tagErotic CouplingsA Teachers Lust Ch. 02

A Teachers Lust Ch. 02


Thank you to my readers for your support and helpful comments as I continue writing my first-ever story.

For newcomers, I highly recommend you read the first chapter (A Teachers Lust) prior to starting this chapter. Chapter 1 is brief but worth reading beforehand. This second chapter is a bit longer.

All characters engaged in sexual acts are 18 years of age or older.

Just like the first chapter, all comments of constructive criticism are welcome! Hope you enjoy!

- NaughtyTeacher1993


Chapter 2

"Hey Gabby, can I borrow your biology notes? If I don't hand in my assignment by the end of the day Mr. Madden will be on my ass about it again."

Gabby sighed and put down her cheeseburger. The cafeteria was packed to the brim with loud and chattering students. She turned and looked at her friend sitting next to her.

Faith was a petite brunette with gloriously tan skin. Being a gymnast and track star, she was also incredibly fit and tiny. She had perky A-cup breasts, a cute little bubble butt, and lean, toned legs. Her face and big brown eyes were adorably cute as well, making her look sweet and innocent on the outside. However, after being her friend for 6 years, Gabby knew she was anything but innocent.

"Top shelf of my locker, Faith. You know the combination. You know what, if you actually took your own notes in his class, you wouldn't need to borrow mine."

Faith threw her head back and gave a hearty laugh.

"As if I could concentrate during Mr. Dreamy's lectures! I just can't focus in his classes like you can, okay? I'm too busy checking out his ass while he writes on the whiteboard!"

Sitting across from them, their friend Emily snorted into her chocolate milk.

"Seriously, Faith. I bet if you studied your notes as much as you study Mr. Madden's ass, you would probably be valedictorian. And I don't know why you are so worried about him being on your ass. Don't you want him on your ass? ...Or maybe even a certain part of him in your ass?" Emily cocked an eyebrow at her friend.

Despite her blushing cheeks, Faith smirked at her friends who were roaring with laughter.

"Ah, fine! I give up! Guilty!"

The three senior girls were enjoying lunch together on a Friday afternoon. They were ready for the weekend to start in a few hours.

Emily and Gabby were neighbors and lived on the same block. They had been friends since preschool. Faith, on the other hand, had become their friend when they met in middle school. With the exception of a brief fall-out they had with each other in 8th grade, the group had been inseparable ever since.

Gabby turned to Faith.

"Hey, do you wanna hang out tonight at my house after my cheer practice? Since the football game was canceled due to the upcoming thunderstorm I will have nothing to do tonight. We could watch movies and paint our nails."

Faith smiled at her friend. "Gabby...how many times do I have to tell you? My parents are taking me to a Rihanna concert tonight to celebrate my 18th birthday last week. They are picking me up the moment the bell rings."

"Right. I forgot, sorry. Emily, how about you?"

Emily frowned. "Sorry Gabs...I have to work tonight. My boss will be pissed if I try to call off again. He always works me late. Maybe next weekend?"

Gabby sighed. "Yeah. Maybe."

Emily was the only one of the three who had a job. She worked as a cashier at a local dollar store. It was no secret why Emily's boss liked working with her. She had a body and face similar to a classic Barbie doll, with a busty D-cup chest, a tiny waist, a round juicy ass, and legs that stretched for days. She had sun-kissed skin and piercing blue eyes. To top it off, she had beach-blond hair. She was a bombshell in every sense of the word.

At that moment, some boy they didn't know by name stopped next to their table and slowly bent down to tie his shoe. Unfortunately for him, he was not very subtle in hiding his ulterior motive.

The boy's gaze slowly ran up Gabby's legs, then Faith's, and then Emily's. His eyes looked ready to bulge out of his sockets.

"Hey buddy, if you take a picture it will last longer!"

The boy's face turned a brilliant shade of scarlet at Faith's comment. He sprung up from the floor as if electrocuted and bolted out of sight. His shoe was still untied.

Gabby smiled to herself. She was used to boys checking her out and if she was honest with herself, she thrived off of it. She liked being wanted - being desired.

"Faith that wasn't very nice! Poor guy. It's not his fault we are eye candy to him."

Faith smirked again. "I said he could take a picture! What do I care if he looks? His staring here in the cafeteria though was pretty embarrassing for him and for us. A picture he can take with him! Anyways, it's not only the schoolboys that think you are eye candy, Gabby. You and Mr. Frederick were practically fucking each other with your eyes last period."

Now it was Gabby's turn to blush.

"That's not true! He's...he's a great teacher, that's all! I like his chorus class! And...uh...yeah...he's, er...good looking, but I don't think of him that way!"

"Keep telling yourself that!" Emily laughed.

"Yeah," Faith added, watching Gabby's face closely. "He was looking at nobody else all class. Kept staring at you with a hungry look in his eyes, even though he tried to hide it. He can be about as subtle as that shoe guy who was just trying to look up our skirts!! You kept staring at him too. I know you think he's quite the snack. And he clearly thinks the same of you. I swear I saw his boner on our way out."

It was more than her friends' words that made Gabby feel awkward. Emily and Faith's eyes were far too knowing for Gabby's comfort. Guess I'm not as subtle as I thought.

"I...I need to get to Spanish." And without another word, Gabby rose from her seat to take her lunch tray to the trash can, Emily and Faith snickering behind her.


An uneventful 10 hours later, Gabby stood breathing in the vapors of steam from her shower, the nearly scalding-hot water rushing down her body. It felt unbelievably good on her skin.

Humming a tune she rehearsed in chorus that day, she reached for her shampoo and began washing her hair.

I can't believe I caught him checking out my ass today!

With a flutter in her chest at this thought, she lathered soap onto a washcloth and began washing herself. Her heart was happy.

I have to wear my tightest jeans on Monday for our school dress-down day! If they don't grab his attention, nothing will!

It felt good to know he was checking her out today, but just how interested was he? Would he look at me again on Monday? Would he lose interest by then? Would he lose interest in a week? A month? Would he stay interested in me for a long time, or will he move on to someone else? She wondered to herself.

She felt extremely rattled by her friends for calling her out at lunch today regarding her behavior in rehearsal. If only they knew how badly I really want him. They have no clue!

She will never forget the first day she met Mr. Frederick. She was broken-hearted when Mrs. Kelchner announced her retirement last school year, and she was reluctant to accept another choir teacher. Her passion for singing however was great enough to at least give a new director a chance. She hoped they would be at least good enough to help her achieve her goals. She wanted to study voice at a University or maybe even at a conservatory and she would be damned if some newbie teacher would ruin her chances of success.

Then she met him.

There was nothing unique and strikingly handsome about Mr. Frederick at first glance. For a girl with looks of her magnitude, she would most often not give a guy like him a second look. Yet the confident and in-charge demeanor in which he handled his classroom and students was undeniably hot. His body seemed to radiate a quiet confidence (but without arrogance) that made her stomach flip. He was a man who knew how to take charge and for Gabby it made him irresistible. He had a nice enough body and face, but his best physical feature was his beautiful blue eyes. She could get lost in those sparkling pools. And his voice was as smooth as melted butter! She could listen to him sing for hours and not get tired of hearing him! It made her heart stop briefly in her chest whenever he sang to demonstrate a phrase for choir class. She wanted him, and she wanted him bad. The question was...How far will I have to go to get him?

The jet stream on the shower head was powerful. Hot water continued to pour over her sexy body. With a pinch of her left nipple, Gabby reached her other hand into her beautiful folds. With a sharp intake of breath, she began to finger herself. In. Out. In. Out. She began to work her fingers into a rhythm. As she added another finger to her pussy, she wondered how big his dick was. She hoped it was thick. It would definitely be thicker than her fingers! She imagined his cock throbbing as it fIlled her up, first with its thickness, and then with his sperm.

With the hot water washing over her, Gabby dropped her hand from her nipple and reached down to find her clit. Finding it, she began to stroke it in a circular motion, while her other hand continued to thrust into her beautiful lips.

Her breathing became heavy. She closed her eyes and a moan escaped her mouth. "Oh, Mr. Frederick. Please fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she whispered to herself. She was close. She thrusted her fingers harder into her slippery wet cunt and stimulated her clit even faster. For a few more minutes, Gabby Wegman continued to pleasure herself, her orgasm building.

It was with a jolt of pleasure that she came. Gabby was seeing fireworks in her mind as pleasure surged through her entire body.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

She gasped as her pussy went through incredible spasms that shook her body to her core. She was in complete bliss for several incredible moments. Slowly her orgasm subsided. She could never recall cumming so hard!

Gradually her breathing returned to normal and her pounding heart calmed down in her chest.

As the last of the soap ran down her long sexy legs and past her feet into the drain, Gabby turned off the shower head. She moved the curtain with a swift push to the side and reached for a towel. She took her time drying her hair then wrapping it into the towel.

Starting to hum her choir music to herself again, Gabby reached for her razor and began to carefully shave her bush. For the last year or two she had shaved her pussy hair into a neat landing strip on a regular basis.

As she wondered what Mr. Frederick would think of her strip, the thought made her pussy quiver again and her hands shook. Woah, girl. Keep that up and you may end up cutting yourself! With a shuddering breath, Gabby steadied her hand to make sure she did not slip. The last thing she wanted was to bleed down there!

When satisfied with her work, she stepped out of the shower and dried off the rest of her body. Looking in the mirror, she looked at her naked reflection and pondered to herself what he would think of her in her birthday suit. She was pale all over, spotted with the occasional freckle. Her firm young breasts rose and fell with each breath. Her nipples were small in width but were pointy and erect.

He probably has college girls and young women chasing him all the time. He probably wouldn't be too impressed by me, a girl still in high school.

Watching herself in the mirror, Gabby turned to the side and placed a hand on one of her asscheeks. She was quite happy with her butt - it seemed to be very popular with the boys and it filled out nicely in contrast to her waist. He stared at it today! She smiled. He must like what he sees!

Gabby knew she was pretty, but she wondered whether being pretty would be enough for him. She was a girl who lived with her parents, and he was a man at the beginning of what would probably be a long and prosperous career. She decided to form a plan. She was going to use the technique that had worked on every other boy she had ever wanted, and hoped to the heavens it worked as well on a grown man as it did on boys her age. She planned to seduce him.

Gabby was not whorish by any means, but she was not ashamed to express herself sexually. She still technically had her virginity, but she had prior experiences with hand jobs and blowjobs before. She loved being in control of the boys who dated her and loved controlling their pleasure. It made her feel desirable and powerful to make them cum whenever she wanted.

Her last boyfriend Jake was a tall black boy who was quite well-hung below the belt. Jake kept pushing Gabby for sex. She didn't mind jerking him off or even blowing him, but he wanted intercourse and frankly she didn't feel ready to take that step with him. Plus his freakishly enormous cock scared her. A nice, thick cock was desirable. A freakishly huge cock, while fun to hold and look at, would be painful to shove up her vagina. She needed more time. He persisted, and in time this led to resentment and they broke up. Seeing him in the hallways afterwards became an awkward affair. Jake was the captain of the school basketball team and was very popular, but Gabby could care less about his social status in high school. She was tired of dealing with boys. She was a young adult now and she wanted a man.

A brisk knock on the bathroom door startled her and brought her out of her reverie.

"Gabby dear, are you almost done? I need the shower! I have work early in the morning!"

"Just a minute, Dad!"

She quickly slipped into a pair of lacy black panties and a thin pale nightgown, opened the door, and headed to her bedroom down the hall.

What should I wear on Monday? She closed her bedroom door behind her and opened her closet.

Whatever it is, it needs to knock his socks off! She thought for a minute, perusing through her shirts and stopping occasionally to look at an outfit. After a few minutes, she was suddenly overcome by a massive yawn. Her eyelids grew heavy.

I can find the perfect outfit tomorrow, I suppose...

The gorgeous teen stretched and yawned once more, turned off her light, then crawled into her queen sized bed. It was warm and comfortable under the blankets.

The thunderstorm was raging outside, with the pitter-patter of rain on the roof and a low roar of thunder in the distance.

Perhaps it was the soothing sound of the rain, but in no time Gabby Wegman drifted off to sleep, dreaming of her music teacher. In her dreams they were having lots of athletic and mind-blowing sex, followed by lots of cuddling. She smiled in her sleep. She simply needed to find a way to make her dreams a reality.


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