tagErotic CouplingsA Teaser Ch. 01

A Teaser Ch. 01


After spending a great day at the beach and having lunch, Jami and Alex headed back to her place. They had grabbed a couple of movies and decided to make sundaes for dessert.

Jami placed the sprinkles and chopped nuts on the tray with the chocolate syrup and whipped cream. Getting an ice cream scoop and some bowls, she headed out to the living room.

Alex had pushed the coffee table away from the couch and arranged a bunch of pillows on the floor. He had the first movie queued up and as Jami came in he turned down the lights and sat down on the floor. Jami set everything down on the table, and then he pulled her down beside him.

Laughing at his impatience, Jami leaned over and gave him a peck on the cheek asking if he was in a hurry or something.

He said it was that he wanted her close and he was more than ready for dessert.

Jami placed ice cream in each of the bowls, while Alex started the movie. They sat watching the first scenes of the movie but as they built their sundaes, the toppings were making both realize that ice cream wasn't really what they wanted.

Alex stopped putting hot fudge on his ice cream and pulled Jami into his arms. He lightly kissed her, taking a hold of her bottom lip and sucking on it. Then he licked it with his tongue. Her lips were just the right kind of plump to be licked, nibbled and sucked on. Running his tongue along the seam of her lips, he then deepened the kiss, feeling her open her mouth.

She teased her tongue out meeting his then withdrawing, only to suck in his bottom lip. As their tongues began the advance and withdrawal, he pulled her tighter against him. His hands were running up and down her ribs, and then he slipped his hands under her shirt to feel how soft her skin was. While their tongues danced together he reached up to feel the under curve of her breast. Damn swimsuit was in the way but not for long as his fingers slipped inside and nudged the top up.

Jami's hands were not idle. She was running one hand through his soft as sable hair, pulling him in deeper for more of his mouth. While the other hand traveled up and down his back. One moment massaging the next raking her nails. Jami felt him chuckle as she ran across a ticklish spot.

Breaking the kiss Alex moved on to raining kisses over her eyes, cheeks, and with the guidance of the hand in his hair to her ears and neck. He swirled his tongue around her ear then sucked on her earlobe. He knew it felt good when he felt her body open to him, sucking once more on her lobe, he moved down to her neck. She had once said she loved vampire movies so he bit her lightly, then licked and sucked. Leaving a love bite for her to remember.

When Alex bit down on her neck, Jami felt like she was going to explode. No guy had ever made her so hot or wet just by kissing and necking. There was just something about the taste of him, the smell that was uniquely Alex.

Jami couldn't take it any more she needed his shirt off of him. She started pulling it up to pull over his head, he pulled away chuckling and telling her to slow down. She laughed and said she needed to feel more of him and while taking off his shirt, she decided it was too hot for hers also. Not to mention her bikini top was more a necklace than a top.

Jami pushed Alex back against the sofa and gave him another kiss before moving over to whisper in his ear that she wanted to lick him all over. And then she kissed her way down to his throat. Alternating kisses with licking and sucking. She loved the taste of a man right where his neck attached to his collarbone and returning his love bite with one of her own, she bit him.

But she wasn't done she continued to lick down his chest until his nipple was under her tongue. She kissed it then flicked her tongue over it; his indrawn breath let her know that he liked it. She then moved to the other nipple and gave it the same attention but the one she had just left still received attention as she gently rubbed her thumbnail over it.

Alex was not sitting innocently while Jami's mouth drove him wild; he had a breast in each hand and was rubbing his thumbs over her nipples feeling them grow harder and all he could think was that he needed them in his mouth.

Gently pushing Jami back he noticed the surprise on her face. Grinning he told her that if she kept up what she was doing , he wouldn't get to do all he wanted to do because she was making him so hard he was about to explode.

Well when he put it that way she could only lay back and let him have his way.

Alex bent toward her lightly kissing her on the neck where he had bitten, liking the thought of her wearing his mark.

Sliding his hands from her waist up, he pushed her breast together. He flicked his tongue over one nipple then the other. Her hands had found his hair again and when he took one of her nipples into his mouth, she moaned deep and told him how good his mouth felt. He raised up long enough to tell her she was going to have his mouth all over.

Alex was feeling a little bit devilish, so he reached over and dipped his finger into his melting sundae and dabbed some of the fudge and ice cream mixture around each nipple. The mixture was still cold and her nipples puckered up so pretty with the chocolate and white mix letting her coral nipples peek through, it was enough to make him moan. Jami had enough of him looking and pulled his head back to her breast, telling him turn about was fair play. Alex told her that he looked forward to it and begun licking his creamy concoction off her nipples.

Once he had licked all the ice cream off, he had Jami squirming and his hands had found the zipper on her shorts. Suddenly he needed her out of her pants and spread out in front of him.

Alex unbuttoned Jami's jeans while still sucking and licking on her nipples. Hooking a thumb under the waistband he worked her shorts down, Jami lifted her hips and then helped him finish removing her shorts and bikini bottoms.

Once he had her naked, he drew back to take in the sight of her completely laid out for him. Her breasts were plump and swollen and his gaze traveled down her legs and they were parted and he could see the hint of moisture on the inside of her thighs.

He practically growled at the sight of her bare pussy knowing that he had made her that hot for him. He couldn't wait to taste her.

Alex ran his hands up from the inside of her thighs spreading her wider. As he settled an ass cheek in each palm, he softly blew across the hard little pink button of a clit she had. The sound of her whimpers were all he could take. He bent his head to run his tongue all around her clit then licked his way to her pussy hole dipping his tongue deeply within her to get a good taste of her juicy pussy.

Jami laid her head back against the pillows. The man definitely knew how to use his tongue. She felt him reach up from where he had been grabbing her bum to spread her wider with both thumbs and then he was licking from her clit to her back door. When he rimmed her ass she let out a deep cry as she came.

She felt him smile as he continued the best head job she had ever received.

When Alex felt Jami tighten her muscles while he was rimming her asshole he couldn't help but smile. The girl had a little kink in her soul. He could get used to that.

Sliding his tongue back down to circle her ass he knew he needed to feel inside her, so he entered first one finger then two. Damn the girl was tight, he could only imagine how much tighter her ass would be.

She had begun to stroke her breast and pinch her nipples as her hips moved up and down to the way his tongue was working. Alex looked up between her legs working his fingers in and out of her sweet pussy. She looked back down at him and told him he had forever to stop.

Well forever is a long time and he still wanted his dick inside not only her tight little pussy but her gorgeous ass as well. Jami only knew sensation, the feeling of his tongue sliding and sucking her clit and his fingers pushing deeper inside her. Another orgasm ripped through her, leaving stars bouncing around inside her head.

As much as she was enjoying what the man was doing to her, she wanted to get her mouth on his cock, and it would be right after her next orgasm.


Sorry... you will just have to wait for Part 2....Believe me...you won't be sorry you waited.

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