tagRomanceA Teacher's Love Ch. 01

A Teacher's Love Ch. 01


Marah sighed as she looked around her classroom. There was a mob of angry butterflies, no angry wasps, in her gut as she thought about the next day, the first day that she would be a real teacher with a real class. She just said good bye to the last parent of the night of the open house and it was already 8:30 and she had so much to do. She started moving the desks which wore her muscles until they were like noodles. She finished rearranging the room after about an hour, and wanted to collapse on the bean bags in the reading corner. She knew if she were to fulfill her fantasy she would fall asleep and be woken by her class wondering why she was asleep on the bean bags, and why she was still where what she wore to the open house. She smiled at the prospect, thinking how funny that would be, and then cringes, thinking how horrible that would be. She put up some posters and organized her desk and realized that she was finally done. She walked into the middle of the room and sighed, a sigh of relief and a sigh that was full of tension.

From down the hall she hear music, it was faint, but she knew exactly what it was, and it flung her head first into a flashback of her days as a college intern. Her directing teacher was a young, inspiring, outgoing and sexy third year teacher. He taught the third grade, and loved it, anyone could see. Daniel McKnight, her heart beat just thinking about him, his dark brown hair and his hazel eyes. She loved how he kept his facial hair not bushy, but not shaven. It was somewhere in-between. He was welcoming and sweet and always made her feel as though she was his colleague; all the other teachers looked down at her, where he always looked at her level, with those warm inviting eyes.

One evening they were working on some lesson plans and all of the students were gone, and they were alone in the room, most likely in the school. The campus was dead quiet and she was growing stir crazy about the lesson plan she was working on, ready to start pulling my hair out. It was about two months into her internship, and they had gotten to know each other very well. She was about to her wits end about the damn lesson plans and ways to differentiate the instruction, a section required in her lesson plans. Out of the blue he started to play music, this was okay with her, and it calmed her down. She didn't even notice that he had walked across the class to where she sat on the reading carpet sprawled out and surrounded by papers on engagement strategies and instructional sequences and blah blah blah.

He snickered at her with her legs extended in front of her, like a litter girl playing with toys. Her hair had funny lumps and kinks that made it clear to him that she may have tried to actually pull her hair out. She looked up at the sound of his laughing and rolled her eyes. He had loosened his tie and his hair had evidence of frustrating fingers running through it, except this made him inexplicably, unbearably irresistible. He held out his hand and implied that he should take it. She sighed and took his hand not totally reluctant. He helped her up, trying to dodge all of the papers and led her into the middle of the classroom. He pushed all of the desks to the side, opening a space that was rather large considering the actual size of the classroom. He twirled her around and caught her, bringing him into his body. He much bigger than he appeared to be, his muscles were firm and warm wrapped around her. Her heartbeat pounded away the troubles that were eating her up inside. She rested her head on his shoulder and sighed, it wasn't until that moment that she realized how tired she was.

Swaying slowly to some good old Frank Sinatra, he held her close and steadily took on the weight that she was leaning on him. She was exhausted and he knew it. "You know, sleep is an important component of instruction, it isn't all about lesson plan and teaching" he said with a sarcastic tease. She smiled and looked into his eyes. She could feel the bags under her eyes, she felt like the bags were weighing down her heart and spirits. "That doesn't help anything, I have to finish this stupid lesson plan for my stupid instructor, or he will have my head" she said. She looked toward the piles of papers and gave a resigned, depressed sigh. All of a sudden, tears began to well up in her eyes. She could feel her chest constricting and the wave of overwhelming stress and panic washed over me. He could feel this and spun her so that she was facing the other wall. Cupping her face in his big manly hand, he wiped away her tears. "It's just too much" she whispered.

He smiled and nodded, "Yes it is a lot, but it is worth it. I have seen you with these kids and you care, you love what you do, and technically you aren't doing it yet. You have a fire in you that I haven't seen in somebody, well since me," he smiled his cockiest smile and continued, "don't you dare give up when you have come this far. If you keep on going you will be teaching next fall, that is in a mere six months." He smiled and tipped her head up so that he could see her whole beautiful face. No matter how tired she was, or how many tears were in her eyes he always loved admiring the contours of her face, the square jaw bone, and the little button nose, and his favorite, the plush, red, juicy lips.

All professionalism and ethics codes left his mind as his mind jumped to the prospect of kissing those soft, luscious lips. His heart beat out, but not as hard, or as fast as hers. She was young and naïve, but she knew what she wanted, and it had something to do with the warm inviting eyes. She stood on her tippy toes in order to be at eye level and he leaned in. He placed his hand behind her head and pulled her into his lips. The kiss was soft, yet powerful. Electricity sparked between them as they inhaled and exhaled together feeling the other's rhythm. Pretty soon they were lost to all reason, her hands running down his button up shirt, unbuttoning as she goes. He impatiently unbuttons her cardigan and accidently rips off a button in the process. Pulling off his shirt she is pleasantly surprised by the tone and strength in his upper body. Focusing back on his lips she heats up the intensity of the kiss by opening her mouth, oh so slightly and he jumps at the opportunity. Our tongues playing tag in the small a confine of our mouths is enough to drive her up the wall. During this kiss he lifts up her lace trimmed camisole, leaving her standing there with her skirt on and her bra.

They stand there both half naked and panting. He brings her in for another kiss, but this time he was tender and soft. He drifted down her neck, making a quick detour to nibble on her earlobe before continuing on down her neck stopping at her collar bone and ran his hands up her arms and slipped her bra straps down and reaches behind her and quickly unclasped her bra leaving her breasts exposed and sensitive. His eyes travel up to meet hers. He swiftly picks her up by her legs and supports her by holding her just under her bottom for the short trip to the nearest desk cluster. He sets her down carefully and begins to kiss her neck again, traveling down until her reaches her sensitive erect nipple. She wraps her legs around his body and pulls him in even closer. Gently guiding her down until she is laying on her back he continues to kiss, suck and caress her exposed breasts. He ran his hands so that they rested on her thighs and slips her skirt up. Her heart beat so fast, it hurt. Then slap, her reasoning, no doubt delayed by her sleep deprivation, came back and kicked her in the ass for letting her guard down.

As he leaned in she stopped the kiss by putting her hand on his chest and closed her eyes. She sat up and put her forehead against his chest. "We can't, I am your intern, and I am not thinking straight," she looks at him and his eyes are forgiving and loving. "I am sorry..." she started to say, but he put his finger to her lip and smiles. She kisses his finger and slides off the table, puts her cloths back on and gathers her things. They walk out together. Just before they part ways, she pulls him in for a warm embrace and then walked away. For the rest of her internship they worked more like a team, he never looked at her like they almost had hot, wild sex. Then they parted ways for what seemed like forever, they did not know when they would see each other again, or if they would, and this made him want to puke, and made her wish she had not stopped him that night.

Spinning back to the present with the music growing louder and her heart gave a flurry. I started to spin in place, lifting the skirt of my dress rise with the motion of the spin. I begin to feel dizzy and so I slow to a slow twirl, and lose balance and topple to the ground. I hear a quiet snort behind me and look up to a familiar face.

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