tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Tease Taught a Lesson

A Tease Taught a Lesson


Twenty-one year old Chelsea was a beautiful and intelligent college sophomore. She was skinny with nice curves, fair skin, bleached blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was well known around the college campus for being quite the party girl. However, she was also known for being a complete tease. Although she'd flirt and kiss here and there, Chelsea was not a fan of random hook-ups.

This was an issue for her latest boy toy of five months. Alec was not a college student but attended most of the parties, fitting in with the age group at twenty-three. He was handsome with a built body; six pack, perfect pecks, and large arms. He had short brown hair and light mocha eyes that looked perfect on his tan skin.

That night was like any other Friday for the students and the neighboring young adults. The music blared loud and the bass could be felt down to the bone. Everyone talked with raised voices, leaning in to say things they didn't want to yell. Red cups were in almost everyone's hands and some others stood in the kitchen taking shots and laughing up a storm, away from the music. That's exactly where Alec found Chelsea.

He walked up and grabbed her ass, his front up against her back and her flowing straight blonde locks of hair. She spun around with a wide grin and kissed him hard, holding her red cup of rum and coke to the side. When she pulled away Alec examined her up and down. She was in a perfect outfit. a skin tight black dress that hung off one shoulder, black high heels, silver jewelry and dark blue eye shadows and thick black lashes. Alec kissed her again.

She spun around, continuing her conversation with her friends.

Alec stood behind her impatiently, letting out a sigh and glancing down to his black dc sneakers and black shorts. He put his hand on her slender waist and whispered in her ear.

"We should talk. Upstairs, alone."

Chelsea giggled and blushed but said nothing. She set down her cup and grabbed his hand, walking him away. He must want to ask me out. Poor guy. Chelsea thought in her cocky tone inside her head.

When they reached the room, Alec shut and locked the door. No one else was upstairs as far as he knew and that was just how he wanted it. He watched Chelsea sit down on the bed, her bright blue eyes gazing up at him.

"Watch want to talk about, baby?" she asked in a feminine and cocky tone.

"Let's get comfortable first." Alec replied with a smirk. He tugged off his white jersey and tossed it to the ground. He kicked off his shoes and socks and then jumped on the bed. He lay on his side, patting next to him. Chelsea smiled back and got off her heels before leaning on her side, facing Alec.

"Okay, is this comfortable enough?" she asked.

"Not yet. I want to see you with your clothes off first." he bit his lower lip, his eyes tracing her slender physique.

"Are you serious?" she laughed.

"If you don't do it i will and that pretty expensive dress might get ruined. Come on, no one's here." Alec's tone was joking but he wasn't. Chelsea didn't know that either.

She slowly sat up, then stood up, and slid the dress off. It fell to the ground by her heels. Alec watched the entire time, admiring his soft skin. She unclipped her black lacey bra and her perky 36c breasts were exposed. Slowly she rocked her hips side to side, sliding off a matching black lacey thong. Her pussy was clean shaven. She looked up slowly and in a sexy manner, her finger sliding into her mouth. She sucked before dragging it down her lower lip.

"Now you." she said in a tone so sexy Alec could not deny the request. He slid off his shorts and boxers in a rush, his partially erect cock out for the girl to admire. He was big, even for only being half hard. He had some pubic hair but he kept himself very well trimmed.

Chelsea lay back on the bed.

"Close your eyes. I have a surprise for you." Alec whispered, leaning in to kiss her lips.

Chelsea did as she was told, a big smile on her face. Alec gently pushed her onto her back and then got on top of her. She could feel his dick against her legs. Her eyes were closed tight, not wanting to ruin the surprise but prepared if he tried to stick his dick inside of her. She refused to have sex with him.

What happened next surprised her completely. She felt a ball inside her mouth. It was hard, plastic, with holes to make breathing easier. Her eyes went wide with fear. Alec held her down by her neck and clipped the ball gag on with his other hand. She began squirming, unable to scream. He quickly leaned over and grabbed handcuffs off the bedside table. How had she not noticed?!

He grabbed her wrists, hard, and clipped on one cuff to her right hand, ringing the chain between bars on the bed post and then cuffed her left hand. She continued to move back and forth, fighting to get away. Alec remained sitting on her, her legs beginning to kick up to hit his back. Alec laughed.

"I've waited long enough you fucking tease." he glared as he spoke. Chelsea froze in fear. He had two more handcuffs which he locked to each leg and then cuffed the other ends to the bed posts on either side of the queen size mattress. Her legs were spread wide, her clean pink pussy revealed.

"You have no idea how much I'm going to enjoy this." Alec said in a strong masculine tone.

He stood back, admiring his prize. She looked sexy when she was scared, her eyes wide with panic, her tits pumping up and down in frantic breaths.

Alec got back on the bed, rubbing his cock until it reached its full eight inches. He gently rubbed the head of his dick over her clit. Chelsea flinched trying to get away, even though it felt so good. Alec rubbed a little hard while his lips began sucking on her nipple until it was hard. He nipped at it carefully, causing pain and pleasure. Chelsea closed her eyes. It felt so good, she couldn't deny that. Her pussy began to tingle with anticipation. Alec was slow, teasing her like she had done to him so many times before. He kissed over to her left breast, sucking and nipping on that nipple. Chelsea flinched again. "Mm...Hmm..." she mumbled beneath the ball, squirming.

Alec stiffened, he grabbed her throat.

"Relax, bitch."

Chelsea relaxed the best she could. She froze.

Slowly Alec began rubbing his clit again with the head of his dick, slowly making circles. He stopped only so that he could begin kissing her breasts, then down to her belly button, then to her pussy. His tongue ran over her clit. She tensed, feeling things she had never felt a man do to her before. Her eyes closed again but this time because of how amazing his tongue felt as it quickened its pace on her clit. His tongue moved with skill, going between her pussy lips, his teeth biting here and there. Finally his tongue was stuck as deep as it could go inside of her tight pink pussy. Chelsea moaned.

His tongue was moving fast all over her pussy, up and down on her clit. She was already about to cum, but Alec wouldn't allow that.

"I know you'd like It." he smirked.

Chelsea whined. She wanted it to stop. Just as badly as she wanted it to continue.

Again, Alec was right over her. He held his eight inch cock in his right hand, moving his hips down closer to Chelsea's. She watched as best she could, eyes still wide, as the head of his dick moved passed her pussy's lips. She was soaked from him eating her out, making it a little easier for him to slide his thick cock inside of her. One inch. Then two. She watched his dick slide deeper and deeper till there was nothing left. There were tears in her eyes now.

"Oh baby, that turns me on." Alec said, laughing. Chelsea squirmed but it made it worse. Alec grabbed her neck in his hands, forcing her to stay still again. His hips began thrusting, up and down, his cock sliding in and out of her.

"God, you're...so...tight." he said between breaths.

Chelsea cried, feeling his massive cock between her legs, penetrating her. Alec was so turned on he couldn't resist going faster, his body smacking into her. He was become much rougher, her pussy squeezing around his dick.

"Oh, chills...you know...you know...you love this." he said, breathing harder. He felt his legs tense up. He was about to cum. quickly he pulled his cock out, Chelsea's juices flowing all over the bed. He rose himself up so that as he rubbed his dick hard the cum shot all over her face. Chelsea closed her eyes tight, shaking her head. Alec laughed.

"Like that, bitch?" he laughed more and more.

Suddenly he was unhooking one of the cuffs. He flipped her onto her stomach, quickly reapplying the hand cuff on her wrist. He didn't wipe the cum off her face and it dripped down from her forehead and her nose over the gag ball and onto the bed. Alec got up and Chelsea turned her head, wanting to watch him. She was terrified. She tried screaming but the ball muffled everything. No one would hear her.

Alec grabbed a box from inside a backpack she recognized to be one he brought with him sometimes. He put it on the bed just where she could see it.

First he pulled out some lube. Maybe in case the bitch he rapes is dried up. Chelsea thought to herself.

Next he pulled out some pills.

"These will put you right to sleep. I'll carry you to my home and everyone will just think you passed out drinking." Alec explained and laughed. He saw the fear grow in her eyes and he fed off of it. They both knew college was on break. For Chelsea to disappear for a week would not be a shock in any way. They'd think she ran off with Alec to his beach house only a few hours away.

"Don't worry sweetie. I'll return you to school once i knock some sense into you." he winked.

Chelsea cried more, tears streaming down her face and mixing with the sticky warm white cum still on her. Alec rubbed his cock till it was fully erect again, turned on by her tears and her squirming. He climbed on top of her and grabbed the bottle of lube. He squirts some on his fingers but before they went anywhere his mouth did first. He licked her pussy lips which were oozing with her juices, her asshole right in his face. He admired it, knowing she was still a back door virgin.

Chelsea moaned a little as he licked her pussy, slightly enjoying it despite the fear. Then she felt his lube covered index finger massaging around her ass. She tensed up, trying to wiggle free. His left hand held her thigh, squeezing tightly to calm her down as he kept licking her pussy lips and her swollen clit. His index finger slowly slid into her ass. Man was it tight! He forced it in and out fast as he could. She screamed into the ball. It hurt so badly!

"Relax or it'll be much worse." Alec said as he sat up, wiping his mouth of her juices. He grabbed his cock and rubbed the head outside of her lubed up asshole. He pressed hard, forcing it in. it was much tighter than he expected. Tighter than any ass he had ever slid his eight inch cock into.

She screamed into the ball, feeling her ass whole stretch wide as his dick was shoved inside. Alec grabbed her hips, bringing them up closer to him as his dick began thrusting inside her once virgin ass. It instantly became red, but to Chelsea's surprise, her pussy became even wet. Alec rubbed her clit with his finger, her legs tensing and twitching. She was about to cum.

Oh god no. this can't be happening. No...Oh god it feels so... good? Chelsea thought, her eyes tightly closed. She felt her legs tense even more and before she knew it she felt her pussy throbbing, pulsing up and down as her cum rushed out of her and all over Alec's hand.

"Yeah baby... yeah...you like it...oh...you...like...It." Alec gasped for air, his cock being eaten up by her tight ass hole. He was close to another orgasm. He rocked his hips back and forth even harder, not caring about the tears streaming down her face still. Finally he felt his dick stiffen, his cum shot deep inside of her. He held himself there for a moment before slowly sliding out and walking to the bedroom's bathroom to clean up.

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