tagErotic CouplingsA Techies Wonderland Ch. 05

A Techies Wonderland Ch. 05


One day, just one quiet day was what I needed to really get this program started. There had been way too many interruptions in general, not counting the total lack of productivity the day before due to the football games. I was glad that Kansas City could only lose once a week. Don't get me wrong. I've had more sex in the last two weeks than in the last ten years, and it's been fantastic! But in some ways it was almost too much. I have as many fantasies as any red blooded man, and in the last few days I've had a lot of them satisfied, but I was brought up to focus on one woman at a time, not two or three or....well....seven or eight! I have the distinct feeling that every one of these ladies has designs to try me on for size.

I guess I shouldn't complain. After all, I could have my old job where the chance of even meeting someone sexy was pretty thin, let alone actually having one throw herself at me. No, I think I shouldn't complain after all.

"Christopher!" Celia called sweetly as she cracked the door open.

"Yeah?" I answered, turning from my computer screen to see her.

"Amanda's out this morning and she said you should take care of Misses Lankford when she came in."

"Misses Lankford. Why do I know that name?" I asked quietly while I searched my brain. I finally looked up at Celia shaking my head in confusion.

"You know... Misty Moons? She's here to pick up her new dresses," she answered with a wink.

"Oh lord." I said quietly. What red blooded man didn't know that name? The cover of playboy, one of the hottest names in live cabaret, (read that strip clubs), and let's not forget the number of porn movies she's been in. Hell her tits were advertised as all natural quadruple D's and her butt was almost as large. "Why me? How about you take her back to Jeanie?"

"Sorry. Misty is a friend of Amanda's and she left me a note for you to take care of her. It is part of your job you know." She said with a crooked little grin.

"Ok." I said reluctantly, getting up from my desk to follow her out. I did my best to prepare myself to meet a veritable sex legend. Even without makeup and slutty dresses it was obvious to me who Misty Lankford was. I stepped past Celia and held my hand out to greet her.

"Welcome Misses Lankford." I said as I gave her as discrete an up-down look as I could. She wore tight jeans, canvas tennis shoes and a floppy cut up t-shirt with no sleeves and a deep V cut neckline that covered a much tighter tank type t-shirt, the combination somewhat masking her huge chest.

"You must be Christopher. I've heard a lot about you from Amanda!" She answered, stepping toward me and giving me a hug, pressing her massive tits into my chest. "Please, call me Misty." She said as she released me and stepped back. "Amanda told me she had my new dresses all done and because she couldn't be here that you would love to help me out."

"Well, personally I think Jeanie or Suzanne would be a much better choice, but I'd be happy to take you in the back."

"Oh you're not going to be a spoil sport are you Christopher?" She asked.

"I won't if you insist." I answered, holding a hand out toward the hallway leading to the back and my office. "And please, Chris will do fine. If you'll come back to my office, I'll pull the orders, and we'll go find your dresses."

She stepped toward me as I turned and I walked next to her, holding my arm out again to show her into my office. "It'll just take a minute to pull up your orders." I said as I stepped around my desk and sat down at my computer. I was busy punching her name into the search line to get her orders and print them as she stepped around the desk to stand behind me.

"So Amanda says you're pretty spectacular at what you do."

"Thanks. I do love working with computers." I answered.

"Uh huh. So. How do you like working for Amanda?"

"So far it's been a real challenge."

"I bet it's a challenge to be the only guy in a business full of women?"

"It's turned out to be a bit of a huge challenge actually. I guess I never really thought about how women act when guys aren't around."

"How's that?"

"Well, for instance their version of a football pool kind of caught me off guard." I said as I turned to take the papers out of the laser printer.

"Oh? Are they still playing naked losers?" She asked with a chuckle.

"Actually it would seem they are."

"Ah. They talked you into it playing, did they?" She asked as I swiveled my chair around to face her. "I hope your team didn't lose too badly this week."

"You say that like you've been talked into a few things you weren't sure you wanted to do after you were in it."

"Well, to be honest, I was a stripper for quite a while before some guy talked me into stripping for the camera one time. The part he forgot to tell me was that the pole I would be dancing on was attached to a guy. After that it seemed like things just snowballed until I was a sex star." She said, stepping back and sitting down in the black leather chair in the back corner of my office.

"Sounds like you aren't happy with your choice."

"Don't get me wrong. It's been great, and the money, well the money can be pretty damn good. But sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if I had settled down with my boyfriend from high school instead of running off to become an exotic dancer."

"Well, if you believe 'em, they say that there are an infinite number of possible parallel universes and time lines. Each time we reach a decision that could go two ways, a new time line is spawned, one where we decide one way and another where we decide the other. And this happens for everyone every day. Personally I think that may be partly true, but instead of being unlimited combinations, there are certain events that we're bound to reach, no matter what our previous choices. Given that, I would guess that even if you had married him you'd still be the hot star that you are." I told her.

"You really think so? That I was destined to become a porn star?"

"Well, it's what ended up being the main focus in your life right now, so yeah, I think probably it would be.

"Hmmm." She said thoughtfully. "I guess that does make sense."

"So shall we go see your dresses?"

"Yes, on one condition. You stay with me while I try them on." She said firmly.

"You're the customer." I answered hesitantly, standing up and holding a hand out to her. She took my hand and I led her out of my office and through the doors onto the shop floor. It surprised me that she continued to hold my hand snuggly as I lead her down to the finished dress room. I opened the door with my free hand, the lights coming on automatically as I stepped in and led Misty into the large room. "It'll take me a minute to find your stuff." I told her as gently extracted my hand from hers and started walking along the rack that ran all the way around the room, checking the little tags on the hangers to match them to my sheets. This definitely needed to change!

"Here we are." I said as I finally located her dresses and pulled them from the rack. I carried them to a free standing rack in the middle of the room that had two long, padded, burgundy leather benches on either side of it. "I'll let you try them on. The mirror is right there." I said, pointing to the little stage with mirrors surrounding it that was at the end of the pair of benches. "And if you prefer a little more privacy there is a dressing room in the corner over there."

"You're not going to leave, are you?" She asked, reaching out and grabbing at my sleeve to keep me from walking away. "You really don't need to, it's not like I'm bashful or anything."

"I just thought..." I said a little defensively.

"Oh come now. You're not going to pass up the chance to see these beauties in person, are you?" She asked sweetly, letting go of my sleeve and moving her hands to the bottom of the oversized t-shirt she wore. She gave me a wink and then skimmed the shirt up over her head, dropping it on the bench she stood next to. "You know. I can't just buy dresses off the rack. With these babies everything has to be custom made, even my bras." She said as she pulled the skin tight tank top type shirt up and off, exposing a huge purple lace bra that supported and encased her massive tits.

"So have you ever watched any of my movies?" She asked as she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra, shaking the straps off her shoulders and letting it slide down to expose her huge tits, each one topped with a large round pink areola and erect nipple nearly as large around as my thumb.

"Um. Yeah a few." I answered as I stared at her tits.

"Just a few? I bet you wished you could reach through the screen and grab them, didn't you?"

"Maybe a time or two."

"I'm sure it was much more than a time or two. Come on. You can touch them. They don't bite." She said, taking a step closer to me and reaching for my hands. She pulled my hands up and placed each one on a breast, my palm covering her nipples and areolas before she began to slowly rub them around the front of her tits.

"You sure you want me to do this?" I asked, still staring at her tits in my hands.

"Very sure." She said, taking another partial step closer to me so that her huge tits were only a few inches from my chest.

"I guess you get groped a lot." I said, unable to stop myself from giving her big tits a gentle squeeze as I continued rubbing them after she pulled her hands off.

"Yeah, I do. But it's always either a horny ass director trying to get a freebee or another actor who's just doing what they need to for the camera. It's been a long time since anyone asked me if it was ok to touch them."

"Hazard of the trade I suppose." I said, sliding my hands down under each massive breast so I could heft them. I guessed that each one had to weigh at least fifteen pounds as I gently hefted them. "Kind of like me and computers. Everyone wants free computer work done. I guess for you they expect free sex."

"Yeah. Seems that way." She said as she moved her hands down to her pants. She undid the snap of her jeans and wiggled her ass while she pushed them down, forcing the almost skin tight material over her huge round ass cheeks. "Are you enjoying holding them?"

"Um Sorry." I said, pulling my hands back as if I had just grabbed something hot.

"No, I didn't want you to stop." She said, reaching out for my hands and pulling them back against her bare breasts. "I just wanted to know if you were enjoying it."

"Yeah, I kind of am." I answered her with a bit of an embarrassed grin.

"You know. I kind of do too." She said as she took hold of my wrists and slowly pulled me back with her until she could sit down on the padded bench. "Would you mind helping me with my jeans?" She asked sweetly.

"Sure." I said, reaching down as she lifted one leg for me, leaning herself back against her hands as she did so.

I pulled off her surprisingly low heels, maybe two inches long, and then tugged her pants the rest of the way down her leg and off her foot. I was a bit surprised to see her wearing beige thigh high stockings under the pants. She lifted the other leg and allowed me to pull that leg off as well, leaving her in nothing but her stockings and an extremely skimpy purple panty.

"So which do you think I should try on first?" She asked as she stood back up, her huge tits swinging and wiggling as she moved. She pulled the five hangers off the rack and held the dresses in front of her one at a time until she decided to try on a short red stretchy one. "How about this one?" She asked, hanging the others on the rack.

"Uh. Sure." I answered as she pulled the material off the hanger and gingerly stepped into the long slim tube of material. I had my doubts if it would actually go over her large round posterior, but as she pulled it up it stretched and slipped over her. She put her arms through the two shoulder loops and then wiggled her monster tits into the material. "Would you zip me?" She asked nicely as she turned her back to me.

"Sure." I answered as I stepped back over to her and gently grabbed the small zipper that was nearly half way down her butt, and zipped the back of the knee length dress up to the base of her neck.

"Well, what do you think?" She asked, turning to face me as she bounced her breasts up in the dress to settle them. The stretchy material seemed to cling to her body like a second skin, curving in and around both breasts before hugging her stomach and flaring out over her wide hips. The red material seemed to almost shimmer in the light and the skirt portion swished in soft gentle movements below her thighs as she spun for me.

"I think you look like a million bucks!" I answered honestly.

"Thank you! That is sweet of you." She said as she walked the length of the bench to step on the stage and look at herself in the mirrors. "It does accentuate my assets, doesn't it?" She said with a giggle, looking at how it clung to her big butt and huge tits. "Tell me, if you saw me walking toward you in this, would it make you horny?"

"Yeah it would." I answered as she turned again in the mirror.

"Good!" She said brightly as she stepped down and sauntered over to me, her feet practically crossing over each other as she made her hips swing seductively on the way. "You know. Most guys that are going to get to see me in this will just have to imagine taking it off me. You get to actually do it!" She said, turning her back to me and waiting expectantly.

"Uh huh." I gulped as I unzipped her dress and stepped back.

"You're not leaving it like that, are you?" She asked, looking over her shoulder with a pout on her lips.

"Um No." I answered, stepping back over and slipping my hands between her shoulders and the red straps of the dress. I gently pushed the material over her shoulders and down her arms, peeling the form fitting material down her body, exposing her breasts again as I pushed lower. I ran out of reach and had to pull my hands back up to her waist to start again, sliding my hands down the bare skin of her hips as I rolled the dress over her round ass and then slid it down her legs. I squatted down to help her step out of the dress, my face nearly pressing against her bare ass as she bent over to balance herself on the bench in front of us.

"I wish I always had you there to undress me. You have a very gentle touch that is a huge turn on. Women must love getting undressed by you!" She said as she straightened up and looked down at me gathering up the dress.

"Oh. I don't usually get to undress many women." I answered honestly, standing back up and moving past her to the rack to hang the dress back on its hanger.

"Too bad. You'd be a big hit. I know, I've been undressed by more men than I can count. It's not often I get tingly at a man taking off my dress."

"Sorry. I wasn't trying to..." I started to say before she interrupted me.

"You really can't take a compliment can you?"

"Um. Not too used to it, no." I answered.

"Hmmmmm. Amanda is going to have to do something about that!" She said emphatically as she reached for the biggest dress on the rack, a large strapless green satin dress. "Let's do this one next."

"Ok." I answered taking the dress she held out and pulling it gently off the hanger.

"This is for my friend's wedding. I'm the matron of honor." She said as she took the dress from me and sat down on the edge of the bench. She carefully slid the dress up both legs as far as she could before gathering the huge puffy skirt up so she could stand up again. She reached out with her free hand, which I took to help her stand back up. Once standing, she carefully wiggled her body, while tugging the dress upward, working the material up until the top cupped and encased her huge tits. She turned around again, exposing her nearly bare back to me. "Could you please?"

"Sure." I answered, pulling the zipper up as far as it would go.

"Perfect fit!" She said with a grin. "It's almost like you were standing behind me holding them up!"

"It does look like it fits well." I said, feeling a little red in my cheeks at the thought of standing behind her with her massive tits in my hands. I watched her ass swing in the flowing dress, her feet barely visible. She hiked the dress up to step onto the platform and then spun herself with a girlish giggle, making the bottom of the dress flare out as she spun.

"So what do you think?"

"I think you better not get too active at the reception." I answered, looking at how low cut the front of the dress was and how much her huge creamy breasts was showing.

"You think?" She asked, stepping down off the platform. She walked over and put her hands in the air and started gyrating in an incredibly sexy dance. She swung her hips and reached out to put her hands on my shoulders. "Come on. Dance with me." She said with a smile, rocking her hips and swishing her dress seductively.

"I'm not much of a dancer I'm afraid." I answered as I stood there with her swaying back and forth in front of me.

"Ohhhhh Come on. Just move with me. It's not hard." She encouraged. "Just put your hands on my hips and move with me."

I did as she said and put my hands on her hips, gripping her waist just above where the skirt of the dress attached to the bodice.

"Good. Now sway your hips with me." She said with a smile.

I did my best but was still moving rather stiffly.

"Ohhh You can do better than that!" She said. "Here! Let's try this!" She said spinning around between my arms and grabbing my hands. She held my hands on her waist and then backed up until her big round butt was pressed against me. She let go of my hands and reached back, grabbing at my hips and pulling me tightly to her ass. "Now move with me." She encouraged as she began swaying her hips again.

"Not sure this is working so well." I told her, afraid she was going to realize just how hard I'd gotten in the last few minutes.

"Sure it is. You're moving a lot better. Aren't you having fun?"

"Oh yeah, I'm having a great time." I answered her.

"I can tell." She said with a giggle. "I haven't ever had a man try so hard to hide the fact he has a hard on. Most guys want to flaunt it hoping I'll just jump their bones."

"Well, you are Amanda's friend. I wouldn't want to take advantage."

"You are sooooo cute!" She said with a laugh, stopping her dancing and stepping away. "Would you unzip me please?"

"Sure." I said, pulling the little tab down her back.

She wiggled out of the dress, bending over in front of me, her round ass pushing out at me along with her panty covered pussy. As she stepped out of the dress, her legs spread and I could easily see the dark spot soaked into the purple material.

"Now. How about the next dress?" She asked, reaching for the empty dress hanger. She carefully put that one back on the rack and then pulled a small red dress off the hanger. She held her hands up and wiggled it down over her head, pulling it down like a t-shirt until it covered her like a stretchy tube from the top of her tits to just about the middle of her thighs. The material clung to her and molded to her curves making her figure look very much like an hour glass, her big bust, her much smaller waist and then her large round hips and ass.

"Wow." I said without thinking.

"I'll take that as a good comment. I guess it looks good?"

"Yeah. If you're looking for a dress that drips sex....yeah it's perfect."

"You think?"

"Yeah. Only thing is you can't wear anything under it. Your panties are showing right through."

"They are? We can't have that!" she said, reaching up under the bottom of the dress and quickly pulling the panties down and off. "That better?" She asked as she raised her arms and wiggled her ass around, doing a slow turn as she gyrated her body sexily.

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