A Teasing Wife


I watched my wife close her eye's and tilt her head backward as a small orgasm started to build up in her body. She twisted slightly towards me but was still squirming sexily on her lover's lap. As her legs parted, she again started french kissing her boyfriend aggressively but now, I had a perfect view of her lover's fist working his finger's into her pussy.

Lynn's pink lace panties were stretched tightly over his knuckles as his fingers dipped repeatedly into her very wet and slushy sex. Brian was using his thumb to push her hard clitoris back into its little hood making her squirm wildly as she bounced upon his lap. Also, the tiny little string of her thong panty had to be rubbing erotically against her little pink asshole causing even more stimulation for my bride to endure.

After being finger fucked to orgasm, my wife stood up on her sexy white heels and fluffed her little skirt. She turned to her lover showing him that she could just barely hide her stocking tops under the short hem. My naughty bride even twisted her sexy heels like a little girl and started sucking on one of her sharp red finger nails as she showed off her little dress. She is so flirtatious!

Lynn turned and by putting one foot in front of the other she slowly walked in my direction. There was no doubt that she was shaking her little ass under that short skirt on purpose. She was going to make her boyfriend fuck her hard.

Her heels clicking on the hardwood floor made my tiny penis even harder but you would never be able to tell because I was so small. I was full of apprehension as my bride dropped to her knees in front of me and gazed up into my eyes. Was she going too?

Lynn put both of her hands on my knee's and rubbed my thigh's suggestively. Her little hands caressed my hard-on through my pants and I was hoping that she would reach inside and free my stiff penis. Her lips were so inviting and sexy as she wet them with her tongue and I lowered my pants and underwear getting ready for a very rare blowjob. She was begging to be mouth fucked that's for sure.

Brian stood and walked over to my kneeling wife, unzipped his jeans and hauled out his enormous cock. Lynn turned sideways, looked up at him submissively and opened her mouth already knowing what she was supposed to do for him. Brian stroked his long fat shaft a couple of times then stepped up to my bride's pretty face and started to feed her his huge cock.

Lynn's mouth opened wide as his cock forced its way in. Her eyes were on me as inch after inch entered her pretty mouth. It became more difficult for her as his cock head touched her tight throat but she relaxed and swallowed allowing his large tool to sink in further and further.

She looked up at her lover indicating that she would take more and I watched her start to struggle as he forced his way into her throat. Lynn's eyes became wet with tears as he pushed and she submissively swallowed more of his huge cock. He continued his assault on my wife's mouth as she reached under her short dress to pinch at her lace covered clitoris.

Lynn's other hand grabbed at my meager penis feverously as she pushed her fingers into her hard little lace protected clitoris. Brian meanwhile, was holding up his shirt so he could watch as she swallowed his cock eagerly. He continued to fuck into her mouth as she looked at him dreamily.

She glanced at my little dick and clamped her fist around my testicles. I moaned loudly as she squeezed and twisted my tiny balls. She was watching her fist compress the tiny orbs together until they turned blue and I swear I saw a smirk on her red cock sucking lips. Between bouts of severe pain, I was trying to remember back to when she would have taken me with her pretty mouth that way. I couldn't recall it ever happening.

Spittle was starting to drip from the corners of her mouth as Brian sawed back and forth penetrating deeply with each stroke. I could hear her gag each time his cock entered her throat but she kept swallowing. She reacted to a very deep thrust by almost throwing up but he never slowed down. He would just repeatedly force her throat open making her convulse and heave and gag until her tears steadily flowed from her eyes ruining her mascara.

Finally, he pulled all the way out to allow her to catch her breath. She was still staring into his eyes but managed to tell him that she loved his cock. He smiled at her then me then forced his cock back into her waiting mouth until she gagged and choked again.

He continued to rape my wife's mouth and throat violently. Each time she would just about throw up, he would withdraw and let her cough but only for a few seconds. She would eagerly chase his cock with her mouth but he would keep pulling away.

Lynn had enough of his teasing. She quit squeezing my balls and grasped his cock forcing it back into her mouth. She worked it a couple of times then pulled off still staring into his eyes.

"Want to fuck my pretty little mouth lover? Huh, want to fuck Jamie's wife in her hot little mouth?"

She sucked and licked at the oozing head of his big cock while jacking off his long fat shaft. I was gawking as she toyed with his wife pleasing cock, smiling up at her lover and wiping his cock all over her face and lip's. I, in the mean time, was softly massaging my sore testicles.

"Oh I love this cock. I want to please you lover! I love your huge cock. I love you. I love you so much Brian."

She returned to sucking her lover while I tried to digest what she had just said to him. She turned slightly and saw that I was trying to hide my little sac and glared up at me as she continued to slobber on Brian's big cock. She grabbed my hand and pulled it away exposing my battered testicles once again and while staring into my eyes, grabbed my nuts and pulled sharply. The pain was sudden and very intense but it was also very erotic. Here she was, my wife, sucking her lovers cock while trying to hurt her husband. She pulled and twisted my little balls as Brian shoved his cock back through her sucking lip's making her gag and retch repeatedly.

Lynn's other hand was still digging into her panty covered puss bringing her closer and closer to a powerful orgasm as she continued to torment my tiny nut's. She was really squeezing her fist tightly around my scrotum as she went over the edge.

As her orgasm over took her body, she fell forward onto her lover's dick. His large shaft sunk into the depths of her throat and the sudden penetration caused her to cough and gag violently. I watched with teary eye's and pain filled testicles as her throat bulged from the invasion of his bulky shaft and couldn't believe that she never even tried to pull away. Her mouth was wide open just barely touching his thick shaft as his cock lodged deep in her throat. She was wildly tossing her blonde around trying to take his whole cock into her throat while her body tried to reject the foreign object.

Lynn was attempting to cough but with his large cock blocking her windpipe it was useless. Each time she convulsed, spit and who knows what else would fly out from around her lip's landing in her lover's curly brown pubic hair. Brian stopped his fucking motion and held himself deep in her throat as he was cumming. It was as if he was trying to choke her to death but she still had all her weight leaning forward. For what seamed like five minutes, she twisted and mashed my tiny balls together while horribly gagging herself on his spewing cock. She just wouldn't stop gulping down his cum or his cock.

Brian must have gotten a little scared because after one real powerful gag which splattered a large wad of sperm against his muscled belly, he ripped his dick from her mouth. Lynn automatically fell forward pulling me to my knees beside her. It was either I fall with her or risk having her tear my tiny balls off. It must have been some sight to see for Brian. Lynn and I both were struggling to catch our breath only my reason was that she was still crushing my balls.

Lynn finally relaxed her death grip on my sore and now swollen scrotum although she never let them go. She was slumped over supporting herself with her left arm which was shaking badly and she was breathing very hard. Her beautiful face was about two inches from the floor and her mouth was open as if she was starting to throw up.

She would occasionally clinch her fist making me moan loudly as she coughed and heaved up her lover's sperm from her belly. There was a small but growing puddle of white goo dripping from her mouth onto the floor and I watched as she smeared her fingers through it gathering a large glob on her finger's.

Lynn sat up releasing my nuts as she did so. We watched as she lifted the short hem of her dress exposing her stocking tops and garter straps. She had me pull her panties to the side and then she started smearing the sperm on her shaven cunt lip's. She repeatedly pushed the sperm into her body and when her fingers were clear; she would smear them through the puddle of cum and repeat the whole process. I could only kneel there and stare as I willingly held her panties to one side so she could push her lovers cum inside quivering body,

After a few seconds, I took over the task for her. Now I was the one smearing and pushing sperm into my bride's vagina. Lynn leaned over and started French kissing me. She was still coughing and gagging into my open my mouth but I willingly opened wider to allow her to spray the remaining liquids that were being brought up from her convulsing belly. I continued to steadily finger her pussy while she attacked my open mouth with hers until she was satisfied that it was all gone.

In the meantime, Brian was stroking his cock to reinvigorate his erection and when he was hard enough, he demanded my wife. She stood up and glared into my eyes mischievously, pulled up her short dress and started pulling down her tiny panties. She dropped the dainty garment to her ankles and gracefully stepped out of them.

Bending over, she picked up the little wad of pink lace and told me to open wide. I willingly obeyed expecting her to cram the little pink panties into my mouth but as she lifted the wispy piece of lingerie she started involuntarily coughing and gagging and trying to clear her throat of left over sperm. She quickly bent over and spit the small dollop of yuk into my open mouth then stuffed in her panties.

She started to whisper in my ear as her fingers wrapped around my devastated testicles again, brutally squeezing and rolling them around in their swollen sac making me wince in severe pain.

"You like that my useless little cuckold? Did you enjoy watching as Brian fucked his little girlfriend's mouth? You don't know what it's like to have your wife give you a blowjob do you?"

I twisted my head from side to side quickly as if answering no to her questions. I was hoping that she would quit trying to crush my aching balls after confirming what she already knew but it didn't make her stop. If anything; she increased the pressure.

"You don't suppose your sexy little wife could get pregnant from all that yummy sperm that you just shoved up inside my little cunny do you? I guess I forgot to tell you that I quit taking my birth control pills a couple of weeks ago. You may have just knocked me up with my lover's baby! Have you thought anymore about that little wedding dress? I might just need it. I want to wear white for my lover and I want some sexy lingerie to wear underneath too. Maybe a sexy white bustier? Tiny little panties also, just like the pink panty in your mouth only they should be virgin white!"

Brian cleared his throat signaling his impatience with my wife. I was so glad because she finally released my testicles and I immediately cradled my poor crippled nut's tenderly. I bet that they were permanently damaged now and to beat all, my wife was probably pregnant by her boyfriend.

Lynn turned and sexily walked to the rear of our couch and submissively bent over pushing her ass outward like a bitch in heat. Brian took up position behind my wife as she slowly reached behind herself and pulled up her short mini dress to expose her garter framed ass to her lover.

Brian introduced his hard cock to her pussy lip's and drug it's bulbous head along her wet slit. Each time he raked across her clitoris, my blonde wife would quiver. She wanted fucked badly and every time he passed her tight opening, she would push back trying to push his cock inside her vagina. He continued to tease my sexy little hot-wife by not allowing her the penetration the she so desired.

"Oh don't tease me lover. Go ahead and fuck you're hot little girlfriends pussy. Your sexy little baby needs a good hard fucking lover. Baby doll wants you to make her cum!"

Brain started to push inside her pussy. Inch after inch slid inside my wife's tight little cunny until he hit bottom. The fat floppy lips of her sex stretched tightly around his thick shaft as her pussy sucked him in deep. My bride began to writhe wildly on his fat cock as the fuck started.

"Fuck me lover, fuck me hard. Push your lovely cock in hard. Push hard until it's in my little belly. Oh! That's it, keep fucking into me. That's my little cervix you're hitting you wife fucking bastard. Keep going, keep pushing. Tear into my womb you fucker. Make me take you. Make me be your hot little wife."

Brian was pushing very hard into my wife's tight little pussy. He was pushing so hard that her sexy high heels would lift off the floor about three inches or so every time he thrust. Lynn was doing her part as well, pushing her hot little garter framed butt back into her lover whenever her feet touched the floor.

Lynn was looking directly at me the moment he speared into her belly. Her uterus opened like a flower begging for pollination and accepted his large dick making her screw her eye's shut tightly. Brian kept his huge tool buried deep in her tummy allowing my wife to work her butt in little circles as if she was trying to get even more of his reproductive organ up inside her unprotected womb.

I slowly approached the lovers so I wouldn't disturb their slow sensuous fuck. My wife, who was still leaning over the back of the couch, reached to the top of her dress and pulled it down below her large tits. The pink lace half cup bra exposed and framed her breasts beautifully and her lover immediately reached around and under her arms and started mauling her hard little exposed nipples.

He pulled viciously at the nipple with the piercing making my wife moan loudly. Brian pulled the tiny ring outward and twisted it almost all the way around and she just continued to cry out loud but was still pushing herself onto her lover's big cock.

I could tell by their ragged movements that one of them was going to cum soon. It turned out that both of the lover's reached their orgasm at the same time. Lynn groaned loudly and pushed hard into her boyfriend getting as much of his fuck into her quivering womb as possible.

Lynn was willingly breeding herself on his cock. Every time he tried to pull out, she would push back and rotate her hot little butt allowing his potent sperm to wash the walls of her tummy. She wanted her womb coated in her lover's thick fuck and for the creamy juice to find her egg.

After she was satisfied, Brian pulled free and came around the couch and sat down breathing heavily. Lynn instructed me to set on the floor beside her lover and to lay my head back on the cushion. She also had walked around the couch and was now standing between my legs.

"Why are you holding your crotch honey? Did your little wifey hurt her cuckold's tiny little balls? Should I kick them to see if their still alive? I could kick them with this sexy high heel couldn't I honey! I bet that if I did kick them and kick those little things hard enough, they would probably shrivel up and die, wouldn't they baby?"

I was afraid that she would do it so I kept my hand held tightly to my little sac as I groaned through the panties in my mouth. Brian chipped in and said that he would hold my arms back if she wanted him to. That way she could really kick them hard. She didn't kick me but she did tell me to think it over as she straddled my face and lowered her cummy pussy to my open mouth.

Lynn kissed her lover passionately while rubbing her sloppy cunt on my lips but I couldn't lick at them due to her panties still being crammed inside my mouth. Lynn wanted me to catch all of her lover's potent sperm as it oozed from her tummy so Lynn reached between her legs and with her fingers, dug her pink panty out of my mouth. Her fingers pushed deeply into her sloppy pussy to help extract some of the precious cum. She scooped gob after gob of the sticky fuck out of her cunt and into my sucking mouth then she started to rock wildly on my face as small contractions forced more of the warm fluid onto my eager tongue.

Having finished, Lynn got up and went to the bathroom to freshen up. Brian was finished dressing when my beautiful wife returned but I was still sitting on the floor thinking about what had just happened. The lover's briefly kissed and Lynn looked down at me smiling.

"We are going out now honey, don't wait up we will be very late. Oh, by the way; while we are out, you can think about the little wedding dress you want me to wear and the lingerie to wear underneath it. Bye bye little cuckold."

They left our house hand in hand and I sat there masturbating my little pee-pee dreaming about my hot little wife and her wearing a naughty little bridal gown before her tummy starts to swell. I looked down and noticed her tiny panties on the floor. Did she put on another pair? If not, a lot of people will see her smooth pussy under that short little skirt! My blonde wife is such a naughty little bitch...

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