tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Tease Taught a Lesson Ch. 02

A Tease Taught a Lesson Ch. 02


Chelsea was unable to do a thing. The blonde college girl laid on her stomach, her wrists handcuffed to the bed posts above and her legs cuffed to the posts at the bottom of the bed. The cum was beginning to dry on her face and it was difficult to breath with the gag ball in. She waited impatiently for Alec to reappear from the master bedroom's bathroom. Although she was also terrified of him returning for her ass hole was still aching from its first time being stretched by a dick. She began to cry again, sobbing gently into the blanket on the bed.

Alec returned and Chelsea rolled her head to the side to watch as he dried his now limp dick in a towel. He walked over to the bed and sat on the edge. He carefully cleaned off the girl's face and Chelsea closed her eyes, not wanting to look at the extremely handsome twenty-three year old. However, she did not resist having the tears and cum cleaned from her soft white skin.

"I'll take the ball out, but if you scream I will make things much worse." He said, whispering in her ear. He sat upright and undid the ball. Chelsea gasped for air but didn't say a thing. She flinched as Alec stroked her blonde hair and down her slender physique.

"Pl...please." Chelsea said and she finally looked at him dead in the eye. "Let me go, Alec. I promise I won't tell anyone. You know I won't tell anyone."

"I told you, I'm not finished with you yet. Within a couple of days I'll have you begging for more. No more teasing guys, no more teasing me. I promise you that." Alec smirked. He grabbed a water bottle from his bag and the bottle of pills. Suddenly his face showed anger and power, his tone became serious and almost a growl. "Now take these or I will stretch your ass to wide apart it'll never be the same."

Chelsea didn't want to but she feared the worst with Alec. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth. Like a good girl she obeyed and swallowed down two of the mysterious pills and drank the water offered to her. She gulped heavily, closing her eyes tight and resting her head on the bed. She said nothing, she did nothing and slowly she drifted off to sleep while Alec rubbed her back as if he were a compassionate boyfriend comforting his mourning girlfriend.

When the blue eyed beauty awoke she was somewhere new. She observed her surroundings and sat up. It appeared to be a normal bedroom with a desk and computer, a dresser, a stand up mirror and all. When she looked in the mirror she realized she had cuffs on her legs. She sighed heavily, not sure what to feel anymore. Her head felt heavy and she felt a little sick. She figured Alec had put her clothes on and stripped her naked again here, for her clothes were neatly folded on a chair in the corner. Then, Alec arrived. He came in with a bottle of water and a sandwich and chips on a plate. He didn't speak yet and handed them to Chelsea. She wanted to cry, wanted to scream, but she didn't. Instead she drank down half the bottle of water and munched on some chips, even had a couple bites of the sandwich.

Finally, Alec spoke. "So beautiful, are you ready for round two? I promise I won't be so rough." He stroked her cheek and Chelsea flinched.

"Please Alec, please let me go." Chelsea cried and Alec rose up and grabbed the plate from her. He placed it on the desk and began setting up a video camera. "Please! I'm begging you! I can't take any more."

Alec still didn't say a word. He walked over to her and stripped out of his black T-shirt and dark jeans. He had been barefoot the entire time. With strength he grabbed Chelsea's arm and forced her to lie down on the bed. He climbed on top of her, still in his boxer briefs. She could see his enormous bulge beginning to grow at the thought of having sex with her yet again. She struggled a little out of instant reaction but quickly calmed herself, knowing it was no use at all.

"If you don't scream, I won't use the gag ball again, okay?" Alec inquired as if she had a choice.

"Okay." Chelsea whimpered, turning her head around. Alec leaned down and kissed her lips, but she did not kiss back. Her lips were straight and tight. He kissed her cheek then to her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe soft at first and then harder, making her wince in pain. He kissed down further to her neck and to her breasts, squeezing them in his hands and pushing them upwards as he kissed all over them. Alec only stopped when the door opened. He looked up with a smile. In came another handsome man, probably around the same age. Chelsea watched highly confused. She observed the man in nothing more than red and black basketball shorts. He had pale skin but dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. His hair was nicely styled like Alec's but he wasn't as muscular.

"Damien, you made it!" Alec announced. He climbed off of Chelsea's naked body and went to greet his friend with a hand shake, bumping chests together. He turned and extended a hand to Chelsea. "This is the girl I told ya about. Better than I explained, isn't she? Seems like she needs to be taught a lesson about being a tease and what kind of trouble it gets you in."

"Please, Alec, don't do this. I told you I'm sorry and I won't tell anyone!" Chelsea was panicking again. Her well rounded breasts rose and dropped as her breathing roughened. She sat upright. Damien smirked and walked towards her and Chelsea panicked more.

"Don't worry baby, I won't hurt you too bad." He laughed and Alec did too. They were enjoying this far too much. Alec was in the background doing something while Damien stripped. Chelsea could not help but to stare at his massive bulge. It was bigger than Alec's! A good nine inches and thick all around. He moved to the side, grabbing a leash and collar Chelsea had not seen on a bookshelf. He locked it around her neck and then undid the cuffs on her feet.

"Get on all fours, right now." He demanded and she obeyed. On the bed she was on all fours. Damien stood behind her on the floor still. He held the leash tight so her head was up, blonde hair flowing over her shoulders. She looked over to Alec who was clicking record on the video camera. His boxer briefs were removed off camera before he slowly walked over to the other side of the bed. He stood in front of Chelsea.

"You're not recording this!" Chelsea said, stunned.

"Shh, baby. Don't ruin the moment." Damien replied first as he smacked her ass. She squeaked and lurched forward. The men both laughed. Damien moved onto the bed and onto his knees. He rubbed his cock gently, stroking it till it was big and full. He rubbed the pink swollen head of his dick against her pussy's lips. She was becoming wet quickly. As he did so Alec got closer to her front. He held his eight inch dick in his hand and rubbed it up and down. He brought his dick to her face. Chelsea knew exactly what he wanted. Reluctantly she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Immediately, Alec was shoving his dick deep inside her wet mouth. He thrusted his hips back and forth as he fucked her mouth, his left hand began massaging his balls and his right rubbed the back of Chelsea's head as it slowly brought her face closer to his dick. She chocked and gaged and Alec laughed a little but was feeling too much pleasure to focus on anything else.

Damien didn't want but instead was looking at Chelsea's ass. He was struggling not to stretch that hole open wide. He knew he would have to wait till later. For the moment he kept rubbing his dick's head over her pussy lips. She moaned a little then chocked again. She swallowed down some saliva best she could. Damien then pressed a little of his dick inside of her. Her eyes closed tight as she felt Damien slide deeper and deeper inside of her. He kept going slow until he was completely in. Her insides squeezed around his fat cock. Damien began thrusted. While he thrusted Alec stopped his hips thrust, not wanting Chelsea to puke all over him. He stood there while Damien forced Chelsea's mouth further onto Alec's cock. He kept rubbing his balls, fast and hard he squeezed them. Alec bit his lower lip. He felt his dick tensing up.

"Yeah babygirl, I'm close. Suck it like the slut you are." Alec moaned.

Damien heard this and began to thrust harder. Her pussy had no choice but to eat his nine inch cock up. She was soaked now and her pussy went from pink to red. The tears formed in her eyes again as she felt one man fucking her from behind and the other one in the front. She wanted to scream but she knew she would regret it. So she kept her mouth on Alec's dick and swallowed as he came. His warm white fluids shot into the back of her throat. He pulled out ever so slightly, forcing her to taste him as he shot off his load.

Alec breathed harder, his mouth dropping open. He was gasping for air as he had his orgasm. It ended and he pulled out and winked at the camera. "That's a good slut." He pat Chelsea's cheek hard before walking away and off camera.

Damien had not stopped. He was holding the leash tightly again, her head forced back. She gaged for a second but then was able to breathe again. She began to cry which made it hard to breathe but she couldn't help it. Damien's cock was so large it was hurting her. She knew he wouldn't stop until he was finished though. She gasped and moaned, something she could not control.

"Mmm." She moaned out. Damien smirked and slapped her ass with his free hand. "Ah!" She squealed.

"Almost. Oh...yeah..." Damien puffed as he thrusted, his hips rocking back and forth. His dick seemed to grow somehow as he got close to cumming. He threw his head back and let out a masculine moan. He grabbed the end of his shaft and yanked it out of her pussy. She squealed again. He rubbed his dick, facing the camera and let it shoot out cum all over the floor. Alec flicked the recording off and applauded.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Chelsea whined. Her legs shook and she collapsed on the bed, laying on her stomach. Her body ached and wanted them to stop.

Damien let go of the leash and walked away without a word. There was a towel on a chair and he cleaned himself off before dropping it on to the cum spot on the floor and kicking it around with his foot. Alec didn't say a word either and fumbled with the camera a little. This irritated Chelsea very much but she didn't argue. She laid on the bed with her head throbbing, wondering when this would end.

"Round two." Alec said and he placed the camera at a different angle on the desk. He got on the bed and sat down, his dick rock hard yet again and standing as straight up as it could. He gently nudged Chelsea. "Sit on it."

Chelsea looked at the camera first and noticed it was recording. Whimpering she got up and sat down on his dick. Slowly she slid down, her pussy soaked so it wasn't too difficult to fit his eight inch cock inside of her. Alec sat so that Chelsea was right in front of the camera but so that he could also be seen. He leaned back onto his elbow and closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of feeling her tight vagina slide down his dick. He held her hips and forced her down faster till all of him was inside of her. Chelsea flinched again in pain but she also felt some pleasure. He thrusted gently and Chelsea rocked up and down, back and forth. Alec moaned and Chelsea couldn't help but to let out a long feminine moan as well. She began moving faster as she rode him reverse and was caught off guard when Alec spun her around. He did it with such ease it seemed like.

"Better results for the camera." He whispered as she leaned towards his face. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. He kept forcing her up and down on top of him and she continued to moan, hating herself for how good it felt.

Damien was finally walking into view, his hand holding his shaft tight and rubbing it gently. His nine inch dick was fully erect as he sat down on the bed as well. Chelsea was not ready for a threesome again and she did not want to suck another dick. Her jaw was aching horribly. She looked back at Damien with fear in her eyes and he smiled and winked at her. He reached over to a bed stand and grabbed some lube. Carefully he applied it to his cock for the camera to see. Chelsea's heart sped up in a bad way. The last time Alec used lube he put his dick in her ass. She began to squirm.

"No, please...oh...oh, god...no." Chelsea moaned. Alec continued to thrust and he almost laughed at her.

"Shh, baby." Damien said as he rubbed her ass's tight hole with his lube covered index finger. She tried to get away but it was no use. Alec had his arms wrapped around her and he was holding her very still as his hips thrusted slowly. Damien held his finger still and when Chelsea's body was forced back down his finger slid inside. He pulled it out and Chelsea gasped. She was not ready for what was about to occur.

Damien sat opposite Alec, who was sitting up. He held Chelsea tightly still and she wiggled and cried, pleading for them not to do this. Damien scooted as close as he could and even with Alec's cock inside of her pussy he put the head of his dick to Chelsea's asshole. Alec shoved Chelsea down with force, not caring about the pain she'd feel as Damien cock was eaten up by her tight once virgin ass.

"Ah! Oh! No! Please, oh, no." Chelsea cried. The tears were streaming down her face. Damien's hand went over her mouth to silence her as him and Alec began to thrust in unison. She could feel both her front and back holes stretching wide as they did no. the pain was unbelievable. She could not stop crying but somehow she moaned as well. Her heart was racing and so was her head. I can't be enjoying this. No, this is sick! She thought.

Her pussy was leaking uncontrollably. She felt like she was about to cum and that disgusted her so much. Her ass was turning bright red in pain as she felt Damien's thick nine inch tool deep inside of her back end. She buried her face in Alec's shoulder and even bit onto his neck. He gasped in pain but he liked it.

Finally Chelsea's legs were tensing up. Despite the pain her body wanted to cum. She shook a little, trying to resist but it was no use. Both the men could feel her orgasm. It shook her body and made her insides pulse. She cried out into Alec's neck, moaning and screaming in one. Damien rolled his head back and smiled for the camera to see.

Alec wouldn't stop thrusting. He went even faster as she came. The pain was coming back to Chelsea once her orgasm had stopped but she felt like a second one was quickly on the way. But Alec was pulling out. He quickly moved back and came into his own hand, winking at the camera and getting off the bed to clean off. Meanwhile, Damien took a hold of Chelsea's slender waist. He picked the blonde up and shoved her back down as he laid onto his back. He was forcing Chelsea to ride him reverse cowgirl, but with his thick cock inside her ass. She was crying still, tears streaming over her rosy cheeks. One of his hands slid forward and rubbed her clit, playing with her pussy lips too. She tensed up again, squirming.

"Ahh...oh...I'm...ab...about to...cum." Chelsea moaned, leaning forward.

"Good...girl." Damien gasped as he was close to. He held his orgasm back as he waited for her's. when he felt her pussy tensing he shoved three fingers inside and let the walls of her soaked vagina squeeze around them. As she did so he let loose too. His thick warm liquid shot deep inside her back hole. He held her down on him with his other hand, not wanting the moment to be over. But for now, it was.

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