A Tempting Vacation Ch. 02


"It's ok." Ron said as he turned to look out the window. "Wow, this is really cool, you can see right to the ocean floor."

"Really? Can I see?" Beth leaned over across Ron's lap, placing her left hand near his knee, and her right hand on the middle of his left thigh. Ron was forced to lean back to allow her to peer out the small window. Beth could feel her dress fall away from her body, and she suspected Ron was getting a clear shot of most of each breast.

The magazine covering Ron's hard-on was slipping further and further across his lap. He was concerned his bulging shorts would become evident to Beth. He had been trying to will his cock back to a flaccid state every since he had disengaged from Pam's ass. But Beth's touchy- feely mannerism was making it difficult. As she leaned across the arm rest to look out the window, Ron's left arm was trapped beneath her impressive boobs. He could feel their unrestrained weight glide across his forearm as she leaned closer to the window. After what seemed like an eternity, Beth retreated back to her seat. Ron was able to discreetly readjust the magazine to safely conceal his reaction to her.

"That is quite a sight, but I still get nervous flying over the ocean," Beth said, "How about playing a game with me to help pass the time. Ever play Hang Man before?"

Ron was thankful for something to do to divert his perverted mind from Beth's body, so her readily agreed to play.


As they began to play their game, Pam was still sitting motionless, her eyes shut, as she had almost from the time she had managed to finally quit pressing herself into Ron's crotch. She seemed to come to a rather disturbing conclusion after several moments of debating with herself as to her reaction to what had happened. No matter how much she told herself she had not intended for either interaction with Ron to occur, she kept coming back to the fact that she enjoyed it each time. She knew it was wrong, and she knew she must avoid further such situations, but she could not erase the undeniable feeling of lust that had overwhelmed her when she felt his young body respond to her the way he had. Continuing to replay the events in her mind was only making her more and more horny.

Finally she gave in to her wicked thoughts and began to fantasize about Amy's boyfriend, rationalizing that what ever happened in her brain would provide a good outlet for the pent up frustration beginning to consume her body.

Pam's mind placed her back in her bathroom, preparing to take a shower. She knew Ron was in the hallway, peering at her through the slightly opened door. She slowly removed her clothes and got under the water, turning and posing for his benefit. She knew he was playing with his big cock as she ran her soapy hands over her firm tits and ass. Wanting to continue her teasing, she stepped from the shower, wrapped a towel around her and went into the bedroom. She could see Ron in the mirror, still peeping around the door. She dropped the towel and began to rub herself with lotion, until her entire body was glistening.

As she raised her head up to look at the doorway, Ron's eyes locked with hers, and he quickly strode into her room. "Ron! What do you think you are doing?" she said as the teenager began to take off his shirt.

"I am going to show you what your constant teasing has done to me." He responded.

Pam pictured herself standing there, nude, trying to cover herself with her shiny, lotion covered hands. In an indignant tone, she said, "I don't know what you are talking about, but you had better stop right now."

Ron was now pushing his shorts downward, slowly allowing his massive cock to come into her view. He was standing so close that his swollen cockhead sprung forth and pressed into her stomach. Pam tried to push him away, but he was so much taller and stronger, he simply grabbed her by the arms and forced her back onto the bed. Pam started trying to squirm away from him, but her slick skin only slipped back and forth beneath him, causing a delightful friction of their bodies.

"Don't fight me, you know you want it." Ron' fantasy persona said with a confidence he didn't possess in real life.

Pam's breathing was becoming more labored as she fought with more intensity. She could feel his cock pressing into her thighs as she tried to fight him off. Then, Ron slid his body up over Pam's slick torso, until his cock and balls were positioned over Pam's heaving boobs, his cock towering out directly above her face. Pam seemed transfixed by the sight of his prick, to the point she didn't notice Ron quickly place the handcuffs on her wrists and secure them to the headboard.

Pam surprised herself with the direction she was taking this fantasy, but the growing dampness between her legs encouraged her to continue.


Beth's mind had been working out a wicked little trick for young Ron during the first few rounds of Hang Man. They were picking words or phrases that described 'what they wanted to do on vacation' and so far things like 'get a tan', 'go snorkeling', and 'sunbathe' had been the norm. Beth drew out the blanks for her next puzzle, pressing the pen firmly down on the magazine in Ron's lap. He had refused to let her remove it for the first round, so now they were both using it to provide a writing surface for the game. She finished with the blanks for this round, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, and told Ron to start guessing letters.


Amy had grown tired of gazing at the ocean, and turned to look past her sleeping mother, to where Beth and Ron sat, apparently playing a game of some sort. Beth had turned to face Ron, leaving only her back visible to Amy. Ron was such a goofball, Amy could tell he was trying to steal peeks down Beth's dress every time she leaned over to write on the paper in Ron's lap. She really couldn't blame him for taking notice of Beth, or her mom for that matter. They were both extremely attractive, especially for their age. Amy didn't really mind, mostly because she knew there was no way either of them, nor Ron for that matter, would do anything inappropriate. If there were any chance anything could happen between them, she might worry, but the idea of Ron getting worked up by her mom and Beth was more amusing than threatening. Besides, Amy was more than glad to take care of any increased urges Ron might develop by looking down Beth's neckline.

Amy knew Beth was a tease, she had overheard her telling her mom about the thrill she got from getting the guys at the gym all worked up. She had eavesdropped a few other times as well. Amy could still remember her mother's shocked reaction to Beth's story about buying a prostitute for her husband several years ago. It seemed he had always had a fantasy about a threesome, so Beth had given him his dream for his 30th birthday.

She could still remember how horny it made her to listen to Beth tell her mom all the graphic details of everything they did that night. Picturing Beth with her husband and another woman was making Amy get hot once again. She had been all worked up since the escalator ride, and now Amy felt an increased heat between her legs as her naked ass squirmed beneath her short dress. Soon she found herself thinking about what it would be like to let Ron stick his dick inside her overheated pussy. She wasn't sure what it would be like, or what would be the best way to do it for your first time. These thoughts were running through Amy's brain as she continued to watch Beth and Ron. Maybe she could ask Beth stuff about doing it for the first time. She was way more cool than her mom, hell, Beth would probably like to be in the room, directing the action.

The lingering thought of Beth helping her and Ron screw for the first time quickly evolved into Amy's mental image of Beth dressed like a school teacher, hair in a bun, eyeglasses, and a ruler in her hand. She suppressed a giggle as the image expanded to include her and Ron naked, sitting on the couch as Beth strode back and forth before them. She could only imagine how hard Ron's cock would be at the thought of Beth joining them for a hot session of sex. As Amy allowed her mind to wander, she found herself becoming more and more aroused at the scenarios being played out in her brain.


"Guess another letter Ron," Beth said, anxious for him come to the conclusion she had planned.

"Um.ok, how about an O?"

"Good one, I think there are three." Beth said as her hand once again dropped onto the magazine covering Ron's still swollen prick. D _ v o u _ _ o u _ _ o _ k.

Ron was finding it very difficult to concentrate on the game. Every time Beth wrote, the pressure she applied made his cock roll back and forth beneath the magazine. He was certain she was totally oblivious to what she was doing to him.

She seemed much more interested in this puzzle, so he tried to put more effort into it as well. He was down to the last leg of his stick hang man, so he had to get it without missing anymore. In response to Beth's urging to guess again, Ron said, "OK Vanna, give me a minute to think about it."


Pam continued to pretend to be asleep, the entire time Ron was ravaging her within the safety of her fantasy. After he cuffed her hands to the bed above her head, he began to slowly masturbate only inches from her face. His cock was slick from rubbing over her lotion coated body, and his hand moved easily from the base to the fat, swollen head, then back again.

"Ron, you have to stop," Pam said, "You are young enough to be my own son, not to mention you are dating my daughter."

"You should have thought of that before you started being such a prick teaser. Now I am going to give you what you've been asking for, so you might as well lay back and enjoy." Ron said as Pam's gaze remained fixed onto the massive cock sliding beneath his hands.

"Did you know I get an erection every time I come over here. Of course you know, you go out of your way to cause it. Admit to me you have been teasing me on purpose, go on admit it." Ron demanded, his hand now stroking faster up and down the length of his cock.

"No, I never even.." Pam began to deny his accusations, but was forced to quit speaking as Ron shoved the swollen head of his cock past her lips.

"I don't want to hear your lies, so I think I want you to suck me, OK prick teaser?"

Pam's eyes looked up at Ron, and her mouth stretched wider as he leaned forward, feeding her more and more of his dick. She let her tongue swirl around his dick, no longer offering any resistance. As she gave in to him, Ron began to stroke his shaft in tandem with Pam's mouth.

"Ahhh, oh yeah! I am going to cum right in your mouth, God, yes" and then he began to spurt stream after stream of semen into her mouth, Pam tried to swallow it all, but couldn't, and he pulled out, his cock still spasming across her face.

Pam opened her eyes slightly as she shifted one leg over the other, seeking some relief from the growing sensations her fantasy was causing between her legs. She quickly noticed Amy appeared to be asleep, and Beth was entertaining Ron, so she shut her eyes once again, and continued with her deliciously wicked thoughts.


D e v o u _ _ o u _ _ o _ k.

Ron had just guessed the letter E, and he couldn't yet figure out the puzzle. As he was deciding on his next letter to select, Beth said, "While you are thinking, maybe you can settle something for me."

"Ah, yeah, sure." Ron replied, still trying to fill in the blanks on the paper in his lap, "What do you want to know?"

"Well, back in the airport, Amy said she couldn't remember what ice cream flavor she had smeared on her shirt. At first she said it was vanilla," Beth paused, taking notice that Ron had quit tapping the pen on his leg, his thoughts interrupted by this new topic of conversation.

Beth had guessed almost as soon as she felt the gooey stain on Amy's shirt it was semen, and judging from her nervous mannerisms, Beth was sure her assumption about the source of the stains was correct.

"But when I said it didn't smell like vanilla, she said you had surprised her with some weird flavor she didn't really like, so she had thrown most of it away. I just wondered what flavor it was?"

Ron looked up from the letters and blank spaces, meeting Beth's eyes, "Hmm, I can't really remember, it was something strange, like coconut colada I think." Ron was pleased with his quick thinking, although he thought Beth's question was a little strange.

"I guess it could have been," Beth said, "I was just asking because when some accidentally got on my fingers, I gave it a little taste. It was really very good, and I thought I might try to find out where it came from. I would love to get some more. Do you remember the brand, or name of the place you bought it?" Beth was trying so hard not to let her face betray her as she watched Ron fidget in his seat.

"No, I can't really remember," was about all Ron could manage to say at the moment. The thought of Beth licking his cum from his cock like an ice cream cone was the only image his mind would allow him to envision.

"Oh well, you can't blame a girl for trying. We will be landing soon, let's try and finish this game first." Beth said as Ron tried to return his concentration back to the letters of the yet unknown phrase.


Amy, oblivious to Beth's intentionally 'inadvertent' teasing of her boyfriend, was deep in her own fantasy. In her mind, Beth was towering before her and Ron, as they sat naked on the couch.

"My goodness Amy, your boyfriend looks very happy to see you, don't you think you should return the favor."

Amy looked from Beth, to Ron's hard dick, then back to Beth. She said to Beth, "But I have never, you know, touched a man's thing before."

Amy liked the idea of playing the complete innocent, letting Beth teach her and Ron what to do. She looked over to see her mom still asleep, grabbed a magazine from the seat back before her and laid it across her lap. Then she slipped her left hand under her skirt to her very hot pussy. The magazine safely concealed her actions, and she began to move her index finger ever so gently across her engorged clit as her mind went back to her developing fantasy.

"Well," Beth said, "all boys like to have their dicks sucked, don't they Ron?"

Ron smiled, saying, "I guess so, I mean I would like to give it a try."

"All right, so Amy, come over here on your knees between Ron's legs. Now grab his cock like this." Beth had knelt down next to her and was now firmly gripping Ron's erection. "Now, just give it a nice sloppy kiss." Amy did as Beth instructed, coating her boyfriend's prick head with her saliva.

"Very good, now take it in your mouth." Beth said. Amy let a few inches into her mouth, then gagged slightly. Beth pulled Ron's cock from her and said, "Don't worry, it takes a lot of practice, but eventually you will be able to do it more like this." She then moved her lips up and over Ron's throbbing cock, then sank her mouth down until most of his cock disappeared into her mouth and throat.

Ron moaned from the pleasure as Beth pulled her head back up, letting him fall from her mouth. "You try again." She said to Amy.

Amy took a little more this time. "Very good," Beth encouraged her. She held up her ruler to Ron's cock, saying, "You took almost 4 inches that time. Try one more time and then I have something else for you to do." Amy started at Ron's balls, slowly moving her wet, slurpy kisses up higher and higher. Beth reached her hand out to grasp Ron's shaft, pulling it forward slightly to give Amy a better angle. As Amy licked and sucked gently on just the purplish head of his dick, Beth's hand began to stroke up and down his hard pole, in time with Amy's mouth.

"Amy, go ahead and take as much as you can." Beth told her. Amy slid her lips over Ron's cock and began to press downward. Beth kept the ruler in place, giving Amy instant feedback. "Good, you've got 4 inches again, now just breathe through your nose and get used to what you have now for a few seconds. Okay, now take some more. Very good, there's 5, oh wow, now you have 6. You are a natural Amy."

Even though Amy had never tried to deep throat Ron in real life, in her fantasy she was a real pro. She kept pushing her head down, cheered on by Beth, until her nose was buried in Ron's pubic hair.

"Fantastic, now pull up slowly, squeezing your throat around his dick. But don't let him cum yet, I want to watch you fuck him first." Beth said, her hands now stroking Amy's hair and down across her back.


D e v o u _ _ o u _ _ o _ k

Ron was having a very hard time concentrating, given the conversation he and Beth had just had. She however seemed perfectly normal. Of course, he told himself, she would behave normally. Why would she even suspect that Ron had shot his cum across Amy's shirt. Beth obviously had no way of knowing she had tasted his jism earlier, then just told him how much she liked it.

"Are you going to guess, or do you need a hint?" Beth asked.

Ron, wanting to end this game quickly, asked for a hint. "OK, let's see, this is too much help, but we are running out of time. You should pick the first letter in one or our names."

"What, you mean B?" Ron asked. Beth shook her head, and Ron then said, "Well, then how about R?"

Beth leaned over once again to scribble two Rs into the blanks, causing Ron to squirm a little from the pressure on his crotch.

D e v o u r _ o u r _ o _ k

"Ready to guess yet?" she asked.

Ron looked, only half way trying by this point, and still did not see the answer. "Nope, not yet, got another clue left?"

Beth thought for a second, then a wonderfully devious coincidence dawned on her, "Ok, the last word starts with the first letter of the ice cream flavor I liked so much off Amy's shirt."

Ron didn't even look up, hoping to avoid eye contact. "Mmm, you mean C?"

"That's it," she said, and wrote in the letter.

D e v o u r _ o u r c o _ k

Then it hit Ron right between the eyes, or maybe more like right between the legs. She had written DEVOUR YOUR COCK as her choice for things she wanted to do on vacation. He couldn't believe she was being so forward. Besides, why would she ever want to do something like that with him, he was just an ordinary teenage boy.

He still did not look up. Should he guess the phrase? No, he couldn't say that out loud to her, maybe he should play stupid and have her write it in. Suddenly her realized that at least this would explain some of the things she had been saying to him, like about her dress back in Miami, and ...Oh my god, he thought, what about the stain on Amy's shirt, did she know what it was afterall.


Ron's mind was reeling just across the aisle from Pam even as she pictured him rubbing his fat cock across her naked breasts. She was still bound to the bed, his cum dripping down her face and neck. Pam tilted her head upward to see that Ron's cock was still as hard as ever.

He grinned at her once her eyes looked up to his face, "So, are you ready to get fucked now, tease?"

"No, Ron you can't. What we have done is bad enough, you can't stick that in me." She said without much real conviction, looking back to Ron's cock as he continued to rub it back and forth across her erect nipples.

"Sorry, but this is what happens when you tease, you eventually get fucked!" Ron smiled, and began to slide down her body. She tried to wiggle from beneath him, but he pressed his legs between hers and forced them apart. His cock slid down her slippery belly, and then the shaft moved directly toward the puffy lips of her pussy. He increased the pressure as he moved it down, over her clit and into her hot crevice of her cunt.

Pam had quit struggling as his fat cock head pressed against her clit. Her body began to respond almost at once, her hips moving against him, seeking out his young cock.

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