A Tempting Vacation Ch. 06


"Mom, Ron's awake." Amy said, causing her mother to turn and acknowledge Ron. His cock was still jerking and bobbing, hidden beneath the sheets, still seeking the orgasm that had been but seconds away. As Pam shifted on the bed, the towel stretched tightly against her body. Her boobs were straining to break free, but Pam seemed to be very conscious of her appearance to Ron, and held the material tightly with her free hand. Ron immediately felt guilty for having been so obvious in staring at her, although given recent events, he doubted Amy minded at all.

Upon giving the phone to Ron, Pam tried to modestly scoot off the end of the bed. It was hard to keep the towel from gaping open, and she felt Ron eyes on her even as he began speaking to his mother. She silently returned to the bathroom to get her bikini on and head to the beach as quickly as possible, anxious for some time alone to yet again work on getting herself together, and push the lustful thoughts from her brain.

Ron began updating his mother on their trip to date as best he could, although his raging hard-on and the recent vision of Pam's nude body playing peek-a-boo with him through her towel were making it difficult for him to concentrate. He managed to keep the conversation to a minimum, and just as he was preparing to hang up, Pam emerged from the bathroom carrying her beach towel and wearing an oversized tee shirt, evidently covering her bikini, and whispered to Amy she was headed to the beach.

As Ron turned to replace the receiver back in its cradle, Amy quickly confirmed Beth was still sleeping, then she deftly slid her entire body beneath the sheets, pressing herself nicely between his muscular legs.

"Amy! What are you doing?" Ron whispered, glancing first at Beth only a few feet from them, then at the squirming sheet between his legs. Amy chose not to answer him with words, but to show him her intentions, as she quickly pulled his cock from the stretched leg opening of his shorts. She grasped his shaft firmly in her small hands, holding him tightly as he tried to move from her grasp. He wanted her hands and mouth on him, but Ron had been close to achieving a wet dream when she woke him up, and he knew it wouldn't take long until he was cumming. He was afraid he would be unable to keep from waking Beth when his orgasm finally came.


Beth was actually shocked at Amy's brazenness. She had done a lot of daring things in her day, but giving a blowjob to her boyfriend while an adult slept only two feet away was something even Beth would not have attempted in her teenage days. Not that she was complaining, Beth thought Amy's naughty actions were wonderful and would only serve to make their trip all the more exciting. She watched discreetly as Ron eventually gave up his efforts to escape from the little nymph beneath his sheets, seeming to resolve himself to receiving a good-morning blowjob.

Beth was once again frustrated at not being able to see anything. She decided to go on the offensive before Amy could get Ron off. She began to stir as if waking. Beth figured they would react in one of two ways. Either they would acknowledge Amy was beneath the sheets, or she would try to hide there, either way Beth figured it would be fun to torment them some.

Beth opened her eyes, pretending to be only half awake, and slowly propped herself up on her elbow, her head resting in her hand as she looked in Ron's direction. "Morning", she said to him in a soft voice.


Ron had noticed some movement from Beth's bed just in time to pull his knees up as far as he could. He was still sitting upright in the position he had assumed to conceal his erection form Amy's mom, his back against the small night table that held the phone. Due to still being firmly tucked beneath the foot of his bed, the sheet was stretched tight as it sloped up from the mattress and over his knees. He hoped the sheet was tented and taut enough to conceal Amy.

"Good morning." He responded, glancing toward Beth and immediately noticing how her position on the bed was providing an enticing view of her left breast as it tried to escape from the neckline of her gown.


Amy froze at the sound of Beth's voice. She scrunched her body up tight between Ron's legs and looked around beneath the sheet as best she could. She thought she was safely concealed, and from the sound of Beth's voice, it did not appear she had noticed what they were doing. Amy didn't want Beth to catch her giving Ron a blowjob. Even though Amy knew Beth had spied on them last night, she didn't think even Beth would just sit there and condone her friend's teenage daughter sucking a hard dick while she sat and watched. Then again, Amy was not really sure what Beth might or might not do in a given situation. That thought sent a jolt through her body as she tugged Ron's still hard rod downward to her lips, gently flicking her tongue across his sensitive head while Beth and Ron began to talk.


"Where are the others?" Beth asked as she proped herself up higher on her elbow, purposely allowing even more of her tanned breast to peek from her gown. She could feel the lacy edge of her neckline on her stiffening nipple, indicating her silver dollar sized areola were very nearly exposed.

Ron's cock had not lost any hardness, yet the initial fear of being caught had repressed his impeding orgasm. Now, as Amy's tongue flicked up and down against him while he tried not to get caught staring at Beth's boobs, his cock began to throb once again.

"Ron? I said, 'where are the others?' Are you okay?" Beth fought to keep a straight face as she broke Ron's trance.

"What? Uh, Oh, yeah, They ah, went to, I mean Pam went to the beach and Amy went for a jog." Ron said as he tried not to moan from the sensations Amy's lips were now providing him.

"You about ready to get some sun too?" Beth asked as she rolled over to the opposite edge of the bed and swung her feet to the floor. Ron was watching intently as her gown scooted further and further up her thigh. By the time she stood up, her tanned leg up to her hip was visible for a brief second, until her gown fell back into place, concealing her legs to just above her knees.


Amy was taking her time with Ron, not wanting him to cum too fast. She alternated sucking his purple colored head past her lips with gentle kisses across his balls while she pressed his cock up firmly against his stomach. Ron was motionless as he attempted to keep up a conversation with Beth, and Amy was fully enjoying this opportunity to drive him completely crazy. She only hoped Beth wouldn't leave them alone right away, she was having too much fun as things were to quit anytime soon.


Little did Amy know, but Beth had no intention of leaving them alone anytime soon. She was simply biding her time until she could come up with something to do that would appear innocent, and if not innocent, at least plausible enough to young Ron that he would not be certain she was doing it with the intention of being a cocktease. As Beth did a slow stretch, pulling first one arm, then the other over her head, causing her gown to rise up dangerously close to revealing her firm ass, it came to her.

She turned back to face Ron, with only the sofa bed on which she had been sleeping separating them. "I'll get my bed put away, then we can get to yours a little easier to fold it up and store it over in the corner." Beth said as she bent over to straighten the covers on her bed, knowingly allowing Ron a clear view down past the drooping neckline of her gown. Offering such a clear view of her tanned breasts to a teenage boy would normally have been exciting enough for Beth, but letting Ron ogle her while his big cock was likely being stroked, or maybe even silently sucked by Amy underneath the sheets was proving to be quite a turn-on.

Beth continued on with some innocent chatter about their plans for the day. Talking about how much fun she was having, and even stating what a lucky guy Ron was to have Amy for his girlfriend, all the while she kept bending and stretching as she made and folded her sofa bed, intentionally letting him admire her as the thin cotton gown slid across her toned and tanned body


Amy almost giggled aloud when Beth told Ron he was lucky to have such a sweet girlfriend. She wanted to peek from beneath the sheet to see what Ron was seeing. Knowing Beth, she guessed she was not too concerned about whether or not Ron was checking her out.

Amy continued to pace herself, and therefore Ron. She had learned from her numerous blowjobs the tell-tale sign of Ron's balls contracting, indicating his orgasm was not far off. There was enough light shining through the white cotton sheets to allow her to see Ron's crotch quite clearly. She could see how his balls were indeed pulling up tight to the base of his penis, so she let his swollen head slip quietly from her lips and the rhythmic swirling her tongue had been providing for that last couple of minutes. As she heard Beth moving around the room, Amy held Ron's cock firmly in her tiny fist, trying not to squeeze or stroke him, and dipped her face further down between his legs. She rested her head gently against his thigh, making sure the sheet still safely stretched above her, across his knees, to conceal her presence, and began to plant soft kisses across his balls.

The absence of her lips on his super-sensitive cockhead had the effect she desired, and his impeding orgasm slowly faded away. As it did, his balls once again began to sag from his body, allowing Amy to ever so gently lick and kiss his ever growing scrotum, occasionally taking an entire ball into her hot wet mouth.


Ron, under normal circumstances, would have ranked the work Amy was administering to his cock and balls right up there as one of her best efforts, but under the present conditions he could only think of what she was doing to him as something he was being forced to endure. He was working so hard not to let Beth know what was happening just beneath the sheets that it was almost pure torture.

And then there was Beth. Ron's naivety was leading him to believe Beth was completely unaware of the way she was inadvertently flashing him. He didn't even consider a woman Beth's age would find any fun in purposely exposing herself to a young boy like himself. Amy, on the other hand, was obviously getting off on these perverted situations she was getting him involved in, but he chalked that up to teenage exploration, his mind managing to keep her behavior totally separate from anything that might be motivating Beth.

As Amy alternated sucking first his left, then his right ball past her moist lips, Ron's eyes followed Beth as she made her way past the foot of his bed, still making polite conversation.

"So, I hope we are going to have nice sunny weather again today, I heard someone say yesterday there might be a storm coming through this morning." Beth said as she neared the window and began to twirl open the blinds.

As the brilliant sunlight began to stream between the widening blinds, Ron watched Beth's gown transform from a fairly modest cotton nightgown until it was almost completely transparent. Her body was clearly silhouetted by the Caribbean sun, and as she turned slightly to face him, the light now striking the front of her body, he could even see the whispy blond hair growing between her legs.

"Looks nice, huh?" Beth asked, deliberately throwing him the loaded question. She noticed the look on Ron's face, which was all she needed to see to know the streaming sunlight had provided him the view she had intended.

"Sure does," Ron responded, staring at Beth's crotch longer than he should have. He looked up to meet her eyes. Beth had a perfectly normal look on her face, and he quickly realized she was talking about the weather. At this very second, Amy began once again to firmly stroke his shaft as her lips traveled up from his balls and joined her slowly moving hand.

"Ah!" He gasped at the sudden tugging on his cock.

Beth turned to face him completely, "Are you ok?"

Ron quickly composed himself, even as Amy's lips wrapped over his throbbing head. "Yes, ....I was just......you know, .....ah ....um.....I just scraped my back, ....you know..... across the table behind me,.... but I'm ok." He was finding it almost impossible to speak coherently with Beth. Amy's tongue was working feverishly on the sensitive underside of his cock, and Beth was still standing there, her boobs looking even larger and more perfect than ever, framed by the bright light and her slender body.


As Ron stumbled over his words, Beth discreetly examined the tented sheet extending from Ron's knees to the foot of the bed, and had she not known Amy was hiding there, doing no telling what to young Ron, she would never have even suspected her presence in the room with them.

"Well, I certainly hope you are okay. You still have a lot of duties to perform as my personal cabana boy, remember?" Beth said, smiling sweetly at Ron when his eyes moved quickly from her near nude body up to meet her gaze. "Don't worry, I haven't told anybody about the perverted little assumption you made during our game of hangman on the plane, but I do expect some service in return for my silence."

The fact that Amy could not see her offered Beth the opportunity to be pretty daring in her cockteasing. Realizing, however, that her last statement might be interpreted by Amy as an attempt to push Ron into some sort of sexual favor, Beth explained further, "You know what I mean, getting me drinks, bringing me towels, all those things a good cabana boy would do."

Beth's intention was to mercilessly tease Ron while making her actions appear completely innocent and inadvertent. She wasn't sure how far she could take her actions before Ron would suspect she was intentionally tempting him. Beth guessed she could get pretty bold as long as she carried on an appropriate conversation and never let on she even suspected her actions were having an affect on him. Even if he did suspect she was purposely teasing him, Beth doubted he would feel confident enough in his suspicions to say or do anything about it, especially after the way she had shot him down after the game of hangman.


Amy felt Ron's body tense up when Beth mentioned the whole "cabana boy" thing, but she didn't relent on his cock. She would make sure to question him about that later. Right now his cockhead was engorged and she could feel it throbbing against her lips as she deftly planted wet, sucking kisses all over it. Amy took care to keep her body safely concealed beneath the sheets as she heard Beth moving from near the windows back past the foot of the bed.

She once again noticed Ron's balls contracting upward, and allowed her lips to disengage from the sensitive underside of the tip of his cock. She dropped her head back down against his inner thigh and began to lightly lick and blow on his saliva coated shaft. Her left hand was still firmly gripping his prick up near its head, but she was not squeezing or stroking him, intent on prolonging this experience. She managed to position her right hand on his tight scrotum and softly glide her fingertips back and forth over each ball, waiting for them to begin to sag back away from his shaft, thus signaling her when she could resume her blowjob in full force.


Ron was disappointed in two things. First that Amy had stopped just when he thought he might get to cum in her mouth, and second, that Beth was moving from in front of the window, her gown becoming less sheer with every step away from the direct light.

Ron felt the need to keep up the conversation, hoping to make it less obvious he was ogling Beth at every opportunity, "What is the plan for today? Anything particular?" He asked

Beth stopped at the chest of drawers just across from the end of Ron's roll-away bed, she bent forward and began to rummage through the bottom drawer as she responded to Ron, "Nothing special that I know of, lots of sand and sun is my agenda." As she spoke, Beth could feel the hem of her gown rise higher and higher until her ass was only inches from being exposed to Ron's lustful gaze.


Amy's fingernails tenderly scraping across his cum filled balls, coupled with her firm grasp of his pulsing shaft was keeping Ron fully aroused and erect, even though his orgasm had subsided with the absence of her lips around his cock. His cock twitched within her grasp as he observed Beth bending over, searching through the bottom drawer of the dresser. As she fumbled through the clothes and swimsuits, Beth kept talking about shelling, snorkeling, tanning, on and on so much that he tuned her out and concentrated solely on her lovely body. Just we he was certain her ass and pussy was about to peek from beneath her gown, Beth straightened up, holding up a bright green bikini for Ron's inspection, "I like this one for today, you agree?"

It took Ron a few seconds to realize she had said something that warranted a response from him, "Oh, ....yeah, it looks great"

"Thanks," Beth said, flipping on the TV to the Caribbean version of MTV, "I just love this island music." She began to sway her hips in time to the steady beat of the music as she headed to the bathroom.

As soon as the door closed, Ron pulled the sheets up to see Amy grinning up at him, his cock now firmly encased in her hands. She pulled the head forward and down to her lips and began to lick and suck once again on his tormented cock.

"Amy! You have to get up now while Beth is in the bathroom." Ron whispered. Even before Amy could respond, the bathroom door began to open. Ron quickly pulled the sheets back into place and turned to see Beth stepping into the doorway. She was staring past Ron to the TV as she said, "I just love this song, I heard it by the pool yesterday, who sings this?" As she spoke, seemingly unaware of Ron's eyes on her, Beth reached beneath the hemline of the gown and pulled it upward. As it scrunched up around her waist, Ron quickly realized she had already put on the bikini bottoms and was absentmindedly adjusting them as she stared at the music video, waiting to find out who the artist was. The sight was incredibly sexy, even though her body was far more concealed than she would be later on at the beach.

After a few seconds she turned to go back into the bathroom, saying, "Let me know when the video is going off so I can see who the band is, ok?"

"Sure, no problem." Ron replied. He noticed Beth had accidentally left the bathroom door open a little. From his position on the bed, he could see through the small opening, easily viewing Beth's reflection in the mirror.


Beth was pretty sure Ron would be staring at her after she 'accidentally' let the door stay open a few inches. She couldn't look to confirm, just in case he would see her checking out the situation. She turned away from the mirror, knowing it would only serve to frustrate Ron not to get a clear view of her breasts. Beth pulled the gown up and over her head. She waited a few seconds before picking up the bikini top off the towel rack, giving her audience a nice view of her near nude body.


Ron was willing her to turn and face the mirror, but until then she did he was fully enjoying the vision of her sexy ass and back. She picked up her bikini bra and lifted up her hands to tie the strings around her neck. Even though she hand never turned to give him a clear view of her boobs, Ron was enjoying the way he could see the swell of Beth's breasts peeking around her rib cage as she moved her arms while securing the neck straps.

As he took in the sexy show Beth was unknowingly putting on for him, Amy was again sucking and licking with all her ability. Ron wanted desperately to cum, but he was uncertain he could maintain control if she got him off with Beth so nearby. As if reading his mind, Amy slowed down, allowing his orgasm to recede, if only momentarily.

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