A Tempting Vacation Ch. 06


Ron had forgotten all about the music video, and as the song begin to end, Beth quickly emerged from the bathroom. She was pressing the cups of the green suit to her chest, the strings that would be tied across her back dangling down next to her ribs. "Ron, you were supposed to find out who sang that, you are definitely failing in your cabana boy duties." She said jokingly. "Well, at least you can redeem yourself a little, would you tie this for me?"

Beth turned and sat on the edge of the bed, her back almost touching Ron's raised knee, which was the only thing separating her from Amy and his cock. Ron sat there motionless, afraid to relinquish his grip on the sheet for fear it might slip down and expose Amy.

"Well?" Beth asked, turning three quarters around to look at Ron, "Are you going to tie it or not?"

"Sure, sorry, it is just that....ah....well your hair is in my way." Ron made a feeble attempt at stalling for time.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't realize." Beth said and turned back around, presenting her bare back and the untied bikini to Ron. She then let the top hang freely from the strings around her neck as she brought both hands up to her neck, scooped up her hair and piled it up on top of her head. "Is that better?"

"Sure, now I can do it." Ron replied. From his position, he could see most of Beth's left breast as the small triangle of material hung loosely across her tanned globe, hiding her nipple from his view. Ron finally let go of the sheet, and to his horror, it began to slide slowly down his lower stomach as the tension of the cotton material across his knees lessened.

Before he could even grab the sheet again, it quit moving, evidently reaching an equilibrium across his thighs. He could actually see Amy's hand stroking his cock beneath the edge of the repositioned sheet. Ron decided to move quickly before the sheet completely pulled up and over his knees and he reached around Beth's back to retrieve the green strings. He pulled them across her back, almost thankful the tempting view of her boobs was at least partially removed. He quickly tied a loose bow knot and retrieved the sheet, anchoring it snugly across his waist with his nearly trembling hands.

"Thanks" Beth said as she stood and turned to face Ron. "Does this look ok?" Before he could answer, Beth went on, "Ron, never mind about me, you look a little flushed, do you feel alright?"

She stepped closer to him and placed her hand across his forehead. "You feel kind of clammy." Let me get you something to eat and drink. You relax and I will bring you some breakfast." Beth turned to go to the kitchen, grinning to herself for the turmoil she, and likely Amy, were inflicting upon their teenage victim.


Amy stopped her stimulation of Ron's rock hard cock, wanting to time his orgasm just right. She was a little suspicious as to Beth's motives, knowing at least some of her history as a cocktease, not to mention the little scene she had observed of Beth and those two girls spying on Ron in the bathroom last night.

Amy wanted to have Ron cum with Beth sitting or standing right next to him. She had tried to get him off while he was tying her bikini, but it all happened too fast. Amy's pussy was soaked from her actions beneath the sheets, but she knew she would find time for Ron to take care of her later, for now she was intent to give him an experience he would never forget.


Ron sat there watching Beth move about the small kitchen area. As she stretched and bent to retrieve things from the cabinets, her bottoms, which to begin with had only covered maybe 1/2 of each cheek, was creeping into the crevice between her firm buns, until it more closely resembled a thong bottom. Beth was making no effort to reposition the material, and Ron began to wonder if she realized the sight she was presenting to him. He also noticed that due to the loosely tied strings across her back, a portion of each tanned breast was peeking from beneath the bottom edge of each triangle of green material.

After a few moments, Ron's cock, while still granite hard and throbbing, was no longer on the immediate verge of exploding. Amy was working him right to the edge and then backing off, over and over again. As Beth stepped from the kitchen with a glass of juice and a jelly donut, Amy began to suck and stroke him once again.

Ron was making a valiant effort to keep his face from giving away the actions Amy was taking beneath the sheet. Beth sat once again on the edge of the bed, her left foot tucked back and her knee pulled up so that her thigh was pointing directly at Ron. Her right foot was still on the floor. He glanced quickly at Beth's crotch, able to see how the slick material of her suit was hugging her pussy so tightly as to offer a hint of the outline of her outer lips. He diverted his eyes when he felt Beth place her elbow on his knee only inches from the top of Amy's head, her arm extending out toward his chest, holding the paper plate and donut in her left hand.

As Beth offered the juice to Ron with her right hand, she noticed a bead of perspiration popping up across his upper lip. Instead of reaching for the glass, he just leaned forward and placed his lips against it. She knew he was intent on keeping the sheet in place and concealing Amy lying between his legs, and didn't question his actions, but just tilted the glass to let the cool juice pass over his lips.

As Ron was sipping the juice, leaning forward slightly, he felt Beth's left boob pressing firmly against his outer thigh. This caused the already ample cleavage offered by her bikini to be pressed further out for his examination. As she removed the glass from his lips, Beth said, "There now, you really need to get some nourishment inside you, your head looks all hot and puffy."

Amy stifled a giggle in response to Beth's comment about Ron's head, gently scraping her teeth across the hot and puffy head trapped between her lips at that very second. Ron shifted slightly in response to Amy's nibble, causing Beth to also move with the shifting mattress. The flimsy paper plate that had been poised over Ron's stomach 'accidentally' slipped from Beth's grasp, allowing the donut to flip and land directly on Ron's chest. The gooey white icing stuck to his nearly hairless skin as it began to slide further down toward his waist. Ron was unable to let go of the sheet to stop the donuts descent.

"Oh, I am so sorry," Beth said, appearing genuinely remorseful for the intentional mishap. "I am just too clumsy sometimes." As she reached over to retrieve the donut, she gave it a firm squeeze, causing the raspberry jelly to squirt out across Ron's stomach. "Oh my, I did it again, let me get that cleaned up for you."

Amy wasn't sure what was happening, but she knew she was ready to push Ron over the edge. If Beth caught them she did, Amy was not going to worry about that at this moment.

"It's ok, I can take care of it, really." Ron said, hoping to get some distance between him and Beth, especially since it was evident Amy was beginning to suck him with a renewed passion.

Beth was hearing none of it, claiming it was her fault. She leaned closer to him and began to scoop up the jelly with her fingers. She noticed Ron's knuckles actually turning white as he gripped the sheet tightly across his waistline. "It is a shame to waist this, do you want some?" Beth said, offering her jelly coated fingers to his lips.

Ron was fighting with all his might to maintain his composure. As he responded, Ron could feel his face getting flushed due to Beth's close proximity as Amy silently, yet urgently sucked and licked his prick, "Ah....no thanks..... I am not all that hungry."

"Well, suit yourself." Beth said as she brought her red glazed fingers to her own mouth and slowly sucked off the raspberry jelly. "Mmm, that really is good." Beth cooed as her hand dropped back to Ron's muscled stomach to scoop up another portion of jelly.

Ron could not believe what was happening to him. Beth was, intentionally or not, driving him nuts, and Amy was seemingly intent on making him cum as soon as she could. Ron knew it wouldn't take long as his gaze followed Beth's hand with it's freshly obtained jelly, his eyes diverted only when he noticed how Beth's erect nipples were trying to poke through her bikini top.


Beth was getting so wet, she was concerned her bikini bottoms would soon begin to turn a darker shade of green. She had never had such fun being a tease before. Her ability to completely tease such an innocent teenage boy, with a big cock to boot, all the while his girlfriend was probably servicing him beneath the sheets was just too perfect. And the fact that she was still acting as if she had no idea the turmoil her actions were causing was making even more exciting. She realized what she was about to do would probably make Ron question exactly how innocent her actions were, but she intended to hold to her plan of acting completely unaware and see if his naivety and sheltered upbringing would prevent him from verbalizing any suspicions he might develop.

With Ron staring at her hard nipples, Beth took the opportunity to rub her thumb across her jelly-coated fingers, allowing an ample portion to drip down across her right breast. It hung there for a second or two before it began to ooze down into her cleavage near the front of her suit, only an inch or so from her now rock hard nipple.

"I am just too clumsy today, would you look at that." Beth said in her best "disgusted with myself" tone as the jelly glob continued to slid down between her boobs. Ron's eyes were still glued to her tits as she took her right hand and slowly pulled the bikini top out and over, further away from the already substantial exposed skin of her cleavage. She stopped repositioning the material just at the edge of her areola. She took the index finger of her left hand and deftly dipped it into the valley between her breasts and brought it out and across the front of her right tit. She had gathered an ample portion of jelly against her finger by the time it came in contact with her nipple. While neither her nipple or rose colored skin around it were exposed to Ron's view, the way her sticky finger pressed the long sensitive protrusion over, and then allowed it to spring back against her bikini, was clearly visible to young Ron.

Beth noticed him squirming some beneath the sheets as she inserted her red finger between her lips, then withdrew it and began to speak. "Leave it up to me to not only spill jelly all over you but to drop it on me as well." She repeated the process of running her finger beneath her suit, only this time she ran all four fingers of her left hand insider her cup and over her breast, keeping each digit far enough apart to allow her nipple to spring forward after each fingertip passed by, responding to her stimulation by pressing even harder against the now sticky green bikini.


It was becoming obvious to Amy that Beth was indeed toying with Ron. She was steadily licking the underside of his cockhead as she wondered if Beth might actually know she was beneath the sheets, sucking on her boyfriend's beautiful dick. Amy wondered briefly what Beth might do if she simply threw back the sheet to let her see Ron's cock jutting up, hard as a rock, from her hands. Amy wasn't even sure what she would want her to do. She didn't think she would tell her mom, and she was now pretty sure Beth would enjoy getting a nice view of Ron's big dick. But would Beth maybe even want to reach over and touch it, or even lean over to suck it into her mouth. Amy felt a mixture of excitement and jealousy surge through her body. It would be kinda cool to offer her boyfriend's big hard cock to someone like Beth, but what if she didn't like seeing Beth and Ron together. It was exciting to fantasize about, but being in a situation that could lead to it really happening was causing Amy to think harder about it all.

Amy thoughts were interrupted as Ron's cock began to swell and jerk against her lips. He was going to cum and Amy knew she would not be able to stop him now. She grasped him at the base with both hands, allowing a couple of inches of his pulsing cock to stick out form her fists, and pulled his head down as far as she could. This allowed her to prop herself on her elbows and keep both his cock and her head steady for his coming orgasm. Amy wrapped her lips around only his fat, blood engorged head and began to suck. At the same time she pressed her tongue up firmly against his most sensitive skin and started licking from one side to the other, keeping firm contact with him as she tried to maintain a steady rhythm with her lips, tongue and mouth.


Ron could feel the sweat breaking out across his entire body as Amy began to steadily call for his sperm with her relentless lips and tongue. He was managing to keep fairly motionless, and any twitching or slight movements he was unable to control were ironically masked by Beth's attempts to clean up the spilled donut.

He was helpless to do anything but release his long awaited orgasm as he watched Beth run her hand a second time beneath her bikini top. Surely she knew the effect her actions were having on him. Of course, the last time he was certain he knew her intentions was during the hang man game. He was 100% sure she was telling him in black and white she wanted to suck his cock, and he had been 100% wrong and had completely embarrassed himself. He knew he could be wrong again, after all, she probably thought of him as just some goofy kid, and didn't ever realize he would be getting a hard-on for her, and she definitely didn't know Amy was hiding just beneath the sheet, transforming his lustful thoughts into a very real physical response.

Ron's mind was processing all this as Amy sucked slowly, yet relentlessly on his prick. He was staring at Beth's jelly covered fingers as they swayed just in front of her incredibly sexy tits, waiting for her to once again suck her fingers clean. Just then her voice startled him from his thoughts....

"Ron.....I said you don't look too good, .....Ron? Can you hear me?" Beth said.

"Oh.....Yeah, sure......I was just, ....ah.....wow, sorry, I just zoned out or something. I guess you are right.....ah.....I don't feel......ah quite ........um...normal" Ron managed to stammer out an excuse as he felt his balls pull up and his cock seemingly recoil in anticipation of the forthcoming explosion of cum.

"You certainly look poorly. Now, I will not take no as an answer, you need something to eat. I feel terrible about ruining your donut, but this sugar might give you the boost you need, no here, take this." Beth moved her messy fingers up to his mouth. His eyes locked on them. These were her same fingers that she had just licked and sucked and then raked up and across her tit, and now she wanted to put them in his mouth.

"Um.......Ok.....if you .....um..insist." Ron replied just before Beth pressed two of her fingers past his lips. He began to suck the jelly from them at the very instant his cock let loose its first eruption inside Amy's mouth. She held his shaft firmly and just kept sucking. He tried to be as still as possible by tensing up his thigh muscles and pressing his feet into the mattress.

Beth pulled her semi-clean fingers from his mouth. "Does that make you feel better?" she asked. Before he could answer, Beth took the same sticky fingers and placed them back on Ron's chest. She smeared the white icing across his chest, slowly gathering some against her fingertips. Just as she pressed the thick gooey icing across his nipple, Ron's second load shot out with almost as much force as the first. He wondered if Amy would be able to swallow it without gagging, but her suctioning lips never released his cockhead, and she just kept up her intense tonguing of the sensitive underside of his pulsing prick.

Beth again offered her fingers, almost dripping with jelly and icing to Ron. He looked at her through glazed eyes as the third wave of cum sprayed against the back of Amy's throat, and parted his lips for her fingers to press past.


Beth was beginning to breath sporadically as she realized Ron was having an orgasm. She was sitting no more than six inches from the cock she had been longing to view since Pam had told her of its enormity. She pushed her fingers into his mouth, until her knuckles were trapped between his now quivering lips. He wrapped his lips around them and began to lick and suck the sweet coating into his mouth. Beth could feel her pussy juices matting down her fine pubic hair, and knew without looking her suit was sure to be discolored from her excitement.

As much as Beth wanted to lick the remaining jelly from his belly as she made her way down to assist Amy in sucking from Ron's body whatever cum remained, she knew she couldn't. They were only teenagers for God's sake. She had let her cockteasing go further than she had planned. Beth had not planned on Amy being so bold as to actually bring him to orgasm while hiding beneath the sheet, and once again, Beth seemed to ultimately be the one getting teased.

Beth pulled her fingers from Ron's mouth and tried to speak in a normal voice, "I think that is all I can get up without a washcloth. Do you feel any better?" Beth watched as his body jerked ever so slightly, and she assumed Amy was coaxing yet another spurt of jizz from his young, resilient body. "I think you will be alright if you shower and get some more to eat. I am going to hit the pool, I feel all sticky thanks to you and your donut." Beth laughed slightly at her little joke and wondered if Ron caught the double meaning to her statement as she turned to slowly strut from the room.


Ron took in the sexy sight of Beth's ass as she left. His orgasm was finally subsiding to the point his cock sporadically jerked and offered the weak trickle of cum inside Amy's still sucking mouth.

He pulled back the sheet to see Amy let his softening, yet fat cock slip from her grinning lips. "That was absolutely unbelievable!" He said to her, his jelly-covered chest still heaving from the excitement.


"It was fun, that is for sure, maybe tomorrow morning you will return the favor while my mom sleeps next to me?" Amy said with a devilish grin. "For now you better get in the shower and get that jelly donut off you. We will talk later about you and Beth, 'mister cabana boy'."

Ron could not tell anymore when Amy was joking or serious, but he knew enough to know when to be quiet, so he quickly slipped from the bed and headed for the shower.

Amy was mostly glad she didn't have to find out how she might react if Beth had found her out and wanted to join in. But she had to admit having her so close had been a tremendous turn-on. This vacation was turning out to be way more fun than she had even thought it would be, and it had only just begun.

More to come.......

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