A Techies Wonderland Ch. 01


My cock was quickly getting rock hard in my Dockers as my mind played back the image of her hands working the dildo in and out of the pussy I now easily saw. "Um....yeah, it did." I said hesitantly.

"Well, Maybe I should find another spot to take care of that little itch." She said as she moved her hands to her skirt and hiked it up a little farther, letting her legs spread a bit wider. "Don't suppose you'd want to take care of it for me?" She asked, her dark brown eyes smoldering and a crooked little smile saying "go ahead...say yes."

I wasn't exactly sure that getting involved the first day on a new job was a good idea, so I declined with a sigh.

"Well, in that case, let me walk you to the lunch room." She said, getting up from the desk and smoothing her dress.

"I usually just eat a sandwich at my desk."

"Nonsense. Come with me." She said, stepping over to take my hand and practically pull me out of my chair. "Besides, it's time you met all your coworkers." She led me out of my office, barely giving me time to grab my lunch bag. I allowed her to lead me out of the office and down through the door at the end of the hall. She turned right as soon as we moved into the work area, skirting the cubicles in what amounted to a long narrow hallway. The hallway turned left after the depth of the cubicles and extended the length of the row of cubicles, each the size of a good sized bedroom. Several doors were along the right wall, opening into the rooms built against the outside wall I had noticed the previous day.

"These are mostly storage rooms, fabrics, goodies, finished things. There's another set along the other far wall. The break room is the last one down this wall." Celia said, practically dragging me along with her past three doors, slowing at the fourth. "Here we are!" She said brightly, opening the door and holding it for me.

When I think of a break room, I think of a Spartan room with tile floors, rows of lunch room type tables and a wall full of vending machines. Amanda's idea of a break room was very very much different. The room was carpeted in a pastel purple color, except for the gray slate floor in a fully outfitted kitchen area. The room was furnished with a variety of love seats, recliners and a few large hardwood tables, similar to what you might see in a formal dining room of a plush home. There was no doubt that this room was decorated by a woman.

"Ladies, this is Chris, our new IT expert. This is Jeanie Chambers, Suzanne Reeves, Maria Summers, and Elaine Jacobs." She said motioning to four ladies sitting around one of the tables.

Jeanie I had met the previous day, a tall slim woman with small breasts and slightly graying hair. If I had to guess I would have said she was only about a hundred and fifty pounds for her almost six foot frame, and probably in her early fifties.

Suzanne was a short plump woman, easily two hundred pounds, with a round face and cheery smile. She looked me up and down as if inspecting me, a twinkle in her eye that had mischief written all over it.

Maria Summers was the epitome of a Barbie, tall and slim with huge tits and long blond hair. I guessed she was in her early thirties at most.

Elaine, the last at the table, pushed herself away and got up to meet me. She was short and slight, maybe a hundred twenty pounds soaking wet and all of five three, if that. She stepped lightly around the table and came over, extending her hand to me, which I took. Her slender body had small breasts with suddenly very hard nipples as she shook my hand and looked me up and down. "We don't get too many men back here... In fact, I think you're the first that wasn't a delivery man or the like." She said with a slight Irish lilt to her voice that matched her short auburn hair and freckled fair skin.

"Well, I suppose you will see a lot more of me around here." I said simply as her eyes made their way back up to my face.

"I certainly hope so." She said with a crooked little grin, using my hand to pull me toward the table. "Don't let Celia monopolize you either. Here, come have a seat with us."

I looked around at the other ladies, in a wide range of ages and builds sitting in the sofas and chairs around the room in various states of dress or rather, undress.

"These other ladies are mostly models. They come and go as we have need of them. We have an agency that takes care of it for us, all we do is give them the dimensions and when we need them." Elaine said motioning to the ladies I had been looking at.

"Where do you find so many women eager to do this kind of thing?" I asked.

"Well, some are strippers or adult entertainers, some are college students earning extra money and others...well housewives mostly. I think all of us have acted as dress models at one time or another. It's all about dimensions." Celia said with a shrug. "We will need them a few days here and there and they get paid fifty dollars for half a day."

"Well, I guess it's one way to make a few extra dollars." I said nodding to the ladies who were paying any attention to me at all, which included both young and middle age alike. To say it was an unusual lunch would be an understatement. It was downright difficult to pay attention to my sandwich with a topless twenty something slowly stroking her nipples while she watched me from across the room. I was left in a constant state of arousal, with a foot from either Maria or Suzanne periodically slipping into my lap to rub my hard cock.

"Well, ladies, I think I better get back to work." I said as I got up from the table, trying to minimize the amount of my hardon that was showing through my pants.

"Well, I'm sure we'll all be happy to see more of you around." Elaine said with a grin.

"Um. Yeah." I said as I turned to head away, hearing her giggle a little as I made my way out of the break room. It was only a few minutes before I flopped into my chair and ran a hand through my short cropped hair, wondering just exactly what I had gotten myself into in this place. After a few minutes of relaxing, I turned to my computer and went back to work loosing track of time as I dove back into the planning. My concentration was suddenly broken by the ringing of my office phone. "Chris Marking." I said into the hand piece as I picked it up.

"Yes, mister Marking. Amanda Trapping here. I wanted to check on the status of my dress. Can you tell me how far along it is?"

"Well, hang on a minute and I will see what I can find out." I answered as I flipped through the applications I had cataloged earlier, opening the project status app. As I had suspected, it listed out all the projects that were being worked on. Unfortunately the information was little more than a large file with only rudimentary search capabilities. I dug through the information the best I could until I located her name, a description of the dress and the fact that it was Elaine that was handling the project. "I found your information, but I don't see anything on the status. Can you give me a number and I can call you back when I find out?"

"I can." She said before rattling off a phone number.

"Thank you Miss Trapping. I will get back to you as soon as I can." I responded before hanging up the phone.

I got up and headed out to the work area with a printout of the information I had. I walked into Elaine's cubicle to find her working around some delicate curves on her sewing machine. "Elaine, can you help me out?"

"Sure stud! How can I do you?" She asked with a huge grin.

"Um...Miss Trapping has a dress being made, and I wondered if you could give me an update?" I asked trying to ignore the not so subtle innuendo.

"Ahh, yeah, let's go have a look, shall we?" She said getting up and walking past me, letting her hand drag across the front of my Dockers as she did.

With a little shake of my head, I followed her out of the cubicle and around to the long hallway that had the break room on it. She stopped at a door part way down the hall and opened it, the lights turning on automatically as she stepped inside. I followed her into a large room the walls covered with everything from wedding dresses to skimpy lingerie hanging on almost every conceivable inch.

"Let's see....12864" She repeated over and over as she walked the length of the rack looking at small white tags. "Ah here we are!" She said, pulling a plastic covered dress bag from the rack.

"Is that it?"

"Oh yes!" She said pulling the plastic off. "Kind of sexy, isn't it?" She asked me, holding the dress up against her slight body. The dress appeared to be almost a sash that ran diagonally across her body, but attached at the bottom to an incredibly short skirt. The material was semi-translucent and waved and flowed with each move she made. "Would you like to see what it looks like on someone?" She asked.

"Oh, that's not necessary." I said, gulping.

"Oh don't be silly. I'm close enough in size to our Miss Trapping that it should look ok." She said stepping over to one of many long flat upholstered benches running down the center of the room. Before I could say anything else, she laid the dress down and began pulling her tank top up and off over her head, leaving a set of freckled B cup breasts bouncing in full view. She bent over as I stared, stripping off her shorts as she kicked off her slip-on shoes. "You know, this just wouldn't look the same in these frumpy old panties." She said as she hooked her thumbs into the waist band of a pair of delicate lacy panties and slipped them down over her hips, revealing a neatly trimmed auburn bush.

"Damn." I breathed as she stepped out of her panties and bent over completely naked, pulling the dress from the hanger. She lifted the material over her head and let it slide down her body, settling the angled sash over her breasts so that her right breast was completely covered by the angled material, but it only lay over top of her left breast by the slightest of friction. It was obvious that if she shrugged her shoulders that it would slide off, exposing her nearly bare breast completely.

"So what do you think of my handy work?" She asked, turning a slow pirouette, which let me see that the material of the short skirt didn't completely cover her creamy ass, or even reach down far enough to cover her meaty outer pussy lips, that showed from between her creamy cheeks. She continued her turn until she was facing me, the shimmery material covering her body, but not quite preventing me from seeing it.

She walked over to me as I stood dumbfounded, slowly walking a circle around me, dragging one hand across my chest and then letting it slide down my back to my ass as she moved. Slowly she stepped around me and let her hand drag across my hip and come to rest on the substantial bulge in my Dockers. "I wonder what's in here?" She asked with a giggle, turning to face me.

"Um, not a good idea." I said, as she undid my belt and pants, letting them slide down to my ankles.

"Oh, I'm sure it's not." She said as she stepped against me, pressing her tits against my chest, slipping her hands into my underwear and pushing them down enough to free my hard cock. She wrapped both hands around it and slowly stroked up and down a few times. "I guess this means that I did a good job on the dress." She whispered huskily. "Would you like to fuck me in it?"

"Really not a good idea." I half panted, trying to keep my hands off of her practically naked body.

"You're sure?" She asked again, stroking up and down my shaft a few more times.

"I'm sure." I answered.

"Ok." She said disappointment clear in her voice as she backed away. She gently pulled the dress off and bent over to step into her panties, her pussy pushing out invitingly toward me.

"Oh god." I mumbled as I bent down to pull my pants back up, giving myself an even better view of her obviously wet pussy in the process.

"You like?" She asked, wiggling her ass a little bit for me before I stood back up with my pants. "Any time you want to fill me with that fat cock, just let me know." She said as she straightened up, turning to face me still completely naked.

"I will." I said, wishing I could just stuff her full right then and there.

I turned and headed out of the room, stuffing my rock hard dick into my pants before I lost all control and turned back to fuck her silly. I wasn't about to let this job go down the shitter because I felt like fucking someone on company time in the building. Especially not on my first day!

I made my way back to my office, closed the door and sat down to try to get my composure back before making the call back.

"Miss Trapping, good news. Your dress is finished." I told the female voice over the phone. "Since I'm new here, I don't know the process yet, but I'm sure that we can ship that."

"Oh, no problem. I'll stop and pick it up next week while I'm in town. How does it look?"

"I have to say it's one of the sexiest outfits I've ever seen, but definitely not for wear in public."

"Oh good. That'll be perfect for the party!" She said enthusiastically.

"Yes maam." I agreed, not knowing at all what party she was thinking about.

"Thank you Mister Markling. I look forward to seeing you next week." She said before hanging up.

I turned back to my work, on the computer, deciding right then that a new inventory and job tracking program was going to be at the top of the priority list.

I put the finishing touches on my basic plan of action for the IT resources of her company before calling it quits at nearly six pm. I headed out to leave finding Celia gone, replaced by a young lady who introduced herself as Jennifer. I recognized her as one of the young ladies from the break room, and said goodnight to her before leaving Amanda's Creations after my first day at work.


I hoped my second day at work would be a bit easier than my first as I headed up to the front door.

"Good Morning Chris!" Celia said cheerily as I stepped into the cool reception area from the already hot morning.

"Morning Celia." I said with a nod, heading past her desk toward my office. I was almost surprised to see her in a snug fitting skirt and button down blouse after her outfit the day before.

I had barely settled into my chair and started thinking about how to structure the new database front end when my phone rang. "Chris Marking." I announced.

"Chris, Amanda. Come to my office please." She said in a very businesslike tone.

"Be right there." I said, wondering if yesterday's encounter already had me fired. I pushed away from the desk with a sigh and headed out and down the hall to Amanda's office.

I knocked once on the partly open door and then stepped inside. Amanda's office was impressive, larger than most people's living rooms and appointed with a large oak desk and several soft chairs and a sofa arranged in a sitting area.

"Come and join me." Amanda said as she got up from behind the desk and headed toward the sofa. She sat down on one end and pulled her bare legs up under her, smoothing her short gray skirt as she let her shoes drop to the floor.

Unsure of what to do, I sat down on the other end nervously.

"Relax. You're sitting like a bad school boy in the principal's office." She said with a laugh.

"I guess that's kind of how I feel." I answered, my voice betraying my nervousness.

She untucked her legs and scooted herself along the sofa until she was sitting on the middle section, tucking her legs up under her again, knees pressing against my thigh. "So you're nervous. I take it that it's not because of your overwhelmed by the technical problems of the job?"

"No, not exactly." I responded.

"I suppose you feel like you're going to be in trouble for something that happened yesterday?"

"You could say that." I replied, waiting for those fatal words.

"You did have a bit of an eventful day didn't you?" She laughed. "Let's see, Celia tried, unsuccessfully, to seduce you. You were teased unmercifully in the break room... and then Elaine, well, Elaine gave you a bit of a fashion show. Yes... I would call that quite a first day."

"I'm really sorry." I said quietly, still expecting to be fired over the incident in the dress room.

"For what? Trying to be a gentleman and not jump every woman that was trying to get into your pants, literally? No, you're fine. I asked Celia to tease you a bit and see if you would bite and gave the ladies free reign to play. I wanted to know if you were serious about the job or only interested because of the... environment?"

"I'm serious about the job." I replied emphatically.

"I believe you. No I think you'll do just fine. We aren't used to having men around and...well to be honest; I've never really bought into a lot of the problems of a mixed office environment. Around here sexual harassment hasn't been an issue, and I don't expect it to change. We're all big girls...and well... now boys and girls. If someone tries to do something you're not comfortable with, tell them to stop. If they don't, come see me. On the other side of that coin, I don't really care who you date or have sex with, as long as it doesn't affect the work. Sneaking off to a fitting room for a quickie isn't going to get you fired. As long as you don't force yourself on anyone I think we'll all get along fine."

"Well, I don't expect to do that." I answered, wondering what she was driving at.

"Good. I expect the problem will be the other way around. We tend to have a pretty lax dress code around here. It comes with the territory. Feel free to join or avoid as you see fit. As long as you don't do anything to discredit our company or our clients I think you'll fit in fine." She said, her hand lying on my thigh.

"Thank you." I said, looking down at her hand.

"Making you nervous?" She asked, sliding her hand off. "All you have to do is say no. Understand?"

"No, it wasn't that. I just wasn't expecting....well the boss...you know."

"What to touch you?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Sort of, yeah." I replied sheepishly.

"Chris if I want to play I'll ask. If you want to say no, that's your choice. I thought I made it clear; the only thing that will be a problem is not doing your job. You're not going to get fired for...recreational activities."

"Thanks." I replied.

"Ok. I think we're done for now." She said uncurling her legs and standing up.

"Yes maam." I answered, getting up from her sofa and headed for the door.

"One more thing. The cameras in this building? My office is one of the few that can be turned off."

"Yes maam." I answered as I reached the door. I wondered what she was suggesting as I walked back to my office. I sat down in my chair and out of curiosity, opened the camera live feed panel and clicked to her office. The camera, as it always had been, was turned on. I watched as she paced the office for several seconds and then turned, as if to face the camera, and undid the belt around her gray skirt. She reached behind it and after several seconds let it slide to the floor. Her fingers quickly worked down the front of her cream colored blouse, undoing each of the tiny buttons before shrugging it off and letting it slump to the floor with her skirt. Her hands slid up her back and the lacy bra she was wearing dropped away, revealing her creamy B cup breasts, each topped with a pink puckered areola, topped with a small hard nipple. With a little grin on her face, she looked up at the camera and then hooked her fingers in the panties she wore, sliding the tiny bikini panties down her legs until she could step out of them.

She turned slowly, letting me see her whole body, her tight little ass, her shaved pussy, her firm round breasts. It was obvious that this was intended for someone to see, that someone being me. Why else would she have referred to the camera? I nearly missed her blow a little kiss toward the camera before walking to her desk. She opened a drawer and pulled out a long slender gold colored vibrator and turned it on, gently teasing it over her nipples and then down to her bare mound.

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