A Teacher's Help After Class


"Oh YES! Mr. B_____!"

I emerge from her sopping serenity and gaze at the vision of perfection, licking my own numb lips with drunken bliss. Milky fluids flow from her chasm, and pool in the harbour of her tight, dark asshole. From there a waterfall of her juices trails its way down the compressed crack of her plump little ass cheeks. The translucent, white tint of Mrs. Landfords' natural lubricant, contrasting with her dark, tanned skin is insatiable.

"You're doing well Mr. B____... don't stop now.."

"Taking a sec to admire the view Mrs. La-"

"-Uh just Jacqueline right now, sweetie."

"Sure. Jacqueline."

It's only now that I notice she has undone her white blouse down to the last 2 buttons. Her white bra is still on but her toonie sized, dark, erect nipples are poking over the tops of the cups. Her toned stomach is flawless. I glance back up at Mrs. La-, err, Jacquelines' huge, doe eyes, and they're urging me to continue.

My left hands' thumb and index finger spread my teachers' tight little cunt hole, and I slip my right hands' index and middle fingers deep up into her warm, wet tightness. I can feel her inner muscles constricting around them. I start with a few straight prods, then switch to a sort of "come hither" motion, with my palm facing up, curling and extending my two fingers repeatedly. I look up and see Mrs. Landfords' head tossed back as she gasps with elation, gyrating her hips into my hand to match my rythem. I simultaneously start to lick and suck her gleaming clitoris. It isn't long before I feel her shudder, and her vaginal walls clench around my fingers with a greater force than previously encountered. Her entire body tenses up and momentarily stiffens, then convulses. Mrs. Landford lets loose a minute long, euphoric cry of unbridled passion, gripping the sides of her chair so tight it seems as if she might rip a chunk of cushion right out of it. She synchronously lets loose three or four streaming jets of cum, deviated by my hand and translating into all out puddles of sweet ambrosia. My chin is dripping in sweet love juices as I hungrily lap a few more times at her quivering mound.

She sits still trembling for a moment, eyes misty, head swaying slightly, breathing deep. Leaning forward and gripping me by my collar with both hands, she then sticks her tongue in my mouth, passionately kissing me, tasting and sucking back all her own juices. She leans back, sweat glistening legs slanted to one side, and I sit back in my chair. I look at her look at me with a mischievous, sexy smile, biting her bottom lip. She looks down at my straining fabric, still containing the stiffest member, only now aching from prolonged stiffness.

"You deserve something in return for that production."

With that my teacher, Jacqueline Landford, still smiling devilishly, kneels down and undoes my zipper. My mouth just hangs open, eyes fixated on the visual of Mrs. Landford pulling down my pants and boxers. My dick springs free and slaps me in the abdomen. She pauses for a second to remove the blouse and bra, letting her supple breasts fall free with a jiggle.

"Have a feel"

I need no more encouragement as I reach out and squeeze her breasts, one for each hand. I grip the firm, soft globules and tweak her perky nipples. She stands up and leans into me, grabbing the backrest of my chair so as to allow her breasts to bounce right in front of my face. I commence to suck her hard nipples like a hungry infant, and couldn't resist once again squeezing her naked ass cheeks. I then feel her soft hand gently cup my scrotum, and she gives them a light little juggling. She then steps back and glides her other hands' index finger from the base of my circumcised cock, up to the tip where she taps the pee hole lightly with the tip of her finger. She flashes me a gorgeous little smile, scrunching her nose, then drops down to a squatting position, legs spread apart. The tip of her tongue soon follows the same trail blazed by her index finger a moment earlier, and Mrs. Landford wraps her tiny hand around the base of my penis.

"Oh shit"

"Don't just yet, give me a couple minutes Paul..."

"...I'll try"

She eyes my cock greedily.

"Mmm, quite an impressive production indeed..-"

She interrupts her own sentence by engulfing the head of my penis with her warm, moist mouth. Her tongue swirls around the head for a minute while she simultaneously jacks me off. Then she puckers and vacuum sucks my tip until her lips release with a pop.

"Aww shit yeah."

A string of pre-cum links her chin to my penis. She goes back down and starts with a rythemic bobbing and sucking combo, with a complementary jerking motion thrown in there. She repeats the vacuum method, and within a minute I can no longer hold out.


Mrs. Landford, still clutching my dick, opens up her mouth as thick, hot ropes of steaming cum paint her perfect feminine visage. One stream splashes across from her chin to the top of her head. Second, third and fourth bursts erupt on her face, chest, and some even lands on her desk. I lean back with a satisfied groan, and Mrs. Landford stands up, smiling.

"Wow Mrs.-... err, Jacqueline. I don't know what to say... umm.. thanks?"

"Well Paul, let's just keep this between us for now. No bragging off to your friends."

"Of course not. I wouldn't dream of it."

"Good because next time, I want that meat in my ass."

And thus ends the story of but one of my many fantasies. One of the good things about fantasies is there's no worry of "who's gonna clean up this mess", or "Mrs. Landford, why does it smell like ravenous, animal sex in the math room?" No, no dear reader. Not in the realm of fantasy. I'll be posting other stories regarding my wide range of sexual fantasy in the future, from bizarre alien encounters to interracial lesbian sex! And who knows where it'll go from there. Any comments or constructive criticisms are welcome.

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