A Teachers Story Ch. 01


Rosa was laughing, "Yes, but it did you so good."

We all laughed and then Gitano said, "I have been remiss with my diners, THE WINE."

He ran to get the wine and Rosa went to start cooking our dinners. The rest of the evening was all talk and laughter. Gitano and Rosa stopped by, making sure we were happy. But it wasn't the wine or the fantastic food that made my evening. It was being with this wonderful woman, my boss, the principal.

I told her a sanitized version of the seven years with the French Government. When I told her about Marcel teaching me to cook, she laughed and asked me if I was a Julia Child.

I said, "Never, her hair is so much longer than mine and my voice is so much deeper."

"But, you are a regular French Chef." She laughed.

"Chef? No not a chef. But, I am a good cook. Gitano, Pasquale and Marcel are chefs. I am only a cook, but a rather good cook."

"And a modest one," Jen giggled.

"Well, I guess that I will just have to prove myself and make dinner for you sometime," I said feigning a hurt voice.

"Really...so when will I get this dinner?" she asked.

"How about next Friday," I said

"Sounds good to me. My taste buds will be tingling in anticipation." She laughed.

The restaurant closed at eleven thirty PM. I think we left at about one in the morning.

After dinner, Gitano and Rosa joined us for dissert. We talked for hours. I told them about the times I spent in Santa Angela. It seemed that I knew a lot of their relatives.

I told them how Marcel and I found the place by mistake, but one of the best mistakes that we ever made. Santa Angela was our secret place where we would go after difficult jobs; a place to relax and recharge our batteries.

We talked and laughed for hours. I don't ever remember enjoying myself so much. We all got home safely. Thank God for that.


I didn't see Jen at all that next week, until Thursday. We met in the parking lot in the morning. There were a lot of other people around.

"Good morning, Mr. Fitzgibbons. How have you been?"

"I have been just fine Dr. North and you?"

As we walked to the front door, she softly said, "Have you decided on a menu for tomorrow's dinner?"

"I'm still working on it." I laughed.

"What did I get myself in for?" she asked

"An epicurean's delight." I answered.

"I'm sure, it will be." she laughed.

I left Grant early on Friday afternoon. I knew exactly what I wanted to make for dinner. And I wanted enough time to properly prepare it.

Jen showed up at six thirty. I answered the door. I thought my jaw would hit the ground. Jen did not look like she did in school. Her hair was down. It flowed over her shoulders and you could see the red highlights in the brown. She was wearing a blouse that showed her lovely breasts. Not overly big, but they were big enough for her body. I thought that they were perfect.

She had on slacks that accentuated her wonderful figure. She was beautiful. I couldn't believe it. I knew that she was rather attractive, but this woman who stood there before me was stunning. I took her coat and led her into the living room. She had brought a bottle of Campari.

She looked around as I went into the kitchen to make drinks. When I came back into the living room with her slow gin fizz and my campari and soda, Jen was standing by the alcove. I had made the alcove into a wall of fame or shame, depending on how I felt. It had pictures of Marcel and me as Legionnaires and a number of keepsakes and medals from my time with the Legion.

She didn't look at me but said, "You were in the French Foreign Legion, weren't you?"

"Yea, I spent seven years with the Legion."

"And everything you told me last week..."

"Was absolutely true." I interrupted. "If I have sinned, it was a sin of omission. I didn't tell you of the combat. But everything else was true; the rebuilding of the villages, the helping the people in Africa, Yugoslavia and in Asia. That was all true." I said in a soft voice.

Jen looked down and softly said, "I'm sorry that I snooped, I should have respected your privacy."

I turned her toward me and said, "If I didn't want you to see that, I would have closed the curtain. I don't want to lie to you, Jen. Last week I walked a thin line, I don't want to have to do that and like I said. I won't lie to you."

She looked at me, smiled and turned back to the wall. She pointed to a photo at the top of the wall and asked, "Is that Marcel?"

I answered, "Yes that was taken on the day we signed our first contract. We had just met a few minutes before and we signed up as buddies, meaning that we would be together in training. The fact that we spent our whole careers together was really luck and a little finagling. Now, how about some food?" I asked.

Jen laughed, "Finally, I thought that I would starve to death. I haven't eaten all day in anticipation of the repast I will have tonight."

"You will not be disappointed," I said as I went into the kitchen and returned with gougeru (cheese puffs) and Coquilles Saint Jacques (scallops in a cream sauce) as appetizers.

Afterwards, we went into the dining area. The soup was Lobster Bisque. For a main course, wine poached salmon with black truffles, aligot (potato and cheese puree) and a melange of onions and squash. Jen couldn't believe the dinner. She wouldn't stop praising the food or the cook.

As we ate I told her all about my time in the Legion, keeping it tame and funny. I told her about times Marcel and I got in and out of trouble. The leaves to his parents home, outside of Amsterdam. Jen told me about growing up and living in Baltimore. Her parents had died about five years ago. Her mother to cancer and she said her father died of a broken heart. She had an older brother, Ben, who was married and had two children. They also lived in Baltimore.

We laughed and joked through dinner and a dessert of tart au chocolat (Chocolate tart).

When she finally said that she had to go, it was well after midnight. As I got her coat, she said, "It looks that you have thrown down the gauntlet. I am now going to have to prepare a dinner for you."

I laughed and said, "When?"

"Next Friday?" she asked with a smile.

"I'll be looking forward to it," I said.

I held her coat and as she went to the door, she turned and looking up at me said, "Have a nice weekend, Ron."

I took a step toward her and looked down into her eyes. I slowly lowered my head as she lifted her face. I could smell her perfume. I put my hand on her arm and pulled her to me. Slowly and softly, I kissed her lips. She returned the kiss. It lasted longer than I had intended but not as long as I wanted.

When we parted, Jen smiled up at me and whispered, "Thank you for a wonderful evening, I'll see you on Monday."

I watched as she got on the elevator and the doors closed.


The next week was really hectic. It was filled with giving final exams, proctoring the tests and then marking them. We were under a time constraint as we had to have the marks in by that Friday. Friday morning I had all of my exams ready and handed them into the main office. As I walked down the hall to my first class, I met Dr. North.

"Good morning Mr. Fitzgibbons, glad that the tests are over?" she said.

I laughed and said, "Extremely so."

She lowered her voice, "I have this evening's menu prepared. I think that you will like it."

"I will pick up a bottle of wine, what type do you want?" I whispered.

"I'm cooking Spanish. It will be a bit spicy." She said smiling. "Well, Mr. Fitzgibbons see you around." She said in a louder voice as she walked down the hall.

I watched her as she walked away and I swear her hips were swaying more that usual.

I showed up at Jen's apartment at seven o'clock. I had a bottle of Rioja, a dry red, and a bottle of Rías Bajas a dry white wine.

Jen let me in. She looked beautiful. She was wearing a white tailored men's shirt, with the top two buttons open. She had on a skirt that came just above her knees. Her legs were fantastic. Again her hair was down, it flowed to her shoulders and in the light of her apartment you could see the red highlights.

I was drooling as I stared at the vision of loveliness in front of me. At least I felt like I was.

She smiled as I gave her the wine, "I think the white will be perfect. I don't have any Campari, but I do make a wicked Bourbon Manhattan."

"Ah, the nectar of the gods, that would be great." I said.

Jen made the drinks and when she brought them into the living room she gave me my drink and then handed me an envelope.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Just a little present," she said smiling.

We toasted and I took a sip of the drink and then opened the envelope.

There were a bunch of papers inside. I pulled them out of the envelope. The top sheet had the name Marissa Cruz written on it. The grade was an "A". Marissa was one of my Water Rats!

I started to rip through the papers. Jen had given me copies of their finals. I kept seeing B's, B pluses, B minuses, A's; and yes a small number of C's. I was almost jumping around the apartment, laughing like a lunatic. I was shouting, yelling, "Holy Christ...look at this...Jamal got a B plus in algebra...miracle of miracles...I can't believe it...Oh god, they have been working so damn hard." Finally, I calmed down a bit. I walked over to Jen, put my hands on her arms and said, "Thank you...this is one of the most wonderful presents I have ever received." I looked at her and I saw tears in her eyes. I got worried and asked, "Jen, what's wrong?"

She smiled and softly said, "To see you so happy and excited...makes me happy. Oh, Ron you really care about them."

I took her in my arms and pulled her close. I looked into her eyes as I lowered my lips to hers and kissed her. Not a soft kiss, but a hard, passionate, lustful kiss. She returned my kiss and opened her mouth and her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. I opened my mouth and our tongues met, danced and wrestled.

The kiss seemed to go on forever. I pulled her into my body and she pushed her hips into me. My hands moved down to her ass and I caressed it. We finally parted. I continued to kiss her face, cheeks, down her jaw to her neck. She lifted her head to make it easier.

"Oh, Ron, I want you so badly," she said in a soft voice.

I looked at her and answered, "I want you, Jen."

She took my hand and we walked into her bedroom. When we got next to the bed she turned, faced me and opened her arms. I went into her arms and we kissed. All of the desire that had been building up over the past weeks was given free reign to vent and erupted into lust and passion.

We ripped the clothes off of each other. Kissing and hugging, caressing and fondling. She lay back on the bed and for the first time I gazed on her naked body. She was beautiful, more beautiful than I ever dared to dream. Her hair spread around her head like a halo, her breasts while not overly large were perfectly proportioned for her slender body. Her areolas were about the size of a half dollar and her nipples were erect.

Her waist was small and her hips wonderfully rounded. She had a small triangle of pubic hair that was neatly trimmed. She was a goddess, and I was going to worship at her altar.

She held her arms out to me and I went into them. Our lips joined, mouths open, tongues dueling. My hands were all over her body, fondling and caressing her.

I slowly moved my hand down her body. Cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I lowered my head and took the other nipple into my mouth. She moaned as I began to kiss and suck on her breast.

She held my head to her, as she whispered my name over and over. I left her breast and began to kiss and lick my way down her body. Ever so slowly I moved lower and lower, kissing, licking and softly biting her. Finally, I arrived at the top of her pubic triangle. Her scent was like an aphrodisiac. I became insanely excited. I don't think I have ever been so excited.

I stopped for a few seconds, I looked up at Jen, her eyes were closed and her head was pushed back into the pillow. I had never wanted anyone as much as I wanted her. But, first I wanted to give her pleasure.

I parted her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs. First one, then the other. I moved to the lips of her vagina. I began to kiss and lick her. When I pushed my tongue into her, she gasped.

She was wet, very wet and I licked and sucked her juices into my mouth. I inserted a finger into her vagina and began to move it in and out of her. She moaned, "Oh God, Ron you make me feel so good. Please don't stop...don't ever stop."

Jen began moaning louder and was moving her hips up into my mouth. I moved up and began to tease her clitoris with my tongue and she let out a groan. As I continued to minister to her clitoris, Jen's moaning became high pitched shrieks, her hips pushed into my face harder and harder and her hands began to push my head into her vagina, as if she wanted to take me completely into her body.

Then with a long drawn out shout, her body stiffened and arched as she began to tremble as if in an orgasmic seizure. I continued to pleasure her, licking her, kissing her, sucking her until she fell back into the mattress and went limp. As she lay there, her breathing slowed and I moved up next to her.

I placed the back of my hand on her cheek and caressed it.

She opened her eyes and smiled. "Ron, I want you...I want you in me. Please, Ron."

I rose up and reached for the condom that was on the night table next to the bed. I ripped it open and slipped it on in record time. Jen looked on in surprise. She smiled at me as I lowered my body onto her. She grabbed my dick in her hand and guided it toward her vagina.

As she lined my dick up I pushed forward. The head of my dick entered between the lips of her vagina. Slowly, ever so slowly I pushed into her. The feeling was unbelievable, she was wonderfully tight and I could feel the heat of her passion.

When I bottomed out and our pubic hair was enmeshed, I stopped and looked into her eyes. She smiled up at me and our lips met in a lustful and passionate embrace. Our tongues dueled and explored each other's mouth.

Jen wrapped her legs around my hips, pulling me deeper into her body. I began to slowly move my dick in and out of her. I kissed and sucked her breasts, as I loved her. As our passion increased so did the speed and intensity of our fucking. We moved together in complete synchronization.

It seemed that we were attempting to become one, united in the quest for the ultimate pleasure that can be attained by a man and woman. Jen spread her legs wide, opening herself up to me completely. I moved her legs over my shoulders, to achieve the deepest penetration possible.

I was groaning and telling her how wonderful she was and how much I wanted her. She responded telling me that she wanted me more than anything in the world.

We were shouting our desire for each other as Jen went into another orgasm. She squeezed her legs into my neck and began to tremble as the orgasm wracked through her body.

As she came, the soft walls of her vagina contracted, squeezing my dick, I couldn't hold back any longer and my body stiffened as I began to shoot my cum into the condom. It felt like I would never stop coming. I had never felt anything like the pleasure that I was experiencing at this moment.

All too soon we floated down from our soaring experience and I pulled myself out and lay next to her. I had my arms around her, holding her close. She hugged me tight, laying her head on my chest.

It was in those moments, laying with my arms around this wonderful, fantastic woman that I realized that I had fallen in love with her. I was in love with my boss, the principal of the school. After a few moments, I said, "Jen, you are wonderful. I have never felt anything like that in my life."

Jen looked up at me and whispered, "You have given me more pleasure than I thought possible."

I think that the two of us were afraid to mention that frightening four letter word, that word that would mean commitment and the possibility of pain if the feeling wasn't returned. We were afraid of saying, I love you.

Jen sat up and laughingly said, "Well, having satisfied one appetite, we should get up and satisfy another."

I leaned over to her and kissed her breast and said, "After that appetizer, I can't wait for the main course."

"You are incorrigible," she laughed and she leaned over and kissed me lightly, "but, now dinner."

We quickly dressed and went into the kitchen. Jen had set the table in the dining area. She was on one end on the table and I was on the other. I went into the living room to get the drinks, which were now warm. When I returned I saw that the place settings had been moved. I was now sitting next to her.

Jen began with a simple taco shell and salsa for appetizer. I opened the Rías Bajas and we had a glass. She then served the main course, Suquet de peix (a seafood casserole) with Escalivada (various grilled vegetables). The dinner was wonderfully delicious. Spicy but not overly hot. The wine was a perfect complement to the meal.

As we ate, we talked about school. She told me of the things that she had accomplished and what she wanted to do. She was so full of hope and life and she wanted to so much for the kids in Grant High School. As she talked, I was looking at her and smiling. Feeling so much love for this wonderful woman, I decided to throw caution to the wind.

She gave me a quizzical look and said, "Ron, why that look?"

I smiled and said, "Now I know why it was so easy to fall in love with you."

With a worried look, she said, "Ron, I'm thirty six years old..."

I put my finger over her lips, silencing her and whispered, "Genevieve North, I know how old you are. I am twenty-eight years old, however the Legion aged me a lot. But, the one thing I do know is that I love you. I love you more than anything in this or any other world."

Jen had tears in her eyes and she sobbed, "Oh Ron, I love you more than life itself."

I leaned over and kissed her wonderfully soft, willing lips. It was a kiss that whispered "I will love you, forever," and she returned it in kind.

We held hands as we finished dinner. With dinner over and with the dishes cleaned up, we sat in the living room, listening to some music, cuddling on the couch, and talking. She told me that she couldn't take birth control pills because she had bad reactions to them, thus we would use condoms.

Jen explained to me that her Grandmother had been born in Castilla-de-Leon in Spain and that she had taught Jen how to cook. Her grandfather was French. She could speak Spanish and Frence, but she admitted her French was rather rusty.

I laughed and told her that we could polish it up. We had Xuixos for dessert (fried pastries stuffed with crema catalana). As we sat on the couch drinking a glass of Port, I noticed that it was after midnight. I commented on the time and said that I should be going.

Jen asked, "Do you have anywhere to go to?"

"Just home and to bed," I answered.

Jen put her arms around my neck, brought her face close to mine and whispered, "Stay with me tonight?"

I lightly kissed her lips, "Absolutely, my love."

Since we had all night, there was no rush and we sat on the couch in each other's arms talking and softly kissing and cuddling. After a while we got up and went into the bedroom.

Jen went over to the dresser and was looking at me in the mirror. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her, resting my hands on her stomach. She placed her hands on mine, as I began to softly kiss her neck and shoulders.

I slowly started to unbutton her blouse. As she stood there with her eyes closed, I moved my hands into the open blouse and caressed her breasts. She turned and as I slipped the blouse from her shoulders and she removed my shirt. We slowly undressed each other.

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