are so beautiful!" she breathed, her fingers stroking his fur.

"El's gift to you...." he writhed, "Taste the musk from each side. It is slightly sharper on the left but sweeter and more heavily spiced on the right."

He held his breath as her head bent over him, her long chestnut hair hiding his groin, then curled slightly in delight as he felt her tongue moving to the left groin first, pressing and scooping. He mewled in a mixture of sensual delight as his lungs gasped for air, panting as her lips kissed the inside of his thigh before going deeper into his groin. As if in response, his thighs splayed wide for her.

Ilsair laid her head on his thigh as she brushed the hair from her face, licking her lips. "You are such a wonderful gift." She slid to his right groin, slurping and licking, a deep purring rumble sounding in her chest and reverberating within him.

"Do you know what you feel?" Saunh's breathing was ragged, the words panted. "You feel a deep hunger, a cavernous need. Take ambre from me."

He sank onto his side as he changed into his older form. He did not know whether the sight of his tail and fur would repulse her or wake something primeval inside her. He knew she needed amber. It was the crucial essence required for both male and female to achieve sexual maturity. The gland itself was hidden unless the tail was free, which was what made Saunh take the fateful step of changing in front of this unknown female.

He did not look at Ilsair, but he heard her long, drawn out sigh and felt her slender fingers gently grasp his tail and stroke downwards towards the ambre gland at the base. Like an adolescent kit, Saunh felt golden liquid leak over his rump, staining his pelt. Her fingers caught the thick, oily droplets. Saunh raised his head to look at her, saw her studying her fingers and knew she would be drawn to taste it for herself.

"You have needed this," he rumbled, his voice panting in time with the deep purrs emanating from his chest. Ilsair brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed. He watched her whole body shudder as she reacted to the delicate aroma. Her first lick was tentative, then she sucked her fingers greedily until the fire of the amber hit the back of her throat and she coughed and spluttered.

"Come, taste it from me," he encouraged her, his tail lazily curling around her body, drawing her down towards the gland.

Ilsair placed both her hands on his back, her nails sticking into his skin through the fur. Her eyes were glazed as she lowered her mouth and sucked on the amber gland, mewling as the fiery liquid burned its way down into her stomach.

Saunh turned onto his front, arching his back as he hissed, "More! You... neeed... MORE!" He thrust his rear at her face, grinding softly against her mouth. "Feel it, feel it burning in you, the fire waking you. Ahhhhh yessssss."

Ilsair lifted her mouth, then sank her teeth into his rump. He could feel sharp edges ripping his skin, twisting against her bite, growling at her as a rough tongue laved the wound, deliberately irritating it.

"Again," he howled, "claw me, claw meeeeeee."

As if in answer, he felt her bite again near the original site, wiping her amber- coated lips on the wound, her fingernails clawing down his back.

"Not like that!" Saunh's voice was scornful, "claw me deeply." He turned to gaze at her, his eyes burning. "Use your claws. You know they are there. Not those puny things at the end of your fingers, show me your power. This is why El gave me to you, to Bring You Forth."

"Roll on your back." Ilsair hissed at him, her face taunt with concentration. His voice seemed to taunt her, even as he complied, looking up at her as he lay, spread-eagled before her.

"Take me," he growled.

A smile lit Ilsair's face in the soft darkness. "I intend to, Saunh, truly I do."

She bent her head to nuzzle at his furred sheath with her mouth, nudging the orange musk onto the fur. Saunh groaned, arching his spine so his hips lifted to meet her, then shuddered as the bite of the musk enflamed him. He felt the cold sharpness of her claws as she dug them into the sensitive flesh of his thighs and he screamed.

"Is this what you wanted?" Her voice was soft at his ear.

"Yessssssss," he hissed as she licked his lips, his head questing blindly for her mouth. Instead, his lips brushed against her neck gland. His mouth opened and his tongue lapped powerfully from the musk-laden skin, wincing and shuddering in pleasure as he felt her claws in his flesh, then feeling the pain recede as he swallowed the fresh, new musk.

"First Musk" he whispered, "I am honoured indeed."

Ilsair slid her body over his, raking him with her claws to leave a red trail on his skin. He did not flinch or try to protect himself from her wounds. He seemed to groan and purr simultaneously.

"You are so open for me," she murmured.

"I am Yours," It was all Saunh could do to whisper the words, "I was given to help You Become, to see what has been hidden."

She purred loudly, now clawing down his chest, spraying musk on the marks as she slid downwards."

"Gahhhhh!" Saunh groaned as the new pain took him further down into his special place, a place only Eleuthemia had ever drawn him to before.

"You asked to be clawed."

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