tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Tease Too Far

A Tease Too Far


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are at least 18 years of age when involved in any sexual activity.


Sylvie was especially horny today and was hopeful that the new pool boy Kevin would prove suitable for her to scratch her lust itch. She was confident she would be able to get him to sprout wood.

The young man was hunky enough to capture her interest and she knew he appreciated her beauty by his reactions to her on his previous pool cleaning days.

At thirty one she was coming into her sexual prime and had known for most of her life the effect she had on men of all ages.

The voluptuous redhead had always gotten her greatest sexual pleasure from teasing men to the point of desperation.


As a senior in high school she had been a make out queen and the ultimate cock tease, kissing and groping with her admirers without ever bringing them off if she could help it. She was never able to orgasm from the furtive fumblings administered by her teenage paramours but she did so afterward when playing with herself and remembing their desperate pleas for her to touch them.

A few had taken their cocks out and had placed her hand on them but she would recoil in disgust when confronted with such forwardness. It was mock disgust however as she was secretly thrilled at the sight of an erect penis, especially one she had helped get desperately hard.

Her senior prom date had squirted a huge pent up load all over his tux pants when they were making out in the front seat of his car. While fondling her breasts he had taken out his prick and then taken her hand and placed it on it. Sylvie stroked it once or twice and just as he was beginning his orgasm withdrew and watched him hump the air while his ruined orgasm spilled and oozed on his trousers.

Slyvie had a satisfying orgasm alone in her bedroom after he had dropped down her home, playing with herself and imagining his embarrassment at having to explain the cum stain to the tuxedo rental store.

There was definitely a cruel teasing streak in this red headed vixen.

In college she shared an off campus apartment with two other coeds and Sylvie regularly engaged in the teasing of their boyfriends.

When one of the three had a date over to the apartment the agreement amongst the girls was to make oneself scarce.

Sylvie broke that pact routinely. She would appear unannounced as one or the other of her roommates had a fellow over and she used every opportunity to flaunt her smouldering sexuality.

One of her roommates, a slender mousy blond named Carol almost came to blows with Sylvie once over a boyfriend Carol was very interested in.

"Fred is coming over tonight. I really want some privacy." Carol had said to her that Saturday those many years before.

"No problem. I'll be out of your hair. Fred is that nerdy guy from your physics class right?"

"He's not a nerd. I like him and he's very cute."

"To each his own." Sylvie had said dismissively.

Sylvie had seen him once and he all but stammered his name when they had been introduced. That night Sylvie could not resist arriving back at the apartment and interrupting the couple just as things were getting a little passionate on the sofa.

Sylvie said that she was sorry for the intrusion but she had to get ready for a date of her own and needed to take a quick shower. She was wearing stretch yoga pants and a form fitting tank top when she made this announcement upon entering the apartment and Carols eyes could have burned holes in her.

Fred could not help but let his eyes linger over the red headed roommates much more curvaceous figure even as he had his arms around Carol. Sylvie headed to the bathroom and then waited under the shower a short while before leaving the water running and coming back out to the living room with only a towel loosely wrapped around herself.

She tiptoed out to the living room and the two were in a passionate embrace with Carol having her back to the silent Sylvie.

Carols date had been able to see the red head clearly when she turned the corner and looked at him over her roommates shoulder silently mouthing the words, "Forgot my phone, sorry."

Sylvie had then reached over a chair to retrieve the phone and the towel opened up revealing her body in all its splendor for a brief moment before she rewrapped it around herself and padded out of the room and back to the bathroom.

Carol noticed the boyfriends head jerk when he craned to get a better look at Sylvie but just missed seeing her return to the shower when she had turned her head around to look.

"Bitch." She muttered under her breath as she knew her roommate had done it again.

Sylvie then masturbated herself to a quick come in the shower replaying the bug eyed lusty stare from Carols date. She had come then but not later that evening when her own date had been fucking her in his dorm room.

Sylvie had given up her virginity in high school and did put out occasionally when a man could stand no more denial and had spent enough on her but her lust was only slaked by the power of the desire she created.

After college she continued to flirt and flaunt herself in various work and social environments. She never seemed to care about the distress this caused other women as she teased their boyfriends and husbands and cared little about the men involved. It was all about Sylvie and the power of her attraction and attractiveness.


Sylvie had been working on the new pool boy Kevin for a couple of hours already. He was very careful not to seem too interested as several previous pool boys had been fired for making passes at the mistress of the house and this was a good paying gig that he did not want to risk losing.

Sylvie had spent some time sunning herself this afternoon and had been face up and topless when young Kevin had arrived for his pool cleaning duties. She had moved to cover herself when she saw him come through the yard gate but had done so quite slowly and deliberately so as to give him a good look at her full beautiful breasts.

"You're here early."

"Not really ma'am. It's two o'clock."

"So it is. I must have lost track of the time."

Sylvie had rolled on her side to check her watch on the table beside her and to give the young man a good look at her perfect ass.

Kevin did his best to pretend not to notice but his almost immediate erection, clearly outlined in his work shorts, gave him away to his employers wife.

"I'm going to lay here for a while if that's not too distracting for you young man. What was your name again?"

"Kevin ma'am."

"Call me Sylvie or Mrs. Watson. Ma'am makes me sound so old. You don't think I'm old do you Kevin?"

"No Mrs. Watson."

She flirted with him while he was working away on the pool and deck, asking him if he had a girl friend, remarking on his muscles, and requesting that he apply sunscreen to the back of her thighs and lower back.

When Kevin was rubbing the sunscreen on the Mrs as she was laying on her tummy she could see that he was all but bursting through his shorts. She felt his hardness against her leg through the thin fabric once when she shifted slightly to make contact with him. He took this as a signal to become bold but when he grazed her butt through her swimsuit bottom she warned him away.

"Be careful Kevin. My husband wouldn't like what you're thinking of doing."

"Sorry Mrs. Watson. It was an accident. I didn't mean..."

"It's Ok Kevin, just don't let it happen again. I'm going to go inside now before I get burned."


Sylvies husband Jack was away on yet another business trip and that gave his trophy wife plenty of freedom to play her little games with the staff.

Jack Watson was twenty years senior to his second wife Sylvie. The two had started an affair almost immediately after Sylvie had begun working as his executive secretary. Jack was one of the founding partners of a prestigious law firm and was able to afford to give his first wife of almost twenty years a generous divorce settlement when his affair with his young red headed secretary became known and he was unwilling to end that affair.

He had also become frustrated that his first wife Miriam had been unable to get pregnant and provide him with an heir.

Jacks ego was too big to consider that the problem in infertility might have been himself so he avoided getting checked out.

Sylvie provided him with perfunctory sex at the appropriate times of the month and he was pleased that his new wife was gorgeous eye candy. She also performed adequate if unenthusiastic oral sex on her husband but was never able to orgasm from any of their encounters. Their most recent sex had been yesterday morning just before Jack left for his trip back east. Sylvie didn't expect to get pregnant then any more than she had on any of their previous attempts during the three years of marriage. She didn't ask Jack to get checked for infertility issues as she was not interested in becoming a mother and his presumed infertility allowed her to forego her birth control.

She never fucked around with other men. She only fucked with their heads and then played with herself afterward.

She had never been able to orgasm from sex with any of her previous lovers. She was only able to come when she was masturbating and enjoying the state of arousal she had left any recent teasing victim in.


After working Kevin up to a state of frenzy Sylvie left him on the deck and went up to her master bathroom to shower and get herself off. In the shower she used her hands and a toy to edge herself very close to a good come.

She wanted to gaze upon the poolboy when she did get off so she exited the bathroom clad only in a robe and walked over to the bedroom window from where she would be able to see young Kevin finishing up his chores. She loosened the robe a little and opened up the window. It was a bit difficult to raise as it was quite heavy and sticking a bit in the window sashes. She would have to bring that to the attention of Hector the maintenance man when she was done with Kevin.

Hector was at this moment busy painting the driveway gate and Sylvie considered that he might be available to be a teasing victim before he headed home for the day to his family. That would be after she was finished with Kevin.

She had flirted with the married mexican many times during his employ and took great pleasure in visualizing that when he went home to put it to what she imagined was an overweight and unattractive wife he would be dreaming instead about being with his employer. She always touched his arm when directing tasks and brushed against him with her body whenever she could make it seem possibly accidental. He was very proper around her but his lusting eyes gave him away whenever he drank in her spectacular body wantonly displayed in revealing attire.

Hector had been assigned the task of painting the elaborate ironwork of the driveway gate by Sylvie, while she was wearing only her swimsuit and a sheer coverup, just before the mistress of the house had gone to sun herself by the pool.


From the pool deck Kevin could hear the sound of Sylvie struggling with the heavy window and could see clearly through the glass that she was wearing only a bathrobe.

He was hoping the bathrobe would open some more and give him another glimpse of her fiery red bush. He had seen it once when she had paraded back and forth before that same window on his previous pool cleaning day. That time when she had caught him looking she had feigned shock and had quickly pulled the curtains.

She is such a rotten tease thought Kevin. So many girls in high school were like that and he was getting a bit tired of being toyed with by the female gender.


Having worked herself up to the edge of orgasm in the shower replaying to herself just how hard and frustrated she had just made young Kevin, she walked from the window over to her nightstand and removed a medium sized vibrator. After walking back to the window she slid the toy into her sopping pussy and turned it on. She then bent at the waist and leaned out the window and called to Kevin.


The teen looked up and saw that the robe had opened a bit at the top and one of Mrs Watson nipples was clearly visible as were the obvious swell of her breasts.

"Yes Mrs Watson." He answered.

His eyes were locked on to where Sylvie intended for them to gaze. She tensed her thighs and enjoyed the vibration deep inside her box.

If she could see a hardon it would definitely bring her release.

"Could you bring my phone to the foyer? I think I left it by the pool chaise."

She had left it there intentionally. She wanted him to bring it only to the foyer because there was no need to invite trouble by having him come up here.

Sylvie then leaned further out of the window to purportedly point out the phone. Her real aim was to have the robe open further and expose more of her breasts.

Kevin turned to follow where she was pointing after getting another good look at her splendid tits and when he was in profile Sylvie could clearly see his erection straining his work shorts. It looked very big.

That sight triggered her orgasm and then two more things happened almost simultaneously.

The vibrator slipped from her clutching pussy and she somehow jostled the window just enough to have it fall closed until it came down firmly just below the knot in the sash of her bathrobe, pinning her in the open window. When she struggled to free herself it slid some more until she was afraid it might cut off her breathing if she struggled further. She was truly and firmly trapped.

Her upper body from the waist up including her outstretched arms were fully out of the window and her breasts were fully exposed. The slick vibrator was buzzing away on the bedroom carpet near her feet where it had landed when she had orgasmed and it had slipped from her vaginas grip.

Kevin was returning from the chaise with the phone and heading to the front door when he heard her call out to him again.

"Kevin! I need some help. This damn window has me stuck. Can you get Hector and help me get it open. He's down near the driveway entrance."

Kevin could see the Mrs struggling to push open the window with one hand while trying to keep her breasts covered with the other.

Sylvie asked him to bring Hector because she was afraid the boy might not be able to control himself if he saw her in this vulnerable position and she reasoned that if there were two of them present they were more likely to behave as gentlemen.

She also reasoned that she would not have wanted Hector to see her like this if he were alone as she knew she had mercilessly teased the thirty something married man ever since he had started working on the estate for her husband two years ago.

Kevin went immediately down to the front gate and tried to communicate the dilemma to Hector with little success as he spoke no Spanish and Hector little English.

Just then Luke Stern drove up in his Lexus.

Luke was an associate at her husbands firm and Jack Watson had called him at the office and asked him to retrieve some documents he had left in his home office and fax them to him in Philadelphia. Jack had forgotten to bring them and they were vital to the business he was conducting.

Luke was a good looking 35 year old who was eager to make partner and obviously eager to please his boss any way he could. He was also hoping to get a flirtatious hug from Sylvie as he knew he would if he ran into her.

Maybe I'll never fuck her the hunky nordic blond thought, but perhaps I'll give her a grind to show her what she is missing.

Luke was quite the ladies man and never lacked for female companionship but the forbidden fruit being teasingly offered by the bosses wife whenever he saw her was a severe temptation.

As was the case with almost all of the associates at the firm, Luke had been flirted with and teased by the senior partner's wife whenever she had opportunity.

At the most recent Christmas party she had gotten him under the mistletoe and given some tongue when she kissed him and ground herself against his erection.

"Oh my, you are a big man at the office arent you?" She had said to him he remembered vivdly.

He had fondled her breasts in a moment alone later that night and she had allowed that. When the party was breaking up he tried once again to touch her but she acted as though he was way out of line.

"Remember your place sir. My husband and your boss would most definitely not approve."

"Teasing bitch." He had muttered under his breath, "Someday."


After Luke stopped at the gate Kevin was able to explain the situation to him without the communication barrier he was experiencing with Hector so Luke took charge and led the other two men to the house and then up into the bedroom where Sylvie could be heard calling out.

"Did you get Hector Kevin? This is getting uncomfortable."

Luke entered the room first and was followed closely by the other two. The sight presented to the three of them was indeed enticing. Her robe had ridden high up on the back of her thighs and her continued wriggling to extricate herself served to ride it higher towards the swell of her beautiful butt. The vibrator could be heard still buzzing away at her feet.

Sylvie was oblivious to that sound and had even forgotten it was there.

She asked because she was unable to see behind her.

"Kevin, is that you? Did you bring Hector along?"

She heard footsteps approaching her and then felt a firm hand grabbing of one ass cheeks through her robe.

"What are you doing?" She started to say.

"What were you doing is the more reasonable question."

She heard a voice she did not immediately recognize say.

She twisted her torso around to see that it was one of the associates from her husband's firm behind her who had spoken and he had picked up the still buzzing vibrator from the floor and was sniffing her juices from it.

"What are you doing here in my bedroom?" Sylvie demanded.

"Get out at once Mr. ..."

"Stern, Mrs Watson. Luke Stern is my name, not that you were likely to have remembered it. I'm just another associate at the firm trying to make partner. Another of the many you have used to toy with for your enjoyment."

Kevin was touching his rehardening cock through his shorts as the older man drew the robe completely up and over the rounded cheeks of Sylvias butt and ran his hands over them and then down her legs all the way down to her pretty feet.

"Stop that at once!!"

Sylvias shout was cut off by the sound of Luke's hand coming down hard with a slap to her ass. Another one followed and then Luke's hand found its way between her tensing thighs and he worked a couple of fingers into her sopping pussy.

"You're very wet Mrs Watson. I'll bet you've been teasing this poor boy for a while. I'm on to your game you teasing bitch. Today is the day you are going to deliver on what you always almost promise."

Luke then turned to Kevin who was staring at Mrs Watson getting finger fucked.

"She teased you today, didn't she son? She waved that perfect ass and those beautiful tits under your nose but let you know in so many ways you couldn't have any."

Sylvie was turned a bit so that she could see Kevin playing with a very large cock. He had dropped his shorts and was stroking himself to the erotic sight taking place three feet to his right.

Luke quickened his pace of finger fucking Sylvie who had relaxed and spread her legs to give him easier access almost unconsciously. He continued to spank her ass with his other hand while he drove three fingers deeply in and out of her slick moist channel and grazed her erect clit with his thumb.

"You want to fuck her don't you?" Luke asked Kevin.

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