A Teachers Story Ch. 01


I picked her up and carried her over to the bed and laid her on it. I got in next to her and we lay there with arms around each other. There was no rush. We took time to explore each other's body. Touching, kissing, caressing and fondling, trying to learn everything about the other.

Slowly, Jen moved down my body. She kissed my neck down to my chest, stopping to suck and softly bite my nipples. She moved down over my stomach, kissing and biting me. All the while she was stroking my granite hard dick with her hand.

She was over my hips and was holding my dick in both hands. She lowered her head and licked the pre-cum from the tip. She began to softly suck the head of my dick, slowly bobbing her head, as she took more and more of my dick into her mouth.

The feeling of her soft lips around my dick was unbelievable. I could feel her sucking and my dick became even harder. I began to moan and tell Jen that I loved her more than anything. I reached over and pulled her legs up to me. Spreading them around my head I had her vagina right in front of me. Her juices were flowing copiously. I began to suck and lick her labia trying to drink in all of her.

Her moaning, as she was sucking my dick added a new dimension to my pleasure. I licked her with renewed passion. Jen began to push her hips into my face as I began to hump my hips into her. She began to stiffen as she was overwhelmed by another orgasm. She wailed and cried as the passion and pleasure over took her. Her orgasm seemed to last for a long time.

When she finally began to relax, she attacked my dick with renewed vigor. I knew that I wouldn't last long. I pushed my dick into her mouth and started to groan. I knew that I was going to cum and I told her. She didn't say anything but sucked even harder.

I shouted my love for her and began to shoot my cum into her mouth. She did not miss a beat and sucked and swallowed all that I gave. It seemed that I would never stop shooting into her mouth. But, eventually I did. She cleaned my dick and moved up next to me. I held her in my arms and kissed her lips passionately. I could taste my cum in her mouth as it mingled with her juices in mine.

We silently laid in each other's arms and fell into a deep contented sleep.

I awoke the next morning before sunrise, as Jen was kissing my chest. I put my arms around her and hugged her tightly.

"Good morning, my love. Did you sleep well?" she asked.

"I don't think that I ever slept better," I answered.

She looked down and said, "I'm sorry I woke you, but I just wanted to hold you and kiss you...I couldn't wait until you woke up."

"That's okay," I laughed, "I have to get up. I have a swim class to teach this morning. Have to get my Water Rats wet."

"Oh, I forgot. You have to go," she said with a phony pout. "But, what about the rest of the day? Oh damn, I have to work on a report for the District Head."

I laughed, "I also have to work, lesson plans and quizzes for next week . Why don't you get your stuff together and come over to my place. You can work at the desk in the alcove and I will work on the kitchen table."

Jen smiled and said, "I think I like that idea. But, now a shower."

We got up and went into the bathroom. Jen had a toothbrush there for me. She started the water as I brushed my teeth. When I finished, I opened the shower door and stepped in. Jen was standing under the shower spray with her eyes closed and a smile on her face. She was so beautiful. I stood staring at her for what felt like a lifetime.

She turned toward me and took me in her arms and kissed me. Her tongue pushed its way into my mouth and danced with mine. As her hand moved down to my dick, my hand went to her breast and I rubbed her nipple between my fingers.

She began to stroke my dick and then lifted her leg and wrapped it around my waist. She pushed her hips into mine and guided my dick toward the entrance of her vagina. I pushed my hips up and felt the tip of my dick begin to slip between the lips of her very wet vagina.

I reached down and put my hands on the back of her thighs and lifted her up. I slowly lowered her onto my dick. Ever so slowly I entered her, millimeter by millimeter I slipped into her. Finally I was completely inside her.

We broke from the kiss and I looked into her eyes. I could see they were filled with love as I know mine were. She smiled at me, wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her.

She whispered in my ear, "Oh, Ron, I love you so much. You make me feel things that I have never felt before. You make me feel so good. Don't ever stop."

"I'll never stop, Jen," I answered as I began to move inside her.

Slowly at first we moved with each other. Pushing and retreating, entering and backing off, we joined in the dance of love. As our passions grew, we began to sing the song of lovers. Our moans and whispers in tune and in a harmony that matched our lovemaking. The tempo and volume of our music increased until we were singing a passionate and lustful duet for all the world to hear.

Jen began to tremble as she entered the throws of a powerful orgasm. She sang out her love for me, crying for me to join her in the ecstasy of pleasure. I felt my orgasm begin to rise and I lifted her higher and withdrew my dick from her. I lowered her and trapped it between our bodies and began to ejaculate between us. Shooting my cum all over our stomachs.

My orgasm was so powerful that I almost collapsed and it took all of my strength to lower us onto the floor of the shower. I sat there with her on top of me until be both calmed. We sat with the water running over us and kissed. I held her to me not wanting to let her go, ever. I wanted to be with Jen forever. It was Jen that got us out of that post-orgasm bliss.

She asked, "What time do you have to open up the pool?"

I laughed as she stood. Then I got up and we washed each other's bodies. We dried ourselves and dressed. Well, maybe not as quickly as that sounds. There was a lot of grabbing, tickling, kissing and giggling.

Eventually, I made my way back to my apartment, gathered my gym bag and set out for the swimming pool at Grant. The class went off without a hitch...not really, but it was a good class and we accomplished some things.


I got home around 11:00 am and showered. Jen arrived around noon. She had some soup and salad for lunch. We worked all afternoon, Jen on her report and me on the lesson plans and quizzes. We would take breaks and discuss what we were doing and advise each other about the work.

It was a very comfortable feeling being with Jen that afternoon. It felt that we had been together for a long time, not just a day or two. Not wanting to go out in the cold and snow and not wanting to cook we called for Chinese take-out.

We shared a bottle of white wine and I told Jen about Marcel's business.

After we got out of the Legion, I went to the American University and Marcel decided to open a wine shop. He not only wanted to sell wine, but also foods that went with the wines; hors de oeuvres, desserts and various other finger foods and snacks.

When Marcel was in the financing phase of starting the business, he and Catherine had put together seventy-five thousand dollars, but he needed a loan of one hundred and ten thousand dollars to really start. There was a problem getting financing from the banks. "What did a Legionnaire know about wine and food, sure he went to l'Ecole Le Cordon Bleu Paris, but that was seven years ago...we will have to conference the loan."

We (Marcel, Catherine, Mama and Papa...and me) were in Marcel's apartment in Paris talking about the business. Mama and Papa were talking about mortgaging their house and restaurant to get the money.

As I sat there listening, I thought, here was my brother, the man who saved my life more times than I could count, in a bind. So, I wrote a draft against an investment account I had for one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and handed it to him. He looked at the draft and handed it to Catherine and then to Mama and Papa. Mama smiled and said, "Henry (pronounced On-ree), I love you for this...but, you cannot do this. You will have nothing."

I looked at them and said, "If it wasn't for Marcel, I wouldn't be sitting here. For the past seven years, I put most of my salary in the investment plan. I have lived frugally and saved for what? To make me happy? Well, it would make me happy to help the only brother I have and his new bride start this business. Anyway, what will do with the money? Just spend it on booze and loose women." I laughed.

There was a lot of arguing until Papa stood up and told us all to SHUT UP.

"Marcel; you and Catherine will take what Henry is giving you, not as a loan, not as a gift, but as an investment. You will create a corporation, and you will be partners, a fifty-fifty split.

I wouldn't hear about that, I said Marcel should have seventy five percent, as he was going to be doing all of the work. They argued back that without the money there would be no business. We finally settled on a sixty/forty split.

I looked at Jen and said, "That's how I became involved in the wine business. Marcel does send me "dividend" checks from time to time, but I always sent them back and tell him to reinvest it in the business."

"You really love them, don't you?" Jen said.

"Yea, I do. Marcel is more than a brother to me. Papa is the father I never had and Mama is the mother I lost. They call me on the phone and Mama and Catherine write to me all the time. I guess I really do love them." I answered.

Jen slid over to me and put her arms around me. "I can see why they love you...and I know why I love you."

She softly kissed me and we sat on the couch holding each other. That night we made love slowly and lovingly. No rush, a slow build up to a fantastic explosion of passion.

We slept in each other's arms until late in the morning.

This is how the next few weeks passed. Either I would go to Jens or she was at my apartment. I had clothes in her closet and she had clothes in mine.

To be continued...

The next chapter will be out soon.

I am putting the final touches on the next installment of the Matson Family Saga. It will be out soon. I promise.

All comments are welcome and appreciated.

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